How Wall Street Exploits Minorities w/ Payday Loans

i’d ask our growth and excellent lot for our future and in the blood he talks about these payday loans hands right what he mentions something that most people
don’t know most of these fringe banks are financed the
Wall street and big banks right mean the reason why they do that is
because it’s a good way thinking about the she loans without looking back because these laws are getting through these
fringe banks that are usually means yes okay sell on the reason why this is so interesting
is because are key points out that the east he gave loans exploit minority groups the akistani and blocs yes now that to to give you a sense of some
of the numbers so for example one of the groups it’s doing this is called advance America
so there were these baby that company %uh but you know to get started they got forty
fifty million dollars in credit where they get that the they got from bank of America it’s America along with other payday have
folks are a but the shady business for example %uh they charge up on average interest rate
of up to four-hundred and fifty percent now that’s losure hey but the there usery laws against that in many states including
north Carolina and back north Carolina try to shut down the state in landers because they’re and what they do is in the beginning for the first paycheck they
say all have all for the jury let me get you plugged an end the all vineyard to pay them back at with
the the next time your paycheck comes in Wright this has been and and the all of sudden you have any more money so then
you need to get another love from them and and that also is a Florida to present
it that center and it’s a vicious Michael because you going think that by getting painting because the interest rate
is still extremely high now when it comes to how they exploit on minority
groups what’s interesting it’s on there was a study done by the center
for responsible lending and what this study found is that there are
three times as many the table locations in black neighborhoods versus white neighborhood
right now they simply don’t think what I’m not on
track to help but after Americans right I’m providing the service for them more of
these it was a loan shark the lobbyists the run this racket literally now the thing is %uh this is the visit extra this the and partners in seizing cities in the
whole day is that the banks of not that old broadway happened until very recently he would gradually the American parts of town and I was called redlining of what that wasn’t
that we don’t give out a list of those books to their the risky we don’t give them strike now it’s hard on a house was hard on a car
if you don’t think it’ll all day this the way you define the money to pay up
front it’s much harder and you don’t have a corporate jet was article
get a job and then it becomes a vicious cycle it’s ever
right so the bank sent out what is it was the government
said hey you know you can’t red light districts in the alley yes thank you what were you thinking no better to stock the money out of it okay by turning them into more than thirty percent
interest rates says they have no other options but you know what part of town right and I were talking generally but you see the
numbers back it up right you can go get a loan and it endure long does
it cost as much the charge higher interest rates in so the red light districts right any of you the if you’re not going to simply don’t have
any choice he it did that infrastructure didn’t is this the first place they don’t think they
got it’s like that and you can get back in the case and as I understand it right now
bank of America doesn’t want their name on that scam but they want to make money off
of it so they funnel the money through these other
payday companies and that’s how Wall street continues to get
richer and richer and you continued to get all the people look what people look the other way

100 comments on “How Wall Street Exploits Minorities w/ Payday Loans”

  1. Reese Poche says:

    if someone is that stupit not to understand an agreement before they agree to it … too bad for them

  2. mlking213 says:

    Again this is the same as getting a mortgage loan without a fixed rate. I am not making light of the people in that condition I'm being honest. You most likely would not take that loan,Why? Because it doesn't make sense to when other banks will give you them same amount of money with a reasonable interest rate.

    When people are desperate they do dumb things;im not calling them dumb but the action, also i have been in that boat,my parent just didn't fall for traps.
    Read contracts.

  3. Kid Canada says:

    ana looks hot here

  4. dakoneko says:

    URGH! Bank of America noooooooo!!!

  5. miss ramp says:

    @frostedhead right, because white people never rob, rape, and steal right?

  6. genie0390 says:

    Bill Clinton had a solution for stopping redlining poor areas!! He put a criminal, Franklin Raines in charge of Fannie Mae with a mandate to go after bankers forcing them to stop redlining. In the process bank lending practices became corrupted housing bubble began to grow bigger and bigger, lending institutions became more and more cynical, greed set in and viola, the meltdown!! (which Bush caused?? LMFAO)

  7. Seth Miles says:

    Maybe the root of the problem is that we have "black neighborhoods" and "white neighborhoods". We certainly make it easier to profile a person when towns are segregated by race.

