How To Save The Post Office

republicans have been on a warpath
against the US Postal Service y Miley for two reasons it’s a government organization and every
governor is Asian except the military must be destroyed and just blown up to smother insecure
tap of the Service Guide damn government big-government where
they do they deliver mail to you anywhere in the country for
44 for concerts okay you don’t you suppose
Service Co pay 20 bucks a FedEx Corp a 20 bucks the UPS have added aus do you want to send a simple letter to
your grandma right no good no don’t do it if you’re a Republican criticize the
post office the don’t use ’em pay 20 bucks is that if you want to be
that stupid that actually go court go full stupid in is another word for that okay where they
recommend you don’t do that from are interpol my movie references
now but one other ways that they’ve gone
after the postal office post office is that the they said oh you
know what you got up on your arm pension for 75
years not yet understand something about the
post they they actually don’t get government money is an amazing this year government
government but the actual don’t get government money than %uh funded by the
government but they have more all onerous rules are they have to
fall regulations they have to follow from the government the republicans took
advantage of that this the one instance when their favor more regulation so they load up the post
office with regulations that do applaud anyone else they see normally your
pension fund could be fined up to ten years
twenty-five years no for the post office and only for them there it has to be funded up to 75 years
in advance so that puts this new giant financial
burden on the post office right now and because that they might go
bankrupt that could it be that the republicans
get campaign donations from competitors the post office like the other delivery services in mmm could that be part of their agenda but
either way there you mean to destroy this thing so now here comes Elizabeth
Warren to save the date how she gonna do cat
this is super interesting honestly it’s an idea I would not begin
to had and and look i I fancy myself an expert on this stuff
and I think about all the time could never occurred to me it’s at
fascinating idea so she says why doesn’t the post office
get into the business are providing loans to people who have
checks but don’t have bank accounts like if you’re the like most Americans
you get a paycheck goes maybe direct deposit into your account
are you to check you go to your bank deposit only get the money but a lot of america’s don’t have access
to a back they have to go and do payday loans they give what their
check is gonna be I or the sometimes they give their check
and get some less amount back sometimes they borrow of a bed and i get
charged it incredible amount of money but let me tell you about that so personal Americans without bank
accounts spent on interest in peace in 2012 $18.9 billion dollars that’s not what they got that’s just the
interest in peace they had to pay on top okay and that affects usually the
poorest americans they’re working to get a paycheck okay but they gotta pay next rate a nine
billion dollars at the rich in the middle class don’t have to pay if
they have bank accounts so now let’s go to another state its them
out the payday loans with annual interest rates over a hundred percent celebrities are
often over a hundred percent their mother they
take out a poor communities every year 3.4 billion dollars at the very least well of course can you imagine if you
charge two hundred percent if you went you know wall street’s
charged it’s less charmed by the Fed when they go to borrow money who way less than a
percent less than one percent can you imagine if the fact that I A
which his arm on wall street. the topics the country will now do like you do a poor will charge you 100
percent hop pop pop pop up bags with their heads towards what if
you want to percent their heads would explode but for the poorest people who can
afford it the least over 100 percent okay so they take 3.4 billion dollars out
those communities now and a very least average amount to
customers pay to borrow 375 dollars from payday loans 520 jobs that you’re not reading that wrong
that’s an unbelievable number so the average customer pays five
hundred twenty dollars to borrow three hundred and seventy-five
dollars that’s a crime and that’s a crime okay so now I average amount and on bank
household people who don’t have bank accounts
spent to access money through payday lending source twenty four hundred dollars or 10
percent of their income so that said extra 10 percent basically
in taxes the someone take somebody doesn’t go to
the government does go to your fire department at your local teacher or the cops or anyone that actually
helps community just goes to a banker 10 percent your income boom payday take
a so here’s an interesting idea she says the
post offices are in these communities that are on banked they’re everywhere and they can do this
enigma and they don’t have to charge a hundred percent they could charge a reasonable rate and
actually would still make a lot of money that way you help the community and you
help the post office cassava two more packs re in regards to that
roughly six in 10 post offices nationwide oren what USPS report calls bank desert’s zip codes with either one 40 break the bank branch’s so they’re
going giving people an option where they
didn’t have one before either they had no options for banks or
only one which is in effect in that community a
monopoly so they’re providing a second option you still wanna pay 120 percent go
unpaid but their post office going to charge a helluva lot less my guess is a lot of america’s with them
love the post office right of course the republicans hey this
plan they couldn’t hate it anymore because it
helps the government to do a service corps its citizens with republicans despises an idea who is
the whole point of the government and it takes money away from the their
beloved banks who’d been robbing those communities
you’re in Europe finally them out that the USPS would
make if businesses practice if the business
did this business practice and they did epically did make about
nine billion dollars a year so then they wouldn’t have a knee issue
with solvency at all in fact that maybe they can bring down
the stamp prices from border wars as a zombie less because they have plenty of money
instead like I said in the first that the bank’s
an interest in peace forgetting $89 billion dollars can you
imagine if we save eighty billion dollars and the post
office now who can argue against this if you
real point with the help Americans if you actually were a representative of
the people I guarantee you nearly every republican
if not every single one of them will be against this and I guarantee you
a lot of democrats will say well you know I was with warm she’s on the far
left then it’s a radical idea to help the american
people could and and and not help our banker
friends who all bankroll are campaigns radical left-wing idea the reality is it’s a perfectly sensible
idea it’s a great idea would help the american people I hope they do it but Washington DC is
usually where good ideas go to die

