How To Make Quick Money In One Day Online

In this video, I’m going to show you how to
make quick money in one day online. And by quick money, it’s going to be BIG money. I’m not going to show you someway to make
5 or 10 or 20 dollars in a day online. I’m going to show you how to make big money. And I’m going to walk you through step by
step, right here on my computer exactly what you need to do to get it. Let’s get it. So, I’m going to be showing you how to make
quick money in one day online. So, one thing I’m assuming here is you don’t
have time to learn a new skill. Okay? So, we’re just exing that out. And I’m also assuming that you don’t have
time to figure out some sort of complex set-up. You know? I run a multi-million dollar internet business. I’ve a lot of skills in the space. But I’m assuming you… You know, even I showed you how to set up
a website, we’re not going to do that sort of stuff. So, we need something fast. And I’m also assuming you need something big. Because you’re not looking for quick steady
money. You’re looking for something BIG in one day. Now, I want to make a quick distinction here
okay? I’m going to show you how to make money in
one day online. But the only way to actually get paid money
in one day online is if you get paid cash. Okay? So that’s distinction. If you need money, literally in the next 24
hours to your bank account, the only way that this is possible is if you have somebody pay
you in literally cash. Okay? No matter what else you’re doing. No matter what site you’re working with. Whether you’re doing a freelance site like
UpWork. Whether you’re doing survey on amazon mechanical
turk. Or whether you’re working with affiliate network
or e-commerce. Whatever it is, you know, PayPal. All of these ways of receiving money through
the internet, they take verification. You know, they going to have to verify you. They’re going to have to do credit checks. They’re going to have to do fraud checks,
they’re going to have to do international processing. And all of this things are going to take a
couple of days to actually pay out the money. So, just a quick disclaimer there. If you need literally the money in your pocket
tomorrow, you need to get paid cash. But that’s not what I’m going to be going
over. You go on Craigslist, I don’t know what country
you’re from. I don’t know. But you just got to go get some cash or bag
or whatever. But let’s go to my computer. I’m going to show you how to make money –BIG
money in one day online. Okay, let’s go. So, I could show you a million ways to make
small money online. There’s amazon mechanical turk where you can
make 2 cents, 5 cents, 15 cents to fill out sruveys. But I’m guessing if you’re on this video,
you’re not looking to make a few cents or few dollars per hour. Okay? You need money fast. You can also make money being a affiliate
marketer for sites like amazon. And make small commissions. A dollar per product you recommend. But I’m guessing if you’re on this video,
you’re not looking to make 1 or 2 dollars recommending you know, Nike shoes or whatever. Now, what I’m going to show you is a method
where you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day really quick. It’s something that you can do realistically,
you can only do it once. But it’s something you can do right now to
put an extra couple thousand dollars in your bank accounts. Yeah and it’s quick money and it’s big money. So, here we are on CLICKBANK right here. CLICKBANK is a site which will pay up to 90%
of commissions on products sold. It’s an affiliate network but it’s very aggressive
and they paid over 3 billion dollars to internet people like myself. Now, if you’re looking to make quick money,
I recommend you go on CLICKBANK and you actually click the marketplace right here. And you search. Okay? And you click search. And what I want you to do is I want you to
set the initial price per sale to as highest it can go. Now, what you’ll see is the number 1… This is called high ticket products. And again, what I’m assuming here is you want
to make BIG money in one day. If you want to make small money, $5 and hour? You can go to amazon mechanical turk. If you want to sell you skills and make 10
to 20 dollars and hour, you can go to UpWork. But if you want to make hundreds or thousands
of dollars per day, in one day, using something you can only do once really, you’re going
to check this out. So, what we’re going to do is we’re going
to… You can sign up for CLICKBANK and you will
promote my product. Which is pays out over $450 per sale. You’ll click promote. You’ll generate a link. You’ll highlight that link and you’ll copy
it. Now, what you then do is you take that link
and you go over to anyone of your social networks. Any social network that you are using. Go over to your social network such as Facebook. And make a post inviting people to a free