  8. MastermindX says:

    It's not about race. They are just targeting the uneducated because they are easier to scam.

  9. MastermindX says:

    When I read the title first I thought the video was about Goldman Sachs scamming Obama again 😉

  10. whatdoyouwantandwhy says:

    Yeah this may be based on the uneducated and poor, who happen to be black or latino.

    Yet another cycle to add to the equation.

  11. Fernando says:

    @NuPappa hmmm… good point.

  12. Cassidy Collings says:

    The IMF and World Bank are the ultimate loan sharks

  13. Jesse Ortiz says:

    I love how there are payday loan ads on this video.

  14. vicky o'connor says:

    Look at the camera, Anna.

  15. Despicably Irascible Rapscallion says:

    I don't know how much this is targeting minorities to be honest. I'm from Canada, and we have white trash up here that uses those payday loan places too.

    People that are poor and vulnerable to this thing are going to get taken advantage of. I doubt the bankers really care what colour or ethnicity these people are.

  16. Chris Campbell says:

    It exploits poor people… These people are interested in making money not fucking Blacks and Hispanics.

  17. depletable says:

    @Tlincali What you say has truth in it. I'm not gonna argue that they don't accept white poor people. But the main issue is they TRULY know they really get poor minorities for a myriad of reasons, and will slam multiple of those shops in bad parts of cities (where minorities happen to be). A rich banker has absolutely no empathy for a minority — they can't relate to'em, even more than a poor white man.

    Most of these things are in neighborhoods white people wouldn't be at night.

  18. Despicably Irascible Rapscallion says:

    @genie0390 Still making excuses for Bush's poor economic policies? Bush spent more money, while giving tax cuts! This caused a huge deficit which places pressure on the US dollar. Banks saw this pressure, and gambled more with their lenders' money. This caused the multi-multi-multi-multiples gambled on the admittedly bad Fannie-Mae loans. Can you tell me how $4billion in troubled assets from Fannie Mae turned into a $780 billion dollar bailout package???

  19. depletable says:

    @nett103 Actually slaves had a verrrrrry huge part in making this a prosperous nation. And whites colonized here, and Latin America, and left destruction in their wake. These 3rd world civilizations are kept broke, and in debt, to be worse off than slaves (as they have to pay for themselves), and they finance the rich. Africa is your classic example. A continent with enough natural resources to have its people have good lives, yet they're kept down, and white businesses exploit them.

  20. insanic1 says:

    If I'm a rich Jewish banker who wants to increase my profits, wouldn't the obvious choice be to screw the majority? What benefits are there in screwing the minority? I don't get it and in saying that I don't really believe the report. I did some research from the very same report and found that the groups at risk of imminent foreclosure follows black(21.6%) Latino(21.4%) white(14.8%). Seems unfair right? but American Indian(16.5%), Pacific Islanders(18.6%), Asian(15.7%) …..judge for yourself

  21. DarthHater100 says:

    Payday Loan places are not scams. They tell you right up front what their fees are and nobody forces you to get the loan. I have used payday loan places before, and I knew it was stupid, but I needed the money so I payed. You have to remember that these places take a big risk and lots of people rip them off.

  22. Majic031 says:

    @genie0390 lol i know but people dont ever wanna hear about that. people think bill clinton is a hero or something. he signed NAFTA, one reason so many manufacturing jobs went overseas. he also signed into law the repeal of the glass stegal act, which can be a reason for the financial collapse.

  23. lilpoindexter says:

    @TheSirJecht calm down fuck face

  24. EclecticSceptic says:

    @MLadyAzzera Good point.

