How to Become a Millionaire this Year [My 4-4-3 Secret Sauce]

There are plenty of paths to become a millionaire
but none of them come from the superficial get rich videos here on YouTube . By the end
of this video, you’ll have a complete roadmap including the strategies and action steps
in three businesses that will build wealth. You’ll also have the four traits you need
to embrace, four characteristics every millionaire has mastered. It’s my 4-4-3 action plan for making money
today on Let’s Talk Money. Beat debt, make money, make your money work
for you. Creating the financial future you deserve. Let’s talk money. Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel
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just click that little red subscribe button. It’s free and you’ll never miss an episode. If you’ve been on YouTube for any amount
of time, you’ve seen the videos about building wealth. It’s a popular topic but 99% of them only
scratch the surface. They might give you a few ideas but it’s
nowhere near enough to really put you on the path. I’m tired of that. Are you? I’m tired of watching channels put out superficial
videos that get you excited about reaching that million-dollar mark but then hide the
details that matter. So this video is going to be a little longer
than most but it’s going to do just that. I’m not only going to detail three strategies
I’ve used to build my net worth to seven figures, I’m also going to share the characteristics
and tactics you need to actually do it. I have to say though, for 80% of the people
watching the video, it’s not going to happen. I’m not going to apologize for that because
the majority watching are going to jump straight to the strategies, they’re going to give
one a half-ass try for a few weeks and then just give up on it. The three strategies I’m sharing to become
a millionaire do work. All create six-figure income and I’ll share
several real-life examples of people using them. But they aren’t enough by themselves. That’s why I’m revealing the four traits
you need to embrace to create that millionaire mindset and the four tactics to use around
these strategies that will make them a success. First though, and this is going to be important
to your success. I want you to scroll down and tell us in the
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their free passes. But back to that 4-4-3 strategy for becoming
a millionaire. I’ll start off with the characteristics,
the mindset you need to have to be successful. Inc magazine surveyed the world’s billionaires
and found that nine-of-ten had these traits, these four characteristics that made them
rich . So if you’re not ready to commit to these first four traits I’m going to
reveal, don’t even worry about the rest of the video. After I reveal those four traits and then
the three money-making strategies, I’m going to wrap it up with four life lessons I’ve
learned on my way to one million. These are going to be critically important
to keeping the money you make and making it grow, so stick around for those. But first on to those four characteristics
I’ve found in every millionaire I’ve met. You don’t have to be born with these traits
but you must commit to building them. The first trait is work ethic. This is something everyone thinks they have
but are you really willing to put in the work. Are you willing to work 60 hours plus a week
to reach those seven-figures? We’re not talking being at your desk spacing
out or talking with co-workers like the average worker, we’re talking actually putting in
that time working. I get up every morning at 5:30 to get my workout
in time to still get my son up at 6:30 and to school by seven. I’m at the computer by 7:30 and work straight
through to 12:30 when I take a half hour break for lunch and to check email. Then it’s another four hours of work to
when my son gets out of school and then another two or three hours later around 10pm . Finally,
I put in another five hours on one day over the weekend to catch up on projects. Now that doesn’t mean you have to be a workaholic. This is your seed schedule, the time you need
to put in to get everything going and put yourself on that path. The thing is, and this might be the cruel
joke of being rich, is that you start doing all this and it becomes part of you. You start enjoying that drive and the excitement
from building your business. That means even after you’ve already reached
one million, you’re still putting in the time because you love doing it. The next characteristic here is life-long
learning and constantly improving your skill set. Again, this is one everyone talks about. Everyone talks about the need to read and
constantly be learning from others but the secret is in actually putting it on your schedule
and doing it. That means making time and making an effort. If there is one measurable thing that every
successful person does, it’s making time for reading and learning. A few examples here. Warren Buffett, arguably the world’s best
investor, says he reads 500 pages a day. Microsoft founder Bill Gates reads 50 books
a year and that’s actually on the low side for most billionaires. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he
reads three hours a day. That’s upwards of 1,000 hours a year and
over 120 books a year. Your first books are going to be in the money-making
strategies you decide to follow but building your own business means you’re ten different
people in one. You’ll need to read up on marketing, SEO,
