How To Generate Leads With Facebook Lead Ads (2018)

Today I’m going to show you how to
generate more leads with Facebook lead ads I’m Julie from Sleeknote and I’m going to show you how Facebook leads ads can help you grow your email list and reach even more people Getting traffic to your website is of
high-priority to all e-commerce marketers We are increasingly converting visitors through onsite engagement tools to both new customers and newsletter subscribers But getting traffic to you website to generate leads can be quite a daunting task Right? We’ve probably all experienced low traffic
and even though we try to convert that traffic It just isn’t generating the results we wanted Now, what if I told you that there’s a way to collect leads for your business without having to get visitors to your site first? Well, there is because Facebook lead ads do just that Facebook has more than 1.7 billion monthly
active users and you have the possibility to tap into all of these potential leads with targeted messages First, let’s find out what Facebook
lead ads are exactly It’s the ads that appear in between posts
in your newsfeed on Facebook They contain an ad for a product or a business and a button you can click on So what does it look like? Let me show you Here’s an example from SurveyCompare It’s a classic example of a lead ad It contains a message There’s an image that supports the message and a sign-up button in the corner Depending on the purpose the button either redirects the user to a landingpage or it triggers a popup where name
and email is already filled out The only thing the user has to do
is confirm that the information is right and give permission that Facebook can share this information with the company This is what a popup could look like You just click submit right away
or edit the information if it’s necessary The cool thing about lead ads is
that signing up is so simple All it takes are two clicks and you don’t even have to
leave Facebook to do it So, can everyone see your lead ads? No, don’t worry On Facebook you can target all
kinds of audiences This allows for more targeted and
personalized messages Because most of us are signed into Facebook automatically through our phones or desktops Facebook can track our online behavior and determine which ads
should be presented in your news feed This might sound scary but it’s great news for your e-commerce store Now, let’s talk a bit about best practices There are a number of things that are important to consider when you create your first lead ad First, you need to consider the content If you want people to sign up through your lead ads, you need to give them an incentive to do so The most effective way is to offer
some kind of value Tell them why they need to sign up You might think your product is so awesom that people sign up automatically Well, I’ve got some news for you It ain’t gonna happen You need to tell them exactly what value they will get from signing up or buying your product There are so many different ads on Facebook so you need to make sure that your ad is the one that stands out from the masses So how do you do this? First of all, don’t just do what
everybody else is doing Then you’ll be just like the rest One thing that we’ve tried here at Sleeknote is to experiment with humor Obviously we want our content to be informative and professional but we also try to make it fun and engaging Humor is a great way to establish an informal relationship with your potential customers and subscribers And it just makes everything more fun Another way to stand out is with the
images you use In fact, people process visuals 60,000
times faster than text So using the right images can hold a lot of potential and it’s worth spending a
bit more time to make sure they’re perfect That was all from me today All that’s left to say is Be creative Create eye-catching images
and write a copy no one would expect It’s all about being unique and bold And most times it pays of to take a risk And if you’re feeling a bit unsure of how your ad will perform you can always split test and see which ad your audience
responds to Now, obviously you’re dying
to start implementing all of these amazing tips but before you do anything:
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