How to Sign Money in ASL – American Sign Language

Ok, now I am going to teach you on what topic? Whoa! You see this? What is this? This is MONEY. MONEY is signed like this. MONEY. This is ONE-CENT or a PENNY. This is FIVE-CENTS or a NICKEL. This is TEN-CENTS or a DIME. This is a QUARTER. What are these? COINS. What are these? COINS. COINS is signed with handshape ‘F’. Repeat the movement to show plurality. You see this? This is ONE-DOLLAR. Don’t sign it like ONE and then DOLLAR. We sign it with just one sign. ONE-DOLLAR. Or you can sign it with small twists of the DOLLAR which is more common among Deaf people. See this? This is FIVE-DOLLARS. Or sign it in quick and short repeated twists like this. As you can see, this is TEN-DOLLARS. So how do we sign it with number TEN? TEN-DOLLARS. Or sign TEN and then DOLLARS. See this? This is TWENTY DOLLARS. Sign it like this for TWENTY. 20 DOLLARS. You see these? These are DOLLARS. Do you want more money? With a lot of zeroes? You want to know and learn signs for that? Ok, good! You see this? Wow! A hundred! ONE-HUNDRED. ONE-HUNDRED. Or this is another variation. ONE-HUNDRED. You can sign ONE-HUNDRED DOLLARS. Or use the other variation. I just sign ONE-HUNDRED. If you want to increase it to two hundred, just incorporate the number 2 in the hundred. TWO-HUNDRED. THREE-HUNDRED (two different variations) Do you see this? This is ONE THOUSAND. Don’t sign ONE then THOUSAND, but rather sign both words combined into one sign by incorporating number ONE like this. ONE-THOUSAND. If you want more, just sign the number into the thousand. TWO-THOUSAND. THREE-THOUSAND. FOUR-THOUSAND. Okay? You see this? ONE MILLION. Wow! You see touching the palm twice? Why do we do it twice? As you can see, this is for one comma, and the next for the second comma. So, we sign it this way, MILLION. This is ONE-THOUSAND. It has only one comma, so only touch palm once, got it? So, this is ONE-THOUSAND. This is, whoa, ONE MILLION. More than that would be a billion. But we don’t touch the palm three times, instead, we just fingerspell B-I-L-L-I-O-N. With enough practice, you can do it quickly. 🙂 Now, let’s see if we can count the total of cents. This is a QUARTER. And, this is a DIME. Okay, so the both of these would total how much? Correct. That would be 35-CENTS. Use the “cent” or “money” spot on the side of the temple with the tip of your index finger. 35-CENTS. Okay, good! You see these coins? QUARTER and QUARTER. These total how much? Yep, 50-CENTS. Ok, see this QUARTER, QUARTER, and QUARTER. And this DIME. And these three PENNIES. So these total how much? 88-CENTS. Remember to use the “cent” spot with the index finger. 88-CENTS. See this FIVE-DOLLARS, ONE-DOLLAR, and ONE-DOLLAR. FIVE-DOLLARS, ONE-DOLLAR, ONE-DOLLAR. TOTAL HOW-MUCH? $7. Just use the number 7 and twist it. SEVEN-DOLLARS. So, you twist the numbers for 1-9 dollars. For TEN-DOLLARS, you can twist the 10, or sign TEN and then DOLLARS. Do that for above $10. For example, $11, $12, $15, $20 and higher. Ok, good. This is TEN-DOLLARS, ONE-DOLLAR, and ONE-DOLLAR. TOTAL HOW-MUCH? TWELVE-DOLLARS. Ok, good. $1, $1, and 25¢, 25¢. TOTAL HOW-MUCH? You see there’s a combination of dollars and cents. So how do we sign these? When we sign DOLLARS, we don’t need to use the “cent” spot. For example, TWO-DOLLARS FIFTY. Don’t need to use the “cent” spot after the DOLLAR sign because we already know that we are talking about money, right? $2.50. We sign it like this, $2.50. Ok, good. You see this FIVE-DOLLARS, 25¢, 25¢, and 25¢. How much does these amount to? FIVE-DOLLARS SEVENTY-FIVE-CENTS, don’t use the “cent” spot, as it is not needed. $5.75. See this 20 DOLLARS. $20. This is uh… 10¢. 5¢ TOTAL HOW-MUCH? TWENTY DOLLARS and 15 CENTS. Remember not to use the “cent” spot. $20.15. $20.15 Okay? Now, you understand how to sign money. Look at that! Ok, good!

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  1. Edgar Cortes says:

    I wish it had subtitles. I'm still new to the deaf community and my ASL is still bad. I'm trying to learn it but I only understood every other sign. 🙁

  2. Janelle Huston says:

    Fantastic!  My students were thrilled to see this concept in ASL rather than spoken and Signed English! 

  3. Hannah Butler-Flannery says:

    This was so helpful. My prof did not have a lot of time to go over this in class but we have a quiz on it today, this helped sooooooooo much! Thanks! Super clear!

  4. Shana Pilny says:

    Very helpful- thank you

  5. Shannen says:

    Heey i really liked it but around 0.40 there were kinds of coins but i live in holland (im gonna move to america later :)) but i dont knkw what those coins are, can someone say it thanks:)

  6. K. Sutton says:

    Ok…counting money in ASL is very challenging.

  7. j s hill says:

    WoW!  Many updates from my old way of signing money …. Thank you!