  25. EclecticSceptic says:

    @DarthHater100 Jesus Christ. Charging such interest is immoral. It is merely money gathered by owning money. No labour is expended. Exploiting someone else for this cause is insanity, and immoral.

  26. Lobos222 says:

    Not at 450%, but thats where regulation should come in. It shouldnt be legal to exploit people in desperate situations, but it shouldnt be illegal to help them ether.

    The thing is, some people live from pay check to pay check so if one of there kids, for example, needs to get a tooth fixed there should be loan options they can live with out there. Obviously 450% or even 100% is way overboard, but a 10% loan would still be profitable for the bank and helpful for the person loaning.

  27. jaroncreed says:

    @lilpoindexter lmaoo

  28. jaroncreed says:

    dude i've gotten plenty of pay day loans, and i exploit THEM! I never pay their asses back because I never use my real name or info. They are so greedy and want to get you trapped in a high interest loan, they fail to take the proper time to check your information. PayDay loan companies for the most part are dumb as fuck. I enjoy scamming their asses anytime i'm short on cash. I love America lololol

  29. MrUser23456 says:

    I just realised that all the people on TYT are minorities

  30. DarthHater100 says:

    Why is it immoral? You use their service, or you don't. It’s your choice. Some people don't spend their money wisely. Paying interest for money from someone else, who did manage their money wisely, is fair. The people who get payday loans could make sacrifices and save up their own money, but chose not to. I used to live paycheque to paycheque and if I was short on money, I could wait until payday, or pay 20 bucks and not wait. It’s a service that no one forces anyone to get.

  31. Mattm1986 says:


    I think your credit rating might have something to do with how much interest they charge you too. So don't borrow if you have bad credit either.

  32. oliasis says:


  33. ad2181 says:

    Sad the America Banking System is exploiting the poor. The whole US is doomed and soon.

  34. nett103 says:

    @depletable And your reasoning for Canada becoming a nation that is well off? Slavery?? Nope sorry, that excuse doesn't work. Anything else?

  35. TheNakedAtheist says:

    Rent-to-own scams are worse. I worked at one until I could no loner stomach it. Since it's technically a rental the normal interest rates don't apply. Even IF the person pays to term they are still paying 3 to 4 times the value of items. The real scam comes in if they don't. The item is repossessed, and then re-rented at near new price. This happens over, and over. I knew of cases where a single $400 tv brought in as much as 3, to $4k+ in revenue over the course of a couple years.

  36. aarondavid826 says:

    here's a though, don't get a payday loan : o

  37. Cuddlebunzzzz says:

    @DarthHater100 by your logic, if a doctor purposely harms every patient that comes to him, it's perfectly fine because they chose to come to him. it is unethical because they make it seem like they are helping you by giving out these loans, while taking advantage of the fact that most people who get these kinds of loans aren't financially literate due to their circumstances, so they won't know about things like how interest works. taking advantage of ppl's unfortunate circumstances is immoral.

  38. Rafi Friedman says:

    People need to get a credit card vs going to Payday loans…

  39. RumbleHD says:

    @izsmrpickle That's is a bunch of lies. You can not speak for an entire race jerk. I'm sorry, you live in a bubble where everything is perfect. I pity you.

  40. Junior July says:

    @ACsnackers Poor people tend to be the minorities in every western society my friend, it's just s tating the facts, look at how almost every large community of black or latina are always in the pooresst area's in America. In the Uk where I live it's exactly the same thing

  41. depletable says:

    @nett103 lol? What does Canada have to do with America? And how would Canada erase the facts I posted?

    It wasn't an excuse for anything. What are you, weird? I was telling you so you can keep shit in perspective with your whole "Europeans came over and made life beautiful over here" bullshit. Very vague and general thing to say in a bad way.

  42. depletable says:

    @GnosticQuasar Well that's just a little bit of research away from you achieving that information. I don't know any black bankers tho'…

  43. stryderblaze80 says:

    You get screwed big time ………

  44. Seth Miles says:

    @izsmrpickle Nice job. That's the way to support true racial integration. Keep up the good work.
    And don't bother replying. I've decided that you're an idiot and aren't worth listening to.

