How to Use Bill Pay: Robins Financial Credit Union

paying the bills is no one’s favorite activity but Robins financial credit union gives you the tools to do it easily and on time will show you how to get it set up today before you can set up bill pay you will need to agree to some terms and conditions the upper right corner of your account summary page click on enroll in Bill Pay next choose the default payee account and agree to the terms and conditions you will see a confirmation screen for your enrollment now you can go ahead and click Bill Pay and the products and services menu you will now be on the Bill Pay screen next you’ll need to add a payee to do this select add a payee then select continue next select if you’re payee is accompany a person or a bank or credit union in this example we will select company and then next now you’ll need to fill out some information about the payee the name account number phone and zip next you’ll add the address the account you will pay from and any nicknames for notes after you click Next you should see the payee listed on your bill pay screen to make a payment to this company simply enter the amount you wish to pay a date of payment will automatically appear but can be modified as needed when you are ready click pay and you will then see a confirmation screen any payments you have made your scheduled using online billpay will now show up in the bill pay area of the site on the right side of the screen you can see payments that have already been processed under history under the heading pending you’ll see any payments that you have scheduled if you need to cancel a scheduled payment click the word edit next to a payment in the pending list you can modify the amount or scheduled date or select i would like to stop this payment you will see a confirmation that you have stopped the payment and that’s all there is to it with a little planning you can use our online tools to setup and schedule all your bill payments it’s and keep track of them all in one place you should also know that you can perform all of these built-in functionalities for mobile by selecting mobile building in the products and services menu thanks for watching for more information call click or visit any of our branch locations

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