How To Increase Your Income With Online Video

Is very valuable for you if you guys don’t
know what were gonna be Talking about Sean and I are specifically
gonna be sharing some of our Wisdom on how to make this Youtube thing into
a full time career There might be some of you doing this part
time and just you need Some gold nuggets you need some principles
some you know like Action items to try to get you to that level
where you can do this Full time hopefully quit your job like the
job you hate or don’t like especially if you’re passionate about
something else So that’s what that’s all about Thank you
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about and we’ve got Some really super cool exciting stuff to share
with you so this Is Video Influencers my name is Sean we got
Benji here hey Benji Whats up I’m Benji Travis here joining
Sean on the Video Influencers Google Hangout And were
here and we just wanna Share today a couple of cool things we wanna
share a couple Of our takeaways from Vidcon we were just
there really cool Stuff happening in online video and a couple
of big takeaways that You’re definitely gonna wanna know about and
then Benji is gonna be Going through some specific strategies that
are really pretty Tactical and something that you can implement
at any level That you’re at when it comes to actually increasing
your income With online video but first we just wanna
kind of talk about like why Video Influencers like why are we doing this
and the story Kind of goes back to Benji and I driving in
Seattle and just Kind of reflecting over our past histories
personally we look back We said okay we’ve been friends now and working
together now For like five years and we went further back
than that and saw That like when it comes to this video thing
there is not just the Youtube piece but I started to say Benji you’ve
done video With real estate you’ve had a lot of success
in that space youve Helped a lot of small businesses even locally
with online video And even you you’ve helped churches many churches
specifically Church of Las Vegas you’ve also consulted
for a lot of people And actually worked for a lot of people to
help jump their platform Too so we have such a diverse experience compared
to like just A person just doing their Youtube channel
which don’t get me Wrong is really important because that that
is gonna be our General audience and I think Judy is a perfect
person that We can kind of feed off of obviously me being
her business Manager I can speak through those experiences
also cause Im her husband I see this every single day
what it takes to Get there and you know a lot of the experiences
she has obviously I share in those experiences managing the
business so just so many Things Sean Absolutely and so why Video Influencers
what we kind Of saw was you know whether its you wanna
be a Youtuber you Wanna be a vlogger or you wanna use online
video for a small business We really know and are completely convinced
that online video is one of The most powerful tools right now to get your
message out to grow Your audience to grow your platform to build
your income to build Your influence and Video Influencers is created
for you the influencer Like its not about us like we kind of feel
like you’re Luke Skywalker and We are just trying to be Yoda not only with
our own experience but Also just bringing you some of the best and
brightest people that Are using the video in such diverse ways there’s
so much Creativity there is so much things happening
so whether its Interviews or whether its tips we want to
help you take Advantage of literally a revolution that’s
happening right now With online video and I think one of the biggest
myths that I Wanna bust right off the bat when it comes
to online video And we can go into this on the Vidcon tips
but there’s this idea that Like maybe the ship has sailed its too crowded
Youtube is too crowded And we just got back from Vidcon and that’s
not the case the reality Is online video is just getting started like
there is so much growth Happening whether just from brands and bigger
brands trying to Take it seriously whether from investors and
ad revenue and Whether from just more people coming online
every day I would Suggest that the ship has not sailed the time
has not passed were Still right in the beginning days of whats
really gonna happen with Online video and that now more than ever its
time to crush it jump in Learn the best tips learn the best strategies
really invest to build Your influence and to build your income with
online video and we just Wanna help we wanna share whatever we can
and assist you in That so Benji I wanna kick it to you and specifically
actually Lets start with just these three things and
takeaways from Vidcon And three kind of like bigger picture and
then well jump into some Niche strategies because whats cool is I really
believe this that Whatever level you’re at you can build your
income with online Video even its just a little extra money a
month I mean who doesn’t Want some side income who doesn’t want to
make a little bit of extra And then eventually you know potentially build
it into a part time Job or career and then even maybe do more
but first of course we just got Back from Vidcon and the we just have three
quick takeaways that We learned at Vidcon the first one is that
online video is bigger than Even your or I realize Benji you wanna talk
about that Well lets just say from a stand point of viewership
okay I mean it goes Without saying more and more people are watching
their content Digitally whether its platforms like Netflix
Hulu things outside of cable TV but even beyond that I mean like people
are spending way more Time right now watching videos on social networks
like Facebook even Twitter they just watch their video and obviously
Youtube you know Huge numbers they are always growing in viewership
so when people say Like the boat has sailed its too late I would
argue that there is Even more people watching so there is more
viewers to be Able to reach out to and with more viewers
funny enough theres more Opportunities even niche opportunities and
what I mean by that Is just like people that can be passionate
about something that you think There’s not a lot of audience out there for
but because of how much Viewership digitally has grown you can connect
with those people No matter where they’re at in the world so
Id say that and just a little Interesting fact from my real estate profession
a lot of people Don’t hear this but you know and actually
people would think Because were watching things on digital platforms
on mobile Phones that people would be canceling their
tv cable subscriptions Not necessarily the case but what is happening
is as new properties Are getting built and say there’s this new
neighborhood and There’s like a hundred homes what they’re
seeing is less people Are actually signing up for cable subscriptions
that’s huge because it was almost the standard like Sean tell
me has there ever been a time maybe not in your life but earlier
in life where you move into a house where you didn’t have cable tv We didn’t for a while but then we had it again Yeah exactly even you have it right but what
they’re finding is Especially this younger generation when they
move into these New properties they’re forgoing the cable
subscriptions and They’re going right for the internet and those
online subscriptions so I don’t know was that what you were asking
me Sean Yeah absolutely I mean those are the things
we learned When went to Vidcon we learned that things
are shifting Digital of course you’re probably maybe now
into Hulu Netflix Amazon Prime you know things are shifting
digital but then even Youtube having paid content and things like
that and what were Seeing is watch time and online videos going
up advertising money is Going up and it just this idea that like sometimes
it gets discouraging And it doesnt change the fact that you gotta
create great content And be creative but be encouraged like online
video is bigger than You can even imagine anybody on this call
anybody watching the Reboot broadcast its way bigger and there’s
way more potential and so Is it gonna take hard work yeah is it gonna
take hustle absolutely But if you go all in and really you know build
your influence Create great content it can make a difference
and its just getting Started I believe were in the golden era of
online video right Now where a lot of people are going to really
take action and Take advantage of the opportunity that exists
the second thing That we took away from Vidcon is that the
more focused and Niche your content is the better The better
So one of the challenges Is that we wanna be generous when it comes
to our Youtube channel Or the kind of content we create online this
is huge the more focused And the more niche your content is the better
we have a great Interview with Laura Vitale that’s out and
they actually sat down and Said strategically from the beginning of their
channel they took Quite a while to go to a million but then
only one year to grow To two million subscribers and it was simply
this we do Laura And the kitchen cooking videos and were gonna
do them consistently And were just gonna do it over the long haul
and it Completely eliminated all other distractions
of type of content That was gonna go on that channel but they
consistently Did it they invested in good lighting cause
they wanted the Production good The kitchen the whole kitchen
secondary kitchen Yeah they built A kitchen they invested in lighting they invested
in gear they said This is the kind of content were gonna make
they discovered that This is what our passion is and this is what
our strength is and what We can share and were just gonna go all in
consistently in a focused niche For a long period of time and they broke through
and today that’s More important than ever before ten years
ago five years ago On Youtube it was kind of new so you could
get away with maybe Less focus people were just like woah and
they’re just jumping in and Subscribing but if you can be more focused
in what kind of content You’re creating and really you know plant
a flag in your style what your Channels gonna be about even if you’ve got
a business that you’re Gonna focus on a weekly show and what kind