  8. Mark McWilliams says:

    Cutting out the sign for "cent" makes signing money very natural! Thank you for the video!

  9. Vanessa Sandez says:

    AWESOME VIDEO! 🙂 Will subscribe and I'm using this for my class as a resource and sending to parents to practice with their Deaf children. 

  10. TheVideoGametuts says:

    How do you say 50 cent piece? 

  11. Felycia John says:

    Thank you !

  12. Claire says:

    This was a lot of help! Thank you!

  13. ASL [email protected] says:

    That was so great!
    Thx so much for posting!!!; oD

  14. Alissa Conover says:

    Perfect for my 1 grader son!!! Thank you for posting this!!!

  15. Evelyn Hunter says:

    Great job!  Very clear even with minimal ASL understanding.

  16. jupiterbyrd says:

    I work as a cashier and I've noticed some of my customers using ASL to communicate. This video is really helping me communicate back! Thank you!

  17. SIGN LANGUAGE says:

    BRAVO, Brilliant way to teach ASL numbers. THANK You.

  18. SIGN LANGUAGE says:

    Ooops, AND Money numbers!

  19. Patricia Vanhaute says:

    Moeilijk amerika yves

  20. Patricia Vanhaute says:


  21. ASL SM says:

    This was such a cute video! Very informative, and well edited.. as always 🙂

  22. Sarah Jeffers says:

    I love your videos. Thank you for making them.

  23. lovelyreptiles says:

    thank you your videos are very helpful

  24. ASL Terp says:

    I'm curious what software you use for making this video? Will you share with me? Thanks.

  25. tatianafosho says:

    May someone please be so kind and tell me what it means when he holds his left hand with his right and pulls it away?

  26. Toni Vega says:

    Thank you!!

  27. Sarah Becker says:

    I work in customer service and I was just wondering how to sign some of these things, this is really helpful. Thank you!

  28. Tamra Armstrong says:

    This is a really great video. Thanks!

  29. Carrie W says:

    Thank you for making this video. My daughter and I are both trying to learn sign language, and I looked this video up for clarification.

    I don't know all of the signs you're doing, but you go slow enough, and are expressive enough that most of it translates anyway.

    She does virtual school, and ASL is one of the courses offered. I'm not sure why, but they don't have a lot of videos included in the lessons, so youtube has been immensely helpful when they don't explain the signs well. This video was exactly what we needed:)

  30. MasterWarden says:

    Thank you so much! I am trying to learn and work in retail, knowing signs for money and numbers truly helps! (:

  31. Silvia Lopez says:

    Thank you

  32. lullaby says:

    Great lesson, thanks!

  33. Alison Neumann says:

    Brilliant! Thank you!

  34. Nick K says:

    I love this! Thank you! Perfect for ASL learners!

  35. kathy lawton says:

    This is a very clear site. He makes this and the 50 states of America very clear. I will look for more of these by him. Excellent.

  36. ShAfIQuL HoQuE says:

    oh see was working sorter diamond for tax …How?

  37. Rebekah K says:

    Thank you for this video! I'm so excited! Maybe I'll get a chance to use this during my cashier job!

  38. DarlingDanielah says:

    Challenging, yet informative. Keeping up with what he's saying is fun.

  39. Bluey Fabbo says:

    I'm from Australia – Can you (or anyone you know) please do this song, … in, … '"American Sign Language" for me?, ty 🙂 – I would really!! love to see it, and don't wish to miss out, .. so kindly tag me, or post @ Fb Bluey Bee Fabbo – Thanks again – B 🙂

  40. Megan Graham says:

    I love this I just wish the counting money wasn't so hard I guess I'll keep watching to learn

  41. Bunjeyman says:

    What a fantastic video! I loved it! I can understand sign language pretty well, but even if I couldn't I feel like I would have learned something from this video. Learning a language through figuring it out yourself is always more effective than having each word (or grammar rule) spelled out for you. This video supported that method which made me very happy! The strategic use of pictures and slow, clear signing was just perfect! And he did it all in one take (at the very least I didn't see any video cuts) which is pretty impressive in and of itself.

  42. BooYaFools says:

    Thank you kind sir

  43. Morbid Insomniac says:

    Numbers always confuse me

  44. Bob L says:

    This is, by far, the BEST, all inclusive, asl money tutorial I have found to date. Very much appreciated. Thank you.

  45. Althea Santos says:

    i was hoping there is subtitle so that people who wants to learn sign language can easily cope up with the lesson of the video. 🙋

  46. Misty Maina says:

    Super helpful! I missed my ASL class and my teacher posted this to help with practice. I'm all caught up – Thank you!

  47. umme tarafder says:

    deaf news

  48. Tanner Durst says: or 0:00 and pause (nice green screen!)

  49. Philippine Deaf Community Vlog • TV says:

    Lol, idol

  50. Emily Mooney says:

    I am a hearing person trying to learn ASL and I work at a bank.  This video was unclear in many ways – I wish it had subtitles.  I'm not sure what I learned.

  51. Serene says:

    Excellent tutorial even for a beginner that doesn't know much sign, thank you!

  52. Roxana Duval says:

    What is the difference between the sign for “1” and “alone”?

  53. Bethany Gonzales says:

    In all my ASL classes (even taught by Deaf) I never learned any of that. Thank you!

  54. Tanisha Grier says:

    super cool asl video! great job!

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