How To Stop Hair Breakage and Hair Damage With Black African American Hair Growth

Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I will be talking about how to prevent hair breakage
with African-American hair this seems to be the biggest question with African-American
hair because our sense to go through so much breakage sometime so I will be addressing
the different things that you want to do to your hair or that you don’t want to do to
your hair to make sure that you prevent your hair from so much breakage the first reason
as to why you may be experiencing breakage with your hair is because you have a lack
of protein in your hair now for those of you who may have natural hair this is something
that most natural girls don’t have an issue with but if you chemically relax your hair
this is a problem you always have to fight with your hair when you relax your hair you’re
breaking up the protein bonds that your hair is made this is our hair is mostly made up
of protein this weakens your hair and leaves it prone to breakage so to make sure to fix
this issue that after your relaxing treatments you use some type of protein treatment for
your hair to stop your hair from breakage the second reason as to why you may have issues
with hair breakage is because you don’t have enough moisture in your hair if your hair
is lacking moisture and often doesn’t feel elastic and it often feels extremely hard
and brittle and even dry at times so to make sure that your hair isn’t going to continue
the great you have to use some type of moisturizer to keep it supple what is best is to use water-based
moisturizers because this gives you the best moisture for your hair so whether or not you
use a conditioner spray or you make your own concoction with oils and glycerin and other
materials you just need some way to incorporate moisture once your hair to prevent breakage
from happening in a description box below I have a link to my actual website where I
talk about the different moisturizing things I do to my hair to prevent hair breakage so
that reason as to why you may have issues with hair breakage is because you have hard
water or simply mineral buildup in your water if you place with hard water because you can
kind of tell your hair won’t cooperate with it sometimes will either be immune to some
products or as some people say or nothing you do actually works out the best for your
hair when you have mineral buildup on your hair this wager hair down because your hair
can’t absorb it so it simply sits on top of your hair shaft and minerals that are naturally
occurring in our waters things like so for calcium and even some metals so to make sure
that your hair is isn’t breaking from the minerals laying down your hair you want to
use a very good cleansing shampoo to remove these mineral deposits so also the description
box in the same article I have an article talking about the different shampoos or specific
things that I use to free my hair mineral buildup since I live in an area that has hard
water my fourth reason as to why you may have issues with hair breakage is because you use
sulfate shampoos or you simply use too much sulfate in your shampoo African-American hair
tends to be more on the dry side so using shampoo that has very stripping cleansing
agents like sulfates are bad for our hair you want to make sure that you use things
that are clear of anything ends with ates or ate so check the ingredients on the back
of your shampoo bottle the same as any soapy the best natural shampoo that I like to use
for my hair is Dr. Bronners Castile Soap or Dr. Bronners Castile shampoo this is free
of sulfate has natural ingredients in a gives you a very good clean so probably the reason
why your hair is always breaking is because you’re using very stripping shampoos which
are unnecessary for our hair my 5th reason as to why you are experiencing breakage with
your hair is because your hair is always in contact with moisture absorbent materials
so the number two culprits of moisturizing stealers with your hair would be cotton and
wool you want to make sure that you stay away from those materials with your pillowcases
or like if you wear your hair down in your hair is brushing against the shoulders you
want to make sure that your hair isn’t being absorbed by these materials because it often
leads to breakage when your hair is dry as most prone to breakage so make sure that when
you go to bed at night you simply wear your hair with a silk scarf or a silk pillowcase
and even line some of your favorite hats as well to help keep your hair healthy and vibrant
and supple so my last final reason number six is why you are experiencing damage with
your hair is because you’re doing time for a trim a cut or simply to dust the ends of
your hair when you avoid this issue because you want to retain length this does the opposite
because if you have breakage on your hair it will just Continue to break because it’s
broken so if the ends of your hair split ill just continue to split work as well the way
up to your hair is gone so make sure that when you see any damage or you have a lot
of single-strand knots or split ends or the ends just look frayed and see through that
you just cut the ends off if you ends always breaking then as fast as your hair is growing
its breaking which will look like my hair is a growing because he needs to make sure
that you trim your damaged ends by keeping up with this this prevents breakage because
there is nothing that continues to break so if you need to make sure to cut your hair
with hair cutting shears since these scissors are designed for cutting your hair don’t use
household scissors because this will give you a very rugged cut and expose hair to the
elements and making easier to become damaged use hair cutting shears to cut the ends to
make sure that you stay on top of keeping your ends healthy so that all the high-stakes
reasons as to why you are experiencing breakage with your hair there maybe a couple of tips
that you’re already doing what if you’re experiencing breakage there’s obviously something that
you must start incorporating with your hair also be sure to go over and check out
for more information on hair and also other how to hair videos as well

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  1. marquita83 says:

    excellent video!! 🙂 thankz for sharing!!

