How to Find Cash Buyers for Real Estate | How to Find Cash Buyers for Real Estate Wholesaling

How to Wholesale Real Estate � Build Your
Real Estate Cash Buyers List Hi this is Neva at and
I want to answer a question today: how to start your cash buyers list.
I know a lot of people are not starting at real estate investing because they’re paranoid
they’re not going to be able to find cash buyers. And I just want to let you know, this
is the easiest part of the business, is finding cash buyers. There�s tons and tons of cash
available to buy investment property so you should not be spending, I would say like a
few days or so growing a list. It shouldn’t be you know, weeks or months.
So I�ll tell you when I first started my very first deal, my plan, well I said, “Let
me find three cash buyers and see if they’ll be interested.” So what I did, number 1, my
first deal that I ever flipped was a condo. And what I did, I had access to MLS. If you
don’t have access to the Multiple Listing Service, you need to get access. If you’re
not a realtor, there’s a blog post I did on suggestions for things you can do to get access
if you’re not a realtor. But you need to get access to MLS if you’re really serious about
being in this business. So I had access to MLS. I went on to MLS,
and I searched that condo, the name, whatever the name was. I searched it and I searched
to see if anyone had purchased condos recently all cash. I came across a few people that
had purchased all cash. What I did after that, I went in to the tax
records, this was all online, I went to the tax records and I searched to see of those
properties that were purchased all cashed, which ones were purchased but they’re absentee
owned, meaning the person that purchased the property does not live there because that
gives you general idea that, “Hey, someone purchased this property and then they’re renting
it out.” So they purchased it for investment. That�s how I found that contact. I contacted
the real estate agent, told him the property I had on the contract, let me know maybe his
clients may be interested. Second what I got, you need to go to real
estate investment meetings in your area. There�s tons of them in every area, you can go to
National REIA site search. because this way, one, you’ll get to learn about your local
area but you’ll get to meet people that are doing deals in your area so that you could
definitely get to meet cash buyers at any time you meet like a rehabber, that’s a cash
buyer so get their information. You start meeting rehabbers, actually, you know, a lot
of rehabbers are getting their money from hard money. Act some, you know, find out who
they’re borrowing their money from or they’re borrowing from someone�s 411K something,
find out because that person is a cash buyer as well.
And the third thing I did that I found, my third person I�ve contacted about that very
first deal was, I had joined different email groups and that’s easy to do, too. Go to the
meetings or google meet-ups in your area for real estate investments and join those lists
because people are going to blast out when they find deals and then you just look at
the traffic. Sometimes with those deals, with the meet
up, when one person responds, it goes to everyone. Look and see who responded. That’s how I found
the other person because he had blast out an email that he also rehabs but he also loans
money. I contacted him and said if he was into it.
It was three people that, when I gave them the information, they were interested they
came out, I got three offers on the property. So it’s easy, it’s so easy.
Steph Davis over at, she has a great tool. You can find cash buyers
in your area like Cash Buyer Ninja, easy to use! You go in there. That’s what I�m saying,
There’s just so much! And the thing is people are trying to like
they think they need this massive list. Right now, that’s what I did, I have like over thousand
people on my list. But you really only need one cash buyer, that one cash buyer is going
to know other cash buyers and then your list is just going to start to grow and grow and
grow. Now, every meeting I go to, I mean, people
just come up to me and give me their cards because they want the deal because there’s
way more money available to buy deals than there are deals available. So now, I mean
I have way more. I wish I had even one property for every single cash buyer I have.
So please don’t spend a lot of time growing your cash buyers list. Pick one of these and
just go and get a list. One to five cash buyers, that’s it. Don�t sit there and let it grow
to a thousand before you even get one deal. Okay, bye!

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  1. Janelle McLeod says:

    GREAT INFO @Neva Williamson, do you have a guidline or script you can share? I have a list of Cash buyers that was given to me (by my mentor) however she says I have to be the one to reach out to them, YES!!! I have NO problem with that problem is;

    1) There's no phone numbers on the list to call them
    2) Only have their name, city, state (which is here GA) and their email address

    …so how do I approach this via emai to them? LOL. Hope this question makes sense? xoxo Looking forward to your reply

  2. Shell Jay says:

    Good advice, thx for sharing!,

  3. Sko Show says:

    God bless you for your information, good job sister! im looking for a way to get the assign contract. Would you know? I'm located in chicago

  4. Sko Show says:

    I'm on the site but I don't see assignment contract, I see the purchase contract

  5. yayarea 82 says:

    how can i get access to mlx

  6. Neva Williamson says:

    Wow I can't believe this video now has over 5,000 views. Thank you all so much. Feels good to provide information people find inspiring and helpful.

