How to make a student loan repayment in NZ

Are you a student loan borrower in New
Zealand? If you’re an employee, repaying your loan is easy. Your repayments come out of your salary
or wage every payday. Just make sure you’re using the ‘SL’
repayment code. Did you know you can pay off your loan
faster by making voluntary repayments? A little extra can make a big difference. You can ask your employer to deduct
extra repayments directly from your pay. If you’re self-employed, you repay the
student loan along with your income tax. Making repayments throughout the year will help spread the load. It’s easy to manage your student loan with our myIR service. You can check your balance
and repayment dates, update your contact details, and receive
your statements at any time. Go to our website and register now. Most borrowers are up to date with their
payments. But if you get into difficulty don’t worry. You don’t have to deal with it on your own.
Contact us through myIR and we can help you get back on track. Take control of your student loan today and you’ll be celebrating in no time!

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