of value you’re gonna Add you will win the all over board approach
is not as effective today But when you focus on niche what do you think
about Benji You know you said everything exactly what
I was thinking and Its interesting because you talked about niche
audiences and niche Content which Laura and her husband Joe did
however look At shes got two million subscribers now right
so Im like just Saying that somebody said I believe that its
in the 21 Immutable Laws of Marketing And Tim Ferris mentions it too get sold within
one thousand people So one thousand loyal people that love your
stuff these are your Hardcore cooking people right and you’ll start
appealing to everybody Else because when other people maybe whether
they’re casual viewers Or maybe like hardcore cooks or you know foodies
want to go somewhere For their food craving or their recipe theyre
gonna go to where the people The content creator has the most loyal viewership
the hardcore Audience and obviously Laura is a great example
of that and I think the point Were trying to make here is don’t think that
your personal passion or Hobby or whatever it is that you love In life
is limited to you trust me There is an audience out there that wants
to watch it if you love What you do enough and you love sharing about
it teaching about It or just even talking about it there is
somebody else that wants To watch that and would be entertained or
think there is value there so One more take that I would say from Vidcon
I would like to Say in terms of peer opportunity I don’t wanna
just go spouting numbers Cause I did catch a slide but they’re talking
in terms of dollars that Are put into advertising on tv versus digital
so tv obviously like Satellite tv cable tv all that compared to
all digital platforms were Talking Youtube Snapchat Facebook and even
like the other digital Like video places like Hulu and stuff the
amount of dollars in the Tv world compared to this digital world is
just astronomically different Okay so I think its really in terms of not
just ads but other you know business Opportunities over a hundred billion I think
it was close to a hundred Fifty billion versus digital all digital which
you would think more and More people are watching than all the tv and
traditional media I think It was like ten to twenty billion crazy just
the difference right and I make this point because all this opportunity
over here whether Advertising dollars business opportunities
its gonna shift its gonna Balance out that would be great if it balanced
out in the totally Opposite way but even it just balanced out
50 50 Sean imagine That’s like literally ten times the opportunity
than what we’ve got Right now on digital platforms Yeah and what
Benji’s saying and how That could apply to you is just realizing
that right now and what they were Sharing at Vidcon was that the piece of like
brand deals advertising is still really small Compared to whats happening in traditional
but that there’s gonna be A flood of opportunity coming in where brands
are gonna wanna work With creators and there will be investment
of money which means you Can build your income and so practically if
you say okay I’m gonna start A channel of focus around my passion and I’m
just gonna stay committed to It and it doesn’t matter if my audience gets
huge it just matters that its Focused that there’s gonna be opportunities
that might not even exist today But because you built it today six months
from now a year from now As more people come Hey Sean for some reason I cant hear you I
think I accidentally muted You can you see if you muted yourself or there
we go Can you Hear me Yeah I can hear you you know I was
gonna tell you Sean Is there anywhere we can see peoples comments
so that we know If people can hear us or if were too loud
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I just missed the Last thirty seconds so did you hand it out
where are we at So bringing it back and were talking about
number three Vidcon Biggest takeaway and its this that the number
one indicator Of video enjoyment on Youtube meaning the
number one thing Youtube and Google is measuring the most important
metric Of if your video is gonna show up in search
really if your channel is gonna grow is this Watch time watch time on the intersession
Session time too so You know a great example would be our daily
vlog okay so watch time Could be defined as the percentage of the
actual video that’s watched So say it’s a three minute video and people
are watching two minutes That’s roughly like 66 per cent or something
like that right versus one Of our blogs maybe people are only watching
half of it but It’s a twenty minute vlog that’s ten minutes
so there is definitely A balance but ultimately even more than watch
time what Ive Heard and you tell me what you think about
this is session time How long are you actually on Youtube that
is huge that is really Important and in fact a lot of other platforms
I believe gage the Importance of your content based on how long
you’re hanging out Or you get other people hanging out on their
platform what do you Think about that those comments Yeah so youre
absolutely right so What does this mean for the creator I just
means were talking about takeaways It means that you gotta go into your analytics
no matter what kind Of channel you have and you gotta look at
your audience retention And it could be a painful realization that
you made a ten minute video And maybe a lot of people aren’t making it
to the end you know Good kind of standard is 60 per cent they
say across Youtube If youre having about six out of ten people
watch the majority Of your video that’s a good metric but you
have to look and if your Contents not holding peoples attention its
not getting watch time Then its then you have to go back to the drawing
board and think Maybe can I make it shorter or how can I make
it better or How can I get audience feedback but that they
are so Focused like this is like the metric like
if you get this and you’re Getting people to watch your videos and as
Benji said what session Time means is if you initiate them being on
Youtube for even longer on Other peoples content Youtube will reward
you reward you In ways like your videos will start to rank
in search and if your Videos rank in search that means total strangers
are gonna discover Your content that means you’re gonna get more
subscribers more Viewers so the question is how do you make
your videos just more engaging More entertaining how do you keep people watching
for longer How do you maybe make them half short and
twice strong instead Of ten minutes of kind of like a little bit
of rambling five minutes of Power packed content watch time is the strongest
indicator of What they’re favoring and rewarding and they
want it to go Up and the reason why is because they want
to compete with television Traditional they wanna be able to say people
aren’t just watching Youtube for three minutes they’re watching
it for three hours and a Lot of value is coming to viewers through
the watch time and in fact They’re not just trying to compete with television
but they are Competing with like Hulu and Netflix or people
will sit down for A whole hour two sometimes more I mean its
crazy to me I remember Watching Breaking Bad I forget which platform
maybe Netflix and Judy and I could sit there for three hours
right naturally they Would like that to happen on Youtube just
the nature of the type Of videos on Youtube I don’t think that happens
as much but they Would like to get there because they know
air time equates to ad Time Absolutely so hey thanks for being on
the call were about to Jump into some tips from Benji but if you’re
just getting here Video Influencers I’m Sean this is Benji and were here to really
help you believing that You have a message to share to build your
influence online right now And also build your income and that online
video is one of the Greatest opportunities still for creators
to get their message out and Do something significant in the world now
were gonna do Q and A in Just a little bit feel free to submit questions
on Twitter at Video Influencer With no S at Video Influencer on Twitter and
also connect on Facebook Or any other platforms well do Q and A in
just a little bit but right now Were gonna jump into a couple tips of specifically
how to actually Make some money maybe some side income maybe
some maybe Substantial part time income and eventually
maybe build a legitimate Career with online video and so Benji I know
you’ve got some Tips to share Yeah Well go back and forth
so lets jump into those that People watching take notes like get ready
this is good stuff that you can Apply and create even multiple streams of
income with online video Yeah absolutely and I think just to get below
context to why Sean and I can even speak to this I mean throughout
the last I wanna say Seven or eight years we have done so many
different things on Youtube To you know obviously create great content
but also make a living Doing it right and working with brands working
with companies collaborating Other people and you know just doing so many
things that also Using Youtube I think people forget using
Youtube as a tool a marketing Tool a platform to enhance a current business
that we have or that We are a part of so Ill say you know like
what Im gonna talk about is five Different income streams or ideas that you
could utilize to create more income So to go from just doing part time kind of
you know making money from Google ads which can be very minimal compared
to some of these other Opportunities in fact I know some Youtubers
that literally make 50 To 90 per cent of their income off of the
outside of the Google ads So imagine it so most people Id say its like
a 100 per cent of their Money is made off of ads the ones that run
on the youtube videos or the Side banner and I met people who are 50 per
cent was coming from That and then sometimes only 10 per cent so
there’s a lot of Opportunities out there but what Im gonna
go into before I even start that are some general principles
or guide lines or Things that are common between Youtubers that
we’ve interviewed If you don’t know on Video Influencers page
not only do we talk About a lot of this stuff and little videos
but we also interview Youtubers that are way more successful than