  2. kawaiiaix says:

    Thank you this helps. I did trim my hair recently and it has grown again quite fast. But i think i still may have a few split ends. So what the hell, i'm going to cut off a further one – two inches. & see how that works out. I think hard water maybe the issue as well. and altough my hair (low porosity) is supposed to have lots of protein. I'm going to up my protein treatments as well. I did a protein deep condition yesterday and my hair felt amazing afterwards.

  3. MS R says:

    I cut off my ends to leave only natural hair but my ends still break off. Do I have to cut it off again?! I'm in the UK so we have hard water but it can't just be this. Thanks

  4. Amour Parisien says:

    You're so incredibly gorgeous O

  5. Miharu2020 says:

    i'd like to add using regular conditioner  with high cone levels as a leave in i just had this experience recently had to cut nearly 3 inches as my hair was falling out and breaking like mad!

  6. hajjah mustapha says:

    I lov your vidss

  7. LILLIE VERNON says:

    I think you did an excellent job.  Very professional.  Don't pay any attention to the negative remarks, no matter how good of a job one does there will always be one or two to have something bad to say even when it's not true..  If they didn't like the video why did they continue to watch?  I say keep up the good work!!.  Continue to do what you do.

  8. Rech Yaw says:

    Um soo im 13 yrs old and i hve relaxed hair. I relaxed my hair 3 weeks ago and now its strtin to break of. I don't kno why becuz i used to hve long hair but now im losing it. My family says braiding ur hair alot helps. Is tht true? Cuz I've been watching ur videos and u inspire me. And my fingers r always in my hair and i don't know any styles or braids to do when IM going sleep. Plz tell me how to moisturize my hair and wht to use. And one more questi. I kno deep conditioning is only for natural hair but if i hve relaxed hair can i deep condition my hair or not? Oh and also plz tell how to put protein back in my hair. Like wht do u mean by protein treatments? Any way plz answer this question asap. Oh and how can i grow long relaxed hair and wht products to do. And how long do i wait to trim my dead ends. Thz.

  9. Marjina Taher says:
  10. L.D.O.K says:

    Thankyou for the tips. I must have the hard water problem because products never work on my hair and its almost like it sits on it than absorbs it. My hair gets greasy quickly and weighs down. Now it sounds like i finally found out the reason why! <3

  11. n mettra says:

    wait so if you don't trim your hair the damaged part keeps breaking off until its all gone or when you don't trim your hair it gets worse? can someone please explain this to me

  12. ThePinkHuman says:

    I'm in college and i don't know what to do with my hair. It always seems dry, and weak. I use most of the ORS products on my hair, and it is chemically treated. I never heard of the protein treatment.. what would be a good way i can get protein in my hair, on a college budget.? Any products I can buy at walmart. (That's the only shopping area around here)

  13. Sarah Al Jufaili says:

    How about lack of protein on natural hair as a cause of breakage ? Can I send you a detailed email about my current problem with breakage ? I am suffering here

  14. Shamiah Clark says:

    what about perm hair

  15. Sapphire relaxed hair says:

    I truly appreciate the things you tell us on your videos about hair and I try to take very good care of my hair I look at YouTube and watch a lot of womens although everyone here is different I am relaxed has been relaxed since 2000 and in the beginning of my relax as I was getting my relaxers every 6 weeks, and I had a lot of split ends but then as time went on I start getting more information about how to take care of a relaxer and I took care of my hair and scalp by moisturizing using protein which I did not know anything about I will sealing my ends what's your rising and sealing my ends with the moisture and coconut oil and I use coconut oil and grapeseed oil throughout my whole entire time up until now my hair has grown because I have some knowledge on how to take care of relaxed hair and I do a trim once a year and that's on my birth date so my hands are not breaking off I am blessed with that a lot of people here break off I don't put a lot of heat to my hair and I do not color my hair so I believe that is why I do not have breakage because my scalp is healthy but I truly thank you for this it is very very good information thank you so much God bless

  16. Jannelli Coleman says:

    diluted apple cider vinegar does wonders, you can use it as a rinse and it will remove all the mineral deposits and replace lost moisture.

  17. trishaashraf says:

    Why do you have to specify "African American hair?" Don't Africans have the same kind of hair or is there something special about blacks in America?

  18. Lovely Bree says:

    omg @trishaashraf that was a pretty ignorant question in my opinion since im african american!! AFRICAN AMERICAN HAIR IS USUSALLY A DIFFERENT TEXTURE THEN NON- AFRICAN AMERICAN HAIR. The reason why you specify "african american hair" is because its usually thicker, fluffier and curlier then any others just depends on your hair texture from your parents. Some people have really course hair while others hair really kinky hair. With that type of hair you have to moisturize pretty often because our hair is usually really dry. I WOULD know obviously. In my opinion african american takes more time and effort to take care of then any other.. 