100 comments on “How To Save The Post Office”

  1. Kenneth Frawley says:

    Well done, Cenk! It's a good way to get rid of those 'check-cashing' shops in the US that prey upon the poor, particularly those from other lands seeking a better life and fear banks and being found out. Cheers!

  2. jack st. clair says:

    Awesome!  It pisses me off when my local news says, "oh, the USPS is in trouble and can't pay their bills" and don't tell you WHY they are in this problem.

  3. Roxor128 says:

    The US post office has stamps for 44 cents? The last time Australia Post's stamps  were near that price was probably ten years ago (they're 60 cents now).

  4. Tom OfNorthCal says:

    The USPS is mandated by the constitution.  To defund it or destroy it is unconstitutional.  Unfortunately, Wash DC doesn't seem to give a damn about the constitution.

  5. Louis rodriguez says:

    You need the post office not everything is emailed and everyone does not have a computer.

  6. Tonyiommi1000 says:

    The banks are just rent seeking at this point. They stopped teaching the history of economics in schools but for Smith and Ricardo and a whole host of others this was one of the central problems discussed. 

  7. gap949 says:

    Americans just love getting screwed ….including tea baggers ..lmfao!

  8. Redcatrobe says:

    Elizabeth Warren for 2016.

  9. Michael Cerda says:

    I hate fedex and ups

  10. buckut84 says:

    "washington dc is usually where good ideas go to die"
    spot on. keep doing what you do brother.

  11. Arthur Ponzarelli says:

    I love how republicans are praising UPS and Fedex because they are privatized. Do the rightwingers realize that UPS is a union shop? And that they also give benefits to the spouses of gay employees in states where the marriages aren't legally recognized?
    HAHAHAHAHHAAHA! You're supporting pro-union homosexuals because you hate the post office!

  12. Dantinus says:

    USPS is a great postal service for people who are shipping things into the United States. There was this one time I have to ship a gas gauge back to the US for refund. It is the size of 5 quarters stacked together. UPS attempted to charge me $27 to ship it from western Canada to Florida. I promptly snatch the package back from the UPS guy and went to Canada post, who charge me $7. If USPS go out of business, ordering from overseas for Americans will become very, very expensive.

  13. Thatperformer387 says:

    U suck government you better listen to Elizabeth and actually help the American people. I mean we basically lost everything good about school cuz u came in and took everything over just ruining kids futures

  14. Thatperformer387 says:

    K cuz that's y I related the public school system to our financial crisis cuz who's fault is that? Yours!!!!!! K help Americans for once and give us money

  15. lukaszepesi says:

    In Switzerland if you charge more than 15 % a year for a loan you go to jail because they don't want people with financial problems getting extorted. 

  16. OMG BeCkY says:

    Actually stamps are now $.49.  Go inflation!

  17. Nicolas Salazar says:

    Miraculous! God I hope she runs for president.

  18. derek du says:

    This lady has my utmost respect!

  19. daibar says:

    Having a cheap mail service is a huge boon for small businesses. Why would Republicans want to kill small business?

  20. Beorn says:

    Can we PLEASE let the southern states succeed secede and implement all their peculiar ideas?

  21. Karl Slicher says:

    Our Post Office has been doing this for decades, jewellers also. The rates are from about 4% to 15%.

  22. Jack Meoff says:

    I find it ironic that Republicans bitch and moan about how you can't repeal or change the 2nd amendment because it's in the Constitution(an all powerful document that cannot be changed) and then want to get rid of the USPS, which is also in the Constitution.

