How to Throw Paintings (Art Gallery) [Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys what’s up! Today’s video will be a quick guide on how to throw paintings from within the art gallery out to the roof, on Framing Frame Day 1 or the Art Gallery
heist. I actually learnt this trick a very long time
ago from a Steam guide which I can’t find now, so it may have been deleted or something but a big Thank You! to whoever made it. So this trick is extremely useful especially
for stealth, so that we don’t have to sneak in and out
each time for just 1 painting, and that will reduce our chances of alerting
guards. Well, or if we already went loud and the barriers locked us in, we can still throw it out to someone on the
outside. Before we start, for our setup we’ll need Transporter (basic) and optionally a laser gadget for our weapon, which we’ll see why later. This trick is only do-able in Halls A, C and
E and when throwing, make sure to check that there are no guards
around as they will be able to spot the painting
in mid air from far. So step 1, we need to be standing directly under a window
slot, something like this, where our view of the
slot is almost as thin or thick as the window frame
itself. Step 2 (here’s where our laser gadget comes
in handy), we’ll need to aim above the window slot, parallel to where the top of the metal beam
connects to the wall. Step 3, jump and throw and it should land nicely on the outside. So again, stand below the window slot until our view of the darkness outside is
just a thin bar, then aim slightly above, jump and throw. I’ll leave a Art Gallery gameplay at the end so that you can see more of the painting throws
in action. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

12 comments on “How to Throw Paintings (Art Gallery) [Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. Me identifiquei com a musica Do maico quiste says:

    Thanks man,i'm very bad in throw paintings xD

  2. Çağrı Bıkmaz says:

    A skill that everyone needs to have! Waiting for next vid keep going!

  3. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    graze is gone live

  4. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    rip wet floors

  5. Agustin Pellizzari says:

    This video really helps, there is an achievement a bit tricky to do that requires killing a cloaker while he kicks you maybe you know a trick to make it easier

  6. xddd0329 says:

    I know this trick before, but I dont know how to do that without try error. Thank you!

  7. C357 says:

    Is it weird that i thought of this and learned it by myself with out knowing? I then searched to see if there was a vid about it and wow…i found it

  8. Hi, I'm Berb says:

    Do a guide on The Sound Of Silence next

  9. Tommy Diep says:

    Where are you from?

  10. Kartoffelclub says:

    I tried it a hour but it didn´t work…………….

    ………… I was in Hall B

  11. Simon Henriksson says:

    You're 4 years late.

  12. Andrew harwood says:

    Thanks mate this video helped.

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