writing and even, yes even accounting to make your business a success. And that actually brings us to our third characteristic
of millionaires. You’re going to start off doing most of
the job yourself and building your business but if you want to reach that top level, you
have to be able to get the most out of others. Understand what you do best and find others
that are the best at what they do to help. That means putting a few books about management
on your list and learning what parts of your business you can outsource. And it means a lot of trial-and-error. You’re going to be on freelancer websites
like Upwork and Fiverr, looking for professionals. There’s going to be a lot of bad experiences,
frustration and sometimes you’re going to want to just go back to doing everything yourself. Commit to building your team though and you’re
going to be able to scale your business and create more than you could possibly imagine. Our last trait here before we get to those
three money-making strategies is that no excuses mentality. This goes beyond just not making excuses to
an almost stubborn perseverance to stick with a strategy even when everyone says it’s
not working. A friend of mine, Hank Coleman, a major in
the U.S. Army, started his blog Money Q and A in 2007. In fact, he was one of the first bloggers
in a financial bloggers group around the FinCon conference . He put it all into his site for
years and yet never broke 500 a month for almost a decade. His wife thought he was crazy for sticking
with it. His friends told him blogging wasn’t a thing
and he wondered if he had enough time to really make it work. He watched generations of bloggers and online
entrepreneurs become successful and all those excuses started creeping into his head. But he stuck with it though and now makes
over $4,000 a month part-time, he gets over 35,000 visitors a month and is about to ratchet
it up big time with video and courses. Now I’m not saying it’s going to take
a decade to reach your millions. Hank’s is a special case because of deployments
and the fact he could only put in so much time but you need that same stubborn level
of commitment to make it work. There will be a point when you want to quit…there
will be many points when you want to quit. It’s those times when you need to look at
what you’re doing, what’s working and commit to keep on that path . These might seem like some vague ideas, work
harder, keep learning – but they are the proven traits you need to develop that will make
you successful in the three strategies we’re about to discuss. Just one in nine households have reached that
millionaire level, less than 15 million American households in 130 million across the country. Unless this was all handed to you at birth,
you’re going to have to work for it like the rest of us. Now we’re getting into what most of you
are probably waiting for, those three strategies you can use to become a millionaire. These are tried and true businesses and I’m
going to walk you through all three. But the secret really is in the traits we
covered and those tactics we’ll talk about later. You can copy down these strategies and check
all the boxes but it’s not going to help if you can’t deliver on that execution so
make sure you stick around for those tactics at the end of the video. One thing I do want to say is not a millionaire
strategy is investing. You see just as many of these videos masquerading
as get rich videos on YouTube, right? Look, I love investing my money and it will
help you grow wealth but it’s not going to make you rich. Anyone trying to teach you how to get rich
investing by trading stocks or reaching for those huge returns is just going to lose your
money and waste your time. Real investing is about those diversified
gains of about 7% on a portfolio of stocks, bonds and real estate. Putting $200 a month into an account, it’s
going to take over 50 years to become a millionaire at that rate. Sure you’ll get there , but who wants to
be an old millionaire? The real path to millionaire status before
you’re spending it on adult undergarments and denture cream is in creating a business,
building wealth around these three strategies. I’ll be talking about three different types
of businesses and detailing specific strategies within each. First is going to be starting a traditional
business but not just any business, it has to be scalable. This means you have to be able to grow it
to the point that it can generate that six-figure income otherwise you’ll always be fighting
the clock. Let’s look at an extreme example. Everyone had a lemonade stand when they were
young, right? Whether it was lemonade or whatever, you sat
on the corner and sold single servings for less than a dollar. Maybe you made $20 a day if you were lucky. So that’s not a scalable business model. Selling twenty bucks a day, even if your parents
paid for all the costs, it would take you 50,000 days or 137 years to reach that million
dollars. A more realistic example, and this is one
of the most popular online strategies right now, is consulting or freelancing. I’m not saying you can’t make good money
consulting and I have friends that get over $100 an hour but even at that rate and a generous
profit margin of 50%, it would still take you 20,000 billable hours of work to hit that
million. You’re trading time for money and you’re
always going to be limited. So any business you start, one of the first
questions needs to be, how scalable is this and how do I automate the process. I’m going to talk about one of my favorite