  23. gero1369 says:

    Elizabeth Warren = President!

  24. Ben Campbell says:

    I love ya Cenk, but get to the fucking point

  25. blacklite911 says:

    I don't like payday loans but at least if they're going to exists why not do it as ethical as possible so sure.
    But I have a better idea… why not have public banks? I know some nutters say that public banks will solve all our problems and they're exaggerating, but they would be extremely useful to not just poor, but any kind of consumer. It would only hurt banksters who depend on vodoo banking magic because the interest rates will go down, which is also why they don't exist now.

  26. Klishar122 says:

    This idea Warren proposed is a sound idea, assuming that the USPS does it right.

  27. Edward E says:

    If “anti-racists” are so unconcerned with race, how come they only have a problem with White Countries, White Cities, White Neighborhoods, White Workplaces, White schools?
    I’ve never seen any “anti-racist” complain that any place is too brown and it has to become LESS brown to combat racism.
    Who do they think they are kidding?
    “Multiculturalism” = White GeNOcide
    Anti-Racist is a code for anti-White.

  28. Electric Cervix says:

    "6 out of 10 post offices"….you are supposed to reduce your fractions, e.g. "3 out of 5 post offices.."

  29. Kelli Hillman says:

    It would be better to recind the stupid law passed by the far right!

  30. Yenta Yo says:

    The Turk doesn't even mention that this form wealthy parasite behavior is only one small part of the giant beak they have buried in the middle class sucking the life out of them.  Middle class pays the higher tax rates.  Middle class has to borrow and pay interest.  Middle class suffers the greater injury from inflation.  Middle class suffers the greater injury from inability to influence US House of representatives.  Middle class gets burned by conservative cheats during elections.  Middle class FIGHTS THE FUCKING WARS and does ALL the bleeding.  FUCK YOU PLUTOCRATS.

  31. Asha2820 says:

    Ms Warren has obviously taken a leaf out of the British Post Office's book.  Post Office accounts aren't a new idea!

  32. Gerard Barbier says:

    Cenk, I think it's presently $0.49.

  33. FA K says:

    Fuck gioco's commercials

  34. Mr. Corki says:

    The young turks suck!

  35. shinnam says:

    S. Korea has worked like a bank  for as long as I know

  36. DoctorPlausible says:

    There are postal banks in many countries, and they work very well.

  37. bobshenix says:

    After getting the full story, i might ask why the Democrats did nothing to try reversing these toxic (relative to USPS) stipulations which were apparently made via GOP legislation??  I am specifically referring to when the Democrats had control of the White House, Senate, and House… why not use that power to make positive change rather than play the blame game??

  38. NubianTribesman says:

    The postal service is one of the oldest American institutions. How can the right, who claim to love all things "American",. want to destroy it? People never appreciate what they have until it's either gone or threatened.

  39. RuckDemUp says:

    Thats a great idea

  40. Doodelay Explains says:

    I'd love to see how that shit goes.

  41. Chris Wallace says:

    How does anyone not have a bank account? Everyone has a bank account here. I got mine when I was like… 15. 

  42. Brimar7 says:

    Some of the comments are asking why the Democrats haven't said or done anything about this…WAKE THE F**K UP!
    This is one way of showing you there are no Democrats or Republicans. There's US, the corporations and the politicians they control. Find out who your representatives are. Research their voting record. Vote for someone that actually represents the people and not just the corporations.

  43. Jorg Ancrath says:

    USPS is crap

  44. Shaun Vargas says:

    God bless Elizabeth Warren! I wish Americans had enough brains to vote a woman like her in office 🙁 but even if 80% of the voters tried to go vote for her somehow the right wing demonic bastards would stop them somehow and if by chance they was allowed to vote for her their vote would somehow be miscounted… America

  45. Ace Diamonds says:

    i hope elizabeth warren manages gets stuff done.

  46. The Aviansie says:

    The Post Office is probably the one institution of government with over a 50% approval rating, pretty dangerous for Republicans to try to take it down…

  47. Dumb Jason says:

    Elizabeth Warren is so awesome

  48. John Doe says:

    Let that out-dated organization die the death it deserves. UPS is better anyways, and email has replaced standard post for everyone in our generation.

    Typical authoritarians wasting other people's money on pet projects that don't work despite "good intentions" or whatever.

  49. Mark McLennan says:

    It's bullet proof, turn a business in a dying business in to a sub-prime lender, how could that go wrong?  Payday lenders have some incredibly high default rates so great idea, lets socialize that credit risk. 