us in fact have Experiences even beyond our own and we’ve
gained a lot of Wisdom and these two things I think are the
things that all Youtubers Can agree on Number one before you even start
thinking about Making money and how to create more income
number one great Content and what I mean by that isn’t like
just a cliché oh make a great Video but delivering value so whether you’re
a comedian and you’re Entertaining somebody whether you’re a teacher
you’re educating Somebody or even like as a daily vlogger and
you’re just connecting To people we just recently interviewed Desi
Perkins a Beauty guru shed rather be called a beauty
enthusiast but she Said something that was interesting she started
Snapchatting and That’s become kind of her daily vlog she does
crazy long Snapchats And she says the difference between Youtubers
and maybe other Celebrities in the public eye is you connect
with the Youtuber and they Almost become your friend actually they do
become your friend right And that connection that’s valued people really
value that I mean I can tell you from personal experience even
last night I had viewers Coming up to me hugging me like they know
me for years I just Met them naturally its because its kind of
one sided were putting Out videos they watch us but that connection
value value value and To go along with that content great content
adding value is like unique Identity and what I mean by that is do not
go out there and try and start a Channel or even be a channel right now like
someone else right Its good to aspire to people or to be inspired
by people but you Want to really build your own unique identity
and that’s actually Gonna make you even more powerful and enable
you to grow Sean what do you think about that first point Absolutely yeah I mean one of the biggest
temptations I think for Creators is to copy you know and to look at
what somebody else Is doing and try to imitate that and I think
you can take inspiration From others but tapping and finding your unique
voice which is not Easy but finding your unique style your unique Angle it doesn’t mean you have to come up
with something new like People say the beauty guru or the beauty space
is too crowded on Youtube that’s not true you have to just maybe
come up With a new angle a new style people are gonna
connect with you There is a space but its tapping in to find
that authentic voice To find that your you know authentic angle
unique angle and then still Contributing to whats happening so I agree
100 per cent Totally And the second point Ill make or the principle
that I find A lot of Youtubers live by is your audience
engaging with your Audience and remembering that it’s the quality
versus the quantity I think a lot of people get caught up in comparing
themselves to like People with a million subscribers but I would
argue and say that its The quality of the viewers you have and how
loyal they are and it Kind of goes along with your unique identity
and the content you have Being your own and not somebody else’s because
if you can build A quality audience that these are loyal viewers
but they also view you for Something very very specific specific is gonna
open a lot of doors regardless Of your number in fact there s a lot of stories
Ive heard of brands working With Youtubers who have smaller audience but
they know that audience Is interested in what that brand has to offer
whether it’s a product Or service Sean do you wanna talk on that
because I think that’s A huge thing quality versus quantity and a
lot of Youtubers have Said whether in the interviews or we just
see it that they don’t focus On how many they focus on how much you know
they love the Creator Absolutely yeah I mean so practically
what Benji is saying What I hear is that if you it would be better
if you had a channel Of a lot of random stuff that was not focused
and you had a hundred Thousand subscribers that really brands would
be more interested In ten thousand subscribers of very focused
content that’s very Aligned with what they’re doing and we’ve
seen friends even that Are actually getting some pretty incredible
brand deals under Twenty thousand subscribers and are seeing
crazy things happen Because of focus and you might say well that’s
still gonna be a lot of Work its gonna take a while to get there absolutely
but you don’t Have to think I need a million I need half
a million what you want Is focus a focused audience a niche group
of people that are really Resonating and quality content and so you’re
mentioning quality Over quantity and if you’re putting out just
consistent videos then Brands could say Okay wow there’s an expertise
here there’s a consistency Here and there’s just videos that we would
wanna be associated with Then you’d be able to do a lot of amazing
deals probably at Where you’re at today Yeah totally and last
thing Ill say this is If you were to focus on a number of viewers
that you really wanted as Fans or as like hardcore viewers a thousand
just keep that in mind A thousand hardcore loyal fans is gonna be
a very powerful thing Later on in the presentation so without further
ado I think we should Just get into what are some of these other
opportunities business Opportunities that you could get into you
good with that Sean Do it six ways six ways To increase your income Cool so number one
way which is the Most obvious and a lot of people actually
get approached by it really Early along in their Youtube career and a
lot of people strive for Bigger better ones is brand and business sponsorship’s
so what that means Is when a company pays you for their product
service or brand To be integrated into your Youtube video so
whether its like this is A big one but like Coca Cola has you holding
their can up that’s gonna be A real generic version or say like a brand
says you know next time You do a beauty video we would love for you
to use our lipstick okay That is called a brand sponsorship now I don’t
need to go into this Very much because its pretty obvious people
are doing this a lot however Id say there are some guidelines I think Judy
and I as well as Sean Live by when doing these number one its gotta
be a win win win okay Three wins what I mean by this is number one
there’s gotta be a win For the brand or the company now most likely
if they’re coming Up to you they know its gonna be a win its
gonna like benefit them whether In sales or a promotion for their brand but
what I mean is do Not agree to do something when they have this
idea of what they’re Gonna accomplish if you don’t think they’re
gonna be able to Accomplish it so if they say we wanna sell
a hundred units Of something and you pretty sure they are
not even gonna sell twenty I wouldn’t agree to now the opportunity
might be great And even if they’re saying like yeah and if
it doesn’t sell that much its Okay but the reality is if its not a success
for them they’re not gonna Be a return costumer it could tarnish your
reputation and just like you Want it to be a win for you you want it to
be a win for the brand Secondly you want them to make sure it’s a
win for you as a content Creator you know you’re putting a lot of work
you probably put in Years in some cases to get to where you’re
at so do not let these Brands businesses creep into your content
without properly compensating So make sure it’s a fair deal for you third
most most most important Especially when doing these brand deals the
value for the viewer Now lets just Sean tell me do you watch Hulu
ever Yep Do you just love The two to three commercials that pop up during
the middle of your Show do you just love them and wait for them
Well no I like the Option though where I can choose to watch
one long one and then I can watch like a cool movie trailer Yeah
so generally we dont like Ads right just like viewers don’t like ads
its already enough that viewers Have to sit through a commercial which don’t
get me wrong I love them because That’s how I make a living but the truth is
if you are just getting sponsorship After sponsorship and just flooding your video
through that think about The viewer there’s not a lot of value there
now I will say there’s sometimes Where you can create value so again going
back to creating content With some kind of value great example would
be Sean I think you Should talk about this the Verizon and yoga
challenge video you wanna talk About that and how that was a great example
of a brand sponsorship Yet adding value to the viewer Yeah it’s a
great example and that Made a way to create a fun video that we did
and had sponsorship with Verizon And you did a yoga challenge so super
entertaining and we used Some gear from Verizon which was able to be
highlighted with multiple Angles a fun camera that Julianna was able
to use and so it wasn’t You know it was what you’re putting out there
it was a win win win win Super entertaining super cool win for the
brand you know something That you know showed their stuff being used
and a win for You guys as well and I wanted to just go in
here though just to Kind of bring this around for people watching
at any level So were talking about number one brand deals
and you might be Saying okay well depending on where I’m at
how could I jump into This there’s probably tons of different levels
but I just want to share A quick resource and something that Ive been
already using its Called Fame Bit there’s a couple of opportunities
like this but Anybody can sign up if I think you have a
thousand subscribers and this is A way to do like an entry point of getting
into sponsorships brand Deals where there’s collaborations all across
the board for like really Any background its also a way to find collaborations
they rank people By subscribers so you can work with people
at your same size And there’s a lot of resources like that so
well put those in the descriptions of this video but Benji’s talking
about how to get into Brand deals depending at what level you’re
at and so don’t think that This doesn’t apply to you this is definitely
at any level something That you could do even if it meant partner
with the restaurant locally In your city because you have a little bit
of a local vlog going on Just hustle and make these things happen so
brand deals I think the last thing Ill say to it especially
this is how our philosophy is And you probably know this too Sean we do
