How to Find a Legal Loan Shark

How to Find a Legal Loan Shark. Looking for fast cash with no questions asked? There are legitimate ways to get it, if you’re
willing to pay the consequences. You will need A credit card with unused credit
A tax refund A car A small loan company A signature loan company and a payday loan. Step 1. If you have a low-interest credit card you
haven’t maxed out, consider taking a cash advance. But check your interest rate first — some
are as high as 33%. Step 2. At tax time, you can get a “refund anticipation
loan” from some tax preparers. Just realize you’ll be forfeiting about 10%
of your refund check just to get the cash a couple of weeks earlier. Step 3. Get what is known as a “car title pawn” — if
you can stomach an annual interest rate of up to 360%. The amount you can borrow is way less than
the value of your car, but you get to keep driving it unless you miss a payment. Step 4. Borrow money from a licensed small loan company,
or head to a signature loan company, which won’t require you to put up any collateral. Both could charge you up to about 48% in annual
interest. If you’re a member of the military, don’t
resort to high-interest lenders before finding out if your branch of the armed services offers
financial help. Step 5. Secure a “payday loan” — a cash advance
against your paycheck. But check your local law at “”:http://
before you do; some states limit the amount of interest that these lenders can charge,
while others don’t — which explains why the average annual interest rate on these
loans is a whopping 460%. Did you know Seventy percent of Americans
live paycheck to paycheck, making them vulnerable to predatory lenders.

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  1. legoboy95 says:

    first comment!

  2. Joseph D says:

    @holyvampirealucard get a grip, the lot of you

  3. Aidan Friesz says:

    I didn't understand one thing in this video.

  4. Dean Walker says:

    @StupidShouldHurt2001 nah payday loans in low income communities is as close as it gets.

  5. Josh McGillivray says:

    oops thought i clicked how to get money while gaming, that was a very confusting video for me!

  6. ReliveTheDream says:

    Could I lend money to a loan shark?

  7. Jose Reyes says:


  8. 1968DodgePolara says:

    @conman2317 You could try but Nope they want need it because 100% of Loan Sharks are already rich making money off the pay check to pay check hard working people trying to make ends meet .

  9. blonde7000 says:

    Loan Sharks are here in the UK now advertising on TV as payday loans. when you read the small print they typically advertise 6650% etc. They should be jailed for charging this from poorer people. In the USA they have a large compensation culture – this too is in the UK. Compensation lawyers suing the NHS hospitals on £800 per hour whilst children die in Hospital. These adverts are on TV as well – it is corruption gone mad and i hate it

  10. Jack Sperrow says:

    Borrowing money from a loan shark is NEVER a good idea.

  11. Anthony Maximum says:

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  12. cdude100 says:

    If you didn't understand this video my opinion to you is never get involved with loans or credit cards or anything to do with barrowing money

  13. Matthew T says:

    i need a loan asap. any lender in usa? sharks ok

  14. zeroiceice008 says:

    I need a substantial amount of money asap.. I don't need a payday loan i need atleast 8000.. For personal reasons..

  15. neil peterson says:

    ok the trick to using loan sharks to make money is simply, DONT USE LOAN SHARKS TO MAKE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  becuz with loan sharks they give u like 5000 dollars which sounds good but the catch is after one week has expired u have to pay them back that same amount of money that they gave u, becuz in order to pay them off effectively u have to have a job and be working hard at it and making money in the first place which basically kills the whole purpose of loan sharks in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Matt Brannigan says:

    Well there's always Big Geno.

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