  45. genie0390 says:


    "Can you tell me how $4billion in troubled assets from Fannie Mae turned into a $780 billion dollar bailout package???"

    easy, Cenk's famous multiplier effect!! LOL

    actually, Fannie/Freddie and gang are going to cost Americans many trillions when the smoke clears. They have been given a blank check by Congress to cover their fiasco, which Bush tried to stop twice but each time was blocked by dems. I wish I could play you some video of Congressional hearings re: issue

  46. DarthHater100 says:

    What about restaurants? You pay 3 times what the foods worth. Are they taking advantage of people who don’t realize food is cheaper at the Supermarket? Of course not. You go to a restaurant because it is convenient and everybody knows he or she are WAY over paying for the food. Sure, restaurants are taking advantage of peoples laziness, but most people have no problem with the arrangement because they are lazy or don't want to wait and they are OK with paying a little extra for it.

  47. Rel0520 says:


    Very true.
    Not everyone reads the fine print and then later wonder why certain actions happen.
    Never get a PayDay loan period. Even if cash is needed on something, never get it.

  48. nett103 says:

    @depletable The "facts" you posted?? You did not post facts. You posted your opinion on which you believe to be the facts. And Canada was an example how Europeans can create a respectable country.

  49. Mxyzptlk562 says:

    @Mantisisland what they do is pray on people who are desperate for immediate cash. Yes, there is a large measure of culpability on those who take out the loans, but there is even more on those who give out the loans knowing that their customers are often going to be caught in a vicious cycle of trying to pay it back.

  50. Mxyzptlk562 says:

    @DarthHater100 Terrible analogy. Choosing to dine out is an extremely different economic decision from choosing to take out a payday loan. Going to a restaurant means you have the disposable income to make an informed & logical choice to pay for the service & convenience. The only logical reason to go to a payday loan outlet is because a person has run out of the money & options. They are a lender of last resort. Most people who take out the loans are acting from a certain level of duress

  51. Cuddlebunzzzz says:

    @DarthHater100 knowingly paying a little bit of extra for food for one night (the extra cost is due to service charges [cooking, providing a clean environment, etc], which pretty much everyone knows) is not the same as being tricked into a scam that will send you into debt and ruin your life. it's disgusting when people try to justify unethical acts for the sake of making a few extra bucks, people like that are the reason why America is in a shit hole right now.

  52. DarthHater100 says:

    You are resistant to the analogy because YOU go to restaurants and you do the exact same thing. U pay for covienience and not waiting. Ever buy food at a Movie Theatre? You're paying extra, and it's your choice. When I got payday loans it was an informed and logical choice, and I went there because on payday, I was going to have lots of disposable income. Not everyone who goes to a payday loan place is desperate. People who use these services have jobs and know what they are paying for.

  53. DarthHater100 says:

    Maybe you don't understand what a payday loan is. Its not like getting a loan from a bank with a large debt and monthly payments. This is different. You have to have a job, and you pay back the money on payday. You don't really get into debt or ruin your life. The fee is like $20 or $30. You just pay it back on payday, when you have disposible income. It's not the same as a high interest loan place that sets you up with a 4-5 year debt. They only lend up to half your paycheck.

  54. DarthHater100 says:

    I have been to all of the major payday loan places in Canada: Money Mart, 321 Cash, the Money Network, Speedy Money Network, Cash n' Go etc. All of them required 6 weeks worth of bank logs, a pay stub, and ID. Really it's the payday loan place that gets screwed. If they lend to a deadbeat they take the hit. People who are on wellfare and go to PDloan places just borrow the money and never pay it back. If I was desparate, I wouldn't care if I got a ding on my record. I got their money.