  19. Jazmine Brown says:

    ugh, I had hair that went just a little past my collar bone. I like to put in weave because I always used alot of heat on my own hair, I wanted to find another way to leave my hair alone and not put heat and allow it to grow on its own, so I began putting weaves in my hair.. anyway, I put in a weave, and after about a month ended up perming the hair that was left out, thinking I had properly washed it all out, I went just a few more weeks with the weave. When it came time to take out the weave, my hair was falling out in my hands as I washed it, I'm talking CLUMPS of hair. Long thick strands together. Stupid me.. I've tried several different things I found on the web for my hair. I'm taking biotin, and other vitamins, with biotin I'm only finding that my nails are growing quite fast, other than that, it isn't doing much for my hair, I've tried mayo and tomato paste . So many things. 

  20. mag zela says:

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  21. Alwa3s Movingg says:

    African americans got the same type of hair as black-carribeans,africans etc.

  22. jzzybme says:

    @trishaashraf They have the same kind of hair, though there are some small differences. 

  23. Cynthia Davis says:

    Highly informative! Thanks

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  25. Captain B says:

    i hope you people are all remembering your diet. Your diet is as important as hair care routine. If your eating shit alot of sugar etc it will have adverse effects on hair growth and quality. Good protein consumption and foods high in zinc i.e Salmon, Lean Beef etc are all good foods to incorporate into your diet aswell as nuts, leafy green vegetables and lots of water.

  26. Anisha Baptiste says:

    these were some great tips, I need a trim and protein, I don't have relaxed hair but I have some heat damage. thank you so much for this video.

  27. beinganisia says:

    I find it funny how afro hair, which exists in every part of the world becomes Afroamerican hair as if only Americans have it. I understand that is your culture but please you guys need to change the way you talk about afro.

  28. Ari -Ari says:

    I decided to do a honey treatment one day, I put honey and olive oil on my hair for 30 minutes and when I took it out, my hair has been dry, easily tangled (even with soft scrunchies) and when I brush through it, I can hear it. I never had this problem before putting the honey on my hair! I am seriously worried and I have no Idea how to fix it as I've used plenty of moisturizers.

  29. Ruth Mejia says:

    Im so sad every time that i relaxe my hair breakes of fall out i tired of this i have to make a promise… I think is like a drug … Cuz i always end with relaxing my hair … I bleach my hair n them i wait two months and then i put it black cuz i didnt like red..soo in two months i relaxer my hair and now my hair fall out… N i have other problem that two months or 3 that happn to me … I think this is the last one… Im so disgusting 😢😢😢 i dont want this problem anymore u know is sad see ur hair in ur hands

  30. kenicke579 says:

    Hi if anyone is reading this please help me. I dyed my hair one too many times and now is just completely damaged. From the outside it looks fine. But my hair is just breaking and shedding all over the place. I can legit just run my hands through my hair and a few strands will fall out. I've tried going heatless but I feel so uncomfortable when my hair isn't straight. I can't even perm my hair because I'm afraid it will break even more. I'm kind of at my wits end and i don't know what to do.

  31. metra cee says:

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  32. metra cee says:


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    I enjoyed your video very much. And will keep thoughs points you said. But can you suggest what to do for my daughter's dry thirsty hair? I relax her hair. Yes I put moister in her hair.

  34. Lovelle Willock says:

    how to stop hair breakage cut it off stop wear chemicals save money.😊

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    my daughter is experience hair shredding and seems like her hair drys out quickly..I cut her ends and every time I try to style her curly hair..she has kinky curls as well its breaks off or

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  41. ツIt'sMeSilvy says:

    Black woman are too fake!! stay natural pleasee!!

  42. Sassy 300 says:

    I use Coconut Oil…And it grows back healthy even in my thin areas!

  43. Donna Henderson says:

    Ok. I'm experiencing a lot of breakage. But mostly when I wash my hair. I finger detangle then use a wide tooth comb. I deep condition. I do protein treatments and I use aloe Vera juice, leave in condition, I use Shea butter and oils to seal. Why does my hair break of in medium to short strands

  44. Tamisha Laura says:

    My hair has been uneven ever since 2007, and I have the two specific areas that are now technically bald spots. I don't know what else to do, my hair has been in braids and occasional sew ins for over two years now. My hair just won't grow I'm so frustrated! :'(. HELP, someone help me please!??