less and gain more okay So rather than saying yes to every single
opportunity that comes across Our desk were gonna say no to about 90 per
cent and those are ones That I just look at 90 per cent and only say
yes to 10 per cent because Wed rather do really great brand sponsorship’s
that are great opportunities For us whether its compensation or also like
if the brand really Aligns with our branding right with our content
and lastly who’s willing to give to our viewers so like if
there’s a brand willing to sponsor our video And they’re gonna do a crazy awesome giveaway
I look at that as Value so that’s what I would say a 90 per
cent no 10 per cent yes Look at the ones not only are gonna be great
for you your audience But also right that’s gonna help you raise
your value and this is kind of Going back to going from part time to full
time why it might be closer Than you think a lot of people have a rate
I guess you could say for What they get compensated for a brand sponsorship
but if you can Raise that rate and maybe get paid double
or triple you might not Have to do as many brand sponsorship’s and
still be able to make the Same amount of money just kind of raising
the bar and the Quality of your channel Boom okay number one
brand deals Number two The second one I think and Im gonna
go right Into actually the third one because you kind
of highlighted is Resource exchange similar to a brand sponsorship
but The I guess the defining difference would
be you’re not necessarily Being compensated financially for the brand
integration Or business integration why I love this one
is just like what you Said Sean you can start doing this today right
think about it you Eating some kind of snack in your videos are
you using some kind Of video equipment in all of your recordings
right are there things in your life That you already naturally talk about that
you could potentially team Up with that business or that brand and maybe
they wont pay You but maybe they will give you free stuff
cause one of the things I like to live by I learned this in real estate
is a dollar saved is a dollar Earned so everybody’s chasing like I wanna
get this paycheck or this Pay day if you could save money right that’s
I think just as good in Fact maybe for a lot of you especially you
guys starting out that Might be the option best for you what do you
think about that Sean Yes so practically resource exchange how could
you maybe have a Vlog channel and you could go in your city
and go to like we in Las Vegas here we have horseback riding and you
could say hey we Wanna do a vlog and cover you know its super
funny and were gonna film it and Normally that would cost I think its about
30 bucks a person or Something you know and you could do it for
free so now you’re Tying in resources with whatever level your
influence is and you don’t have to Think about well I only have 500 subscribers
well you’re also doing Video production for them that’s gonna kind
of be a walk through Tutorial so start understanding your value
more like youre there Youre filming you could do different ways
to do resource exchange The other thing is you know free content and
early on we started Giving we were making videos and doing a lot
of interviews on A channel called Think International and we
got free gear free Video gear and we started just doing some
collaborations how did We do it we just e-mailed people we literally
e-mailed them and asked like Hey we’ve got this idea we love kind of your
stuff would you be Interested got a lot of nos but also got yeses
so resource exchange You know free stuff free events free things
that are in line with What you’re doing your passion your brand
your channel your Business and that is a great way to save money
and essentially make money Cause a dollar saved Benji is a dollar earned
Bam so I wanna just Pick up back on that and a lot of you might
be thinking like well you know its Easy for you to say with the amount of views
that you got Well I got some friends but I actually recently
interviewed them Hopefully can get that interview on the Video
Influencers but Daniel Eisenman He formerly was part of a channel called the
RawBrahs right and I met These guys like four or five years ago when
I met them they had Like twenty thousand subscribers on average
maybe gaining Five to ten thousand views in that and their
channel is all about Holistic health and wellness and they do this
retreats and help People kind of find themselves and heal themselves
mentally Spiritually physically these brothers have
been able to travel the World experience some pretty epic adventures
a host a retreat All with that low blow subscriber rate and
when I say low I say It with all respect those subscribers that
are watching them though are Hardcore quality subscribers right and I think
it goes along with what You said Sean like well how did they do it
Dan tells me that he just has to Reach out you just have to show them the value
right I think One of the things that people forget about
yourself as a Youtuber is The power of video but also how scary video
can be especially For a daily vlogger think about this you think
up something Sometimes you don’t even think about something
you record it You edit it and then you put it up on your
channel right a lot of People and Ive seen this happened they get
so caught up in like the Glitz and glam of video they set up the nice
camera the tripod The lighting and everything they tape some
footage and guess What it never gets edited right they have
these road block because They’re not used to doing this so its just
too much for their brain to Handle and they kind of put it on the back
burner but you as a Youtuber daily vlogger especially can pump
out content like crazy And that is super valuable and then as if
that wasn’t enough Especially if you’re someone like the RawBrahs
where you’re traveling You’re specifically catering to viewers that
also might travel For like a hotel business or like a venue
like in an exotic place That’s huge because that audience is more
likely to work With that business or utilize that business
do you have anything To add to that Sean No that’s great so I love
these so lets hit these All six of these tips and we got a lot of
different questions too so we Can jump to those Yeah yeah so what well do
is lets just do two more Big ones right I think you know one that were
gonna skip over but well you know Were gonna probably add this sometimes make
sure you’re subscribed To Video Influencers Youtube channel one I’m
just gonna briefly go Over but not really talk about very much is
subscription model or Donations so if you’re giving a lot of value
so say you’re a teacher right Like there’s this guy I watch and he does
juicing videos and you’re putting Out juicing recipes left and right all day
long but maybe you wanna Offer something more exclusive like a subscription
to where You like go more in depth into the juice recipes
maybe you do some One on one conversations or live broadcasts
specifically For that audience you can charge a premium
for that subscription When I say like premium were talking about
like five to ten dollars A month right but even that lets just say
ten dollars right throughout The whole year that’s well over a hundred
dollars and this is where I want to bring back that number one thousand
why this is so powerful Why its so doable to make this into a career
Sean I know you and I were not Big math guys were probably gonna have to
use a calculator for Everything tell me a thousand people paying
around a hundred Dollars a year whats that equate to I don’t
know That’s A six figure income right there that’s a hundred
thousand bucks Right how many of you watching this that have
well over a Thousand subscribers right and you’re already
giving a ton of value That may have like a small segment hopefully
a thousand people That might want to donate to your cause or
subscribe to this like Extra value added subscription I mean it happens
I know people that Are doing it that have done it well and succeeded
at it and that’s why I think that’s a great Example of how quality is better than quantity
anything you wanna add To that before I go to my next one Nope hit
that one and then well recap them And well do Q and A Bam okay so the next one
I think this is one that Sean Can talk about a lot is merchandising and
affiliate so what merchandising Is is where you create your own product you
have your logo on it And you sell it right and then you obviously
get profit affiliate is where You go and sell somebody else’s product you
get a commission that They’re gonna give you a piece of the pie
for sending that sale To them anything you wanna add to that one
Sean Yeah so merchandising working with getting
free product right Merchandising like selling your own product
or someone else’s Product as affiliate Yeah okay great so this
is a way to do some Things number one you’ve probably seen a lot
of people create t-shirts Create kind of product we’ve even considered
and I was just talking With another kind of partner about even figuring
out How to make you know some LED light and some
different things that we could Work on to add value to video creators so
just kind of expanding Your thinking into what maybe you could do
with some sites There’s a great site called I think its called
societysix or sector something And it’s a site of art and I was just talking
to a Youtuber who has A big its called and so they
make like t-shirts prints And all those kind of stuff but he has a drawing
channel it’s a pretty Influential drawing Youtube channel and whats
cool about that Place is its all like done for you you can
take your art that you’re Creating and turn it into coffee cups and
stuff but they handle it all And then you just kind of make the difference
and so what are We trying to help you do try to think through
some merchandising Possibilities that you could come up with
and then you know Secondly is affiliates and realizing this
that if you do like a review Of a product you can really easily create
an Amazon affiliate account You just look up Amazon associates just Google
that and you can Sign up and if you were talking about like
you mentioned Your juicer channel and if you had a juicing
health kind of channel You could review a blender and you could put
