How to increase sales and conversion | LiveChat

Hi! My name is Daniel and I’m the
Digital Marketing Manager for is an online loans company
and we process hundreds of applications a day. Launching two years ago we initially
started handling our customer services by phone and by email. But as the business grew
and our volumes increased, we needed something to help us
manage all of our enquiries. So, last year we introduced LiveChat on
to our website. The integration was very straightforward
and all users started speaking to us immediately. It’s very easy to use. So for us using LiveChat
there have been some key advantages. Above all, we’ve been able to respond to
our customers in real time. So when they have a question,
we can put their minds at ease and respond to them in seconds. The fact that the live chat actually
comes up on the same page means that customers are only one click
away from completing application and this has really increased our
conversion rate. In addition, LiveChat allows you
to create your own templates so when we have the same enquiries
over and over at just one click we can just create the
same question and just send it to them.
And then we can look back to our archives and look at the conversations we’ve had
and see how we can improve moving forward. So to conclude, when we were looking for an online
chatting platform we needed something that was scaleable
across all devices. That would work on mobile, PC and tablet. And we needed something that was robust
and wouldn’t fail. And it’s been a year now
since we started using LiveChat. It hasn’t failed us once,
we’ve been extremely happy and we haven’t looked back since.
So I think you know you need to do!

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