how to get one down mask easy on payday 2

como obter a mascara “one down” (ou outra) tens de fazer uma copia do teu progresso numa pen usb com o sistema de ficheiros NTFS abrir o payday 2 se nao obteres a mascara one down ou a que quiseres so tens de repor a copia que fizes-te do jogo para teres o teu dinheiro de volta obrigado por assistirem,subscrevam o canal e deixem o vosso like

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  1. Eric Morelos says:

    thank you

  2. nabbo88pro says:


  3. Leonardo Villarreal says:

    I got the very hard mask, so I took another flash drive and saved it on that one one so I can have multiple saves

  4. Leonardo Villarreal says:

    got the hard skull, usually I noticed almost every 200 million spent u can get 2 infamous mask

  5. Leonardo Villarreal says:

    got mayhem

  6. Ndragon20 :P says:

    this is why I like playing with u bad xD I would have grided jewelry store until I got it XD good to have u as a friend bro

  7. EbanOfLegend says:


  8. Badstyles Gameplay says:

    yes u can

  9. RapticViiRal Izzda says:

    Can you get the one down mask from the offshore payday

  10. RapticViiRal Izzda says:

    what is your psn name?

  11. Worteltrekker says:

    Lol how do you got So mutch money

  12. Diablito— - says:

    add my new account G-AGameing

  13. Simwaa says:

    Can you help me do the money glitch? Psn- Simwa-Egg002

  14. RapticViiRal Izzda says:

    My psn is : oisse656la2002

  15. Simwaa says:

    Are you sure you can get the mask from this?? I only get the Hard Mask

  16. Dayday King says:

    Can you help me get money

  17. The Wattsatron says:

    So how do you get that much money?

  18. I-Seriouz -I says:

    Hey can u help me I was trying to do this for a while but how do you get 1.8 % infamy when I only get 1.5

  19. Vito Indarto says:

    Very cool way man

  20. Activvity says:

    My psn is:Godzz666

  21. KRNG Moab says:

    What is the best/quickest way for money? I just infamied only have 90M offshore lol

  22. beau eddy says:

    takes long

  23. Vito Indarto says:

    Anyway, in PC, its harder, you have to complete ALL HEISTS ON ONE DOWN

  24. SoaR Oreo says:

    What's the USB disk?

  25. XxRafaeloxX says:

    music name pls

  26. Uneazy G says:

    I meant to comment on this, how the hell does this work.. again, my psn is diamondakaibo11

  27. XStarXShot X says:

    Did you get that offshore cash from cook off glitch

  28. Ak_Cloud_Fighter says:

    Aye thanks dude I got the death wish skull silent killer and shh suppressor and my friend got the overkill skull with this method cheers bud. Also, what is a quick way to make a ton of money excluding the cook off glitch ( I suck at trying to do it)

  29. Zero Fighter says:

    The difficulty masks are Achievement / Trophy unlocks. They aren't supposed to drop through normal gameplay methods other than completing all of the heists on the respective difficulty.

  30. Brandon Berry says:

    I got it in a normal card pick with no decks finished

  31. leon li says:

    can you save your game to the psn cloud?

  32. s o n d e r says:

    If you play public lobbys with this mask expect to be kicked… Seriously i cant even play online unless i host my own game

  33. Joshua Le says:

    Is there a reason why you kept going to the right instead of middle or left card?

  34. StickMoose says:

    Can you do this on Xbox?

  35. Joshua Garcia says:

    can you do this on the pc?

  36. CoIdFire says:

    I'm lvl 68 and only got overkill mask do I need higher lvl???

  37. Flakoo_ says:

    Got a death wish mask thank u

  38. Lee Herbec says:

    I love this mask thank you soooo much

  39. Cristian Garcia says:

    Can you show how to do this on Xbox One bro?

  40. Senior Poopane says:


  41. Jakub Wilk says:

    The music is better then the video

  42. Van Textellent says:

    I got one down

  43. Cocinando con Lizbeth says:

    Does this work on PS4?

  44. Pastel De Flango Turbinado #Toddyn says:

    For people that don't know, you can't do that on PC, achievements linked items don't drop from cards

  45. Allnite - Fortnite says:

    Badass, I got PS4 but how do I get the money back from the usb stick

  46. infinite the edgy says:


    Edit: btw did you made video do get money fast like s glitch?

  47. Kristóf Galambos says:

    Thank u i get the one down mask this is cool but im playing on xb one btw:thanks!

  48. Xandineer says:

    Also works with psplus!