  55. Gothchick208 says:

    @TruthIsSin nah I didn't read it, cause I didn't care.
    Your comments were pretty useless…

  56. Cuddlebunzzzz says:

    @DarthHater100 if you're in Canada then chances are you haven't had to deal with the types of places being described in the video where they charge 450% interest rates. i've never been to one, but the way Cenk describes it, it sounds like they suck people in with special deals (common practice in America), then jack up the interest rate without telling you, or at least not making it clear to someone who is not financially literate (another common practice)

  57. DarthHater100 says:

    @Cuddlebunzzzz No, it's true. They do charge 450%. That's a misleading number though. That is 450% per year. For payday loans, you pay it back in a week: on payday. If you borrow $100, you payback $110 (aprox). If you borrowed at a rate of 26% then the fee for borrowing $100 would only be 50 cents. You can’t even buy a cup of coffee for 50 cents. Their service of a fast, no background check, cash in hand advance on your paycheque is worth at least $10, even if $10 is technically 450%.

  58. Joxman2k says:

    Pay Day Loans exploit poor people not Blacks and Hispanics inherently. Many Blacks and Hispanics happen to be poor.

    The Rich are literally stealing from the Poor

    The ghost of Martin Luther King Jr is still waiting for that check to be NOT marked "insufficient funds"


  59. hollaboutit says:

    @MrDustock ah, boring. read a book, kid. your OPINION is worthless.

  60. hollaboutit says:

    @SwampThizzle LOL, not.

  61. SwampThizzle says:

    @hollaboutit I bet you never tip either, Holla. It gets you fuckers discriminated against worse than your inherent criminality.

  62. vcdaniels says:

    Outlaw payday loans? WHY NOT?! We did it before. It was called USURY! Payday loaners ARE loan sharks. We shouldn't outlaw loan sharks because that would just make them into loan sharks? Putting a crook in a suit and tie and giving him an executive office makes him NO LESS OF A CROOK! Banks should give higher rates on "bad loans". But here's the difference. (cont.)

  63. vcdaniels says:

    When you take a loan from a bank, you aren't necessarily a customer of that bank (as far as having a savings or checking account with them). The bank, therefore, secures the loan in other ways – collateral. Maybe your house or something of equal value to the loan. And they usually tack on – at most – 10 or 15% interest.
    Payday loansharks demand info regarding your checking acct and your paycheck. They tack on up to 450% interest. This is INEXCUSABLE!

  64. vcdaniels says:

    If you cannot accept the risk inherent in your business model then perhaps, just perhaps, IT'S A BUSINESS MODEL THAT YOU SHOULD NOT VENTURE INTO! If giving loans to low income customers at a reasonable interest rate is too risky for you, then perhaps, just perhaps, YOU SHOULD NOT BE MAKING LOANS TO LOW INCOME CUSTOMERS! But becoming a contemporary, modern-day mafia organization is NOT a respectable alternative. It's like deciding to shoot smack because cigars were too risky.

  65. vcdaniels says:

    And I'm so sure you know millionaires who got their fortunes by being ethical. If you do, you may wanna double check on that bridge cause I believe I'm already holding the deed for it if you want it back. As far as poverty goes, it causes more wear and tear on the infrastructure to support the rich than the poor. Which housing unit uses more water from our infrastructure: a ranch-style suburban home with 2 full bathrooms and a pool, OR an inner-city studio apt. with a wash area?

  66. blunty gagnon says:

    @vcdaniels "Payday loansharks demand info regarding your checking acct and your paycheck. They tack on up to 450% interest. This is INEXCUSABLE!" No, it's choose-able. Nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to take a loan. And loan sharks break bones, these guys just won't give you another payday loan.

  67. vcdaniels says:

    Yesss . . . bad habits . . . suuuurrre. Bad habits like trying to keep a roof over your head and thus paying your rent. Oh, and that frivolous expense of utilities. I mean just because you need water to take a bath doesn't mean you need water to bathe. Oh and what about groceries? Those . . . filthy ghettozens don't need to eat. They're all fat anyway, they should just eat each other. Yep. Gotta love how the upper echelons get off telling the poor how to do without.