  50. Andrew Penery says:

    By far the largest bank here in Japan is Japan Post.

  51. Gordon Bradley says:

    The UK had exactly such a bank run by our post office. It was run for the people not shareholders and bosses. It was very popular and successful. It drove thatcher crazy. She destroyed it.
    By the way, last time I sent a birthday card and a small present to my grandma I tried and tried but I couldn't e-mail or text it. So I mailed it.

  52. Kinetiction says:

    So Elizabeth Warren's idea to save the Post Office is to no longer make it just a post office? This seems like her trying for an excuse to get her check cashing system through more than anything else.

    The primary issues with the post office are the pension problem and the fact that the Post Office doesn't control it's own stamps. I fail to see the relevancy of Warren's Cash-checking system in regards to the function of delivering the mail.

  53. Kinetiction says:

    The Banks receiving little-interest loans aren't the pay-day operations charging the egregious interest rates so it's not really as you're presenting it Cenk.

  54. Howard Roark says:

    It is pure Progressive genius to pass federal laws and regulations that bring about the extinction of free checking accounts for the poor, then send them to a bankrupt semi-autonomous federal agency to pay for the privilege of a loan shark. And use the vig that poor people pay to bailout the bankrupt semi-autonomous federal agency.

    That Progressives trumpet that the USPS vig is cheaper than the pay day lenders is like taking pride in being more sane than Amanda Bynes.

  55. Chuck Finley says:

    As someone who grew up living uncomfortably below the poverty line, and still doesn't make much, I think the vast majority of people who take those ridiculous loan offers are stupid and should be punished for being stupid.  Just a little bit of self control, with regards to spending, can eliminate the need for such loans.  Depending on the implementation I could be in favor of the USPS handling such financing offers though.

  56. StinkyTofu says:

    I prefer email thanks.

  57. StinkyTofu says:

    I prefer email thanks.

  58. StinkyTofu says:

    Why is this not usury? Illegal interest rate?

  59. StinkyTofu says:

    Why is this not usury? Illegal interest rate?

  60. bblakester69 says:

    Ed Shultz has been talking about this for a long time. I have come up with a great, FREE way to subsidize the post office. And, the banks pay the bulk of it. Tons of the junk mail I receive contains a self addressed, prepaid postage envelope. Typically bank card offers. I remove my information from their "offer", and mail everything back via their prepaid envelope! I suppose you could just mail the empty envelope, but why not let them deal with their own garbage. I think it's genius, and wish everybody would do it. I average about 8 mailings a week. It all adds up!

  61. LacusTheDestroyer says:

    I don't see a single downside to this.

  62. Tingtong Mahk says:

    U R a dumbass who can't see obvious mismanagement, waste and overpaid individuals. Organizations, like the USPS are screwing their employees, just like the government with social security, by promising certain pension levels and not delivering when it time to pay up. People who go and make high interest loans is their own fault for agreeing to the terms. Stop blaming others for people's bad choices. It is a democrat/progressive fault bringing the country down. GOVERNMENT IS NOT THERE TO PROVIDE SERVICES TO IT'S CITIZENS. IT IS THERE TO FACILITATE THE FUNCTIONING OF A COUNTRY…AND NOTHING MORE.

  63. Keith L. says:

    They also lobby for the criminalization of private letter delivery. They always have. Why don't we simply allow private companies like Fed-Ex to deliver letters in envelopes?

    UPS and Fed-Ex ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DELIVER ENVELOPED LETTERS! The law requires that they put the letters in packages to prevent them from undercutting the post-office. 

  64. thewanderandhiscomp says:

    Rethugs are their minions are against the USPS and americans…and as traitors should be hung from the nearest telephone pole.

  65. Mustang424 says:

    So let me get this straight, according to Cenk. Elizabeth Warren not only wants the post office to cash checks, which is risky as they can bounce. But she wants post office to engage in pay day lending? Oh, that will be rich. If this happens in 2 years we'll see Cenk on here claiming Elizabeth joined the banksters in turning the USPS into thugs by having them run down poor people over delinquent debts.

    As for the second part about the fed lending window rates. Sorry, but that's how it works in all forms of business. A high net worth individual can get much better rates on loans than a single mom waitress at IHOP. Why? Because the risk of them not paying is extremely low. And even if they don't pay, you have ample assets to seize in court. So of course a bank with nearly a trillion in assets will be able to borrow at a lower interest rate than someone with no assets and no forwarding address.

