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  1. Dan Lok says:

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  2. ZOMBIE MMA says:

    Amen hundred percent right all I need is one customer

  3. nikesh dubey says:

    Yes man, you are right
    1. Get the skillset
    2. Sell it to make as much money as you can.
    3. Get expert at it with time.
    4. Make it bigger with the help of lenders

  4. George Boyer says:

    Lutherangrants/org helped me financially .They got me a grant of $51,000 to finance my business .

  5. Francesca Gerard says:

    thanks for sharing your knowledge and being so real Dan Lok!

  6. Marife Lauron says:

    I love watching your video,,thank you sir dan😉

  7. Chris P says:

    Blunt, honest and to the point. Beauty! Thanks for the info, Dan!

  8. Lemon Lyrics 🍋 says:

    Thanks for all Dan

  9. prutsje21 says:

    Thanks for the tip about "kickstarter". I'm getting it started right now!!😁😁 A big hello from Belgium 🤗🙋‍♀️

  10. Ron Sampson says:

    I'm actually shocked that people would have the front to ask Dan for money wow. I find it very hard to approach people that are close to me for money let alone a stranger

  11. Osama Mohamed atia says:

    you are exactly fucking right !!!

  12. JeahLashe LifeStyle says:

    Hey Dan, love your vids…i saved $5000 to start my first business…What is the smartest way to start?

  13. Shikhmosa Shikho says:

    Well to be honest with you am totally convinced and i agree with you with every word you said and thank you so much for all lessons that you gave it to me i really appreciate that and i guess only smart people who can understand you and use your words to make it money

  14. yypop12345 says:

    Hi Dan, I'm contractor in M'sia. Do u have any building business in M'sia? If do please let me know so that I can deal business with u. Thank you Dan

  15. Glen OstrowskI says:

    Don't give them a fish teach them to fish
    But you need to help people or karma will get you Dan

  16. Tega says:

    Got my first customer two days ago, closed him for 1,000 Euros. You need to get out of your comfort zone, go, if you fail look at what you failed at, work on that. Failing is good you learn from it. Dan thanks for your advise!

  17. minicon utama says:


  18. Momin Ali Enterprises VR Games Company says:

    Sir, My name is Hashim Mahmood. What do you say about investing in Crypto Currencies? Trading crypto currencies or buying a staking plan as a passive income? please enlighten all of us. Thanks You are Great!

  19. Ariff Raffali says:

    I just realised that Bentley is so smooth and sound proof

  20. Raymond Yocum says:

    Hey Dan, can I borrow $5000? Hahaha!!! Joking 🙃

  21. ★☆[email protected]¥! €$☆★ says:

    I 👍 on f**king number 1

  22. Marlinspike says:

    I love how you go into strategies. Even if they would watch just 1 other video they would know. “You don’t need money, you need a better strategy.” Dan Lok. If you can’t make money without money then you cannot make money with money.

    Also nowadays they have “Print on demand” it’s free to start. Just takes some time to set up. I did it on today when I am home sick with a cold.

    Get a f&@& job. 😂

    I have been taking notes.

    I don’t want someone to give me a fish so I can eat for a day. Teach me to fish so I can eat for a lifetime.

    Knowledge = $$$ and with these videos you are giving everyone some. Just have to apply what you are learning.

  23. Otega Agbomedarho says:

    This totally makes sense. A major eye opener

  24. Luaai skater says:

    Yeah I totally agree!!
    Your tips work out perfect for me, posting all on @L.u.a.a.i on instagram.
    Thank you 😃

  25. Adil Aziz says:

    "If you motivate idiot, he will be motivated idiot". The good thing about Dan lok is he never ever motivate anyone, he teach us✌…

  26. Empress Empress says:

    First time I watched one of your videos ! Thanks for the great advice ! 👍🏻

  27. Ala Gianelloni says:

    Great video!!

  28. Harleigh Davidson says:

    I love this MF

  29. discoverytube says:

    7:35 my new ringtone..


    Some sense making stuff….
    Loved the content !

  31. Liem Duong Art - Hội hoạ Dương Gia Liêm says:

    Hi Dan Lok

  32. veselin valkanov says:

    OMG!!! I cant believe how can have peoples like this rely this is terribly insolent!!

  33. Cherie Yvon says:

    Good talk!

  34. Luuna Wolf says:

    I’m going to test the waters with something simple that I can make at home with mostly skills and a little bit of money

  35. Humberto Hernandez says:

    First time viewer definitely subscribing, definitely studying your work and/or methods. Because what you say sir makes sense.