a link to that In the description and reference that and
just let people know If you wanna check this out on Amazon and
then you get Percentage of that sale and so that’ll be
called like affiliate marketing And doing affiliate product and things and
here’s whats crazy is Probably 90 per cent of the websites online
that sell anything Have an affiliate program and a lot of times
you can go to the Bottom of website just look for like it will
say affiliates or whatever And so anything that you use in your world
when it comes to Physical products or digital products a lot
of times has an affiliate Program and that creates another stream of
income as a Video creator And you know just piggy backing
on that why I like affiliate specifically Especially for somebody starting out because
there is a stigma Around making money from your viewers right
which is horrible because You spend all your time creating value delivering
value and then There is that small per cent of trolls or
haters that just blow it out Of proportion right when you want to make
a living from it but Why I like the affiliate its something that
can be very passive right Like you said there’s so many websites so
many brands and companies That actually offer some kind of affiliate
program if you’re a daily Vlogger for example right and you vlog every
single day you Probably know more about daily vlogging and
that most average People if there’s somebody that’s watching
you that wants to start Daily vlogging they’re more likely to take
your advice on what Camera to buy then you know like maybe just
like these special camera Dude reporting it on Youtube right that doesn’t
do daily Vlogging right so bring that link for the
camera that you’re recommending In fact if you look at a lot of our vlogs
and Sean I don’t even know like Do you even have one video that you posted
where you don’t At least have one link right and most likely
they’re gonna go to You as a reference for that or a referral
for that product and Why not gain a little bit of commission off
of that since you sent People there so Yeah and I think we have to
change the stigma I mean there’s always gonna be those haters
but its like if you’re Creating all this free content and you’re
adding all this free value And as video creators yourselves and Video
Influencers watching you Know if you’ve edited one video that it’s
a lot of hard work that its And so I think that there’s no problem creating
like a profit off of Your passion cause you’re trying to figure
out how to just you know Monetize and live you know we don’t an author
who writes a Great book that adds value to our life we
expect them to sell The book like you know like anybody that is
giving us you know If its Dave Ramsey and hes teaching us about
how to get out of debt and Work on our finances well we invest in his
books or financial piece University or something so same thing with
you know recommending Products you wanna be have integrity you wanna
be honest you wanna Be open but if its incongruent with your brand
it will get weird When I start recommending lipstick shades
because that’s not In line with what I wanna do but if I give
advice on video Equipment and stuff you know Ive been doing
I’m so emerged in that World I would only recommend stuff that Ive
used that Ive tried That’s really gonna help people save them
time and things like that So definitely another option so to recap Benji
you mentioned that There’s brand deals and if you’re just watching
at any level go To great site to sign up and look
at some of the things That you could even apply for if you’re a
little bigger or at any level One question well get to Q and A in just one
second but somebody Asked you know how do you reach out you just
e-mail them like Who do you wanna work with give it a shot
just find the e-mail address Tweet them on Twitter I sent an e-mail to
one brand recently And then I Tweeted them and said Hey guys
I just sent you an e-mail And if they don’t say anything I just have
to assume its not Cause they hate me and they wanna ignore me
its because theyre Busy so then try again a week later just hustle
to just communicate And say Ive got a creative project You know
when we did the wedding series Right where we created a series for itsjudytime
because we were gonna get married We already knew Judy was gonna share that
experience so we Created like this cool show I guess you could
say of it I mean I was Just on the phone calling 1 800 numbers like
customers service e-mails right so you’re absolutely right its
just hustle and hard work So brand deals Yeah resource exchange Resource
exchange who could You in your city maybe partner up with and
create a video merchandising And affiliate stuff Yeah subscription base
model or even donations And the last one we didn’t really cover is
the business model or marketing You know utilizing Youtube as a tool for your
current business especially Say you’ve got somewhat of a significant following
right a lot of Businesses that create video they cant even
get one organic view They typically have to push views right so
for you to be an Influencer and have an influence online and
maybe this isn’t a full Time gig for you but maybe you can use Youtube
as a marketing Platform and if you already have an audience
you can kind of help Pump up those views a little bit and you never
know who is watching You I can tell you this one thing and this
will be the last thing before We kind of end all this but my favorite story
of what Youtubes done For me personally outside of what Judy and
I have created is When Judy first started I was still in real
estate So I’m still doing real estate now but nothing
like I did then I was like working this full time and I decided
you know this work For Judy Im gonna start a Youtube channel
for my real estate business You will look at the videos they really suck
I am almost embarrassed to show Them right like to go back Id get a little
queezy watching them but funny Enough that first video and I made many videos
after that that first Video got me one of the biggest opportunities
in my business in fact My brother and I went from some less than
ten houses to over a hundred Properties every single year and Ive since
left being a real estate agent And Julian has taken over but hes made this
into a million dollar business He continues to create videos and now hes
vlogging from the perspective Of a real estate agent and you know its not
like it’s a huge money maker in terms Of the ad revenue but again it’s a marketing
its like showing his clients What he does for them in a vlog format anything
you wanna say on that That was the last thing I was gonna discuss
Yeah I love it using it To support your current business I’ve got
a friend whose making really Cool jewelry and shes putting it on Etsy and
so she could supplement That online video is like where it is online
video no matter what you’re Doing has extreme upside and opportunity to
promote that passion To create you know things like jewels so she
has Etsy shes Creating this stuff she can make videos around
it tips and tutorials Around even making jewelry she could jump
into just fan stuff Because she was making some stuff to connect
to the Star Wars and So things like that how can you use Youtube
to not be like I’m trying To do Youtube ads cause if you’re not getting
a lot of views that’s Not gonna be very substantial but there’s
all these other ways And so Benji lets jump into Q and A and I
wanna take the Time thanks for watching everybody were about
to take the Questions Tweet us at Video Influencer on
Twitter I’m also looking At the Youtube comments you can comment on
the Youtube video It is live Benji that’s been Tweeted out on
our accounts so you can Open up those Youtube comments as well most
of the questions Are coming in on Twitter and so well jump
into your questions Right now and also I wanted to say at this
point if you actually haven’t jumped On our e-mail newsletter and downloaded our
free guide and Checklist you can get that at
and so and that’s a great
free guide that Talks about just a checklist to go through
every time you Upload a video on Youtube to help it get ranked
to help get more views More subscribers so you can just optimize
every video to reach The most amount of people wanna kick it off
and answer a question From Brianna watching from North Carolina
great to have you on here Man photographer videographer Youtuber you
sound awesome Excited to connect more Brianna but she has
such a great Question talking about daily vlogging and
one of the best ways to Start and Ive been talking to a lot of people
like this this way I was In Orange County yesterday talking with a
vlogger and this vlogger has 25 subscribers and is vlogging at times about
seven days a week So for vloggers out there I think this would
be very helpful and I Really encourage you to do this strategy here’s
my recommendation Stop vlogging seven days a week and start
creating one video A week that what we would cal our hook videos
or like audience Growth videos and so if you’re daily vlogging
maybe cut down to Three days a week so it’s a little more sustainable
and take your Time and energy and invest in creative videos
that have a higher production Value and that are gonna have more of a life
span and maybe reach More people and get found so maybe one of
the popular ones Is like selfies with strangers you know so
if you have kind of a funny channel You could do more of a produced video or maybe
you say something Like this and here’s what I recommended to
this person that actually Lives in Canada I said you live in Canada
an hour out of Toronto you Should do like Canadian Tuesdays Canadian
jokes Canadian cooking Canadian folklore Canadian commentary maybe
just sit down and Edit it more funny and put more stuff in there
with like a higher Produced video that can be found in search
and here’s what These videos are gonna do those are gonna
help attract a thousand Views two thousand views ten thousand views
maybe go viral And not everybody but a portion of those people
are going to Then say I like this persons personality I
like what they’re doing And then you can let them know hey guys every
Tuesday were Uploading Canadian Tuesdays and then other
days of the week We post new vlogs and stuff and stuff like
that so make sure to Subscribe and then people can make the decision