business ideas you can scale with huge potential for six- and even seven-figure annual income. Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon FBA is easily
my favorite new business idea and really an amazing concept when you think about it. This is a special program the company has
that basically turns you into your own consumer brand. In the past, if you wanted to start say a
clothing line or an exercise equipment company, you’d need hundreds of thousands of dollars
or even millions to buy all the manufacturing, set up the marketing and the logistics. With Amazon FBA, you can now get started with
less than $5,000. You can have your own brand of jeans, sell
it to a global market and compete against Tommy Hilfiger for probably less than you
spend a year in clothes. Amazon is the future of shopping. Online shopping is still just a fraction of
total shopping but growing every year and it’s a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs
. With Amazon FBA, you don’t need your own warehouses or manufacturing, you don’t need
your own fleet of trucks or dozens of staff to manage all this. So I want to go over the idea here and some
tips on getting started so you can see how scalable this business is. First is finding your product. Start by looking through the Amazon best-seller
list to see what types of products are trending . Products between $15 and $60 work best. Higher value products will be more competitive
but lower price stuff might not leave much room for profit. Smaller products, less than a few pounds each
will also make it cheaper to ship in bulk. Then you click through to each of the top
ranked pages in a few product categories. You’re looking for product categories where
a lot of the top-ranked pages aren’t very professional, maybe images are weak and descriptions
kind of lame. You want to see lots of pages where the product
is ranked 1,000 or higher in its category, which means you might be able to beat it. Sourcing your product is actually very easy. Alibaba, which is like the Chinese Amazon,
connects manufacturers with people looking to sell on Amazon FBA and this site has it
down. You can easily compare different manufacturers,
quality ratings, prices and all kinds of factors. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few, you
can get them to send you a sample to test the quality. You pick one and put in your first order. They’ll package your products and even slap
your branded stickers on them before shipping them off to the Amazon warehouses. Through your Amazon FBA account, you’ll
be able to track all the inventory you have at the warehouses and can use this to reorder
from the manufacturers . This means you can get it down so that you don’t have a lot
of inventory sitting around. I’ve seen people have the most success with
Amazon FBA when they have their own blog around the product topic and links to their product
pages on Amazon. You can do all your marketing directly on
Amazon through Amazon Marketing Services but this is going to cost money. The idea with having your own blog is that
all you need is a handful of organic sales from the blog each month to help you keep
your products ranked highly in their categories. This is the same strategy I use to sell more
than 600 copies of books a month. Getting a handful of sales from my blogs plus
maybe a hundred sales from Amazon ads to keep them ranked within the top ten in the category. Now there are obviously thousands of different
business ideas out there but remember you have to take it back to that one question
first, is this business scalable. Ask yourself how you’re going to grow the
business to a point where you’re making at least six-figures a year and not trading
time for money. Our next business strategy is around passive
income. Now this is one of the most popular and abused
subjects here on YouTube . Everyone loves the idea of passive income, getting paid to
do nothing, but I have to tell you that kind of income just doesn’t exist. There might be some businesses that produce
passive income once you get started and I’ll detail one right now but you are always going
to be putting in some time or money into getting the business started. Anyone that tells you they have a business
idea that is completely passive from the start and requires no investment is either a scammer
or an idiot, honestly. But you can’t avoid passive income ideas
as a part of your wealth building strategy. You can create an amazing, scalable business
but what’s the use of making all that money if you’re always busy making money? While a lot of passive income ideas like blogging
or affiliate marketing are barely passive or won’t get you closer to becoming a millionaire,
there are a few that are easy to set up and as passive as you’re going to find. I’ll share my favorite passive income strategy
here but I want you to ask yourself these three questions whenever you’re deciding
on a passive income source. First, how much does it cost to get started
and how much can I expect to make? I’ve seen a lot of investment ideas masquerading
as passive income . Again, investing is great. I love making money off my money but it’s
not a business idea. Second is you need to find out how long until
you can expect to be making money. Everyone talks about blogging as passive income. I’ve had my five blogs since 2013. I started making money within six months and
make more than I ever thought I would but I still wouldn’t consider it passive income. Last here is how much maintenance work, how
many hours do you need to put in on the business every month to keep the income stable? This is really the defining question of passive
