How To Fill Out a Kabbage Loan Application | Updated 2019

Hello and thank you for joining me. This
is Kristen Nye with and I’m going to show you a short
video today about the Kabbage line of credit application process. The Kabbage line of credit starts with
your business information very simple, email address, verified again,
create a secure password and enter your business information, name,
address, phone number and agreed to be contacted
in relation to this application. You’ll then be prompted for your
industry type, your company structure, the month and year your business is
established as well as your federal tax ID number and your estimated gross
annual revenue. This is business revenue only please do
not include personal revenue here. We’ll then move on to the financial
review where you’ll be prompted to select your bank accounts and other
business service accounts. If you don’t see your bank account here please click
search for bank. By including as many accounts as possible you’ll increase
your chances for both approval and a higher line of credit. The Kabbage review system is secure and allows Kabbage to securely attach
toy your bank account directly to provide instant approvals. Once you select your
institution you’ll enter your online banking ID, your institution’s password,
connect securely, you’ll be prompted to select which
business accounts will want to be considered. Use the account that has the
most business-related transactions again no personal account should be
included here. You’re then prompted to attach any
additional accounts by including as many accounts as possible again you’ll have
the best chance for approval. Click continue the third and final step
is personal information name, home address, social security number,
personal or home phone number as well as your date of birth. By submitting your info
you’ll be instantly everything will be instantly transferred to Kabbage for
review and you should have an approval within moments
if qualified. Upon qualification you’ll be sent
directly to your dashboard and offered the opportunity to draw on your line of
credit. You’ll be able to select your loan amount as well as your term six
month for 12 months. Your loan payment schedule will be reviewed right here and
you’ll be offered the opportunity to take that line draw. I hope that this has
helped you understand the Kabbage line of credit application process. I do have
this product personally for my business I’ve used them for years and I highly
recommend them as both fast, easy and cost-effective. I hope this has been
helpful for you and if you’d like to apply for a Kabbage line of credit for
your business please visit and click the Apply Now button.
Thank you again for joining me and have a great evening.

2 comments on “How To Fill Out a Kabbage Loan Application | Updated 2019”

  1. Credit Line Now says:

    If you would like to apply today please visit
    Receive a complimentary hotel stay certificate just for applying. Receive a $50 Gift Card for approved applications.

  2. Adam Cumbie says:

    Good Video. Kabbage makes It's really easy to apply. It's really fast too! It was a great solution for my business when I had to bridge my cash flow gap during the off season.

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