to say okay I Kind of like the vibe here that’s gonna grow
the subscribers its Gonna grow the views that’s gonna grow the
audience so Ill give this one illustration here from Benji
with some tips For this but when we look at vlogger friends
of ours Sam and Nia One of the ways their vlog got big is because
they did a Frozen song In their minivan with their kids and they
of course it was music Based and so that reached literally millions
of people went viral And then a portion of that became part of
their audience on Their vlog so if you kind of have a family
vlog doing stuff with your Kids doing stuff with music doing stuff like
Frozen because its The biggest thing in the world you know just
like thinking about How to do a creative video that could grow
your audience more and Then also have your vlog on the other days
of the week Yeah and to Just kind of continue what you’re saying if
you look at some of the More popular vloggers which again I don’t
think people should Strive to be like other vloggers or to be
popular right its better to have A quality audience but you just look at some
of the more successful Ones in terms of viewership a lot of them
were doing other things on Youtube prior to their daily vlog right this
whole notion of starting A daily vlog from scratch which don’t get
us wrong if that’s what you Wanna do and upload seven days a week go ahead
but you know How hard its gonna be to get people interested
about your first few Hours of your day I mean I even look at some
of our vlogs and like Wow we don’t really do much in the morning
and that’s the most Important part of the vlog but remember Judy
is specifically I can talk to my vlogs Judy was doing beauty videos for years before
she ever did the Daily vlog right you can even say like I was
doing cooking video For years as well before we started doing
the daily vlog so there is a Lot of context and that connection was already
built to where you Could basically talk about whatever Shay Carl
had his comedy channel The SacconeJolys his wife had the Style Dial
already had the vlog was doing videos right Already an audience kind of thing to just
start a daily vlog you can I’m boiling it down to the simple Fact that most peoples day isn’t epicly interesting
or super funny the Whole way through but if you were to start
a daily vlog say that’s what was In your DNA you want to be a daily vlogger
right what Sean is saying Is really important to create videos that
would grab peoples attention Right you’re gonna kind of do what Judy and
other daily vloggers Did throughout years in a smaller amount of
time and spending More time on a few videos I think is gonna
be really important But again going back to what we started Sean
I really wanna hear What you have to say about it if you want
to start a daily vlog or Start home videos or whatever content value
driven content starting There and making sure you build this unique
identity for yourself And its easy to build a unique identity when
youre speaking from the Heart right when youre speaking from your
personal passion because Everybodys personal interest and passion are
all gonna be different You might have similar interest but in terms
of like the combinations And where youre from and your culture and
your location right like as a daily vlogger if youre a gardener that loves
to grow plants and Vegetables and fruits and you live in Indianapolis
thats unique right That’s something that maybe theres enough
viewers out there that would Love that and connect to that so always starting
there whenever Deciding to create content Like if you wanna
be a ninja I mean we even Do that once in a while too well – I have
a great example Sean that interview With a two year old you know just a fun video
we knew that it would Appeal to a greater audience even beyond the
people that watch Us get new people looking at your channel
That is a great example And I think heres one of the things is that
you get into the routine And Sonya and I have daily vlogged for quite
a while weve realized How much work it is and we even were getting
pretty good views Especially for people who would probably if
theyre just starting out They would love to be getting even the views
that were getting but Because we were in the rut not the rut but
like the demand to like Upload a new video every day we didn’t really
have time to create something More creative now when we talked about those
interview with a one Year old or two year old those took a lot
of time and energy I mean Theres just more thought more editing but
the growth of those Like the growth of something really creative
that you put more energy Is so much bigger and actually continues to
get views and a daily Vlog shelf life after your current subscribers
have watched it Nobody else can probably see it and that is
this idea of kind of like hooked Videos and discovery videos its more creative
types of videos That are gonna help people discover you and
then in supplementing That with your daily vlog content Bam Andrew
Berchfield asks whats up Andrew and he asked how does the quality of
your content compare To the quality of your video like using a
DSLR in the context of Viewer engagement and Benji I love your thoughts
on this but just A few thoughts I think that contents always
king and its like far More important like the best video camera
and an unlimited Budget and the best lighting with a bad content
is never gonna Go anywhere but assuming you have realizing
that you do need Quality content you need to be saying something
you need something That’s entertaining informational educational
and that the contents Good now more than ever in the day were living
in you do want good Video quality and I think the two most important
things that Actually can make a difference are number
one audio and number Two the lighting It doesn’t really matter
what video camera you have If you use this iPhone with bad lighting its
not gonna look good Use a DSLR with bad lighting its not gonna
look good but if you use This iPhone that’s all you have and you just
include the lights that I put up here Even for this video are super cheap Ive got
a video on and it can Make all the difference to just using what
you have like a little Point and shoot camera with good lighting
and so all that is Is doing some basics to make sure that people
can see you well and Hear you well and then have good content and
I think thought that There is also something that some people even
watching this They might wanna do what Laura Vitale did
and think like okay I don’t wanna just kind of hobby around with
this like I wanna take This seriously like a lot of when I was starting
out I got a loan Early in 2009 when I started in the media
business and I don’t necessarily its not like An endorsement that you should do it but I
got a small loan Because I was gonna do video productions and
different things I also was working at Red Robbin waiting tables
and with extra Money I invested in equipment because I had
a bigger vision of Producing video and stuff so if youre taking
it seriously itll be like Anything else if you were gonna start a business
you would invest You are going to launch some sort of project
some people do like Multilevel marketing and they have to invest
to get the initial products To sell powders or Mary K or all these different
things when you invest Up front so maybe make the investment because
I think that good Video and these days theres a lot of opportunity
but you still Gotta be good to stand out so improve your
quality of your Content and then improve the quality of your
video as well and I think that is really important Andrew Yeah
and you know Ill quote Casey Neistat I just recently interviewed
him and if you Don’t know Casey Neistat he is a daily vlogger
now but he is and Was a pretty awesome film maker so creating
these like mini movies For Youtube a lot of them have gone viral
and now hes doing Daily vlogs so this guy is a guy that has
cameras in fact I walked into His office I got to see kind of his like bat
cave of video stuff and even Someone like that with so much experience
in video he even says Do not let the quality of your video stop
you because it always Does lead not even just with the content he
was even saying but With your story right he talks about how interesting
is a story Or the perspective that you put on a story
or on the content And you know he even mentions like he has
an app Beam right and I don’t know that the quality of Beams videos
are okay right But I think what hes trying to say is don’t
let the fact that you Have no camera stop you because almost every
single person Has a phone right and most phones these days
with a camera Can do HD so theres no excuse not to start
and in fact I would even say some of the most successful
Youtubers I know Started when it was still like mini DV you
know what Im saying Sean Absolutely Okay so many videos where
they were Only on a tape they weren’t even digital so
you can look at the Beginning days when you don’t have enough
money to invest like Seans saying As your practice days okay with every single
video you record The more comfortable you get on camera with
every single Time you edit something the better you get
at telling that story Every single time you record even though its
crappy youre learning Something about the content to be able to
create value for Your audience and you know a lot of the Youtubers
I know Especially the early days had webcams and
the crappiest digital Cameras including Judy okay it wasn’t even
HD back then but People still watched because what did they
care about they care About the content and the value of the story
it tells and they care about You as a creator that is what sets Youtubers
apart from celebrities Or like actors and actresses you don’t have
to be perfect you Just have to be human and care wow is that
pretty good That was good Tweet that Yeah so there you
go So hey youre Watching Video Influencers and were taking
questions and I Just found the questions on the Google Hangout
so we have those To go through weve got some Twitter questions
and if you really Wanna get your Twitter to question or youre
watching it right now Make sure to Tweet us or you can put it in
the Google Hangout Questions or the Youtube questions and hopefully
