HP Pavilion x360 13.3″ Review: Best Budget Student Laptop?

It is that time of year again when all the
kiddies and some of us adults are heading back to school, and it brings up a popular
topic: what is the best laptop for students? For Windows, the 2016 HP Pavilion x360 is
a 2-in-1 convertible laptop and it makes a strong case for being a great choice. Full Disclaimer: I did receive this for free
to review, but like all my other reviews these are all my personal thoughts and honest opinions
so let’s get right into it. The HP Pavilion x360 comes in 3 different
sizes: 11.6″, 13.3″, and 15.6″. I have the 13.3″ model and it is the most
popular so I’ll be focusing on that throughout this video. The 13.3″ model comes in two different colors,
gold like the one I have here or silver, and it starts at just $429 which makes it very
budget friendly. However I do recommend spending a little bit
more to get better specs on certain hardware that I’ll cover in this review video. In fact, the model that I recommend is linked
in the description below. When it comes to laptops there are four aspects
that I care about the most and that is Performance, Battery Life, Portability, and Design. Let’s start with performance which is mainly
based on CPU, RAM, and storage drive speed. As far as CPU goes, the 6th generation Intel
processor in this laptop is great at handling all the daily tasks I’ve thrown at it (surfing
the web, typing documents, watching videos, playing music, etc). All base models come with Intel HD 520 graphics
and the CPU starts at Core i3, but can be configured to Core i5 for faster performance
which is what I recommend. The DDR4 RAM starts at 4GB but can be configured
up to 12GB, but I think 8GB is the best choice for most people. In my opinion the most important factor in
performance is the storage drive speed. The base model on this comes with a 500GB
hard disk drive and I always tell people to avoid hard disk drives like the plague, especially
5400 RPM drives so I highly recommend getting the 128GB solid state drive option when getting
this laptop. Yes it’s less local storage, but the SSD will
make your computer run so much faster and you’ll be a much happier person in the long
run and plus you can utilize cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive for most of
your data storage needs. The SSD is also a huge help in the next category
which is battery life. The HP Pavilion x360 has a 3-cell 41 watt
hour lithium ion battery, and I was very pleased with the battery life on this laptop. With the SSD model, starting at 100% charge
I was able to get 6 hours 16 minutes of use with 15% battery remaining. That included listening to Spotify, using
Chrome, watching YouTube videos, typing in Evernote, all the while being connected to
WiFi the whole time and having the screen brightness right around 60-70%. Of course battery life will ultimately depend
on the model and how it’s being used. When it comes to portability, the 13.3″ is
a nice size overall, not too big to be bulky or tough to carry around. It’s also not too small to hinder keyboard
functionality or screen size. It weighs 3.48 lbs and it’s only 0.8″ thin
mostly due to the fact that it does not have a DVD drive which is perfectly fine by me. The HP Pavilion x360 is not as small and lightweight
as my Dell XPS 13, but the XPS 13 also costs more and is not a convertible laptop. I think any student or traveler will be more
than fine using the x360 as their primary laptop. One of my favorite features of the HP Pavilion
x360 is the keyboard. The keys aren’t glossy but instead have a
slightly textured finish to them which my fingers seem to love. The keys have adequate spacing and I can type
extremely fast on them. On the other hand I’m not as big a fan of
the touchpad. I like the smoothness and responsiveness of
it and I love the multi-touch gestures like 2 finger scrolling and 3-finger app switching,
but it’s not a precision touchpad which means I cannot reverse the scrolling direction which
is a big letdown for me. The x360 has plenty of ports, enough to cover
all of my needs. The left side has one USB 2.0 port along with
a headphone jack next to the volume rocker. The right side has a memory card reader, two
USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI port. Now let’s talk about the display which has
been the biggest disappointment so far for me. Even though it is an IPS touchscreen that
has great viewing angles, the model I have is rocking a lackluster 1366×768 resolution
display. After using a Retina display on a MacBook
and a 4K UHD display on an XPS 13, going to a screen that is not full HD is a bummer. It’s definitely noticeable, but good news
is that they do offer a full HD 1920×1080 screen which is what I do highly recommend
getting if you get this laptop. The dual speaker bar is pretty decent. The speakers are custom tuned in collaboration
with Bang & Olufsen so that’s a plus, but to me they aren’t spectacular or anything
but they do sound good and get pretty loud. I’m not a fan of the lines that go across
the inside of this laptop. Seems like it’s a bit of a distraction. I would prefer a more minimalist look with
just a plain black inside cover. One thing I did love about this laptop is
that it never got too hot on the bottom when you’re using it, if you’re using it on your
lap as the name “laptop” suggests. One of the best features of this laptop is
the convertible design. The laptop can flip all the way around on
its 360 degree hinge, hence the name x360. This essentially gives it 4 different usable
modes: Laptop mode is the normal way you use a laptop, mostly for typing. Stand mode is best for watching movies and
video chatting, which reminds me yes this laptop does have an HD webcam and microphone. Tent mode is recommended for viewing photos
or playing with apps and games. And finally tablet mode is good for browsing
social media feeds or reading. They all work pretty well for what they’re
intended for and Windows will automatically switch between tablet and normal mode when
you’re rotating the screen past the 180 degree mark which is really convenient. The only weird thing I noticed is when it’s
in stand mode the speakers are on the bottom facing towards the surface it’s sitting on
which is a bit awkward. But overall, the 360 degree hinge is an awesome
feature because it allows for speedy productivity but also convenience for those times when
you just want to procrastinate and binge watch Netflix all weekend long. You know you want to. So at less than $800 the HP Pavilion x360
is a great fit for students on a budget looking for a productive yet fun laptop that should
be able to last them quite a while. Let me know what you think in the comments
below. As always, my name is Andy. Thank you for watching this review. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to subscribe and I will talk to you
in the next video.