  66. diamondbackunderground says:

    Hey jackass….maybe if the USPS did their jobs properly, delivering things on time, and unbroken, then we wouldn't have such a problem with them. At this point, they are a useless joke and a waste of money.

  67. DOTA2FroggyStyle says:

    Despite the USPS being the prime employer for all veterans after they retire from the military…  Oh wait this is consistent because the GOP supported the bullshit to cut active military pay and benefits last year.

  68. Jackhammer77 says:

    Hey @Cenk Uygur ur a damn fool but you'll follow ur idols to the cliff wont you huh

  69. lezlitaz says:

    we also deliver UPS packages…but you still pay UPS prices ; )

  70. Faith In Humanity! says:

    .44 cents for stamp ??? Dam we pay .76 and goin up to $ 1 at end of March !!!

  71. littlewill1166 says:

    44 cents! In Canada it's 80 cents!

  72. D Sanchez says:

    Let's hope this could happen…

  73. Juan Monroy says:

    I hate the usps because of their customer service if u can call it that but I do know it's something we need. They actually give back any revenue. I use ups only but I never send mail. Hope they do what lady said.

  74. Gregory Perkins says:

    Just get a free checking account. Bernie sanders for 2016

  75. Oddible Fam says:

    If someone is being taxed to bring cost down for others to use the post office, isn't he already paying more than the 20$ he would've paid sending it through FedEx? Lol

  76. 3star2nr says:

    Cenk politicians are millionaires 40 cents and 20.00 are the same thing to them the only people that that stuff matters to are poor people and small businesses who ironically vote republican

  77. Jarred Richards says:

    Oh common, we all know your just using this to make republicans look bad. Tel this to the democrats who just fired several thousand gov. employees.

  78. ThatIMayServe says:

    It's not a terrible idea, but the whole point of the United States Postal Service is that it is a SERVICE and that it does not profit from the people.  The money spent on postage is directly proportionate to what it cost to run it (at least that is what it is meant to be).  Adding banking services would mean that they are interested in profiting from people who need bank services to pay for the USPS operations budget.  It's a slippery slope.

    Also, I live in the most rural part of Virginia, in what used to be the smallest town in Virginia (less than 75 people).  The entire county is one of the least populous and there are at least 4 bank chains with multiple branches.  In most cases, the people who don't use banking services, CHOOSE not to because they don't trust the banks (and haven't since the 30's), not because they can't afford it or there aren't options.  I don't doubt that the $89 billion is a legit number but the whole 6 in 10 statistic is bogus.  They are probably using low population rural areas of the Midwest to skew the statistic in their favor.  They are also probably excluding credit unions from this statistic since they can say they aren't technically "banks".

  79. kurtg1961 says:

    Nobody sends letters anymore Cenk or haven't you noticed.

  80. Red Wolf says:

    how about the government stops paying private banks interest to print the country's currency? How about States follow the N. Dakota system and create a State bank that eliminates the Fed. and provides a true service and lends money to businesses and patrons at very reasonable rates of interest? It's not a left / right issue is corruption everywhere that's killing this nation

  81. hellboy12345671 says:

    Never mind Hillary Warren 2016 there still hope for this country!

  82. excalipoor says:

    In some countries. The post office is the bank too.

  83. steven oh says:

    The Post Office is often the only service (govt or private) in certain swaths of the country that are considered bank and food deserts. If they can provide basic banking services for a fair fee, unlike the extortion rates at payday loan places, it would immensely help the poorest among us. 

  84. Brian W says:

    Japan has done this forever. The Postal Savings bank in Japan is one of the largest funds in the world.

  85. Pat Powers says:

    Republican opposition to this idea will be fierce. It helps poor people and hurts greedy bastards. What is Elizabeth Warren thinking?

  86. Hard Left Turn says:

    I hope we can follow Iceland's path eventually and throw off the shackles of the Bourgeoisie that run this country now completely and utterly. 

  87. samramdebest says:

    I don't understand, why have so many people no bank account?

  88. EasyA 333 says:

    LOL, they do get gov't money. The USPS hasn't made money in years and years, so they have to borrow billions of dollars each year from the Treasury.

  89. ETWFJ says:

    The post office in fact did play bank at one time!

  90. Aeonis Media says:

    Australia has been doing this atleast the last 15 years

  91. Terzy1984 says:

    In Sweden we have loans that have 800%-1000% interest rate, Its called SMS Loan.

  92. William Braganza Hanna says:

    Let it go bust.