  7. Sameface Films says:

    Great video and advice!

  8. Latoya Spence says:

    Hi Neva, great info:):) Im a new wholesaler. Do you suggest I buy the cash buyer ninja.? What are the pros and cons of getting it.? and how fast can i build a buyers list from that?

  9. Tiffiany Herring says:

    Great tips!!

  10. Malcolm Hendrix says:

    *****My name is Malcolm. I'm a Full time property inspector. I deal with the mortgage company personally and also the owners of the homes. I'm looking to wholesale a couple of these properties but I have no idea on what to do first!!!! I have access to a lot of houses in Houston,Tx being a Property Inspector. Reply or Email me [email protected] I'm looking for a mentor or someone that can give me a little but more knowledge.*****

  11. Laverne Anthony says:

    Hi Neva I have been doing this wholesaling for abut 8 months and not succesful and listening to your video i heard you say getting access to MLS can you tell me how i can get access

  12. Charee Pringle says:

    Neva what's your opinion on hard money lenders. Can you suggest any that do 100% financing

  13. Marcus LeeP says:

    Thank you very much….

  14. evan meyer says:

    has anybody tried ? are they any good?

  15. Shantel Riley says:

    Thank you so much for all of your helpful, informative, honest videos!! And your free book!

  16. WoodiejrRoten says:

    I am Disable and trying my Heart out to get back on my feet, I decided to get into real Estate, My Question is if you had to start over and knowing what you know now What would be your first few step you would do to get started Please Help me. my email address is: [email protected] ph. 423-523-2369. Please call after 5pm…..Thank you & God Bless….WJR

  17. F Money says:

    Hey +Neva Williamson, would you say that any cash buyer would be interested in working with a realtor? Like we have access to the MLS too, and I was thinking I could go to one of those investment meetings and offer my service. What do you think?

  18. Maudine Graham says:

    Neva, Thank you. I was stressing out on this part of the business. You made it so I could see now how easy this part can be. I appreciate your help

  19. Just Sell says:


  20. Gwen Quinn says:

    Hi, I'm new to real estate investing. can you refer me to a website that has all the forms/contracts/paperwork I would need to Wholesale property?

  21. Gwen Quinn says:

    what is the link for how to access the MLS if your not a real estate agent?

  22. Gwen Quinn says:

    I mean what is the link to your blog on getting access to the MLS?

  23. Derwin Johnson says:

    Yes. I also think that your a great stand for women and black women in general. In the words of martin: YOU GO GIRL! LOL

  24. Jose Falconett says:

    Hey Neva,
    How does the assistant side of the relationship work beyond the benefits each party gets?
    I have talked to agents who have said they would like the arrangement you have with jessica swingle however, they don't know how to work out that assistant area with their brokerage office because it would require the wholesaler to be considered an employee on minimum wage and would have to work on their listings doing paperwork and running around.

  25. Missy Davis says:

    cant hear you

  26. Jenn T says:

    Great info! Thank you, you helped me remove the block of thinking a cash buyers list is hard to make.

  27. St. Louis We Buy Homes says:

    Thank you for the info Neva!

  28. Brian Duncan says:

    Thanks Neva

  29. Isaac Dueñas says:

    On the side note. Is anyone here a cash buyer?!:) I really need one right now 🙂

  30. Beauty Beyond 50 says:

    New subbie great info!

  31. Mansa Musa says:

    Hi Neva,

    So I have access to MLS as of today. Now, I want to be clear on how to exactly approach these cash buyers about finding them properties? What methods do you find more effective? And what questions do you ask them?

  32. terry mais walters says:

    There’s this guy I purchased a curse from which includes mentoring. I was so focus on my sellers
    List, so he told me that whenever I’m ready we could co wholesale together for a percentage of his cash buyers. However I teamed up with another wholesaler which needs cash buyers, So I went to my mentor to ask about the buyers list. he told me that he’ll pay me $500 to bring him leads cause he’s also an cash buyer and he don’t by wholesale anymore. Now I’m confused as to what to do

  33. Tha Real DJ Smooth says:

    What market are you in???

  34. Tha Real DJ Smooth says:

    At the time I asked the question, I was struggling to find cash buyers. Now I finally have a list.

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  36. The SHADOW Knowz says:

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