income ideas, right? The answer doesn’t have to be zero but if
the business isn’t creating income without much work then it’s not passive. For our example passive income business, I
want to highlight self-publishing. For those in the community, you know I’m
a big believer in self-publishing not only for full length books but also shorter printables
you can sell on a blog or through social media. Self-publishing is one of those things that
seems complicated but is actually extremely easy and it’s by far the most passive of
the seven income streams I use. I spend $20 a month per book in advertising
and do nothing else for marketing, no promotions or book tours, my advertising is set on auto-pilot
on Amazon and helps keep my books ranked for consistent sales. In fact, the ten books I’ve published average
just under $2000 a month and give me the freedom to build some of my other businesses that
don’t cash flow yet. Let’s run through those three questions
for passive income ideas and then I’ll show you a process that makes self-publishing easy. First, it costs absolutely nothing to get
started self-publishing. You can write your books, do all the graphic
design work and publish them on no budget. I spend a total of $300 to outsource some
of the steps because I’m just not that good at cover design and it’s worth my time to
have someone else format it for me. How much you make self-publishing varies depending
on whether you have a distribution channel like a blog or a big social media following. I promote my books through the blogs but don’t
really do much other than the $20 spent on Amazon marketing each month. That means I net about $170 per book every
month but I know several authors that make upwards of five hundred per book because they
have bigger audiences. Even someone with none of this can make $100
a month easily, that’s over a grand a year and you’re going to see in a minute how
easy and fast it is. That final question of how much work does
it take to keep making money we’ve already answered. I love blogging and the channel here on YouTube
but there’s a constant need to keep producing content. You don’t have that with self-publishing. If you can stay ranked on Amazon in your book
category, you’re going to keep getting sales every single month. I’m going to give you my 5-step process
for developing your book idea and a way to stay on schedule to publish. So many people start with a book idea or just
dream of publishing but then get side-tracked. Having a process like this is going to keep
you on track and get your book published. First is to start with the transformation,
this is the change you want in your readers after finishing the book. It’s important because people don’t buy
books for the information, they read for the transformation or they read for entertainment. Show people how your book is going to improve
their lives and build your idea around that. Developing what will go in your book means
starting with that transformation and working backwards through the steps a reader needs
to get there. Each of these major steps is going to be a
chapter in the book. You can also do a little research by looking
at books in the topic on Amazon, look at what other authors are talking about and what’s
missing. One great little hack is to look through the
reader reviews to find what people liked seeing and what they wanted more of in the book. Once your research is done and you have eight
to twelve chapter ideas, you start outlining each, just writing out the basic ideas for
each chapter . Then you’re going to take it a chapter at a time. Don’t try to sit down and write a book,
just focus on writing out a chapter. This makes publishing a natural fit with blogging
because you can post each chapter on the blog. That’s going to help keep you on schedule
and make it more manageable. By the time the books written and published,
those individual chapters are getting Google traffic. You can go back through and add a link to
your book and they become instant marketing. Once you’re done writing the chapters, all
you need to do is read through to format for publishing and make sure they fit together
. Formatting takes less than a few hours and you can design your book cover in any graphics
software. I’ve got an entire playlist here on the
channel about self-publishing including the ten biggest mistakes new authors make. I’ll leave a link in the video description
below so make sure you check that out and ask any questions in the comments section
below the video. Our last business strategy to become a millionaire
is going to be a mix of that business idea and passive income in real estate investing. I’ve been in several real estate businesses
and an investor since my early 20s. In fact, it was my first professional job
as a commercial property analyst after getting out of the Marine Corps that really sparked
my love of investing. No other asset class has created as much family
wealth as real estate and it’s one of the few investments that every millionaire owns. So there are several different ways you can
invest in real estate. I’ve got an entire video detailing seven
ways to invest with no money and I’ll link that in the video description. Some of these are going to require more work
while others will be more passive so it’s a great way to supplement your income from
a business or as a part-time side hustle. My favorite property investing strategy and
the one I recommend to all new investors is called house hacking. I’ve heard this one called training wheels
