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  1. Tommy Jey tv says:

    kuul boss good one explanation thanks that

  2. Babah Channel says:

    Thnx for the tips, I've subscribed ur channel

  3. Sophia Roberto says:

    OK good

  4. Lena Schimmoeller says:

    Short, sweet and to the point. Everyone just beats around the bush, so thank you for cutting out the fluff.

  5. Leon Nelepa says:

    Wow nice very interesting thanks

  6. Nathan Danjou says:

    I am 8 can I be come a youtube?

  7. Herold Jayaveer says:

    thanks for valuable tips dear…. i hopes to go ahead with ur tips

  8. Beauty And More says:

    To open an Adsense account, u must have a website?

  9. Bennett haynes says:

    I like that nice

  10. Hassanat Abdulazeez says:

    This is the best ever training I have ever seen thank u very………. Much

  11. ABADDON 247 says:

    So what do you do if you have an account and want to start making videos. I went to my channel and there is no business option.


    Thanks pan,
    I already have my own mg menes graffiti YouTube Channel but extra knowledge is always welcome.


    Plus i subscribe to your channel. Greetings mg menes graffiti YouTube Channel rotterdam Holland MGM int.

  14. Willie Peiwei says:

    I don't see "my channel" option. How many chanels can I have?

  15. M.masood Ahmed says:

    Thanks for sharing,
    Please tell me
    Where do I give bank details,
    And when and how I get money????
    What matters actually!!! More views or likes or subscription????

  16. Genara Sarong says:

    Thnx u for the tips on how to start youtube channel

  17. Jóvenes Y Desarrollo Sostenible says:

    great video

  18. Shez+Mr meow meow says:

    Yes I can finnaly help my mom

  19. Shez+Mr meow meow says:

    And I'm just 12 ._.

  20. Senai Arts says:

    Clear and easy.. thank you sir.

  21. Shivannand Maharaj says:

    Very informative video.

  22. Hibiscus Flower says:

    How do u get videos to upload

  23. bugoyinews says:

    thank you now i'm open my channer

  24. JFS TV says:

    This is what I have been looking for, thanks so much for this explanation.

  25. 808 wafalme says:


  26. Gideon David says:

    Thank you, it is simple and clear
    But I still have a question

  27. Sarah Kiap says:

    Thanks a lot you are very helpful, I appreciate your video teaching.

  28. adeniyi feyishetan says:

    I really appreciate this video 📹 👍👍👍 So now I can start making my YouTube money 💵

  29. Jubilee Felix says:

    Excellent video love it

  30. Daisy Agravante says:

    Yay ! Big help thanks mr Pan theOrganizer 👏

  31. Top 10 Best says:

    am abegginner on youtube I think your channel will help me a lot…

  32. Thana Ndlovu says:

    Thank you for this..I subscribed

  33. Thana Ndlovu says:

    Hi please help ..
    I see an option "your channel" but I can't find "brand name"

  34. nasereldeen ali says:

    thank you very match . it is useful

  35. Mandril2479 Solo says:

    Great video, down to the point with out wasting time. Keep em coming.

  36. Time of way says:


  37. Mike Ssendikwanawa says:

    Thanks for the teaching Pan

  38. BudgetAuto says:

    Great way to lay it out concisely. Thanks for the help!

  39. Joy Bartlett says:

    Nice straight up explanation, luv it! ♥️ no beat around the bush. Thx! Came here coz am curious about YT channels now I may want to open my own lol great job 😁👍🏻

  40. Zainab Isiaka says:

    Nice one, I like the way you explain it

  41. De Fowl says:

    Lol this hard… how you go to adsense on google? He should of said something more bout that.

  42. Antwone Edwards says:

    Thank 💯

  43. BM 1397 says:

    quite impressive

  44. cadetVFD cadetVFD says:

    Ty this was very informative and helpful🙂

  45. neoNOTES says:

    Great video. I like the way you explained. Very straightforward. Easy to understand. Thanks heaps.

  46. Graeme Allen says:

    I have to think about what I want to do on you tube. I am about to start a jewellery making business. But I'm still learning how to build a reputable business model, I am watching a lot of interesting people who have a channel that is teaching me to do something not half hearted but professionally.