  36. fastest1321 says:

    Dan's already so Asian, imitating an Asian is priceless XD

  37. Illuminated Wisdom says:

    There’s a more respectful way of delivering this message wow

  38. Bucket Man says:

    I love how he don't care how you feel when he calls you broke.

  39. souri mel says:

    why you never answer me 🤔

  40. Selfmade Skrillatament says:

    I concur.

  41. B B S says:

    This is the third tine that I am watching this video. It is one of your best videos. Today I watched it with a friend who was taken spell bound. He immediately became your fan and shouted,"This guy Dan is a fucking genius. We both are starting fund raising for our business from today itself from the future customers of our services. Millions of thanks to you for the advice in this video. Our life has improved with your thought provoking video.
    B. B. Sharma

  42. TheProgrammingJedi says:

    I would never give or loan someone money. How can you expect this from a person, even if this person is successful? It's respectless and shows that you are a low human being who tries to benefit from others without giving anything in return. if you want some money, get the money from your customers.

  43. Syndicate Business Solutions says:

    This is not to take away from anything Dan is saying. (I am still a student as well). I work in the Financial Industry. There is one option, that was not mentioned!
    First off, Banks DO NOT LEND TO START-UPS!!!!!. When you are starting out, banks will lend to you as an individual (personal loan), but not to your Business (great idea!), UNLESS you have ALL three of these: GOOD CREDIT, CASH FLOW, and COLLATERAL, and still it's going on your personal credit.
    Here's the play! Use your money (if you worked for it, begged or borrowed) Incorporate FIRST, build out the Credit Profile of that Business and within 6 months the business can fund itself. You can do this without using any of your own personal credit, not to mention, when you (lend) your company money to build the vendor tradelines, you can get your money back after the business is profitable. You can do this with poor credit, no credit or borrowed credit.

    If you'd like to know more, drop me a line.

    Caleb-Lamar Rodriguez

  44. B B S says:

    This is the sixth time I am watching this video and I am getting enlightened and inspired.This single advice has significantly improved my life. This video should be watched by all youngsters. In fact it would be better if this video is made a compulsory part of MBA curriculum all over the world.
    B. B. Sharma

  45. Koos Werkloos says:

    Can you do subtitels in dutch

  46. Jose Wambua says:

    I like your views dan. You kick my ass every time i watch your videos. Am learning from you everyday. Good work. Keep it up

  47. Dayanand Nair says:

    U dont have facking money to give any on

  48. Hansaj Entertainment says:

    Fucking is one of the favourite word of Dan sir, that they use in each and every videos

    I like all your lessons please help us by motivating


  49. Jen Cast says:

    Oops my dad I mean but I learned from all his

  50. Jen Cast says:


  51. Blue Lotus says:

    I love your BENTLEY ❤☺

  52. Movie Time says:

    Those boys who break your teeth he forgot to broke all tooth

  53. mi sun says:

    you are one of the most honest I've listened to on this subject. you don't talk in circles and you actually tell how to do something!

  54. mithu das says:

    Well said sir

  55. Justin Lim says:

    damn! great teacher

  56. hesbon oyaro says:

    "Ability to attrack money"…… have enjoyed the video, mine is to put into practice…thanks buddy

  57. Han P says:

    Dan your awesome dude but whats a good pokemon intelligence book for a starter

  58. Francisco Fernandez says:

    El que No Transa , No Avansa!!!!!!🕴🏻

  59. Ari Turbo says:

    Damn right Dan,, i am a salesman and life is tough as hell if you cant close,,

  60. Æsthethicc Kiwi says:

    Wow thanks and you help me and I want to be

  61. Odalys Dominguez says:

    I love your video . .. is just that i am still scared to loose again ……

  62. Odalys Dominguez says:

    I am a party decorated

  63. Rohan Baindoor says:

    Great video Dan, totally makes sense.. I'm gonna get some money from my customers !!

  64. The Reality of Fitness says:

    Hilariously Accurate and Priceless sir…!!!

  65. robbie kris roxas says:

    now, learn skills first before getting money.
    this really makes sense. make them believe in your skills to make them invest in you.
    so its not really about getting the key from them, its about becoming the key for them that makes them invest in you. thankyou dan…

  66. Forchu Princewill says:

    cant stop listening to this guy. he is so amazingly huge in entrepreneurship! hey! the only issue is, Dan calm down you sound some times rude!

  67. Donnie DiCaprio says:

    I appreciate the advice. I could do without the cursing though.

  68. Loslos Orig Films says:

    Can you give me money dan hhaaha

  69. iannow says:

    Thank you , for all the damn speech you do . Helps a lot to motivate me ♥️

  70. luis alfredo Cegarra says:

    Thanks by the advice..!

