How to Solo Stealth Big Bank in Payday 2 [2019 Guide w/ subtitles]

before watching this video, you might wanna turn on your subtitles. don’t worry I may speak very clearly *Some Cool Intro Music* Hello, today I’m gonna show you how to
solo stealth big bank in death sentence difficulty. This guide is for people who
are beginners and are new to the game but if you already know some tips I’m
going to mention give yourself a High five! F*cking nice one! Let’s begin! It’s up to you if you wanna bring team AI with you for the buffs To do this
mission easily you need at least one ECM jammer with you A silenced shotgun Aced the ECM overdrive skill Aced the Chameleon skill Aced some drill skills
for easier drilling *Dallas screaming for MEDIC BAG in the background* Aced the sixth sense skill Aced the nimble skill And your best Sam Fisher stealth skills Take a glance at my current build. Pause the
video if you please I just aced the Jack of all trades
skill so I can carry both ECM jammers and body bags It’s up to you to bring a
saw. Just make sure not to fuck things up if things get f*cked… try to unf*ck the situation 😉 Now that’s all we need for the mission. Time to plan There are a total of 2 keycards in the map you can buy an additional key
card in the pre-planning menu which will add up to 3 keycards I like to buy
and place my spare key card in the management corridor but it’s your choice Remember: keycards and ECM jammers are your friend. The two keycards have their
own possible spawn points: They could be lying around the office areas in the
first and second floor, in the manager’s office, in the managers safe, the cafeteria, even the bank manager could hold a keycard. You can kill him to hide
his body easily, or tie him up and lead him somewhere where no one can find him for ZERO penalty If you love killing civilians like I do and love to save
money you can ace the Sixth Sense skill to lessen the penalty by 75% There are a
total of six guards in the vault area five are roaming and one is the
surveillance operator. The five roaming guards are going to be the problem while the surveillance operator doesn’t need to be bothered. Buying the poisoned
cake asset is important, make sure to place one in the entry hall. What the poison cake asset does is that it paralyzes one guard in a certain area but it doesn’t kill him so you still need to be cautious moving
near his area. So that’s one taken care of and it’s up to you to kill the
remaining four roaming guards just don’t let anyone see you. doing this will let you have the whole vault area to yourself Remember you can only answer
four pagers which means you can only kill four guards. If you kill the fifth guard,
you’re f*cked let’s buy the time lock glitch routine! So waiting for the timelock to run zero will be lesser by 30 seconds And lastly, your escape route Since you’re trying your best to be
like Sam Fisher, The best escape plan is the elevator trick.. You don’t what to use the bus stop, thermite or C4. That’s just stupid 😛 Using the default escape van is too far away and is a pain in the ass. OK, now that’s just the debriefing **Dentist’s words of wisdom** First, you spawn outside the bank the sun is shining and the weather is
nice, but it’s mostly boring so let’s walk into the bank where it is less boring. First thing you should do is to find a keycard. I’ll start searching in the offices in the first floor Wow, i found the keycard already! EPIC GAMER MOMENT! I’ll just have to grab it! Yoink! Once you grabbed the first keycard,
find the server room door. The server room has three possible spawn points: One over here, near the management corridor. one near the cafeteria and one near the first floor offices This is the vault access door this door has two possible spawn points one here in the first floor and another one on the second floor OK now, once you grabbed the first keycard find the server room door. It’s over here! When you find the server room mask up and open the door with your ECM jammer. F*cking nice one! Interact with the
computer inside and let Bain do his magic! Bain will tell you he can’t do
more of his magic. Bain: Dammit! looks like we need local access. Most likely one of the staff terminals. Bain: figure out which one, try ’em all if you have to. He will to you to play with the computers in the offices. Since we are doing this solo, this is all about luck and guessing. the right computer could be on the first floor or second floor. I recommend you start with
the first floor. remain crouched in this aisle don’t worry, the personnel are too busy playing for Fortnite to see you sneaking. You can interact with their computers from this position to avoid getting spotted. Yes, I know it’s kinda stupid 😛 Bain: Connecting, we can only do them one at a time, so fingers crossed this is the right one. Bain: That was the wrong terminal. Keep trying. Look for some clue. Clock is ticking and we need to find the right one Keep interacting with the computers until you find the code. You can only interact with computers that are switched on you can obviously tell if the screen is on If you are unlucky, the right computer may be on the second floor But since I was so lucky in this part, I found the code in the first floor Bain: That’s the code! Great. Now get it working on that time lock EPIC GAMER MOMENT! “security camera” Bain: And now we wait, anyone have any good stories? You heard what Bain said, we wait.