training, okay? Say, “Hey, here’s a free training which taught
me how to make money online. Check it out.” Okay? Let me just type it in for you so you kind
of see. So, here’s my post. As you can see, I just typed in… In my personal Facebook. Again, do not complicate this. you’re using your social networks. What you’re doing is you’re selling to friends
and family. Okay? This is an asset you have which you can use
to make a lot of money. And I just said, “Here’s a free training that
taught me how to make money online.” Pretty interesting. Seems very normal post. Or whatever is normal for you. And I put my link in there. Now, when people click that affiliate link
and if they go to the training, buy the product, you can earn your $450. You’ll be able to get that money through Wire
Transfer, through check, whatever. So, you do this on every social network you
have. Or you create an email. And you send that email to every person that
you’ve ever talk to via email. Send out 200 emails. Send out 400 emails. Text it to people. Email it to people. Put it on Facebook, put it on Instagram, put
it on Snapchat. Put it on Twitter, put it on LinkedIn. This is a way that you can make quick money
and big money online very, very fast. And it works. Now, just so you don’t feel a little lost
here. Let me show you how to sign up for CLICKBANK. To show you how fast and easy it is. CLICKBANK is free. So, all you do is click “create account” here. Now, you click “Crete account” and it’s going
to ask you for your personal information. Your name, your phone number, you email address
and your address. The second step is it’s going to ask you for
you banking information. For how it pays you. Whether you’re going to get paid through a
Bank Wire or whatever. You have to just give them your information
of how you’d like to be paid. You know, I know you’re probably thinking,
“Oh, my God, I have to enter my banking information.” This site… You’ve probably used it, you’ve probably using
it for years just unknowingly, just as a consumer. Okay? This is the biggest information products website
on the internet. And it’s over 21-years old. You know, it’s run by some people in Idaho. It’s very, very… I don’t know. Straight edged. And the second thing is now matter what you’re
going to do. If you want to make money online, you have
to enter in a way to get paid. Okay? So no matter what, you’re going to have to
enter in your social security number and your banking information anywhere. Whether it’s amazon or whatever if you want
to get paid. Now, if you only want to make 5 bucks an hour,
you can go to amazon and they’ll pay, you know, you can enter in your banking information
there. But if you want to try to make hundreds or
even thousands of dollars in a day, you know, CLICKBANK is one of those underground ways
to do it. That’s it. And then you create a nickname which is just
kind of like you’re username. You create your username. And that’s it. And it’s free. It takes 5 minutes. And it’s simple and it’s easy. So you just sign it for CLICKBANK right there. And that’s… You take that and you create your affiliate
link. You go into the marketplace, you find my program
using exactly the way I told you. Look for the highest value per sale. And there you go. And you do that post. And that’s a very easy quick way to make big
money. Not a lot of people are talking about this. Again, you don’t want to do this many times. Because you don’t want to spam your friends. You don’t want to be emailing everybody a
million times a day. You don’t want to be putting up a million
Facebook posts about this. If you’re looking to make quick money, if
you’re looking for a big money in one day, this is how you do it. And I know this sounds a little crazy and
I know it might feel a little bit awkward. But hey, you know what? If you need the money, you need the money. So let’s do it. If you’re going to use this method, first
off, like this video, subscribe to my channel if you’d like to see more big-money-making
methods. And I’d like to see you follow up with your
comments in a day or so to let me know how it worked. It’s not a fail-proof way to make thousands
of dollars a day. I can’t guarantee you’ll make any money. But some of you might make money. I know many people are with some of the methods
I am teaching. If you’d like more information on how you
can create your 6-figure, 7-figure, 8-figure internet business, make sure to check to check
on on the links in the description. And I have a free training where I walk you
through this entire system of affiliate marketing. So, I hope this helped. I’d like to see if any people applied this. And be really cool if to see if there are
any cool, really big results. And I’m happy to have you here.

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