How To Increase Credit Score Fast – 3 Easy Steps To-800 Credit Score (Proven Results for 2020)

In this video, we’re going to go over the top three
things that you could do to instantly improve your credit, and
at the end of this video, I’m going to give you a letter you can
download that will remove any collection account without paying a single dime. This letter was written
by a fantastic attorney, which means it cost me a lot of money,
but for you, it’s free. I’m Adam Hopkins, I’m a local real estate agent
here in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I just absolutely love helping
people find there dream home. But before I did this, I actually
used to fix credit for living. I have taken credit scores from 400
to 800 in a single reporting cycle . In this video, you’re going to first
understand how revolving credit works, how to use it to establish credit or
re-establish good credit in a very short period of time to, you’re going to learn how
to adopt somebody else’s
good credit right onto your credit score. And third, we’re going to go over what
a collection company does, why you should never pay them, and how to get them removed
without paying a dime. Alright so let’s Let’s go over
number one, revolving credit, how you can use this to build your credit
called quickly and how this works is like this. You get a credit card, you
may have to get a secured credit card. If you do, you put $500
in to get $500 credit. I have some great ones down linked
below you check them out if you want one without any annual fees. There
are some cards that do offer, of course some rewards and you
want to look at those first. I will link the best secure credit
cards that are out there with rewards. So you’re going to use this card.
The important thing is to understand, you don’t want to maintain a balance
greater than 20% on your credit card, so when you get that $500 credit card, you’re going to go out and you’re
going to spend $100 no more than that. You can keep your credit card between
30% and 10% but ideally around 20% is the highest maximum amount of
impact for your credit score. It can immediately have an impact.
Just getting a credit card, especially if you have no previous credit
history and there are no anchors on your credit, pulling
your credit score down. Then this one immediately having a
positive impact on your credit score. That’s your tip number one. Make sure you do it and let me
give you a little bonus tip here. Never ever failed to make
that payment on time. If you have a choice between paying
your utility or making a payment on your credit card, you pay your credit card, your credit card will report your
credit and your utility will not. They’re going to be much
more flexible with you. They’ll make payments over a
year to make up that payment, so make arrangements with them but make
sure you pay your credit card always every single time and make sure
you have that mindset correct, that your credit is an asset. It will be worth tens of thousands of
dollars even more over the course of your life and having a commitment to great
credit. It’s where it all starts. You’ve gotten the bad credit because
generally you didn’t have that commitment. You didn’t understand.
You overextend yourself, so my throws a wrench in your way. Lots of different things
happen that lead to bad credit, but if you make your commitment that
credit is one of the most important assets you’re going to have, you’re going to
be much better further along in this. So let’s go over tip number two. Tip number two is how you can
borrow somebody else’s history. right onto your credit port. It’s a fantastic trick and there’s one
of the fastest ways to instantly improve your credit score. Let me give you
an example. I have a daughter in law. She missed, understood how credit
works as many people do. Heck, they don’t teach this stuff in
school. Her credit score was a, in the low five hundreds I call up my
revolving account and I put her on my credit card. All 10 years of that credit history
shows up on her credit account. I maintain a 20% balance on that credit
card for her credit score went from 500 to high 700 in one single reporting cycle. That’s a massive improvement and she
was able to buy a house under her name alone. As a result of that. Just one simple trick you will need a
willing accomplice to help you with this. Who A) has a credit account has been
managing that account with responsibility. They’re not maintaining
a really high balance. All they have to do is call up the credit
card company and ask them to put your name on Their credit file and that
history reports right onto your credit. That is a fantastic and powerful tool
that you’re going to be able to use. Parents, please do this for your
kids. My older adult children, one of them said to me, dad, I
went to go apply for a credit. Did you know I have like a 800 credit
score. I didn’t even own a credit card. How’s this even possible? And it’s because I had them piggybacking
on my credit accounts and they had just forgotten that I had done that and they
have excellent credit scores starting off in life. Can you imagine how much easier it is
to get life going when you already have fantastic credit? This is
the safest way, by the way, for parents to help their children. If you do a co-signing and for some
reason those kids don’t pay their car loan and your co-signer, guess what?
They just destroyed your credit. This will have no negative impact or
really any impact on your credit at all. You’re just putting them
on your credit account. It’s the lowest risk you’re gonna
possibly have to help your children or brothers, sisters, cousins, and you can always kick them
off if there’s ever any issues. Let’s say your parents put you on a credit
card and all of a sudden they’er not able to make their payments. You can
have your name removed off of there, your not obligated for that
debt. You’re not a co-signer. You are now responsible for the debt. Let’s take a closer look
at what piggybacking looks
like and what I’ve done with my daughter Cora. I have had her
removed from my piggy backing. Let’s take a look at what it did to
her credit and my daughter in law still being reported and what I’ve done on this
particular card. I’ve maxed this card, the 97% of the available balance.