we will find that HappyHeart907 asks thanks for watching do
you recommend reaching Out to companies for products to review or
waiting for them to come To you and are there legal issues with reaching
out to companies and Asking them for products to review Benji You
know Im not an attorney So I always default to like make sure you
talk to an attorney first or do Your own research okay I don’t think theres
anything wrong because I would do it in a heartbeat like if theres
something that they have in Reviewing their product one thing Id say is
more not like the legality Side but the disclosure and transparency make
sure you let them Know youre gonna review it if youre somebody
that is gonna Review it and potentially say something bad
about them you Better tell them no one wants to send you
a product and then you Talk smack about it now Ive seen some Youtubers
do it and it was Successful and still a lot of exposure for
the company brand or business But yeah I would say yes you should go forward
with it I don’t see Anything wrong with it but again youll want
to check the legalities Of that in your state or country because they
differ in different Places what do you think Sean Absolutely and
I wanna tie it into This question LovelyChannel thanks for watching
asked if you Have affiliate links in your description do
you need to notify Youtube or put a disclaimer same question
to the other thing As far as the legalities the answer is yes
legally you need to disclose Sponsorships brand deals if you have affiliate
links and you put Them in there you don’t need to notify Youtube
but you wanna disclose It and that’s as simple as saying some of
the links in this description Are affiliate links like that sentence is
in your description like note – Some of the links or all of the links in this
description are affiliate Links and at the bottom of e-mails or whatever
you just wanna be On the up and up that not disclosing that
its affiliate links and Youll notice that Youtubers sponsor videos
they’ll either put it in The description or they might say it verbally
in the video but in some Way it needs to be disclosed and just do it
I mean just put it out there Boldly do not ever try to not only because
its important to do legally But just for integrity like I think when you
just hit it head on it’s the Best thing to do because you never want a
reputation for being Like weird or whatever besides the legal side
you just wanna Build trust with your audience you wanna be
authentic honest Transparent and care about your audience when
it comes to that Stuff I have a question that I want to answer
if you don’t mind Do it Alright so Kendra asks a few different questions
but this is what she Says how do you get to the point where you
can get sponsored Okay that was the last question of your comment
Kendra thank you For the comment by the way again its all about
building value So you don’t have to think of the point of
as like a million subscribers Or you know a hundred thousand views per video
it’s the quality Of your content and the quality of your audience
and I think also The quality of your identity and what defines
you cause this is the thing Ultimately a business and Ive worked with
different business that Have different goals when they sponsor a video
they want a cop of something So a company trying to sell products they
maybe want to drive Sell many sales maybe somebody trying to get
the word out about Their brand or about their company might wanna
drive traffic To their website maybe a company just wants
brand exposure Sometimes like when you work with bigger brands
they know their Products are gonna get sold as long as they
have that brand exposure Right if they hit with the audience so it
just all depends and that’s Why like the number of viewers doesn’t always
matter to them Because if they know for example lets just
take the RawBrahs who live a Very like travel centric lifestyle theyre
always going to places and Say like an airline company knows that a lot
of their viewers look To them and their travels and the airlines
know you know they Only get about five thousand subscribers but
we know that A lot of them are probably gonna either travel
to the places They recommend or maybe travel because theyre
interested In watching travel so were gonna sponsor their
video right So in that case the company would be like
we just want you to Talk about like lets say they got a free trip
theyre like hey Well sponsor your trip well fly you to these
different places Just mention that youre flying in Alaska Airlines
that’s a great Example of like a specific thing a brand wants
but then there Are some cases where yeah they would want
like a hundred thousand Views so theyre gonna go to those people but
it just all is gonna boil Down to what kind of content do you have to
what kind of Audience do you have and what is kind of your
branding do you agree With that Sean Absolutely and Kendra I would
also check out And a few other sites like that just because
you can sign up and that’s Kind of like an entry point because the thing
is if youre not huge You probably are not gonna be like working
with Coca Cola right away but Fame Bit Can work with just like one of products and
seeing some of these More like what theyre kind of like middle
men theyre connecting brands to influencers and Creators so things like that well do future
videos with that but that would Be something I mean youre getting sponsored
like youre working a One of product Ill give you and example Ive
got a tech review channel ThinkMediaTV right now Im talking to somebody
about reviewing A Bluetooth speaker thing that looks really
cool and its my channels not Huge and its just something Im kind of experimenting
with and So Ill tell you the numbers so you bid on
how much the videos Gonna cost and I said the very lowest of what
they paid for the Video I said a hundred bucks they send you
the product then Youd still have ad sense on your channel youd
also still have Affiliate link to that product and you give
an honest review So theres beauty stuff theres all kind of
different things on Fame Bit And so that’s just an example of starting
out with sponsorships if Youre larger being on a network can help getting
sponsors if That’s right for you and Benji has an e-book
coming out soon about Deciding when to do that that will actually
be out in the next week For free and so well be giving you more info
about that but I hope That answers your question and youre watching
Video Influencers Hangout were in the Q and A portion thanks
so much for being on here We really appreciate you guys and we really
are just so pumped and Passionate about online video and about you
using it to expand Your influence and grow your income with whether
that’s on the side Eventually part time maybe eventually full
time whether for your Business or as a Youtuber or as a creator
or as just an influencer in General and we wanna keep taking questions
so were taking them on Twitter on Youtube on the Google Hangout questions
and the next Question that I want to actually hit is HappyHeart
asking about focused Content do you suggest creating multiple channels
each catering to your certain passion or is it more productive
to create a broader yet Consistent channel and my answer to that question
and Benji you might disagree With me but its actually to create a broader
more consistent channel I don’t think you wanna spread yourself to
thin before you kind of Build to critical mass early on now this is
kind of taken from experience I have like tons of channels and I would tell
you this I would actually Prefer to have taken all my energy over the
last few years you learned A lot of wisdom mainly from kind of just the
mistakes and not mistakes But you know being divided but Ive got a channel
that has seven thousand subscribers I got one that has seventeen thousand subscribers
Ive got one that has Thirty thousand subscribers and Ive got one
that has two thousand This is true and Ive got and then we have
Video Influencers which is Growing and so I mean if we added all of these
together thered be like a Lot more activity and a lot more focus on
one but you know being Spread thin is can have you know its just
not quite as powerful So if you could figure out how to really go
big and heres kind of why It’s the whole thing that Benji just brought
up he brought up this thing Where Judy built a beauty channel first but
then from that was able To then launch whatever she wants and Benji
and Judy are able to Then launch into mommyslife the daily vlog
and could launch a new Channel if they wanted you know it gives you
that possibility so I would stick with a broader or just a focused
channel grow it strong And then maybe branch out So this is a hard
question to answer because Ive seen it done both ways one of the things
I love about Youtube Theres no one way to do it I think the real
question boils down to what You can actually do physically like how much
time you have available For yourself cause the one thing like Sean
and I might disagree on Different things but what we want for especially
the people watching Our videos and this live broadcast is for
you to be successful right So if that means that you want to do all these
different things but Maybe you can only work on one channel because
that would be the Best use of time totally do it right maybe
have the ability to work On two channels because you have more time
or whatever but Yeah if it works for you so you have to ask
yourself what do You have the time to do right and I think
yeah you can definitely Take the path to success the others have had
and utilize it to your Benefit which like Sean said focus on one
alright there you go focus on one make That as big as you possibly can and then youll
be able to do a lot More things right and failing is okay it’s
the thing you start a channel It doesn’t work out move on to the next one
now I always say you Can’t quit you have to keep going through
but Ive seen even Youtubers Well established Youtubers totally redefine
themselves start totally new Channels and those channels actually end up
being even more successful Than their original channel you know Id still
say Judys beauty channel Is more successful in the sense of like it
branded specifically to a specific Niche and the opportunities we get in business
