How to Get Student Loans

How to Get Student Loans. If you’re ready to go to college, but worried
about making ends meet, consider student loans. You will need Internet access Financial aid
counselor and cosigner (optional). Step 1. Fill out a FAFSA — Free Application For Student
Aid — online to determine if you are eligible for government loans. The government offers subsidized and unsubsidized
loans — neither will need to be paid back until you are finished with school. The FAFSA will also be an excellent tool to
help you find government grants, but don’t forget to search out private scholarship opportunities. They will save you a ton in the future. Step 2. Determine if you meet the requirement for
a government student loan. You must be enrolled in an eligible program,
maintain good academic standing, not have any other government student loans in default,
be registered for the Selective Service, and not be convicted of a crime. Step 3. Get a private loan if you are not eligible
for a government loan. Credit unions can often be an excellent alternative
to banks, so check out several institutions before settling on one. If you have bad credit or are not qualified,
you may need a cosigner for a private loan. Step 4. Talk to your financial aid counselor about
funding your education. Whatever you do, don’t let money — or lack
of it — keep you from getting an excellent education. Did you know The average student will graduate
with approximately $23,000 in student loan debt.

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  1. EddieisXtC says:

    :54-:56,,,, LOL

  2. Ghandi Floss says:

    0:54 – 0:56 LOL

  3. wendileona says:

    23K? No, hard to believe, quadruple that c'mon.

  4. Tom Vanderploeg says:

    This is impossible. The guy is black.

  5. Nano Sanchez Lopez says:

    until i graduate means after I get my AS or BS???

  6. AMG Nguyen says:

    this didn't help me at all

  7. St. Francis says:

    $23,000 of debt. When was this study made, 1996?

  8. Stumpy says:

    *counselor lol

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