  47. Matthew ANDERSON says:


  48. boy jammeh says:

    U a d best

  49. Tat Hoang says:

    Thank you!!

  50. Onlybigmen1 TV says:

    I’m very happy to watch this video god bless you

  51. Nathaniel Davis says:

    Thank u very much this info came in very handy u the man

  52. Ami love Abuki says:

    Real man with golden heart thanks dear bro

  53. Amnan Desi vlog says:

    Thank you

  54. Bal Krishna says:

    reply I want to make YouTube Chanel in phone where we have to click in mobile

  55. Lizzie Carter says:


  56. Barbara Baker says:

    Great video!

  57. Gygf Gyyg says:

    I oned tube

  58. Carmen Montes says:

    Awesome you are the best explain everything simple. I love it!!!!!!!!
    Thanks a lot😃

  59. zza95 gaming says:

    my windows movie maker always crash

  60. Ask Kim says:

    This was easy to follow. Actually told you what the title says 🙂

  61. Rahma mohamed says:

    thanks 🙏 ❤️

  62. MK Films/Reviews says:

    best tips ever thanks
    helps alot

  63. Beza Shebre says:


  64. Isaac Hildreth says:

    I do not have one

  65. Isaac Hildreth says:

    I do not get it

  66. Hosh Tv says:

    Help me to achieve my dreams

  67. LOUIE GLYKAS says:

    Amazingly easy explanation, direct and to the point THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  68. LovingLove says:

    great, looking for help

  69. Merlie Aranas says:

    Thank you for your video it helps me understand a little bit about how to create a You Tube Channel 🙂

  70. NABIL DZ says:

    Hi guys, I have a question; So I'm in the USA, and I speak fluently both ARABIC and ENGLISH, I always wanted to launch a youtube channel, but always pondered on the idea of in which language my channel would be!! using Arabic would help reach a certain region in the world/audience, and the same thing for English…ANY IDEA IN REGARDS TO THIS MATTER OF BILINGUAL PEOPLE?? THANK YOU ALL

  71. ruthfreedman says:

    You were great, Pan. Crystal clear. But not what i needed.
    Trying to get a video of Louis Armstrong’s Go Down Moses in my YouTube Library. I only
    get an audio. Even tho Google showed it once. I gave up. As a musician, i have no time for your tempting channel. Thanks for being so good. Aloha, aunty Ruth

  72. Food Haven says:

    Very helpful for a beginner like me❤️

  73. Roy Lot says:

    Damn you know i have seen many of this video but this is top of all simple clear and not dramatic your the best man good work

  74. Abitu Ekpo says:

    Nice one

  75. Marina MacGregor says:

    Awesome. Thanks a lot.

  76. Jane Jessica says:

    How can I open YouTube account and start getting money

  77. king net says:

    Am really appreciately your video thank you

  78. Willow me Crafts says:

    Thank You, To the point no jazzing up! Just the way I like it. Very informative liked and added.

  79. Ermiyas Girma says:


  80. Dj IBM says:

    Just started YouTube and trying to grow

  81. Pamela Woolford says:

    Thank you! Straight and simple instructions!! The best yet and can't get any better.

  82. Stella Selv says:


  83. Ciara Williams says:

    thank you so much ! Small youtuber ! 🥰! Very helpful

  84. Eileen Cadena says:

    I’ve been having trouble with my YouTube and it helped a lot thx

  85. Gina Provost says:

    What do you put when it says "URL website when I click on the Google AdSense

  86. Semideus Art says:

    I am new here, thank you for advices. I am not going to give up … I hope

  87. Lawrence Shuda says:


  88. Carol Miranda says:

    Learning.. This is the BEST video i came across. You showed us STEP BY STEP and you explained it so well. I wrote all my notes. Lol!! Thank You!! 👍👍

  89. diosdado timogan says:

    thanns for your specific info

  90. diosdado timogan says:


  91. Shobi Bhai Official says:

    Good Work

  92. GDScript Dude says:

    Seems like we need 1000+ subscribers and over 4000 hours of watch time to get monetization now.

  93. Dorcas Whyte says:

    Thanks for the needed information. I was about to upload my first video without preparing the channel as you have instructed. I don't believe I found your video by chance!

  94. kaipy maluma says:

    thks guy

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