How To Make Money Fast 2020

Beautiful faces on YouTube, how are you doing
today? In this video, I am going to talk to you about
how to make money fast in 2020. Do not worry, this video is not clickbait
because I am going to compare slow money with fast money so you can really understand how
to make money fast in 2020. You clicked on this video because you want
to learn how to make money fast. Before you call this video a scam, I really
want to explain the difference between slow money and fast money because believe me, there
is a huge difference and a lot of new entrepreneurs do not see the difference between the two. And that is why they are stuck at making slow
money. Let me explain. What is slow money? Let’s talk about this first. Slow money basically means that you can only
make a specific amount of money depending on how many hours you work. Let’s use myself as an example. Let’s go back in time when I had my 9 to 5
job, how much I was making per hour, how many hours I worked per week and we will do the
math there to see how much money I was only able to make. At my old job, I got paid $30 per hour before
taxes. Because obviously the government wants to
take money from us. We need to pay our taxes, that is absolutely
normal. But let’s just use $30 per hour before taxes. And I work 40 hours per week. If I do the math, $30 multiply by 40 hours,
that gives me $1,200 per week. And I worked 4 weeks per month. So 4 times $1,200. That’s $4,800 per month before taxes. I am not going to talk about taxes today. But you can only imagine how much the government
is taking from us on a personal side after you pay your taxes. This $4,800 really becomes maybe like $4,000. Anyway, my point is I am simply making slow
money because there’s only 24 hours in the day, right? There’s only 24 hours per day. And at a normal job, your boss is not going
to allow you to work full 24 hours per day. At most jobs, you are only allowed to work
8 hours per day unless, with permission, you work overtime and make a bit of money on top. But still, you are still putting up your time
and making a specific amount of money and that is the absolute slowest way to make money. There’s absolutely no way how you make money
fast if you are constantly trading your time for money. I am sure you guys have heard this term before,
trading your time for money. And that is absolutely 100% true. It’s not fake because in a lot of our situations,
especially when you work 9 to 5, you are trading your time to get this money. There’s no way how you can make more money
than what your boss allows you. And there’s no way how you can make more money
unless you are this supreme, superior person, maybe you are a doctor or lawyer. But even then, it’s really hard to make money
fast at a regular job. And if you figure out how much I made year,
let’s do that as well so you guys can look at it. That equals to $57,600 per year before taxes. Now, I am overestimating here because I actually
did not make this much money. I rounded up to the nearest dollar which is
$30. I think I was making maybe like $27. Anyways, you guys get the point. This is the max amount of money I am able
to work per year because I am trading time for money. Let’s talk about fast money because obviously
everyone who is watching this video right now is more interested in fast money. Who is not interested in fast money, right? We all want to make money and we all want
it fast. Now, it’s really challenging for new entrepreneurs,
especially if you are starting your own online business from scratch. For example, my channel is all about starting
your own online business selling products on Amazon FBA. It’s challenging for anybody who comes from
a world of making slow money and now they want to make fast money. It’s a whole new different world. It needs a lot of discipline. It needs a lot of your attention. It will requires a lot of your time, effort,
and energy to make fast money. And a lot of people don’t really see the difference. So let me show you the difference. Fast money, you are making money based out
of results. Let’s use selling products on Amazon FBA as
an example. If you are already a successful Amazon FBA
seller, you know exactly what I mean by this. You are getting paid based on results, results
of how much your customers love your product on Amazon. And this is why it’s so important that you
have to know how to sell on Amazon, right? If you guys are just dabbling and guessing
your way through, you are never going to make fast money. In fact, you are going to make much slower
money because now you put up this large investment and now you’re bouncing back because you don’t
know how to do your product research, you don’t know how to launch your PPC campaigns,
you don’t know how to advertise your products, there’s so many things that could go wrong
with Amazon FBA. But that’s not the point of this video. Let’s go back to fast money. With fast money on Amazon FBA, let’s say I
have a really good product, right? I did the research. I know exactly the steps to take to make my
customers buy my product and I am selling my product like crazy. Let’s say I am selling the magical beach ball,
the beach ball that I talk about every single time on this channel. Let’s say my beach ball is $17 and on average,
a lot of my success students, for example, they are selling anywhere from 50 to 200,
maybe even 300 units per day depending on the season. I know in Q4, they sold up to 300 units per
day. Let’s just get the average. Let’s say that the average success seller
that I have coached is selling 100 units per day. So 100 units per day and that’s $1,700 in
sales revenue. Now, I know what you are about to say. Obviously there are fees, right? There are Amazon FBA fees, and there’s shipping
fees obviously because we have to ship our inventory from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse
in the US or in Canada or wherever you are trying to sell. There are fees. And of course, there are cost per unit, cost
of goods sold. Anyways, these are things that you should
be aware of and also PPC ad spend. But here is the thing. Here is what you have to understand about
fast money. If you can calculate all of your fees and
how much money you need to put into your business to invest into your business to get yourself
that nice profit margin and get that nice return on investment. Then you are still making fast money. I don’t care what anybody else says, there’s
a lot of stuff that you see on YouTube or I don’t know whatever free content that you
are consuming. People will not talk to you exactly how to
calculate all of these things leaving you to profit at the end of the day. Because we just want profits, right? We all want profits. And the most common profit margin after expenses,
I am not going to list out all of these expenses because that’s not the purpose of today’s
video. If you want to find out how much to really
costs to sell on Amazon, then you can refer to this video right here where I break down
all of the costs. Anyway, back on topic, after you calculate
