How to Setup T3leads Javascript Affiliate form into your WordPress

hi everyone, today you gonna learn how to
setup Javascript form of T3leads affiliate program in your
Wordpress blog. In order to do this I have to log into my
admin dashboard, select Channels and then select Create Form.
After that, we are transfered to the page where we can select
“Payday Loan” product. Also you have to choose the number of steps
you want to see in your form. There can be, 1, 2, 3 step forms. Hit
Search. Totally we have 6 forms like that. Today we are going
to work with Payday Shanti 1-step form, this is one of the latest forms.
Its color by default is light-green. We should select this form by
clicking on it. After that we are taken to the Constructor,
in which we can see 2 tabs – Form Settings and Select a Color
Scheme. Go to Select a Color Scheme and select the scheme that you
want to see in your form. You can select from the existing palettes
and if that’s not enough then you will be able to edit the form
on your end later on. After we have selected the form, you have
to save it and copy the code. Now we proceed directly to the inserting into
Wordpress part. In order to insert the form you have to login
into your WordPress dashboard and create a new page. In fact there exist
several options for inserting the JavaScript form into the WordPress, but
today we will consider the easiest option. To insert the form we need
to create a new page. After this we’ll be able to use the form as
well as our clients. Switch to Text mode and Paste the form code
into the page. As you can see the new menu element is added
into the menu. Click on this element and soon you will be
able see the page with the form that you wanted to see. Next time we’ll consider
another option where you can use templates. As for today this is it, thank you for watching,
subscribe to this channel and good luck!

One comment on “How to Setup T3leads Javascript Affiliate form into your WordPress”

  1. Alex Zamsheen says:

    Есть ли возможность подключить к своей форме обработчик от t3leads. То есть чтобы верстка формы была моя, а данные полей отправлялись на t3leads??? Заранее спасибо…

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