  45. Igor Delkic says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover what can grow african american hair faster try Jadonite Hair Grow Buddy (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

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    HI, I have type 4c in hair but a little bit of 4a in the front and I wanted to know if you could give me some advice on what's going on with my hair. For the past three months I've been having major hair  breakage at first it was medium but now its to the point where  when I wash my hair it feels really gummy and comes out in huge clumps however when its dry its feels brittle and dry. I tried washing my hair with a clarifying shampoo but that didn't help much. Now I'm to the point where I cant even wash my hair because it will come out in clumps. A lot of people are telling to cut my hair but I feel like it wont help because the rest of my hair will still feel the same way but it will just be shorter.  Do you know what I can do that can stop this breakage?

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    Dear Breanna. I have dual textured greying hair. the top is a finer texture and thinner hair and the back is VERY thick and healthy. My hair is also extremely dry. what can i do? please reply

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    thanks for the advice you gave in the video, it was good. it's just a shame there are ignorant people in the comment section.

  56. DIANE JOHNSON says:

    Greetings, I have very short natural 4c hair, how do I determine when I need a protein treatment? Thanks for your response. ☺

  57. DIANE JOHNSON says:

    Greetings and thanks for your response. I have determined that my 4c hair is low porosity. It seems my most immediate challenge is opening my cuticles to get my dry hair hydrated and moisturized. I'm just not sure how to strike the balance between protein and moisture. What indicators should I look for?

  58. Breanna Rutter says:

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    used to get perm my hair didnt grow, i went natural my hair didnt grow, i got a texturizer still no growth. i dont know what to do

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    Do you keep your hair in protective styles? I don't recall ever watching a video in which you showed your natural hair

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    thankyou,this video will really help I hope I have tried countless of products to keep my hair strong healthy and beautiful but nothing is working i think it's the way I do my hair and the way I fix it I were it in a bun everyday because I'm afraid people will comment my hair an a rude way any tips

  68. Jordan Nichole says:

    if you keep your hair very oily is that a moisturizer

  69. MZ SISTA says:

    my hair is real short on the top and thin, and near the front,, been like this for a while,,,seem to be dry and like it has been breaking, very short hair, even though i use oils , yes hard water as well in Florida,,help,, thank you for sharing

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    hi i hav a senstive scalp it burns i do tak meds also i do use j j baby shampoo and conditioner. i don't pt oil on my scalp I've tryed coconut oil bjco and they burned my scalp and i hav allergies to chemicals mybe i can oi my hair with lard i hope thats mild because maybe that's why my hair comes out in clumps what else can i use omg. i do serrobbic dermatitis on my scalp so the derm gav me Medicaid shampoo to use

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    hello when i leave my relaxed leave out it always break and fall what can i do? 🙁

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    I'm writing because I have a different issue with my hair and have been for a long time.
    I have 100% natural hair since 2003.
    My hair doesn't seem to like oils and other moisturizing when wet or damp. If I use them, my hair starts to shed like crazy. So I have no way of sealing in moisture and I'm not sure if oils are enough when it's dry. I don't understand why since I don't use them on my scalp. I do not use sulfate shampoos. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

  77. Francesca 's World says:

    Hi my name is Francesca and I have a major concern I relaxed my hair and it was going great then I relaxed my hair again I just took my sew in and every time I comb it out it comes out what should I do

  78. Moon Orchid says:

    my hair seems to always become weak and fragile and breaks off.. its never grown pass my mid neck except for when I was wearing braids all the time then my hair actually grew.. but I don't want to wear braids anymore I just want to wear my natural hair no special styles just my natural hair as it is.
    I don't put chemicals in it EVER, I don't comb it, I finger detangle, I moisturise it with castor/coconut/avocado oil every day, I don't use products brcause I believe that whole natural substances work the best and are the healthiest, I also wash it once a week and braid it up some nights.. and even though I believe I am taking very good care of my hair.. it still manages to become very weak at the ends and break off.. do you have any suggestions for me .. I'm seeing a hair specialist soon

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    That's exactly what started last month. I saw full 5in strands breaking off! Needless to say, it was comming from my crown it's so thin which was strange cause never had this immediately. I moisturize quite a bit and it feels great now but I guess I need to get some aphogee

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  95. What dreams aren't made of says:

    OK, here's me.: I've been having hair troubles my entire life and I am currently 17. My hair is naturally thick and grows fast(also relax every 5 months). But it's extremely difficult for me to take care of and as a result very unhealthy. In the past it was just that I was simply not moisturizing and avoided washing because it would become a big jungle of tangled dry hair. Ok, well now my problem is that when I wash my hair after I section my hair put hair lotion on and blow dry its fine. But after about a week my scalp doesn't to want collect moisture. I moisturize it with B and B grease oil sheen hair lotion and nothing works. whenever I comb, brush, or even run my hands through it a bunch of hair from my roots come out.And its ALOT! Can this be fixed by washing with a deep conditioner and moisturize shampoo? Specially protein treatment?
    Please help my mother is half Cuban and doesn't have my hair type and I have no close female relatives.

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  100. Tammie Tutt says:

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