How to Repair Your Credit Score

Hey WalletHubbers! A lot of people have been asking how to repair
their credit score. And they’re not alone! About one-third of people have bad credit,
and that’s why you see all of these ads claiming miracle credit repair. But you SHOULD NOT believe them, or ever pay
for credit repair in the first place. When it comes to credit, there’s
nothing you can pay for that you can’t improve upon yourself. So let’s go over some straightforward steps on how you can repair the damage. First, sign in to your free WalletHub account.
There you’ll see exactly what’s going wrong with your credit score and your personalized plan
for how to fix it. Then, check your credit report for any errors or inaccuracies. In particular, look for collections accounts,
public records and late payments. Errors on your credit report can cost you
a lot, both in terms of time and money. If you do find anything inaccurate, dispute
it immediately. Then, catch up on past-due bills. If you’ve missed a few credit-card payments,
repay at least the minimum amount needed to change your account’s status from “delinquent”
to “paid” on your credit reports. This will prevent your from getting
even worse, score-wise. The third step is building an emergency fund. You might not think this has anything to do
with credit repair, but with money saved for a rainy day, you’re less likely to
get into more debt and overspend if an emergency expense does come up. Fourth, use a secured card responsibly. Since you can’t remove any legitimate negative
information from your credit report, the best thing you can do is add positive information. And secured credit cards are perfect for the
job because anyone can get them, they can be free to use, and they don’t force you
to go into debt. Plus, they report information to the major
credit bureaus on a monthly basis. You can start improving your credit for free by getting
a personalized WalletFitness plan at WalletHub. You’ll also get your latest credit score,
report and 24/7 credit monitoring. Just click the button here to get started!

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