I’ll be paying this just shortly, but I knew I wasn’t going to have a paid
by the time it were re it was reported. So I removed my daughter off
of the card before it reported, so that wouldn’t damage her because
she’s in the process of buying a house. So let’s take a look at her credit and
the credit score and how this all played out. First of all, going to take a look
at my credit, particularly this account where it shows here, I have a balance of $8,487 the total card maxed out is
$8,800 so I’m using 97% of the balance. Now you’ll look back here in 2016 I
had three late payments, really bad and you can see that those
are reported on there. Now how does this show up on my daughter
in law’s credit karma account real quick. Now look at her accounts that
she has on here. As You can see, you could see she has the $8,487
credit card on her credit report. This is not her credit file, but
it’s reporting to her credit report. As you can see, 97% is used, so this is
actually bringing down our credit score. Remember how I said that her credit
score was in the seven hundreds. Now, right now it’s reporting 663 and that is
strictly because that particular credit cards maxed out. Now let’s
take a look at Cora’s accounts. Now Cora is actively
looking to buy a house, so I actually had her removed from this
credit account and see how that affects her credit. This account right here is one that she
had on her own and the other three are ones that I have added her
name to my accounts. She’s … we are only using 15% of the the allotted
amount and she’s getting a huge credit boost as a result. So let’s
go back to this account. My credit card accounts, the
balance was 8,400 and some change, right when I took her name off of it, it’s showing a zero balance
on her credit account. It’s still showing all
the payments current. What’s interesting is it doesn’t report
2016 so those three late payments aren’t showing up on her credit report.
It’s showing it’s current, there’s zero past due. This account is reporting as open and
it’s an eight year old account is showing up on her credit report. It actually helped her to
remove it because now it’s
showing the zero balance as opposed to a 97% balance on it. She’s getting a positive
credit line that’s open, that’s not hurting her debt to income
ratio and it’s absolutely boosting her credit score. I will say that some lenders
are aware and wise to this. They know that you’re
not a responsible party, you’re not the reason why the
payments are being paid on time. And so sometimes they may require you to
have more credit history to be able to get certain types of loans. However,
in the case of my daughter in law, she was able to buy a home and that was
the only positive credit line that was open was one that she was pigging back
off of me and she was able to buy a house. Super excited about that be sure to take
advantage of this trick as long as fair Isaac and FICO credit algorithms
allow this take advantage of it. They may, they debate, sometimes they’re
removing this, but for right now, as of 2019 heading into 2020 this
is still a viable strategy or hack, if you will, to get your credit score
up fast and instantly make a big impact. So let’s go on to tip number three. This is in the place where you may have
a collection account on your credit file. Collection accounts are anchors.
They anchor down your credit score. We want to get rid of anchors so that
the positive stuff you have on there, you get the maximum value out of that, up to 200 points increased by
getting rid of collection accounts. Now credit collection accounts are
weighted more by how more recent they are versus how old they are. And let
me talk about collection accounts. Never ever, ever pay a
collection account. Okay, don’t ever pay a collection account
unless one thing happens and that is that, you have got an agreement in writing
and that’s the key in writing from the collection company, they will remove it from your credit
report and that is the only time that you can make a payment to a collection
account to have it removed in. Really the truth is you shouldn’t be
negotiating with collection accounts and they are not a party in which you
have a contractual obligation with the original company that you had that with
have that with has written it off and gotten a tax benefit from it and they
sell it off for pennies on the dollar to other companies. They don’t really care if they collect
it or not because they have already sold it off. If you can avoid it, don’t ever
pay a collection account. And if you do, because time is of the essence, settle for less than the balance but have
and letter from the collection company that they will remove from the credit
card or don’t pay up because that unpaid collection account is as bad
as that pay collection count. So putting a pay collection account only
resets the clock before removes from your credit Bureau. So don’t ever ever do that unless you
have it in writing that there’re going to remove it. Okay, but a preferable way to get it off is
how about if we can just take it off your credit file and you pay nothing to do it?
That’s the credit letter that we have. You can download. The link is below. This letter was written by
a just an amazing attorney. It costs me a lot of money. You’re going to get it for free and this
is going to get off 90% or more of the collection companies out there points
out their liabilities for continuing to report on your credit file. It does a cease and desist so they can
no longer contact you or reach out to whatsoever. Also, you need to be aware, every state has a statute
of limitation on debt. Credit cards have a different Statute of
limitation and collection accounts have different statute of limitations. I’m going to leave a link to that down
below showing you what different States have different statute of limitations. It means they don’t have the
ability to collect that debt. They cannot take you to court.
They cannot really force it, so just understanding the laws
that are in place to protect you. It’s going to be such a benefit.
Your so way ahead of the game. And there are companies that will charge
you a lot of money and the truth is many of them, all they’re doing is just disputing on
the credit bureaus and hoping that they fall off. They don’t take active actions to remove
these credit accounts that are huge anchors. This is the most powerful way
and it literally takes moments. All you have to do is
print this letter up, put the collection company’s information
at the top and put your name at the bottom and sign it and send
it out. Certified mail. Should you have proof that it was
sent to them? If they do anything, even so much to send a letter out to you
except for the state to you that they are complying with this letter, they
could be sued for thousands of dollars. They’ll be owing you money
instead of the other way around. So know your rights. We’re going to
go deep into this on collections. I am a real estate
agent here in Las Vegas. I love helping people get
into their dream homes. So please like and subscribe and hit that
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    He raised my FICO credit score from 340 to 820 in time. He cleared all debt and collections on my report and helped pay off my bills. Exclusively for U.S and Canada citizens. Contact trusted bank I.T expert on Whatsapp +1-201-201-1042 or hangout/email ([email protected])

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