for real estate investing because it’s going to give you that initial experience without
a lot of the risks. House hacking means buying a duplex or triplex
property, living in one of the units and then renting out the others . Since you’re living
on the property, you can get a low-rate FHA loan for as little as 3.5% down and even bad
credit borrowers can qualify for a loan. This is one of the first strategies I tried
when I got into residential real estate except I used a VA loan from the Veterans Administration
instead. House hacking means you cut out all the travel
time and a lot of other headaches when managing your properties so it’s a way to get started
without all the stress that usually comes with rentals. You also have less to worry about for repairs
because while you have two or three units, you only have one roof and fewer other systems
to worry about. So try house hacking for a year or two before
buying any other properties and you’ll get an idea of what it takes to manage real estate. I guarantee you’ll be hooked on the cash
flow and that pride of owning a real asset. Now you’ve got the three strategies I’ve
used to build wealth. I wish I could tell you that was enough. I wish it was good enough to embrace those
four characteristics of the rich and use one of these strategies to make millions but it’s
not. You see, I’ve seen people be extremely successful
and still not reach that seven-figure payday. I’ve also seen people get rich, actually
get there, but then lose it all. And it’s all because they didn’t execute
on these last four tactics. It’s these last four action steps that are
going to help you not only grow the wealth you’ve created but also avoid losing it. I know it’s a long video but give me just
five more minutes of your time and I’ll guarantee all that hard work you did will
pay off. First here is to understand the difference
between buying an asset and spending money. The fake rich buy stuff, they spend money
but it’s short-term rich. I know. When I first made my money in real estate
in my early 20s, the first thing I did was buy a new shiny-red Porsche Boxster convertible. It was fun but that car almost drove me to
the poorhouse. It cost thousands to repair, hundreds in insurance
and attracted all the wrong kind of people. Compare that to an asset, things that create
wealth rather than destroy it. These are things like rental real estate,
reinvesting in your business and other investments. Use your wealth to buy things that will create
more, not destroy it. Next is to live within your means. OK, I imagine you’re watching a video titled
how to become a millionaire because you don’t want to live within your means, right? You see what it’s like to be rich, to have
the cars and the houses, and you want that. All those phony millionaires you see on YouTube,
the ones posing in front of Ferraris and huge houses, this is something they haven’t learned
and it’s going to bankrupt them . I’m not saying you can spend your money and enjoy
it but if that lifestyle depends on you constantly making six-figures or more, how rich is that
really? Sure, you make a lot of money but you’re
a slave to it. Slip just a little and you’re broke. The way you have both, the way you enjoy your
money while not worrying about running out is a little trick I use. You take your last five years’ income, the
average annual income you’ve made over that time, and that’s how much you can spend
minus 15% for saving and investing. This way, your spending isn’t going to jump
that first year or two you start making money. Your lifestyle is going to gradually build
so you’re not living outside your ability. Even better though is that if your income
does start to drop, it forces your spending to come down as well without destroying your
wealth. The third tactic, and this is one of the most
important is to plan for multiple streams of income including passive income . I love
the four millionaire strategies we talked about but you cannot depend on either for
your sole source of income. Each one can be a great source of cash flow
but they’re unpredictable, you might earn five-figures one month and barely break a
few grand the next. Besides that uncertainty in income, some of
these are a lot of work. Put together a portfolio of real estate and
you’ve got a full-time job managing rentals. I love Amazon FBA but you need to keep up
with inventory, marketing and ranking your pages. So you need to balance your sources of income. That means some sources that pay off when
others don’t. It means mixing sources that are more passive
with others that take monthly management. Next is you need to invest in yourself. Besides just that trait of constantly improving
your skills, reading and learning from others, understand how to reinvest in your business. Part of this is going to come from learning
how to run your business, what you can outsource. It’s also going to be reinvesting in the
software and technology that will make your job easier. Invest in your business and yourself, not
just to keep it growing but to keep it competitive. There are tens of thousands going to be trying
to do what you’re doing and some will have all the drive and motivation you have. Being better isn’t just about growing but
about staying on top once you’re there. We’re here Mondays and Wednesdays with the
best videos on beating debt, making more money and making your money work for you. If you’ve got a question about money, just
scroll down and ask it in the comments and we’ll answer it in a video

