How to Enroll in Online Banking: Robins Financial Credit Union

Welcome to Robins Financial Credit Union If you’re watching this video, you’re probably wondering how do I start using all of the great online banking tools I’ve heard about? Getting started is easy There’s just a few things you should know about. Nothing difficult, we promise! Your starting point is our website Do you see the button that says: “I am a new user”? Go ahead and click that To create your online account You’ll need to choose and enter a login ID Which you’ll use every time you return to the site Then enter the additional verifying information required on the form, and click “continue” Obviously, we place a premium on keeping your account secure One of our steps for doing this is sending you a secure access code You can request to receive this as a phone call, text message, or email. Choose how you’d like to receive your code. We’ll wait just a second. The Secure Access Code is temporary so go ahead and enter it now. Now it’s time to pick out a password for your online account. You know the drill we want you to pick something secure so at least 8 characters 1 number and 1 upper and lower case letter If you missed a requirement It will be highlighted in red Verify that your contact information on this screen is correct If any changes are needed you can update them after you’ve logged in in the contact preferences section Finally, before you get started with your banking You’ll see our online access agreement and disclosure statement Have a look through this and if it looks good go ahead and click “I accept” And there you have it You should now be viewing your account online Mission accomplished If you prefer to complete your enrollment on your smart phone download our app for Apple or Android Then click enroll now and follow the same steps highlighted in this video Thanks for watching for more information Call, click, or visit any of our branch locations

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