How to Rapidly Increase Your Credit Score

How to rapidly increase your credit
score. Rapidly increase your credit score David Jaffee with in this video I’m going to tell you the best and most efficient way to
increase your credit score very quickly What you would do is you can go into I think that’s the website or there are a few other
websites or where you are essentially offered one free
credit report per year for Experian and all of the other agencies so TransUnion
Experian and there’s one other one I’m sure it’ll come to me
Equifax so the three major credit reporting agencies and what you do is
you look for any negative items and then you simply dispute that the best way to
do that is you can google dispute letter for a credit card and then you want to
mail the dispute letter certified mail because when you mail they have 30 days
to respond to you I would estimate that if you dispute the item correctly you
mail it to the right address and you send it via certified mail do not use
their online portal I know that it’s very easy but when you use the online
portal when you also agree to their terms of service
and they it allows you allows them a lot more time and the success rate of you
disputing an item online versus actually taking the time to print out a letter
and then mail it to them is significantly less so maybe you’ll be
successful 25% if you submit an online dispute but you’re probably going to be
successful 50 percent of the time if you mail them a letter via certified mail
what I like to do is I choose and mention the item then I give them a
reason why this is not true and why should be deleted then I include a copy
like a signed letter I also include a copy of my driver’s license and a copy
of a utility bill by disputing items this is the fastest way
to get them removed from your credit report and once an item that is a
negative item is removed from your credit report then your score should
instantly increase so the fastest way to increase your credit score is to get a
credit report from Experian TransUnion and Equifax and then dispute the
negative items David Jaffee with if you have any questions please leave a comment below I read and respond
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19 comments on “How to Rapidly Increase Your Credit Score”

  1. BestStockStrategy says:

    Do you have any tips to rapidly increase your credit score?

  2. Harley Maszczak says:

    Thanks David, great info!

  3. Navraj Mann says:

    Thank you for the info David.

  4. Victor says:

    Thank you David! Any examples of negative items that can be disputed?

  5. Adam S says:

    This was a very engaging video. I learned things that will be useful for my friends and family (and self)!

  6. Top Trading Signals says:

    Do you mail it to the Credit agency or the institution that reported the bad score?

  7. Steven Qualls says:

    Good stuff David, I have used this method with great success in the past and you can dispute the inaccuracies again if you don’t like their findings. Eventually getting it removed, might take a while but it can be done.

  8. Raymond Nielsen says:

    What's a good FICO credit score? Above 700?

  9. Matthew Yeary says:

    Good video, this is different from your usual content. Are you going to expand your channel into more personal finance?

  10. Margie Beier says:

    Credit cards is a way to transfer wealth from the poor to the wealthy. While poor people pay interest, wealthy people are collecting rewards.

  11. Elliot Smith says:

    Some people think that your credit score is the most important number that you have.

  12. Gilbert Lancaster says:

    I don't have a car and also I rent, so I don't really need a pristine credit score. But I appreciate your sharing this valuable information.

  13. John Conner says:

    What credit card do you recommend for the best rewards?

  14. Sebastian Durgan says:

    Worrying about credit is one headache that I definitely don't want.

  15. Aylin Franecki says:

    I definitely need some credit repair so that I can increase my credit report.

  16. Leif Boyle says:

    Nice video. You can do other things like have someone add you as an Authorized User as well.

  17. odomn says:

    I am quite a fan of yours and I think you give wise advice and really help people. I don't know how effective this strategy is though. It does temporarily raise your score because negative reports must be removed while they are being investigated but when they are found to be justified as they usually are because they are legit then your score goes right back down to where it should be. This might be useful to do just before you are trying to get some kind of loan but you have to work fast.

    The best way to raise your score is to pay all your bills on time. Next step is pay down credit cards. Scores go up pretty quickly if you do just these 2 things. Your score can go from 500 to 720 in two years or less.

  18. Bao Alvin says:

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  19. Akorede Rapheal says:

    Thanks for the info. Working with Lincoln was an experience because I did not know much about credit repair and they helped me in understanding what was affecting my scores and how they were able to fix it up, today I have a 790 credit rating and before that I was at under 400 within 3 months that's incredible I had an above average score and my agent advise me that is only the start it will go further, work with a team that is committed and will give u results at spyappsoft at gmail dot com

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