How to Travel for Free with Instagram | How to Get Paid to Travel on Instagram

in this video I’m gonna show you how you
can travel for free using Instagram why it’s a thing how it works and the six
steps that you can follow to get started to stay in a beautiful location like
this one while you’re traveling for free my name is emelina Spinelli your
Instagram marketing experts before we get into the video I want to share it a
free 70 minute video training where I’m actually gonna show you how to double
your Instagram following it is the specific method that I use to grow from
my first 500 followers on to over with my first 12 thousand followers I’m so
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description box below by now you’ve probably heard through the internet that
Instagram influencers travel for free influencers provide high production
content in exchange for hotel stays social media influencers are a one man
or woman marketing team they are photographers they are producing live
video their promoters they’re giving shoutouts to the hotels and the travel
destinations asking their followers to check out the experience and potentially
travel there in the future if they are providing native advertising for a brand
or hotel or destination and they’re providing the licensing to use the
photos in any marketing and advertising use potentially without further
compensation down the road and not even to mention their additionally modeling
there’s a lot of work that goes into this but if you have these skills or you
have a good following on Instagram this is a fantastic way to begin to travel
get paid to travel and travel for free so you might be wondering how exactly
does all of this work hotels and travel destinations need people to come to the
destinations more and more a year over year to increase yearly profit the way
they do that is they have marketing teams and press teams that do a lot of
outreach to find influencers to come to their destinations and to share that
experience with their followers obviously the end intention is that
those followers when they are ready to start traveling when they’re ready to go
on their next vacation are going to pick this destination now we know that does
it happen all the time across the board but I think you’d be surprised at the
amount of influence someone can have / we’re their followers perhaps we’ll go
on vacation over the next two years okay the first tip I have for you to begin
traveling for free is to build a social media following this might be obvious
but I feel like it needs to be said now I spoke with a press agent yesterday at
this hotel actually and I asked her is there a set amount of followers that you
look for from influencers like will you not work with influencers with under
20,000 followers or something like that and she said no actually they consider a
pretty much most levels of influencer ship for micro influencers now I would
say it’s probably a good idea to get at least 10,000 followers and then pitch
with that just because that’s a good number to start with some hotels will
have a minimum like 50,000 followers I always feel like it is better to go out
and pitch and try to get what you want then not my second tip for you is to
reach out to the press media or influencer relations contact at the
hotel generally I will go through the hotel website and skim just looking for
the contact information for the press for the hotel or for the marketing
contacts like a marketing director if I can’t find those what I’ll do is look
for a social media contact and if I can’t find any of those then what I will
do is send an email to reservation so that I can find the appropriate person
to get ahold of a lot of times I will also go to the hotel’s Instagram account
and send them a DM and tell them that I’m looking to do a collaboration with
them and maybe even tell them the dates of stay and then ask them who the best
contact is to get a hold of in a brief email you’re gonna want to let this
contact know the dates that you’re potentially going to be traveling and
that this would be an ideal collaboration for you during those dates
where you’ll be traveling to and that you’d like to stay at the hotel in
exchange for giving them promotion on your Instagram account through a post or
a number of posts and through Instagram stories as well what you want to do is
get the conversation going once you’re in contact with someone at the hotel you
can begin negotiating and see what they’d like you to do in exchange for a
hotel today tip 3 is to send these hotels a media kit you don’t want to
send along a media kit that sells you really well tells a bit
about yourself and shows an example of your feed posts and examples of content
that you’ve produced for other brands that this hotel can expect in exchange
for your comped say here’s a quick example of a media kit that I would send
to a brand or hotel that I am looking to collaborate with the purpose of the
media kit in this document is to show off your amazing content creative and
credentials I like to include a brief bio press mentions if you have them
audience demographics which brands absolutely love to see and lots and lots
of photo examples from past work that I’ve done now I have some amazingly
beautifully designed media kit templates that are super easy to use and I
absolutely think that you are going to love if you’re interested I’ll include
the details and a link for you in the description below tip 4 is to plan ahead
for the absolute best travel opportunities your best opportunities to
receive a comped say at a hotel in exchange for promotion are going to be
on off season and during midweek not on the weekends you can try for the
weekends but I’ve had a much less success looking for weekend stays than
midweek if you approach hotels for dates that they are potentially less booked
and have more rooms available you have a significantly greater chance of being
able to receive a stay usually hotels you need at least two weeks of a heads
up for your stay many of them need at least a month’s
notice because they need to get approvals through different departments
at their companies and their organizations so try to give as much
notice as you can within reason if you are traveling last-minute
I have personally had situations work out last-minute so it is worth reaching
out just don’t expect anything more popular destinations like New York City
are less likely to comp your stay because places like New York are booked
all the time all year even on offseason they might offer something like a media
rate which is a discounted rate anywhere from ten to thirty percent however if
you’re struggling with a really popular destination change your location
something that’s a little bit less traffic like Denver or Phoenix or
Nashville perhaps tip 5 is to contact tourism bureaus if you’re looking for a
really great resource to make your stay amazing and you
want to know where to go and what to do while you’re here then
you’re gonna want to email the tourism bureau for the city destination for
example right now I’m staying in Denver I emailed the Denver City tourism board
as well as boulders tourism board in Colorado now for this trip I didn’t give
them enough notice so we didn’t end up working something out but they gave some
amazing recommendations go to the tourism bureau’s website scour the
website looking for the same contacts that you would for the hotel press media
influencer relations and social media contacts if you can give them at least a
month’s notice that is where you’re gonna find the most success when you
contact a tourism bureau you’re going to be requesting a press trip typically
come with a hotel stays activities like hiking canoeing whatever’s in the area
that they want to promote for activities sometimes you’ll get comped credits at
restaurants or for coffee or things like that and the tourism bureaus job is to
increase the amount of tourist traffic to the destination there is one of these
in every city I highly recommend that you get a hold of them if you’re looking
to travel lastly tip 6 is to follow through on your deliverables and follow
up with your contacts that gave you the hook up after the campaign influence and
press trips are built on relationships you want to keep these relationships
going so what I like to do after the campaign is follow up with an email with
my contacts maybe sent them the photos include the
original so that they can use that for their own marketing use what I’ll also
do is send them a link to the specific Instagram posts that I posted and tell
them when the stories are going live so that they can view the post
I’ll give them a quick summary of the engagement rates and what they received
in exchange like the impressions and I’ll tell them how much I enjoyed this
stay at the hotel and how much I enjoyed working with them and that if the
opportunity arose in the future to work with them again that I would absolutely
love to all of these tips should be getting you on track to receiving comped
stays and free travel in exchange for promoting amazing hotels and locations
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your Instagram marketing experts until next time before you go you have to see
this restroom look at this bathroom it is a huge look at that shower
sometimes I can’t believe the level of design that is just present and these
gorgeous gorgeous hotels this one is amazing

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