How to Manage Your Student Loans

If you have a federal student loan, there are several options available to help you manage your debt. And if you’re having trouble making your loan payments, contact your loan servicer immediately. Your loan servicer will walk you through your options. For example, you might consider changing your repayment plan. There are several repayment options available to you. Most borrowers start off with the standard repayment plan, which offers a fixed payment over a 10-year period. However, you can lower your initial monthly payments using a graduated repayment plan that starts with lower monthly payments that gradually increase over time. Or if you qualify, you may be able to lower your monthly payments by extending them over a longer period of time. Finally, you may be able to choose a repayment plan that ties your monthly payments to your income. If you meet certain requirements, you may be able to defer or temporarily postpone your payments for a variety of reasons, including a return to school, unemployment, or military service. If you’re having trouble making your loan payments, but do not qualify for a deferment, your loan servicer may grant forbearance, which allows you to postpone or reduce your monthly payment for a limited period of time due to financial difficulty or certain other reasons. Contact your loan servicer to see if you qualify for deferment or forbearance. If you have multiple federal loans, consolidating them into one loan may also help you better manage your debt. In addition to having to make only one federal student loan payment each month, your monthly payment amount may be lower since the length of your repayment schedule may be extended. Consolidating your loans is easy and can be done any time after you leave school. Switching repayment plans, exploring deferment and forbearance options, or consolidating your loans may help you better manage your student loan payments and avoid default. Remember, if you’re having difficulty making payments, contact your loan servicer immediately to discuss the pros and cons of these options. If you have questions or need more information, please visit

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  1. rlhgirl84 says:

    I think this video does a great job! I'll be using it to help others!

  2. BabyloveCinnabon says:

    But they made us get private loans…. Loans are out of control!

  3. Fr: John Lado says:

    This is a great video than other complicated questions.

  4. Nichole Varner says:

    Can I consolidate two loans while still in school?

  5. Jeffrey says:

    he's too busy helping the bankers, spying on us and arming Al Qaeda.

  6. txtloanshop says:

    All efforts will go in vain as we all know that in the end student have to bear the loan amount.

  7. Mahmud Chowdhury says:

    America: The Land of Debt

  8. Darris Pope says:

    Thanks for making these videos!!!

  9. CalicoPikachu says:

    If we could go to school for free, they wouldn't have to worry about being paid back now would they?

  10. Joshua Stoops says:

    This is good information. But, I highly doubt that the high default rate on student loans had much to do with student ignorance.

    The error occurred when gullible students seeking life in the middle class, were loaned unlimited, nondischargeable funds to pay over-priced tuition.

  11. Veronykah says:

    Yeah, it's more the private loans that are the problem and they made sure they don't have to offer any "options" for repayment.

  12. Grey Veil says:

    stafford loans are a blessing compared to private loans

  13. Hiphop101ize says:

    i'm fucked

  14. Hazel DeLoach says:

    Good information…………………….

  15. Y Arch Spectrum says:

    I would just liked to say, that I am so thankful that this time going through my entrance counseling, I wasn't rushed trough it and could really take the time to understand how it works. Thank You!

  16. Candida Roldan says:

    love it going to school

  17. Apathy says:

    good to know, thanks

  18. Crass Frazier says:

    Okay, so this is a link to a .gov website. It takes you to a login page for foreign students to apply for financial aid through an office of the U.S. Dept of Education. The thing is that these foreign students need a S.S. number to apply for the student aid being offered…And guess what? If you click on the "From a Freely Associated State" link on this login page, it takes you to a pop up with instructions to "enter 666" to receive your Social Security number! Nope, ya just can't make this shit up.

    Ya think the joke is going to be on the fools seeking this "aid", or what?

  19. Gorillicus Toothicus says:

    will not default

  20. Darlene Brown says:


  21. Connie Anderson says:

    Thank you for helping me to understand the student loan process.It was very helpful and informative.

  22. Deb Tyson says:

    People who are applying for higher education, go for a degree that will make you employable. So no liberal arts and AAS in Business. You have to look at your demographics and see what jobs are in high demand and go for them. Some are over-saturated such as Nursing degree but you can be a traveling RN where the area is under served. So no Psychology degree without going for MS LSW ok.

  23. Miguel Abreu says:

    $4,000. to get and F from a nasty professor .  I enjoy on line University not nasty Attitude,  for $50 a semester and $100. for the final test a total $150.00 for the year at an accredited University. No more old hag professors.  Incredible! I'll pay $3,500 back not more Loans.

  24. laura dahl says:

    Where is the forgiveness? I was lied to by teachers saying any degree is better than none. Not so. 🙁

  25. Lisa Liddell says:

    great info

  26. PeaceTreety says:

    Education and Medical care should be a a right! How the hell else do you expect your people to be all they can be.. thats why im voting Sanders2016 #FeelTheBern!

  27. Barry Wind says:

    Have you sent this to our Government yet? Need to start at the top and the little guys would have a chance to do the same!

  28. Zackary Gomez says:

    There's also loan forgiveness if you work for government organization or non-profit.

  29. Simone Paulette Welch says:


  30. June Dixon says:

    I am 78 years old, still paying student loans !!!!

  31. Margaret Thomas says:

    good information to no

  32. Braxton Quintanilla Summer Houston Carey Clarkson says:


  33. Sargbah Tarley says:

    OMG I do not know how I will ever pay all this money back. Especially, when the schools are charging me the same price for a one credit hour course as if I'm taking a four credits. I'm done.

  34. Bonnie Showstack says:

    need fixed payments over 10 years. daughter out of school and I need to pay this off!please email me the lowest it can be. I am having trouble making them. don't want forbearance.

  35. The Fabsisters says:


  36. Richard Cox says:

    very informitive

  37. Weaver D2nd says:

    Fuck Navient

  38. Rob Withrow says:

    WARNING!!! I graduated in 1993. I made my final student loan payment in AUGUST 2017.

  39. Henry D. Hood says:

    i want to set up a payment plan.

  40. Genevieve17 says:

    Don't blame others for your own errors. If you chose a degree in gender studies or history, there's nothing wrong with that. However, you have to realize the degree alone will not build your resume. Even having a law degree alone won't get you a job! You have to proactively ensure your future. If you do absolutely nothing with your life except take up space, then don't blame the school or the "lying professors" when your degree isn't useful to you. It's not the degree, it's the student. Your work ethic.

  41. Kickass TV says:

    I like your video.

  42. Nick InKay Kenens - Mr. Lead Gen says:

    When did you start documenting your SMMA journey? Recently started sharing our lessons as well. 👏

  43. Rickey James says:

    great info

  44. Theresa Mccoy says:

    I'd like to get my GED

  45. Jose Perez says:

    I need help making a payment loan online ????

  46. EDWIN says:

    I want to discharge my student loans. Devry University mislead my education. They did fraud.

  47. Alex Rodriguez says:

    Good information. Very helpful

  48. w1ll says:

    postpone ma student loan


  49. Pikurate says:

    For those that are still trying to pay off your student loans, I started to gather resources I found online that I hope will help. Would love for others to share any other resources they find as well!

  50. Cynthia rose says:

    Thanks so much [email protected]

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    [email protected] are legit and fast.

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