How Your Ancestors & Society Can Influence You: Samskara & Karma – Sadhguru

This is what is called as Kula Devatha. It responds only to that genetic content,
so only those people of that clan go to that temple, A certain set of people have a certain samskara,
others have certain samskara. So for them those skills and
that way of life came naturally. Every community, every society has its own samskara, and people either make their lives well or ill,
based on the samskara also. Superscript: How Your Ancestors & Society
Can Influence You Sadhguru: See what we’re calling as Samskara
is the collective karma of a society. In this culture, we did a lot of things
to maintain Samskara. Even now, in villages there are, you know,
sometimes violent outbreaks will happen if marriages happen between people who will mix
the genetic, who will kind of make the genetic line fuzzy. This is not blue-blood business;
they’ve been maintaining this, so that for this clan, for this bloodline,
they will have a deity that they have created. It responds only to that genetic content. This is what is called as Kula Devatha. It responds only to that genetic content,
so only those people of that clan go to that temple, others don’t go because it doesn’t work for them. So, they maintained this genetic map of people
and they will look back ten, twelve generations and say, “Oh she belongs to that bloodline,
this belongs… okay they can marry, this cannot marry,” like this they will calculate
because these are called Gotras and stuff. Now it is being all trashed as total nonsense. Yes, cruel things have been done in that name; that is true, but there was a very profound understanding because learning happened this way,
when there were no universities, no schools nothing, this culture transmitted their skills
effortlessly for thousands of years because they maintained this Samskara. So, let’s say for example, you know there are
what is called as Acharys, is a certain cast or a clan. In this, there are goldsmith, there are carpenters,
there are blacksmiths like this, all those people who are craftsmen, but a goldsmith’s girl will not marry a blacksmith’s man. Only there they will marry because it is Samskara. See, this may look, “Oh, how can that be?” Why can’t somebody, you know,
be born in any family learn this trade? That’s different, but it’s been found. They’ve done an experiment with mice… what they did was, they put a cherry blossoms smell
on some cheese or something. So when the mouse went to bite it, they gave
it an electric shock a few times and you know what, next seven generation of mice
never went near the cherry blossom smell. Cherry blossom smell means is they move away because this is Samskara that from parents it is coming just like that, this information transfer is happening all the time. Now we’re talking about how trees are sharing things. All this when we spoke long time ago,
they thought it’s all ridiculous. Like my great grandmother would simply look at,
you know, sparrows and ants and this, eating and simply in tears and if you say, “Why are you not eating,” she says, “I’m already full” and she was full. She was well nourished, nobody can question
that because she live for one-one-three (Laughs). So, today, they’re slowly beginning to talk about it
but still in terms of physical terms, how physically a nutrition is going, this is happening,
this is being shared, that is being shared all this. But beyond physical stuff, there is life
in which sharing is happening. So they created a very concentrated focus on people,
so that there is a samskara. A certain set of people have a certain samskara,
others have certain samskara. So for them those skills and
that way of life came naturally. All these things got distorted. When people started discriminating
from one to the other. The goldsmith thinks he is superior to blacksmith
and you know, these problems came later but the way it was crafted, it’s a perfect way
to transmit knowledge, skills and variety of ways. But it all gone bad now it’s not relevant,
we can’t do that anyway, So what you call as samskara is a social karma, and let’s say living in Mumbai,
don’t you have a certain Mumbai samskara, isn’t it? It has its own. So like this, every community,
every society has its own samskara, and people either make their lives well or ill,
based on the samskara also. To rise above samskara you need spiritual process. Otherwise nobody can deny that they have not
been influenced by their family, society, whatever kind of religious practices, they may not be doing those practices
but still they’re influenced, isn’t it? Only one who is strongly on a spiritual process is
not influenced by the atmosphere, he rises above that.

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    Samskara is a conditioned Genetic pattern , created over many generations.
    In todays world….Everyone is fuking everyone, messing up the thousands of years of genetic pattern formations.

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    Society is just a group of people who were taught what life is by other people. Truth is life is asking different questions of us and it is requiring different answers from us.

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    Thank you as this is a very very vital topic. IN Boston, there were a certain group who were referred to as Boston Brahmins and they were so tightly ensconced within their social structure that they were completely unable to assimilate or relate to even a simple outside cultural action which was not their norm or pattern. The question being, as English colonists, why would they use this as a form or way of recognition, when Brahmin is referring to the caste in India? To me there is no similarity between the two groups. So adopting this label was interesting. Unfortunately on the west this still occurs and mostly not in a healthy nor beneficial manner. Thank you Our Sadhguru. 🙏🏽🌊⛵

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    The innate programming of the mind, "the ancestral mind", forms the discriminative (discerning) faculty of our mind based on preferences (or not-preferences) carried through our astral genetic makeup. The way we are arranged within our physical existence, inherently thrives to rearrange it self in accordance with sacred geometric coordinates (shapes and sounds) . The tendency to harness the best of our samskaras is is a natural yet unconscious urge, only possible if acted (karma) and perform unison (yoga) with conscious awareness. Then and maybe only then, we can claim spiritual attainment and liberation (from Maja) at its best. ….OM…. Shanti

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    I always think about that how come I become so different than our caste's people (including my family members).
    Now after watching this video, I become aware of this thing.

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