How to Shop Online | Navy Federal Credit Union’s Member Mall

Welcome to Navy Federal Member Mall. A great way to get shopping discounts and earn more rewards using your Navy Federal Credit Card. You can search for online deals and see the rewards you’ll earn from purchases. You can browse merchants and product categories, shop for seasonal items, buy gift cards and more. To use Member Mall log into and click on your credit card account. Make sure that you are
enrolled in one of the rewards programs Navy Federal offers for that card. Within your credit card account summary you’ll see your current rewards points total and a link to Member Mall. Click on the link to leave and launch Member Mall. See something you like? Click on shop now to get started. As long as you click to the merchant site from Member Mall without clicking away All rewards earned from the purchase will be credited to your Navy Federal rewards account. That means you could earn up to 15 points or 15 percent cashback per dollar in addition to the rewards you would normally receive. When you’re ready to shop online remember to use Navy Federal Member Mall to multiply your credit card rewards.

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  1. valarie arellano says:

    This was so helpful. I was literally trying to find the member mall link yesterday!

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