  49. Murivati1029 says:

    Is there a way to get pc masks? (From pc achievements not for ps4)

  50. Iconic says:

    Is it the same for xbox one?

  51. Saint says:

    Or, ya know, be a man and actually do all heists on death wish like me

  52. younggkhalifaa__ says:

    Umm… ? I dont get how dus werks? 😅

  53. Fernando Gonçalves Penna Neto says:

    Fala Brasil

  54. XxXadilaor xX says:

    Hey badstylegaming how do you get the doctor mask

  55. ki11erjosh says:

    This is sad


    I’ve made an account now what do I do


    What are u downloading on the usb??

  58. Red Wolf Orlando says:


  59. 1979 Chevrolet Camaro says:

    How would you do this on Xbox?

  60. Avoumen says:

    Realy ?

  61. Marx X934 says:

    We can do in xbox ?

  62. Vicente Chimenes says:

    u brazilian?

  63. Player arthur says:

    Isnt free lol

  64. Varga Márk says:

    you only get it if you complete every contract on one down

  65. Batzi says:

    Here I am grinding millions
    Tryna get that much money
    Just to get
    My god

  66. hello there says:

    I just got this and I didn't know it was rare

  67. Mihai SC says:

    Thank You Sir, i've got Mega Death Mask! Im happy now BIG THUMBS UP! 👍🏼
    Edit: Thanks for ❤️.

  68. Slleezzyyy yyyzzeellS says:

    Make a vid on how to do it on xbox boiii

  69. ElementalRain says:

    Wait how do you donit

  70. blxmierter says:

    I love you

  71. CTC_Caleb says:

    For anyone who is confused basically put a usb drive in your game then save your payday data to it. Go into payday bet for infamous mask if u don’t get anything good. Then u go back and load the data from the usb back on the game

  72. Tekken The platinum hunter says:

    I got a bad styles mask

  73. Tekken The platinum hunter says:

    Unfortunately I have almost hit infamous 25 once I do I will be retired from payday 2 permanently I beat all death sentence heist I have nothing left to prove with payday 2 as it's on it's last legs

  74. gater8893 says:

    This is stupid work for the mask I worked over 100 hours to get it this is for PS4 if you want it for the PC you must do it all the heists it even says in the disc of the mask

  75. Jubi says:

    Oh rlly? I miss a lot of time in one down

  76. Lil Storm MC says:

    Tu e br e faz um vídeo em inglês …. Você e um gênio mas obrigado pela dica

  77. Black eltroll says:

    So you are brasileño XD

  78. Ashton Elliott says:

    All your offshore will be gone the time you get the mask don’t even try.

  79. Gustavo Marmo says:

    No ps4 tem Crime Spree?

  80. Markus says:

    Never got it but i did get sangres mask

  81. DeadExploitz says:

    i just wasted 20m lol

  82. Shann T says:

    Funny thing is that it isn't even the one down version lol

  83. Caue Silva says:

    Qual seu Nick no PS4?

  84. Josh 1976 says:

    Is it safe to delete data? To get money back

  85. Dr3amless says:

    Guys this dosen't work if you go to infamous masks search and click on the death sentence skull mask it says it can't drop at a payday just complete the objectives

  86. GalaxyGamerTech says:

    First of all, you can only get the one down mask from doing one down contacts. Secondly, that is obviously a death wish mask, on the thumbnail!

  87. Green_Flash says:

    But i have to to all heist in one down?

  88. Waln XGHOSTX says:

    Link save ??

  89. Waln XGHOSTX says:

    I can’t found save game in link why he has removed or something else ?

    Someone can tall me

  90. KIXX! says:

    I got death wish mask but fron payday card, im so Lucky

  91. jax ツ says:

    why is there text saying free on the thumbnail

  92. Alx _Tox says:

    Yea fucking easy just spend over 20M

  93. Dozzszz says:

    Git gud

  94. Nick Roberts says:

    Took awhile but I finally got death sentence mask. Thank you so much

  95. GamezHQ says:

    Do you have to do all missions on one down death wish first

  96. GamezHQ says:

    How do you do the save drive on xbox?

    Also can you still get it from drops on xbox?

  97. Aidiano Spaghettio says:

    But all I did to get it is just do all missions on death sentence and I got it in the card rewards at the the end of the heist

  98. Victoria McDaniel says:

    Thumbnail: FREE MASK! (In the top left corner)
    Reality: I spent over 30 million fucking dollars on this.

  99. snxwyy EdITz says:

    Had 41 mill… then I lost it went down to 5 mill..

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