are much better but You know her itsjudyslife which was her secondary
channel it was like the put Whatever on channel has grown way more in
views probably is Gonna surpass in subscribers but again like
what is success right and I think it all boils down to what your goals
are and what you have time To actually accomplish I love it I love it
youre watching Video Influencers Im Sean that’s Benji Benji and we are here
to help you build your influence and Your income with online video and were taking
your questions And the DailyChat Karla thanks for being on
here and she asks My question is how do you come up with new
videos for making for Relating creative ideas she speaks and I love
her stuff check her Out especially on Instagram she has daily
motivation on the Daily chat on there has for creative idea
she speaks on motivation And she wants to make it fun and creative
without repeating the Same thing again and again so what do you
do well Karla a couple of Tips I think that this is true for everybody
watching you have this thing Of coming up with video ideas coming up with
creative ideas And I actually have a practice this is my
journal my good idea bad Idea journal and every single day I challenge
myself I learned this from A book called The Idea Machine you can get
it for 99 cents on Amazon To have a discipline of forcing yourself to
come up with ten new ideas Every day to work out just your creative you
know process and its not You wouldn’t always necessarily do it about
Youtube but I find myself Gravitating towards that often times so like
on this one I came up with Like ten Youtubers I would specifically like
to interview I think MediaTVChannel Might come up with ten new ideas and Ive forced
myself to like think Through creative things creative ideas whatever
in just this discipline of Journaling brainstorming ideas for your channel
sometimes it would Spill into twenty or thirty ideas and then
maybe pick out the top ones So constantly putting things down and getting
those captured and then Letting the cream rise to the top and then
pick out video ideas to create Secondly you wanna get outside of your world
and be exposed to New things that always stimulates your creativity
like just traveling Or just taking a walk and then number three
I think look at what other Youtubers are doing because sometimes youre
not gonna copy their Content like youre speaking on motivation
but youre gonna maybe copy Their just their format and their idea so
theres talking head videos Like hey guys I wanna share three tips but
one thing I watched Youtubers do Is there like you know do you ever have those
mornings when you Just are so tired you don’t wanna get out
of bed and then it cuts to Like b roll and youre in bed and youre like
yeah and youre like okay So its like this b roll idea meaning secondary
shots like Im gonna shoot Kind of skits inner vowing with talking head
now you might watch Another Youtuber and get that idea but then
completely make It original to you or you start thinking about
going to other locations So and you kind of maybe get your journal
watch channels and then Brainstorm and then sometimes youre like okay
well if I rented a helicopter And I had fifty thousand dollars then I could
and youre like okay well I cant Do that one yet so like that idea is gonna
be too expensive but which ones Then out of my list can I implement today
to be a little more creative to be More unique to stand out and I think those
are some ways to take what Youre doing and I love what youre doing with
motivation and bring a unique Flare to it a unique edge Sweet yeah lets
see are there any other questions That we wanna answer I actually just have
one more thing I kind of wanna close out With Sean if you don’t mind Definitely definitely
And we definitely we can Continue to answer questions we can continue
to do that on Twitter Feel free to hit me up at BenjiManTV for almost
everything except Instagram BenjiManFood someone took my name anyways
so you know we started of this Hanging out with the goal of helping people
go from part time to full time You know making this into a full fledge career
for those people that maybe Aren’t making enough to be able to leave their
job I think when its All said and done the one thing I see being
the biggest mistake Youtubers and Even just people utilizing Youtube as a market
is realizing their value They undervalue themselves they shortchange
themselves they don’t realize what They are giving up when theyre working with
a business or brand or even When theyre dealing with their own viewers
and asking their viewers To help support them this is the thing a Youtuber
is a content creating Machine you guys can record video you guys
can edit video you can Produce it you guys can put it up and manage
all the different platforms And you have an audience not only that comes
back every single day But also that you engage with and they love
you theyre loyal to you Right and that is hugely valuable compared
to the traditional machine That is the tv industry the film industry
and how slow they are right Like daily vloggers I think are like the super
people of Youtube because Daily vloggers do everything in a day when
youre working with like the big Machines the big production teams or studios
that typically Make content for like tv or film industry
it takes them for hour forever right and I think people forget that how nimble you
are as a Youtuber and how Ninja like and quick and that is special right
and I think the traditional Media is shaking in their boots right now
because you can create content Sometimes of equal value to them but you carry
and audience that’s loyal to you So like they have to create those productions
or those Films or Youtube episodes and then they have
to go and pay for it to get Promoted even with an audience say they have
subscribers on Their channel its nowhere near the engaged
viewers that you have As a Youtuber that does this day to day and
why Im bringing all of this Up because if all you did was raise your value
mentally in here right And instead of charging a hundred dollars
you could charge a thousand For brand sponsorships you wouldn’t bow down
to these business people Or these people that wanna intimidate you
to be able to do things for Them and you might be able to go over to full
time more Quickly than you think because you understand
your value and Youre not gonna give up the farm right just
to have a payday and in fact I can tell you from my own experience over
the years right the joke Is when I first started Judy I picked up the
started Judy started helping Judy I picked up the phone when she was talking
to someobody about negotiating A fee right and they were gonna give her fifty
bucks and I remember everybody thinks like why Youre gonna get paid give me that phone right
I was like how many subscribers You got how many views okay we want a hundred
dollars right and I was like Oh my gosh and the joke is now I look at then
she probably deserved to Get paid even more right but that was me starting
off not knowing anything About this industry I come from real estate
so this is totally foreign to me And if theres one thing I feel I could leave
you with as a Youtuber that’s You know need to make that jump is understanding
your valuable and Understanding the gold rush of opportunity
that is coming our way and If you set yourself up right number one keeping
great content with tons Of value and you have an engaged viewership
that’s loyal to you and Loves you that the opportunities that are
gonna come your way and For you to mentally be prepared and understand
your value youre Gonna be able to do things that are gonna
blow you away year after Year and Sean you can test to this because
I tell you all the time year After year after year Im always surprised
by what things we get to Experience the opportunities that we get into
that’s what I wanted to talk About last Sean you wanna add to that about
people understanding Their value Yeah I love that and I would agree
I would say like you know For those watching thanks for being on this
Hangout really appreciate you Taking the time to hang out with us and yeah
to really just think about It for a second so okay you have what it takes
like you’ve got a unique Voice you’ve got a unique style youre creating
videos and so to totally Level up even just your self-perception say
youre gonna crush it Like youre already doing it and maybe you
still need to grow We all need to grow maybe your videos could
look better all of Our videos could get better but yeah value
yourself value your Content and just be confident and don’t let
nos like if people say no To shut you down or you know tear you down
people at every Level they just might they might not be listening
they might be Too busy they might say no but just keep pressing
in because Youre gonna get yeses especially if you persevere
and so youre doing A great job keep crushing it keep you know
creating great videos And just paste yourself too this isn’t a sprint
this is a long distance Run and this is not like you know online video
is just getting started We started at the Hangout with that so just
be consistent and paste Yourself and build towards your passion your
purpose your dream With your content and great doors are gonna
open for you if you Stay in it and you stay consistent and yeah
Benji so hey I know people are Watching too some of the questions that came
here we answered earlier In the video and if youre still watching the
video even the rebroadcast Well put up timestamps in the description
meaning well cover what things We covered at what point whether its some
tips on vlogging or brand Deals and some answers to the questions if
we didn’t get to your question Were gonna do more Hangouts like this in the
future and make sure To stay connected with us on social media
as well as you know Video Influencer No S on Twitter and get our free guide if
youve never downloaded it a checklist for
every time you upload a video Online to help you get more views likes subscribers
that’s at Sweet thank you
very much everybody for Watching BenjiManTV here at Sean Cannel appreciate
you so much Youre crushing it youre the influencers youre
Influencer Nation and were Excited to be a part of what youre doing Bye

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