  71. Ernie Fear says:

    Your videos are very helpful and informative, thanks for the advice on how to start a business as tagt is what I want to do in future

  72. Latrisa Christopher says:

    A friend introduce me to your videos a couple of months ago and I did not pay you any attention. Last night I started to engage in your videos. And you reiterated everything I've been telling myself. Thank you so much your the solution to my problem. Keep being Great

  73. Camira Murray says:

    Hello Dan, I am planning on starting a business soon. Before I start the business I am studying multiple people and how to become successful. I have started watching your videos and others. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering, none will include asking for money. I really love your videos. The videos are honest and straight to the point. You have let me know I have work to do before starting my own business.

  74. Deloris Reyes Nite Show says:

    Makes a lot of sense.🤗

  75. Anonymous TM says:

    I want to be your driver for free

  76. DOT says:

    I think so that in present age
    It’s easy to start some business
    Because somebody can be freelancer and invest in his business as you said 👌👌

  77. Orvell Kemp Jr. says:

    The best of Dan's vids I've seen so far

  78. mitul choudhary says:

    Sir really really need help ….!
    What job should i opt job that i don't like but paid well.
    Or job that i like but less paid🙏

  79. Ko Mathy says:

    Money doesn't go to who needed it's go to who multiply it.Im did it and need to improve myself more. Thank you sifu.

  80. Sambath kumar N says:

    Ohhhh is it .Are you reading my command ,Then reply to this i wanna check

  81. Salman hassan osman says:

    Dan lock is always straight forward ward!! No jocks hahahahahah

  82. Priyanka S Nair says:

    hi,wd u plz share some ideas for dress designing industry….??questn from India😬…I ws only 24 & still having small scale bussiness…without any official sites or promos…bt I need to improve it….cn u suggest anything??My parents wnt nvest in ths😑😑

  83. Andrew Wong says:

    Start from small early steps by developing your high income skill on small area instead of being involved in gigantic business world. Persuade your customers by starting from small scale first instead of being unrealistic to higher level without any advanced expertise.

  84. Warren Smith says:

    This is fucking real stuff

  85. SABRAWY says:

    i gree if you wanna money sell more i started with nothing , i had like 500$ i didn't buy anything to sell it , i just talked to a supplier i will sell his products but i will pay him after i execute my deals and get the money and i put all my money in advertise i made 4000$ this month
    and i always tell my wife when she tells me let's safe money i tell her saving will keep the money same amount at the best cases if the money didn't lose it's value but advertising your self and reach more customers with money will return always more money than you spend (i save amount of money for emergency and to be ready for any emergency deals)

  86. Stale Potato says:

    Your videos are awesome Dan. I learn a lot. Thank you

  87. Beatriz Hernandez says:

    Me encanta

  88. Ata Asifoa says:

    Mahalo, Dan for being my new mentor. I will watch all of your videos. Thank you for the advice.

  89. E. Nees says:

    Well spoken👌

  90. ANINCETO99 says:

    You are very helpfull !! Many of people don't even know what you mean but i understand you perfectly. You are the best Dan Lok. Thank you…for everything my friend! ^^

  91. Blender Dumbass says:

    I'm allergic to fish. Here is my solution.

    By clicking the Read more button you sing up to pay me 10$.

    Sharks = Tigers
    Dolphins = Bulls
    Fish = Chicken

  92. Thuy Lam says:

    So right again I learned so much from u thank u so much for teaching

  93. Shinobi_RR says:

    3:08 maybe the guy in the car behind needs your finger Dan.

  94. janine calderon says:

    Hi Dan thanks for sharing .. since i started watching your video's its now my routine😊.. and its help me alot, from full time office staff now i have sideline work as freelance sales.. working more to increase my income to get the wants and needs also to afford to be mentored by you and get more knowledge and have my own business soon .. im your fan from Philippines😊

  95. fungai jasi says:

    Blind man I love that about you

  96. Aisha Nakazibwe Mohammed says:

    For sure u dont know how to swimm in a swimming pool chances a high to sink in alake thanks alot 🤝 wat u enlight us its a matter of taking actions and results start paying u even when u dont expect for sure begers press next because u dont know what u want

  97. Aisha Nakazibwe Mohammed says:

    For sure u worked for it 💪 🙏 to reach at extent of telling u come and we lend u really money goes to those who dont need it thanks thanks alot

  98. Gygf Gyyg says:

    No trading on my phone or accounts

  99. Archilles Roark says:

    Old useless advice

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