How to OPEN THE VAULT explained! 🤫 PAYDAY 2 Secret (Part #3) [CC]

Hey everyone, lastofspades here. Last week I posted the 1st part to
my PAYDAY 2 Secret walkthrough. And in that video I said once
I had all 20 achievements, I’m gonna unlock The Secret achievement
and access the Ark of the Watcher. Requirements include obtaining
the safehouse trophies, playing the piano melody, and completing
all 20 of your cipher achievements. You’ll need to find 3 other
players who are also worthy, then play The White House heist
on Overkill difficulty or above. For loadouts, I’d recommend getting Inspire
Aced from the Mastermind Skill Tree and bringing at least 1 or 2 ammo bags for
defending against the Shadow Cloakers. You won’t really need medbags
for The Secret part itself, although they may be useful for
the beginning part of the heist. Once you’re inside the PEOC bunker,
visit the meeting room to your left. If all requirements for The Secret have
been met, the painting will be glowing. Now, remove the painting. From this point on, nobody will
be able to re-join your lobby. The host will obtain C4 in their inventory, which must be used to
create a hole in the wall. Get on the elevator and pull the lever. On your descent down into
the mineshaft, you will see a vault with the all-too
familiar cryptic language. Note there are 4 levers in front of it. Do not interact with the vault
until your team is 100% ready, as the Shadow Cloakers
will start spawning. Drop your ammo bag deployable(s), and hopefully by now you’ve
delegated roles for your crew. 1 player should be solving the riddles, while the others will be busy defending. Your crew will be there for
the next 20 to 30 minutes, as long as everybody is pitching
in and doing their part, things should be pretty easy. Have your cheat sheet out and
interact with the vault to begin. Remember the cryptic language
is read from Right to Left, so the password should also
be from Right to Left, starting from the outermost ring inwards. In a nutshell, this whole contraption
is a giant combination lock. The outermost ring is the riddle itself and the 3 rings inside are
used to input the password. Password should be submitted from
Right to Left, Top to Bottom. Okay, so now you have a rough
idea of how this system works let’s do an example together. The first step should be
identifying which riddle you need to solve by translating
the last word of the riddle. Next step, you need to know
the corresponding answer. In this example the riddle
ends with the word “LOVE” so I need to input “DANCE” as the password and the way I would do that is entering
letters ‘A’ and ‘D’ in the outer ring letters ‘E’ and ‘C’ in the inner ring and letter ‘N’ in the center ring. There’s 4 riddles you need to complete. Always double-check your
answer before submission. If you mess it up, the game will
reset from the first riddle. While you’re busy pulling levers,
your teammates should be defending. Cops don’t spawn down here and Shadow Cloaker charge attacks don’t
count towards the total number of downs before going into Police Custody. Once you have unlocked the vault, enter
the chamber and admire the architecture. Give yourselves a pat on the back,
but prepare for the next stage. The Dentist will call your
heister’s names then inform you he’s with Bain and Locke and
suggests you to open the door. Your crew should proceed to the waypoint, but once the door has opened
do not move further. From where you are standing,
kill The Dentist. Grab the bag of Mayan Gold on the
ground and drop it on the marked area. Take the gold bars and place
them in the slots on the ground. Congratulations! Once you’ve succeeded, quit
your game and let Steam update your game with a new
“Offshore Payday” DLC. It is nearly a 1GB download, but you will
unlock the Movie Theatre in the Main Menu. When I started playing
PAYDAY 2 in 2013, I never thought this game would
have such a lovely ending. There isn’t much replayability
like Overdrill, but I’ve always loved the
cinematics for this game. Anyways, I hope this video helps you guys. Feel free to leave any questions
or tips in the comments section. Thanks for watching and best of luck! Like & Subscribe to
support the channel! 🙂

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  1. lastofspades says:

    Hey guys! Been editing this one for a while.
    This guide should help you unlock the Hidden Steam Achievement for The PAYDAY 2 Secret!

    ⏸ PAUSE the video for:
    2:05 – Cheat Sheet for Cipher Alphabet, Numbers, Symbols
    2:43 – List of Riddles & Passwords

    Today, Overkill just released 2x new Secret masks:

    Update 196:

    🎬 PART 1 (Safehouse Setup & Prerequisites, Walkthrough)
    🎬 PART 2 (The Secret, Silent Playthrough)
    🎬 PART 3 (White House Secret Vault, Walkthrough)

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