  68. blunty gagnon says:

    @vcdaniels Funny how in those poor neighborhoods the cigarettes and booze are flying off the shelf.

  69. vcdaniels says:

    Poor swampy, spent your whole life watchin' cable tv in seclusion. Raised on KKK hoods and COPS episodes. Pitiful.

  70. vcdaniels says:

    Funny how in my neighborhood they're not. People can't afford them as much anymore. And I'm near downtown Detroit. So anything else you wanna add to your apparently astonishing (and non-existent) knowledge of poor communities? Or how "Detroit was destroyed by liberalism" (even though Kilpatrick and Bing are as right-wing fascist as we've had)? Any more stereotypes you'd like to chime in? Any more neo Jim Crow swill you wanna parrot from FUX News or COPS tv episodes?

  71. blunty gagnon says:

    @vcdaniels Next thing you know you're going to say poor blacks don't smoke cigarettes. Although the CBC went out of their way to keep the price of menthols down (75% of black smokers smoke menthols). Whether you like it or not, smokes and booze are popular in ghettos. That's a complete waste of money. Now if your comeback is that middle and upper classes drink and smoke, that's true. But they don't have to save their pennies. The poor do, unless they want to remain poor.

  72. blunty gagnon says:

    @vcdaniels Yes detroit was destroyed by liberals. They've had democrats in charge for how many decades now? And what about the 8 mile experiment? How much federal money was pumped in, a hundred million? And now it's a wasteland. Good job dems. Have some fun and watch some detroit city council members embarrass themselves – some of their meetings are on youtube. Shrek! That one's hilarious.

  73. hollaboutit says:

    @SwampThizzle i get good service i tip 20% or more, i get "discriminated service" you get shit, bus boy.

  74. hollaboutit says:


  75. hollaboutit says:

    @tastingo88 name calling, hmm… sound real developed. not childish, petty and stupid, right? "self inflicted famine", huh? you could read a social science, or history book b4 you comment. Question: DO PHYSICAL TRAITS DETERMINE ONE'S ABILITY TO THINK, LEARN, ETC.? IF SO WHO"S BETTER/SMARTER, REDHEADS or BRUNETTES?

  76. hollaboutit says:

    @tastingo88 botswana. and i could go on, but i done feeding you troll, starve.

  77. SketchyBack says:

    @Mantisisland And minorities are poorer. And the redlined/specially designated neighborhoods show up on the documents you give the bank to get the loan

  78. Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy says:

    @mlking213 well isnt the whole point of a scam is to NOT let you know you are being scammed until its too late? If these people know what they are walking into do you think they walked into it?
    they are not stupid… they were fucked up! INTENTIONALLY by these crooks.
    if we follow your logic then the whole america IS FUCKING STUPID! how do you think wall street fucked up your economy?
    NOT KNOWING is never equal to STUPIDITY! People did now know because the bank wanted you NOT to know.

  79. mlking213 says:


    if you ask how much is the interest rate and they dont tell you the truth they are lying and you sue..they would not lie why? Because millions would be lost..

    They probably say things like "no interest for first month" or "low credit any credit"… Again same thing with adjustable mortgages

    Not knowing is ignorance and in business specially shady business you really got to read the contracts.

  80. Alexander Lang says:

    It should be illegal for a Payday loan to charge 400%. I think typically any average person can only charge about 10% interest. I honestly think there should be a much lower cap on how much interest any bank can charge, period.

  81. RumbleHD says:

    @izsmrpickle All I'm saying is that I too have lived in both types of neighborhood. I haven't heard of this before. Also what about the Hispanic and European immigrants. I see more people at home at a old people's neighborhood.

