How to Improve Walking Routes in Your Community

How to Improve Walking Routes in Your Community. Walking is one of the best ways to get around
– and a great form of exercise. Encourage more of it by enlisting neighbors
to identify ways to improve walking routes in your community. It’s rewarding, easy to organize, and a great
way to boost access to local destinations. You will need A Sidewalks and Streets toolkit
Volunteers An area to assess Street maps Clipboard, paper and pen, and a camera and a follow-up
meeting. Step 1. Download the Sidewalks and Streets toolkit
at Volunteers use these checklists to rate a
walking route on various criteria, like the condition of the sidewalks, the safety of
the crosswalks, and the area’s overall cleanliness. Step 2. Find friends and neighbors willing to walk
a designated route in town and note along the way what could be done to make it easier
or safer for walking. Consider enlisting a local organization’s
help in supplying volunteers. Include someone with mobility challenges if
possible, and someone with a stroller. You can also consult with an expert who understands
mobility concerns for people with physical challenges. Step 3. Choose a date, time, and location for the
walk. Map out an area to assess that _should_ be
pedestrian-friendly. You may choose your own area to walk, or ask
the opinion of community leaders. Step 4. Ask each volunteer to bring along a street
map, clipboard, paper, and pens, plus a camera to record any examples of items that require
change or repair. Rate each item on the survey. Photos are especially powerful tools for illustrating
problems and convincing community leaders of changes needed. Step 5. At the end of the walk, collect the surveys. Tally the results and identify improvements
you can make now or in the future. Step 6. For improvements that require help from local
agencies, produce a report that includes photos. Share your report with local agencies and
elected officials and request action! Step 7. Go to to check out
how other communities have made themselves more pedestrian-friendly. Then post an article about your own success! Did you know Studies show that safe, walkable
communities promote meaningful participation in community life.

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  1. Sara Crooks says:

    first comment (:

  2. Yaaka Fett says:

    …who cares?

  3. Samorox says:

    why would you have to include a volunteer with mobility issues. Doesn't make any sense

  4. SpicyHam says:

    good animations

  5. Marshall Steeves says:


  6. chinesekfc says:

    9th comment

  7. Emma Wu says:

    thats what i thought!

  8. annatom2 says:

    i like how cast but this is gay

  9. PartVIII says:

    wtf is this

  10. Damien .Subaru says:

    wow this video wasa acomplete waste of my time… i want my 2minutes of life back

  11. clickmaximus says:

    ROTFL…this is a blueprint for a protest march. WTF is a sidewalk and streets toolkit, I mean really, are we talking Martin Luther King streets or Saks 5th ave. IT'S A WALK not a march. Hey while your at be sure to have a local psychiatrist on speed dial for those unexpected turns in the road.

  12. haowhen says:

    *gasp* oh no, a small crack on the side walk!!!1

  13. Johan says:

    MS paint FTW !

  14. Incuby says:

    Sounds like a hobby for workless or retired ppl.

  15. Bait Hunter says:

    step on a crack and you break your mama's back!

  16. Jonathan Canfield says:

    thats why this video is so helpful!!!!
    we must stop those cracks from hurting our love ones

  17. Donny Lau says:

    I love this video style.

  18. astayonix says:

    Me too! 😀 Very cool, and what a great idea!

  19. MoosiSaiake says:

    It was explained in the video. And why can't a person in wheelchair join the group? Because he isn't going to use the route?

  20. zankar says:

    now teach me how to walk.. xD

  21. dionisus9405 says:

    why not use GPS? share the data

  22. AtomicCombustion says:

    This should have been called "how to use walking to promote the further growth of government and higher taxes" People that think this is "Good" have no idea of the slaves they will make of themselves by doing deeds like this.

  23. AndNoted says:


  24. Ilovethegoldenhour says:

    the music in this video is so sillly lol

  25. serdar255 says:

    ha that guy was in a wheelchair he wasnt walkin

  26. AtomicCombustion says:

    True, but I don't go running to politicians to get them to do even more. There is a fundamental structure of government built on wasting as much money as possible and asking for more the next year. The last thing we need are groups of "walkers" running around petitioning for every crack in every side walk to be patched by some guy making 80 dollars an hour and moving as slowly as he possibly can.

  27. Jay_Dub says:

    yea that's why it's called public property. city cleans this up. the end.

  28. eggrole7 says:

    2:20 that is alot of comertials

  29. TeuTrei says:

    ok, im going to go do this right now

  30. Hartlock says:

    They buy shit for it.

  31. Daniel says:

    I really love how bored some ppl can be that they need to "improve walking routes"

  32. Joshua Darien says:

    Wait..why was there a paralyzed on the walking route? Defeating the purpose, eh?

    Walking is complicated. This is AP walking. I cannot do this. Impossible.

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