all the money that you have to spend upfront to make this profit for your business, you
should be left with 20% to 25% in profit. Okay, I know this seems low. I know this looks low but I am estimating
this a lot lower so you really understand how much you can possibly make by selling
this beach ball. Let’s write $17 beach ball. Okay, let’s just say after all of these fees,
I am left with, let’s go with 23% because that’s the average between 20% to 25% in profit
margin. Let’s take $1,700 multiply by a 23% profit
margin. That leaves me with $391 per day in profit. Let’s compare. This is just an example, okay? This is just an example if you were to sell
a beach ball. This is just an example in profit margin. And remember, I estimated this super low. We do have people doing over 30% in profit
per product. So this is just a really low example. Anyways, $391 per day in profit compared to
my job. I forgot to calculate this here. If I am making $30 an hour times 8, that’s
$240 per day. If I continuously sell my beach ball, scale
my beach ball, add more beach balls, add more products, keep reinvesting my money. If I keep working at this and knowing how
to calculate all the money that is being spent on my business, then this is going to work
out so much more faster and more effectively than this, at my 9 to 5 job. Let’s put 9 to 5 job. And keep in mind, when you are trying to make
fast money, and I am using Amazon FBA as an example, keep in mind that this money is all
passive. This is passive income. And believe me, passive income is a real thing. You are selling beach balls at any time of
the day. As long as you know how to launch and rank
your products. You are selling beach balls in your sleep,
when you are pooping, when you are eating, you’re basically having a lot of free time
to do other things in your personal life or maybe it’s growing other areas in your business. When you are making fast money and doing it
by selling products on Amazon, creating passive income. This is where you guys need to be if you want
to make money fast. Again, this requires a ton of your attention,
effort, energy and time. This is like building, when you are trying
to create passive income, you are building – what are you building? Can you guess? You are building a machine. You’re basically trying to build a machine
that spits out money without you traveling to work. Without you driving in traffic and wasting
time sitting in your car and trading your time for money without working for a boss. And all that’s stuff, you get the idea, you
have to be building this machine. And this machine that you are building is
not easy. It’s not easy. I am not saying this is easy. I am just trying to get you to understand
the differences between slow money and fast money. What is the possibilities of actually building
this machine? Because you can, you can build a machine as
big as you can to work hard for you, as fast as it can. But you have to understand the differences
between them first. And if you are still doing this, if you guys
are still at your 9 to 5 job, making slow money, and you don’t have the time to build
this machine, this passive income machine, at whatever business you are doing, it doesn’t
have to be Amazon FBA. But you get the idea. You’re never going to be here. Because here, requires you to take time out
of here, right? In order to build this machine, it requires
you to take time out of your slow money making 9 to 5 job. You have to find that balance. And until you find that balance, until you
can really sacrifice some hours at your job, or make other sacrifices in other areas of
your life, where you can commit time and focus into building this passive income machine,
you’re never going to make fast money. You’re just, it’s just never going to happen. And this is something that I’ve seen over
and over again with people that I coach. Some people that I’ve coached and I’ve talked
to, they’re so stuck in here, they’re so stuck in here. But I am nobody to tell you to quit your job,
right? I am not telling you to quit your job. That’s not what I am saying. But what I am saying is you need to be thinking
about the differences and comparing these two and allowing yourself to focus more on
this passive income machine. A lot of people who are stuck here, it’s really
impossible to make it here because again, it’s all about allowing yourself to create
this business to work for you. Basically, that’s what it is. If we go back down here and finish up this
machine that we are trying to build, let’s say things are steady on Amazon. And they are once you are nicely launched
and ranked with your product. If we continue this journey and we multiply
this by 30 days because there’s 30 days in a month, right? How much money am I profiting at the end of
the day with such a low profit margin of 23% right here? And that’s $11,730. Let’s multiply that by 12. That’s $140,760 before taxes. We’re talking about before taxes because we
talked about before taxes up here. Anyway, you get the idea. This is how much per year for slow money. And this is how much per year for faster money. What do you guys think about the differences? Obviously we all want to be here, right? Everybody wants to be here. But in order to be here, you’re going to have
to sacrifice some things here. If you guys don’t understand this and if you
guys are not taking the time to write down and breaking down every little single dollar
in your life, this is going to be extremely hard for you. Math is a huge part of becoming a successful
business owner. You can even start plugging in your own numbers
like what we did today. Plugging in your numbers for your Amazon product. For example, if you are doing Amazon FBA,
start doing this like what we did today. And see what you are ending up with. Chances are you are going to have to sacrifice
a lot of things in your slow money life to generate fast money. And the beautiful part about owning your own
business, building this passive income money making machine is that you will develop a
skill where you can keep doing the same thing over and over again with different products,
with different niches, with different online businesses. As long as you understand this model and how
this math works right here, you will never go back to this life. You will absolutely never go back to this
life. If you guys have any questions for me in today’s
video, make sure you drop me a comment below. I’ll be happy to talk more about what you
think about today’s video. I hope it has helped. I hope you guys are doing the math and counting
all the numbers and all the hours and dollars that happening are in your personal and business
life right now. Because believe me, it does make a huge difference. And until you really break everything down,
step by step, dollar by dollar, hour by hour, you’re not going to be making fast money. Be sure to give this video a huge thumbs up
if it has helped you. Be sure to subscribe to my channel. And of course, I’ll be seeing you guys in
my next video.

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