How To Create Online Poker Account with Rakeback In the United States US America

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5 comments on “How To Create Online Poker Account with Rakeback In the United States US America”

  1. Andrew Profaci says:

    hey man I'm really loving your videos. I'm about to sign up and start my poker career and this is really helpful. thanks!

  2. Rounder University Poker Strategy says:

    If you end up using this rakeback site, make sure you enter your poker nickname (this is the display name you see on the site) into the field when registering your account for rakeback, not the account username (your logon name). Hope this makes sense! I will add an annotation to the video as well.

  3. NJEnemy says:

    Hey Rounder. No more rake back for Carbon poker these days????

  4. Rounder University Poker Strategy says:

    Nope, they switched to a VIP system and just recently introduced a Gold Bar bonus program, you can actually earn some pretty great rewards over there now and allegedly their cashouts are improving… my check got lost in the mail from carbon and they told me "tough Sh*t"

  5. Rounder University Poker Strategy says:

    Hey guys make sure you check out my newer video on account setup, and check out my website in the description for the most up to date deals!

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