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    I want to be unstoppable, I want to build a legacy and change my environment.

  22. Uriah Lambird says:

    Time. <—–Detailed and thoughtful

  23. John Guillory says:

    I want to be rich to be able to give with out thinking and to give my children the best that I can and my wife. I want to be able to show others and make the world a better place than what I came into. I want to live a great life and not living pay to pay check like 71% percent of Americans. Freedom as well.

  24. Eric Weeber says:

    I want to retire.

  25. Quintin Hodge says:


  26. jksatte says:

    Freedom is what wealth means to me. Also so I can help others. Janice

  27. Mr Ragnarokk says:

    I agree with everything you said. But disagree with not being able to become a millionaire via stock invest. I did it but it takes a lot of time and work.. took me 12 yrs to do it. Now that million is passive income for me.. i wish i could tell my story here to help people out also I'm not a good writer or blog person.. again Joe great video.

  28. Matt R says:

    Honestly. My short term goal, is 200k to pay off my house. I’d love to be able to cut back my hours at work, to be able to spend more time with my kids. I currently work 12hr night shifts. I have a good “blue collar” job, but would love to transition into a “white collar” job. I enjoy all aspects of sales and investing. But realistically, I’m not in a position to make a switch.

  29. Richard Dawson says:

    I want to be rich because 1. being poor sucks and 2. being old and poor sucks even more. Even though I am serious about that, my reasons for watching this video (i.e. my desire to be rich) have to do with having freedom. I watched my dad work hard all his life, at jobs that never paid a wage to make him and my mom comfortable. He worked up until he was 81 or so, when he had to stop – old and poor, and sick. He died at 82 years old. I am no longer so young, and I traded some years for experience – living overseas, doing service work. Now I am at a point where I need to "catch up", I suppose. So, I am not afraid of work – I got the work ethic my dad had. The rest of the plan here, Joseph, makes so much sense, and seems attainable. Time to get off my butt.

  30. PrincessNadira80 says:

    I want a home for my people. I want to travel. I want to be able to help the less fortunate.

  31. Rose Queen says:

    i want to be rich because I want to help other and I want to prove myself that I can do it

  32. SinEp Forcerer says:

    I want to be rich, because i'm already rich and it's nice

  33. Chuck Andrews says:

    I want to share it…

  34. Robert Barney says:

    I’m 67 , kids raised, ready to retire

  35. Jason Maxwell says:

    Rich is not the goal. Comfortable is my goal.

  36. Dylan Buckle says:

    What are your thoughts about Dropshipping? Love the channel Jospeh. Thanks for your advice.

  37. kulio ku says:

    to get enough FU money to do what I want where I want how I want with my life. I want to be like John chow the blogger, spend time with family

  38. Md salam says:

    I think u should sometimes stop not speaking at a stretch pointing on board. good video, thanks.

  39. Karen Smith says:


  40. Stacey Haugen says:

    I want to become wealthy because as a single mom I'm tired of struggling financially. I want to be financially independent so if and when life happens I don't have to stress about money. And a little extra freedom would be nice as well.

  41. Thomas Santiago says:

    Because I live a poor life and I'm tired of poverty living

  42. MARY BETH Gee says:

    So I can lounge around my beach house, smoking cigarettes without a care in the world.

  43. Jill LaSala says:

    My possible issue is the future I’m working for is full of passion projects.

    I want to be an author… but more novelist, less self help.

    I’m going to a job fair for my “trade” in the mental health field at the end of the month (April 2019) and am going back to school this fall to earn my social work degree so I can achieve my dream from 14 of becoming a therapist.

    I love yoga and have always wanted to do a teacher training and think it will aid me and others in my passion field (mental health).

    I’d love your input on making this work with said “passion projects” or even a video on the topic broadly. “How to make a living on your passion projects.”

    I’m too late for the giveaway but I’d love to make this work to retire my mom and live our best lives with my love.

  44. Squintillions says:

    Working toward financial independence with new blog and YouTube channel. Once I get into the rhythm of those and I can speed up the creation process, next move will be self-publishing and looking at adding in real estate in 2020. Thank you for the great content.

  45. ricky meade says:

    Freedom is what I want

  46. Jamaine Dingle says:

    I want to be rich so i can travel and take care of my family

  47. vampiremoose123 says:

    Thanks for the great content Joseph! The reasons i want to be rich are to be free of the financial stresses from life, take care of my family and friends, give to worthy causes, and to eventually make the world a better place by giving, and creating value in the world, employing other people and helping them succeed.

  48. Alexxander Padron says:

    I need to be rich to give my future family a better life than I had

  49. David Santos says:

    Excellent video with very detailed and actionable items. Can you kindly expand in more of these strategies. Specifically FBA and resources where we can read to find more information and take appropriate steps to complete them. Thanks !!

  50. del sol says:

    Hey now.. Don't be dissin' my boy Jeremy at financial education.. 😉

  51. kanemetal says:

    time freedom and help others that truly need it

  52. climaxhubbard says:

    i have a problem. i love your videos but when i watch them, youtube pushes tons of idiots into my recommended feed. still staying subscribed though, love your vids

  53. IamChowChowPow TV says:

    I want to show my son a better way to live.