  82. VerdantNight says:

    Ah. The 'reverse Robin Hood'. Classic. Never gets old. The rich getting richer by taking the poor's money – but this time, with an added dash of racism.
    Usually they just vilify the poor as being lazy parasites while simultaneously sucking them dry of everything they have. It's good they're branching out from basic class warfare and mixing it up with some good old fashioned racist crap.
    Serious now – when will we all wake up? The middle class is disappearing, and the gov't is owned by money!

  83. kappasig72 says:

    It's the white man's fault right? Typical conclusion of TYT. It's always our fault. The white man MADE THEM cash their checks huh?

  84. Grae Hall says:

    @kappasig72 Hah – that's the main message you took away from this story?

    I haven't seen some good old fashioned racism in a while – I forgot how creepy it was. Cut the victim hysterics – it's unfounded projection of your own, thats blinding you to what was actually being said. It's creepy too.

    Sack up, and stop being a fkn racist by interpreting minority issues and criticisms of their treatment as if it's related somehow to you. How the fuck could it be. It's not. Sack up. Stop being a weirdo

  85. kappasig72 says:

    @GraeHall Always quick to play the racism card anytime someone disagrees with a minority. This is liberalism 101. Find an issue, make it about race, blame the establishment (whites), and bash any dissenting opinions as "racist". Please tell me how this was racism? Because I don't agree with the liberal message? Check cashing businesses thrive off minorities. Why is that? Because they don't have bank accounts.

  86. royg6852 says:

    We have bad credit and got a loan with fastcashvegas com without any problems, but they actually link to installment loans which for us was better than most payday loans

  87. Joe Blow says:

    I hate liberals, I really hate liberals they never hold women or minorities accountable. These people are responsible for the own actions and should manage their money better. As a BLACK man i manage my money well and have decent credit and i stay away from these PayDay loans. Nobodies is forcing these people to take out a payday loan. LIBERAL LOGIC: MAN SHOTS HIMSELF IN THE FOOT (ON PURPOSE), SUE GUN MANUFACTURE.

  88. xpandergt says:

    To liberals, minorities are nothing more then helpless, pathetic people who will always need the liberals protection and help, because they can't fend for themselves. This is coming from a black person also.

  89. xpandergt says:

    @J5MARLON Nice tag, but swing and a miss. I'm conservative in nature by registered independent. Try again.

  90. Mystogan Edolas says:

    @xpandergt I'm a liberal and i agree whit you.

  91. Sergio West says:

    450%= untrue… Ive done payday loans it wasnt anywhere near that much interest

    Agree its a way to make more money by usary

  92. Ahki Asumo says:

    @HKTeeVee one black guy and the establishment isnt white anymore, looool!

  93. elmagnificodep says:

    Payday lenders hunt broke people not minorities. It just happens that minorities on average have less annual income than whites or Asians. That is why you won't see these places in rich neighborhoods. People that have money are too smart to fall for this. I'm debt free minus a mortgage. I can buy cars without a loan.

  94. James Brown says:

    Here's a crazy idea, how about the people don't take out those loans.

  95. OmegaDreadz Gaming Channel says:

    Dude below that's how they make money off of misery

  96. Brandon Zeciri says:

    In a White side of town you can go get a $200 loan?
    I don't know of any bank that's going to give me a one month loan for $500.

    And I don't know about you but I'm not going to give a $500 loan out to someone with bad credit only to make 5% back in interest. I would end up getting a whopping $2.00 back for giving out that loan.

    Give me a break.
    The Young Turks is a prime example of too many ideas without any answers.

  97. Dawn Bringer says:

    if the big six didn’t internally and secretly feel payday loans were scams they wouldn’t hide them behind new corporate logos

    you’d walk straight into bank of america and take out one of these crap sandwitch loans

    but they don’t do that. Because they know it’s shady and don’t want to own it.

  98. Dawn Bringer says:

    it's a universally recognized thing in prosecution if a killer veiled the body or clothed it etc that they are aware of how their actions look and how it will be perceived with means they are expressing guilt and moral awareness through this attempt to cover it up. it's fraud, Premediated fraud with awareness of the moral complications

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