How to Get Unlimited Cell Data for Free (Any Carrier or Phone)

Hey whats up guys I’m ThioJoe and today
I’m going to teach you an awesome trick that the cell companies definitely don’t
want you to know and that is how you can trick your cell
phone into giving you unlimited cell data no matter what carrier you’re on
and it will also work on any cell phone that you might have and it’s so simple
you probably won’t even believe it until you try it yourself in this video I’m going to explain what
you need how to do it and why it works as well so stay tuned it’s surprisingly
easy now first the most obvious question is
how could this be possible most cell phone companies no longer
offer unlimited data plans and of course they track how much data you’re using
and this is true but we can actually trick the service into thinking that you
haven’t used any data at all you see cell phone companies keep track
of how much data you’re using in the following way: whenever you download a document ,fetch
email, stream video, or anything like that your cell phone downloads that file and
then records how much data was used in that connection. After the download is
completed your cell phone sends a TCP data packet back to the cell trunk in
the service containing information about how much data you just used for that
file which is called a “file report”. But knowing this if we were able to somehow blocked the
file report from being sent back to the cell company it would look like to them
that you didn’t download any data at all even though you did download that file
successfully. Now you may be thinking how can we block
just that file report without blocking everything else? Well it turns out that file report is
actually sent from the phone on a separate frequency that’s not used by
anything else so we just need to find something that
will block that single frequency which is possible and that’s exactly what I’m
going to show you today. Now to do all this and get the unlimited
data you’re only going to need three things. First of all your cell phone of
course, next your cell phone case, and finally, bear with me, yes a roll of
duct tape. I’ll explain. It turns out that when
properly placed and configured, duct tape has the exact properties required to
absorb the frequency used by the file reports which happens to be 9.01
kilohertz. Now I’m gonna explain all the science behind this which might get
pretty technical so if you just want to get right into the tutorial I totally
understand you can just skip ahead past all the
technical stuff. So why don’t we get into some of the fun
science stuff. Now based on several scientific studies that have been done
on duct tape specifically regarding the absorption
patterns for electromagnetic frequencies we know that in the one were concerned
about duct tape has a transmission value of about 0.001 . This measurement would
have been done with a tool called a spectrophotometer but basically all you need to know is
that the duct tape is going to block 99.9% of the
signal used by the phone to send the file report. We also know based on several published
tests and reports by Bill Gates himself while he was developing windows, that
most network parity systems require at least 70% of an original
signal to reconstruct any missing parts so if the duct tape is blocking
99.9% of it, there’s no way that signal is going to
get through. The reason this happens and that the duct tape is able to block the
signal is that when the frequency is sent out by the phone and tries to pass
through the duct tape it induces a tiny electromagnetic field in the duct tape
itself. Because duct tape is an insulator this field is obviously going to be
minuscule but it does create what are called eddy currents which are
essentially small electrical currents that exist within a planar material
such as a piece of tape instead of a wire. As the phone tries to send the
signal it may detect that it’s not getting through and is being blocked,
which means the phone may try to send it at even higher power. But as that higher
power is amplified the eddy currents within the duct tape are also amplified
further strengthening the blocking abilities of the duct tape, so nothing
gets through, no matter how strong the phone broadcasts. Now this special property that exists in
the duct tape is because of the hexagonal lattice of the tapes adhesive but we’re not going to go that deep into
the science today unfortunately. The short summary is that duct tape is able
to block a very small number of random frequency bands, most of them useless, but 9.01 kilohertz
is one of them and we could take advantage of that. There are actually a
few other materials that are able to block the 9 KHz spectrum but
duct tape is by far the cheapest and most convenient unless for example you want to go out
and buy some pure strips of platinum. So by now you’re probably ready to
actually do this and despite my long-winded explanations it’s actually very simple so why don’t
we go over the table and I’ll show you what
you have to do. Alright so once you have everything together your duct tape the
phone and the case all you need to do is create a strip of
folded duct tape that’s about the same size as the phone so let me show you what I mean. Now let
me find the end of this, and scissors will always help. So take out a piece of duct tape and we
don’t want it to be covering any of the cell phone camera or flash and this is
not going to go directly on the phone we’re actually going to fold it. So if we
fold it about this long… that should be ok. So now you can see
it’s long enough to cover most of the phone but it’s not going to cover the
flash or the camera. And we can actually just cut that right now and put it in
the case to make sure… Perfect length. So now this is going to
be covering a majority of the phone but not the important parts. Now this is all that’s required
depending on the thickness of your case in your phone, this might be the only thing that’s
going to fit, but if you can add more strips and layers that will always make
it more efficient, so it might work better if you add more layers. So let’s
just add a couple more layers and we can just do that by putting it on like that
and folding it over just like that so we have about five or four layers right there.
And then all you have to do is stick that in the case so it’s not covering up anything and put
the phone in there and if it’s too thick you can use less layers but that seems
to fit okay. Well it’ll work for the purpose of this video, probably need to
take off a couple layers but you get the idea Either way do not attach the tape and
stick it right on the phone it’ll just make a mess that’s difficult
to remove and it’s not necessary so you always want to
fold it of course and that’s all you have to do. Ok now after that your cell phone is no
longer sending file reports to your carrier so they don’t think you’re
actually using any data. Now unfortunately there’s no way to tell if
this worked until your next bill comes and you can see the data usage, so don’t
go downloading tons and tons of gigabytes until you’re sure it’s working. Also keep in mind your cell phone in the
settings may still show the actual amount of data you’re using but it won’t
count because it’s not actually being sent to the carrier to be recorded. As
you can see in my cell phone bill here it shows that I used zero gigabytes in the
past month so there was no charge, even though in
reality i actually used quite a bit of data as you can see here in my phone
settings. Finally the best part about this trick
is it’s not software-based so it cannot be patched by the cell companies. The
cell phone file report frequency is determined at the time the phone is
manufactured. So the only way the cell service
companies could fix this is if the cell manufacturers were to change the
frequency going forward and because this is such a widely adopted standard that’s
probably not gonna happen anytime soon. So there you have it you can now get
unlimited cell data no matter what carrier or phone you’re using and I
really hope you guys found this video helpful. Let us know down in the comments section
maybe what carrier you have and whether it worked for you and also if you found
this video helpful be sure to give it a thumbs up so I know you liked it. If you
guys want to keep watching I’ve got some other videos on the right
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subscribe I make new videos at least three times a
week so i think it should be worth it. I’m looking forward to hearing from you
guys either here on youtube or on Twitter so thanks for watching I will
see you next time have a good one

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