  54. AntiSocial Atheist says:

    I really want to be a millionaire mainly because i do not wish to die in poverty like my father. And the most important reason i want to be a successful trader is to teach my children the importance of intelligent investments and the value of hard work and proper educations. I have worked as a craftsman my entire life and it slowly works you to death. I want my children to strive for something more. And they are absolutely what is most important to me.

  55. Rick and Rodney Travel Channel says:

    Why I want to be rich- financial comfort for self and family and I want to be able to help finance humanitarian projects in shitty 3rd world countries.

  56. john snag says:

    my reason is because in my whole life the banks have dictated my life ..ive worked so hard ,howeverthe bank ,the government and my own terrible life choices has really hurt my finacial situation,im striving to get debt free and earn money from the bank instead of the opposite. thank you.

  57. Niklas says:

    Iam not asking for tons of cash, i realized that my personality makes me incapable for normal job._ i have done full time trading now for months and it works great. My fundamental rule is dont be greedy.

  58. StRaNgE oNe says:

    I dont wanna be rich I just want enough money to pay for my father's medical Bill's!!!

  59. MLF says:

    It’s important to me because I am all I got. I am all I got. Life is very hard and I wanna have it covered. I don’t want to own multiple businesses. I don’t want to house full of fancy crap from countries all over the world. I just want to be covered and if I want to buy something I’ll be able to buy it without it causing a problem. I used to be able to live like this with with just a few thousand dollars.

  60. Quis Buffett says:

    Semper Fi!!! I subscribed. Good stuff.

  61. Emerson L. says:

    I want to have financial stability to preach the gospel around the globe on my own dime. Then I’ll feel free to say whatever needs to be said.

  62. Pazzla Solem says:

    I need the cash to invest in a start-up in Belize. I am going to build “Holistic Retreat Spa” in the Mountains of Belize, near the springs and river. It will be a Niche that will target and cater to upper middle class and wealthy clients. It is going to be created to seem as if it is in a natural setting and will provide a total body and mind cleanings and detox. A master herbalist and cook will provide healthy meals. professional massages, Yoga and other forms of alternate meditations will be provided for relaxation to all participating guests. I have a MBA, I am retired from the Navy, I am an avid reader and I am a person who is willing to put in the extra hours. Business is my lifes’ passion…I was born in Belize.

  63. Sharon Shibu says:

    Hi Joseph, do you have anything specific to the topic 'renting vs owning " a home. Being in the bay area ,real estate is at its peak/overpriced and mortgage cost eats up about 30-60% of one's household income. Would it really make sense to own a home in this scenario?. In a BIG dilemma!!

  64. A Zed says:

    Time freedom. Travel. Help others. Less stress. Optimum health.

  65. Yoly Lacy says:

    Well said. Thank you, Joseph.

  66. Aditya Raj says:

    Money💰, It is quite good thing if you use it as. it's a great equipment to provide the best things to your family and yourself. It just gives you more time and more freedom.

  67. s0spr1ng3r says:

    I want time freedom and have the ability to give freely.

  68. Chris Smith says:

    I don't want to be rich… I want to be wealthy!And even then I only want to be wealthy enough…I just want to have enough to be free of financial stress, have a home by a large body of water, a large self sustaining garden and farm, and just hangout with my dogs all day

  69. Terran Wilder says:

    Being rich will allow me to be a significant philanthropist, and will allow me more time freedom to become more creative. I love money, but I also love knowing that I can help people reach their dreams to financially too.

  70. MrKingtexas100 says:

    I want to be rich so that I can have financial freedom for life and teach my kids how to build financial freedom at a early age I also want to give back and invest into my our kids future by starting a little league scholarship program for kids in the first grade until they graduate teaching them how to be doctors lawyers judges politicians etc what every they desire to be

  71. Keith Walker says:

    I want to be healthy and pain free. Hire a trainer to get me stronger!

  72. torquemonster290 says:

    I am kind of on the same track as Greg Vincent, but i do have another good reason.. to give back to a parent that has given a great deal for me and my sis. She saved for a lil dream home only to lose it from divorce. I want to finally get some of the good times in her life back again without the bad. Also helps should I have kids of my own- then I can teach them as well.