But I don’t have any stories. We shall chill in the management offices for a
while… Shit, there’s a lady here! Shit, the manager spotted me! I shall tie him up to see if he has a keycard. He doesn’t have a keycard, not today. In a few seconds later, Gensec will contact the bank’s telephone Bain: Is anyone going to pick up the phone? Answer it and let Bain do the talking Bain: Good afternoon, this is the Benevolent Bank, you’re speaking to Martin Jen: This is Jen at Gensec, our systems picked up an unscheduled activation of your time lock Jen: I’m just calling to confirm everything is fine… Bain: Yeah, everything is fine, just a scheduling conflict. Bain: Had a major account holder turn up out of the blue. Jen: got it no problem just keep us informed Bain: Sure, thanks for keeping us safe. Bye. *hangs up* Bain: Looks like we dodged that one! Wow, Bain has convinced Gensec. F*cking nice one, Bain! There is a small chance that Gensec won’t be convinced by Bain and they’ll send some popos in the bank. test your luck and try to pick the safe open there (manager’s office) chances are you might find another keycard. Wow, I found another key card
another EPIC GAMER MOMENT! Now, after the time lock is finished, the vault access
will open. You can see there are lasers here. If you touch them, you will be compromised. remember to use two keycards on both slots to remove all the lasers. I will place one here on the right because I already placed one on the left. The left one will deactivate the horizontal lasers while the right one deactivates the vertical lasers. OK, now you’re inside there are still guards
in there, so silently approach the giant vault then you will put a sexy severed
thumb on the fingerprint scanner . After that, Bain will tell you to press two
green buttons in each control room. Bain: When it comes to sourcing things like thumbs, I operate a “Don’t ask. Don’t tell” policy. Bain: Now get to the security consoles. Boom! Bain: One down, one to go! that’s one button, the other isn’t too far Boom! that’s two buttons Bain: Great! Now the last step. Find the manager’s code. It should be on his computer. Then, you will have to go back to the manager’s office interact with the computer and carefully go back to the
vault again. it’s a long process but there’s a lot of tasty loot that awaits. Bain: Connected, let’s see what we have… Once again, head back to the vault silently and carefully type in the code and twist the lock Bain: That’s it! Great job, gang! the vault opens very very slowly, there
are lots of stuff to do while it opens like making a prank call Prank call in progress… Prank success? vErY fUnNy Bain: All doors have keys. If you wanna do this quietly, find the keys It’s time open the cage doors for the loot Yes, you heard what Bain said there are keys lying about. But I prefer to use my drills. Don’t worry it’ll take less than
two minutes to open everything If you brought a saw with you, you can force open the deposit boxes if you are greedy. But wait, this is not the time to
celebrate just yet. we still have four guards to kill. Remember, don’t kill the surveillance operator Suprise Motherf*cker! Bodhi: Say, I was just wondering, where’d you buy that cologne? Pager Guy: Oh I get it. Mmhmm. Just a minute. Pager Guy: OK, it seems fine. use your silenced shotgun to blast them
out of sight tAkE tHaT! Again, don’t let anyone see you. Bodhi: Sorry, was trying to get through the error on operations Kill all 4 guards, spare the surveillance operator and the puking guard Bodhi: Sorry, we’re fine. Saw lights in the sky, just a
low-flying plane Congratulations, you have owned the whole vault area. Now it’s time to secure all the loot you want through the elevator shaft. Keep you distance from the puking guard. Bain will tell you to secure a minimum of three bags but you can exceed all you want. repeat the process and you’re done. *Celebrating with a bottle of beer is optional* and that’s how to solo stealth Big Bank in Death Sentence Difficulty Wow, I can’t believe this channel has reached over 2000 subscribers make sure to subscribe for more check out my other gameplays on Payday 2 and Far Cry as well. Stay Street F*cking nice one!

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