100 comments on “HP Pavilion x360 13.3″ Review: Best Budget Student Laptop?”

  1. Andy Slye says:

    Get the x360 on Amazon: http://geni.us/pxWC

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    Which is the beat choice, Should i go for macbook 2015 model or this one???(around $700-800) which one is more comfortable with data transfer and presentation making as a beginner… i m an engineering student!

  5. kanur unad says:

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  6. Nxsra.H says:

    I was wondering if the fan noise is loud ? I've recently bought this and my fan is very loud and I wanted to know if that's normal ?

  7. Ella G says:

    Is the fan loud? I have a very old Vaio laptop and the fan is very loud (as well as many other problems), so that's why I'm switching to this laptop.

  8. John says:

    mine is slightly different.
    the speakers on mine are on the side instead of above the keyboard,
    i COULD go on, but, Naaaaaah

  9. vijay kumar says:

    brother plz tell how to install need for speed or takken games I have hp laptop 8gb ram and 4gb graphic card, when install cracked games my laptop gives some problems and not booting.which one creating problem windows10 or antivirus or hp laptop plz tell me how yo install safe way

  10. A. ZR says:

    I am seriously considering this laptop (13-u104na) as my secondary laptop to use whilst at univeristy, mostly for doing assignments. But im seeing a lot of mixed reviews especially with regards to the fan. Is it really that loud? and will the i3 processor be enough for me?

  11. Ismail Sifat says:

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  13. littlelamp100 says:

    mine unfortunately has a 500gb hard disk drive πŸ™
    in the process of adding a 240gb ssd to it
    it's not all bad i guess; i still am going to use the HDD for backup storage, and 500gb is plenty πŸ™‚
    great laptop btw, and judging by your video it will be way faster with an SSD in it

  14. Robert Jackson says:

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  18. Tim S says:

    I picked up the 11.6 because I wanted something super small and portable, the quad core intel is almost equiv to an i3. 4gb and I don't use it for gaming. There is no config like it compared to competitors as HP has put in 2 USB 3.0's and B&O system and it's quite durable. Like Andy said it's a good idea to get the best config possible, while the Hard drive is not too hard to change, the memory is literally underneath the motherboard. If you do decide to upgrade, after purchase, take it to an authorized HP repair shop to get it done.

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  51. Prakash Vora says:

    thank you

  52. kingofsins says:

    Bought this laptop for my wife and we were in regret for nearly 2 months because it was pathetically slow. In India we don't have returns either once the box is opened its yours unless warranty. When my wife gave up and said she can't use it anymore. I restored the image and uninstalled everything that had the name Hp in it. They have a bunch of crapware (all loaded into memory, seriously hp registration service needs to run in background even after you registered?) of them any use.. after I uninstalled all of them updated the device drivers and windows updates. It was good for use and laptop is doing much better. Speakers are another problem in tablet mode as they're firing bottom or behind you. Lastly if u want to upgrade ram or ssd its not easy to open this laptop up. You have to remove some rubber padding below which are placed there using adhesives so when u put em back it might not be that factory fit. Also becomes quite hot and fan is noisy.
    Overall good for everyday use simple documents presentations and streaming. Completely unsuitable for gaming, large documents or presentations , excels with macros. Also I switched off "fast boot" in windows power options that sped up my boot time by a lot. For those who bought this and are struggling with it hope my information helps.

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