  73. laetihonor windy says:

    I think about this everyday, but it comes down to this:
    1. I’ve been poor my whole life, I saw my single mother struggle and I don’t want this for myself.
    2. I want to have financial independence.
    3. I want to properly take care of my health.
    4. I want to leaves legacy for my children and their children.
    5. I want to travel the world.

  74. Cody Co says:

    Freedom freedom freedom

  75. TheLadyWrites says:

    **per the video I'm actually not interested in being rich, I'm interested in developing a solid income that ensures the people around me will benefit.

  76. Cosmas S. says:

    So I never have to work for anyone else ever again. I only want to work when I want to and only for myself.

  77. Ali Obaid says:

    Pay for my kids education

  78. Streams of Verse says:

    Looks like I'm a little late in commenting, but I just want to give my answer to the question, "Why do I want to be rich?" I want to be rich for my son and wife. Truly it is not about me. I don't need an expensive car or a big house. All I want is to have ample money for my son to be able to live a comfortable life – not a spoiled life, but one in which his education, no matter what that may be, is taken care of. I would also like for my wife to have a nice house, most importantly a kitchen with an island, and a little room for a garden in the back yard. As for me, I am teacher who cannot imagine not being a teacher. I plan on doing that as long as I possibly can. So, I guess in the end, years down the road, once my son is older and independent, a nice passive income would certainly be appreciated. Thanks! I wish everybody a happy, successful life!

  79. Willies-Top10 says:

    Because you only live once and i would like my family to respect me for being able to obtain wealth through my own efforts.

  80. DoingLifeTogether says:

    Why do I want to become rich?

    1.Always have enough to provide for myself and my family
    2. Have the ability to get anything/ do anything I want if I choose to do so. Also the ability to stop working if I want to free up time to pursue passions.
    3. Make an impact on the world through generous donations towards worthwhile causes

  81. Mr Smith says:

    Time and freedom to be with my wife and my little girl.

  82. ZWATER1 says:

    To be a blessing to God first and to others.

  83. Seat Repairs says:

    I don't care about being rich, I care about the piece of mind knowing that im ok in the future

  84. John Guillory says:

    I want to be rich to have the freedom to innovate and create generational wealth for my kids and to help as many people as I can!

  85. Strategic Computer Systems says:

    I grew up poor.

  86. omfgSHORYUKEN says:

    How easy would you say it is to earn the equivalent of minimum wage in passive income? Where I live I could happily get by on that, which is about £1000 a month as I really don't live an expensive lifestyle. Currently I save about £700 a month from my job to put into dividend investing

  87. Gerry Ong says:

    I want to be able financially secure for retirement as well as making a different in other people lives whether that are stuggling.

  88. David Badinga says:

    I need to be rich so I can open up a school in every country back home in Africa.

  89. ActionFigureResource says:

    1. To live without fear
    2. to help those less fortunate

  90. Mashell Stott says:

    I want to be rich so that I can employ people who deserve 2nd chances

  91. cubicofmusic says:

    Im becoming rich because i want to be the difference in my family not another number , I am happy with what I have but i need more freedom to continue all my travels and bring joy to people

  92. Liquidbricks says:

    I hate my job

  93. Mutu Micheal says:

    I want to be rich so I can free from financial broke down

  94. Mr Izz says:

    The title is a lie.

  95. Nicole Williams says:

    Really enjoy your knowledgeable vids. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us!

  96. Mycheal Jones says:

    WHY DO I WANT TO BE RICH. . .I would have to say for family time with my daughter and for the financial freedom that comes along with it. The idea to finally travel and see the world and learn of different cultures and learn their history.

  97. Arouca Girl says:

    1. I want to be get to a space where i am financially secure.
    2. I want to create passive streams of continuous income.
    3. I want to create habits and strategies that i can show my children.
    4. I want to create a learning/tutoring center for children and their parents to create successful families.

  98. Miranda B. says:

    I want to be rich so I can help more people.

  99. jaybird776 says:

    Financial freedom.

  100. kachaso says:

    I want to be rich for many reasons,I want to go to bed with a free mind .sleep enough and don’t have to worry bout going to work for anyone.I am a man who works 100to 110 hrs a week sometimes but I want to also have time to go to the gym,go for a movie live a normal life” be financially independent “ be able to donate to the needy .write about my humble beginnings and encourage others.

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