  93. Radio Ardilla says:

    More than two years on and Bernie is finally the one to loudly embrace this idea.

  94. Tim g says:

    how does this not have more views?

  95. Joshua Eckhardt says:

    Cenk is one amazing man. Is there any topic that he actually has facts about? He could be the most clueless man who ever lived.

  96. Eagledives says:

    The Postal
    Service processing and distribution plant located at Summit Blvd ( across Trump
    Golf Course ) in West Palm Beach, FL. is one of the most corrupt and
    inefficient places to work. Most of the employees there are abusing the system
    and spreading false rumors about anyone that they wish to get rid of. They go
    as far as to spread false rumors on their co-worker's medical conditions and
    private personal lives in full violation of 'Postal Service Standards of
    Conduct' .There are many employees in the plant that don't even speak fluent
    English and have passed the entrance employment exam only because they
    obviously did sexual favors to their managers, in one case is was done at the
    office and the witness never report it.

    There is
    only one predominant ethnic race with little diversity on this processing plant
    so that if you don't happen to be their same majority race you are seen and
    treated like the enemy among them. 
    Managers are also of the same majority race and this contributes to the
    perpetual corruption and overlooking of violations and low morale among the other
    minority race postal employees. A place of work where one race is the majority,
    they tend to impose their low moral and ethical standards. and creates reverse
    discrimination. They keep hiring more of the same race so that nothing changes
    and the inefficiencies, corruption and low moral continues.

    The managers keep giving them over time duties even when
    most of the workers there under perform, are very incompetent and have very low
    production standards and unsafe working habits, this is a huge waste of tax
    payers money. This is a unique insight into the reasons why it has been losing
    millions for more than 20 years, the general public is unaware of this facts.
    The Union members are as corrupt and incompetent as the people they represent.


    Inefficiency created by hiring the most unproductive workers in society

    and Why is
    the US
    Post Office so ridiculously inefficient? :

    The U.S.
    postal service  is a quasi-monopoly,
    which does not allow for competitive market forces to eliminate inefficiencies
    and determine better ways of operating. The majority of its employees come from
    the military where there is NO production standards whatsoever, and no sense of
    urgency ,where 3 people do the job of one, and where speaking and wasting time
    on the job is the norm so that one task supposed to be done and completed in
    one hours , in the military it takes twice as long, and superiors look the
    other way and Congress and the Pentagon keeps paying higher prices for
    everything down to a small gadget or tool. So the lazy immature veteran after
    leaving the service gets preferential treatment on the postal exam, and
    continues with the same old inefficient habits learned in the military of  low production standard, no sense of urgency
    on the job, NO production pressure, total incompetence on the job while the
    middle managers look the other way. Many of these veterans have mental issues,
    that is why they have a high suicide rate, PTSD symptoms and explains most of
    the latest mass shootings. The military doesn't screen them for mental illness
    and in fact their recruiting standards for mental issues have become more lax
    and less efficient. No disrespect intended but the veteran's working habits are
    no productive enough for the efficiency required in the postal service high
    stress working environment. Using a weapon and standing on guard duty is not
    the same as maintaining a repetitive high level efficient production for eight

     The postal service is a textbook example of a
    monopoly that, because of a lack of competitive pressures, faces little
    incentive to minimize costs and thus continues to operate at inefficient
    levels. Remember, the USPS is a government agency that's funded by its own
    sales, and tax dollars, and it's supposed to run at cost. Instead, it's losing
    billions annually, and it can't be fixed solely by cutting jobs, locations and
    changing its pricing model.

    The U.S.
    Postal Service ranked as the lowest-performing postal agency globally when compare
    to 24 government-operated postal organizations and two private companies that
    together deliver 75 percent of the world’s mail. USPS also lags behind its
    counterparts in adapting to its customers’ needs.

  97. Harry Hightower says:

    it's becoming clearer and clearer to me every day the US GOV has never been the problem because it is run by people for the people and it is and still is regard less of what is going on the people still have some control and the laws are there to stop the rich and help us so we can help others .to me that's not socialism but caring .

  98. Stephen Spilker says:

    we used to do that (banking)

  99. Joe Smith says:

    Don't throw that self stamped envelope from junk mail providers away. Instead pack it with other junk mail and mail it back to them. The post office will get reimbursed for the stamp by the junk mail provider helping the post office profit one step at a time it also sends a message to the junk mail provider through their barcode on the envelope that you don't want their junk mail. Lol

  100. old lady in a shoe says:

    It's can be saved but they will have to change everything

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