10 comments on “How To Zero Based Budget – How To Budget To Pay Off Debt”

  1. Karen McCaffrey says:

    Love your spreadsheet, works the way my brain works but I'm not as talented as you, can you link us to a copy?

  2. SIOMI says:

    Hey keep doing videos!

  3. Jarrad Morrow says:

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  4. Jbird says:

    Lol the envelope system, you know why it won’t work for me, cuz I got so much shit to do at work and after work that the last dumb ass thing I need is another system of any sort to deal with lol. Lazy, well no,worn out, yes, the snowball and such and living within your means just flows if you you let it, screw envelopes I hate em lol.

  5. Sondae Lockett says:

    One of the best videos that I have seen on the zero based budget. This template is exactly what I needed. It is exactly how my brain works!!!! Thank you.

  6. Just Krystol says:

    Hey Jarred! I use EveryDollar on my iPhone through Dave Ramsey. Spreadsheets isn’t my thing lol

  7. Miii Tiii says:

    Interesting…I never thought to look at my budget this way. I'm gonna try it!

  8. Hati Couponer says:

    In the uk the average salary is £1500 a month.

  9. MsRazno says:

    I clicked on video because you are hot 🙂

  10. Dan Seutter says:

    How do you work in the floating fund so your numbers aren't in the red?

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