H&R Block Vs. TurboTax — Which Is Better For Filing Taxes?

– Tax day is April 17th,
but the sooner you file, the sooner you can get your tax refund. The IRS actually recommends
that American tax payers file their taxes online and they also say you should request your
refunds via direct deposit. So we decided to take a closer look at the two most popular online tax filing systems to see which one is better. So I’m here with Anya who
beat us all to the punch when it comes to doing your taxes. She is a true early bird
and has already filled out her tax return on not just
one online filing service, but two and we’re here
to find out which one she liked better. So what type of taxpayer
would you say you are? I’m filing one income this year. Last year, I was filing
two for my business insider internship and from my freelancing gig. So that was a little more complicated. This year, I’d say I’m a much
more streamlined taxpayer because I only have one
income to worry about as opposed to two. – [Interviewer] Why did you
use Turbo Tax last year and are there certain taxpayers you think that it might be better for? – So last year I started
off using H&R Block. It was going very well at first, then when it came time to
file my freelancer income, I found it much more complicated. It was quite unclear how to move forward, so I ended up going to Turbo Tax. It was a breeze. I just filed, you know, my
regular business insider income and my freelancer income and
it was not an issue at all. If you are somebody who has side projects, side hustles, you’re a freelancer, Turbo Tax is probably better. It really allows you
to skip back and forth between different stages of the process. Seems a bit more acclimated to people who have multiple sources of income. – [Interviewer] Which service was easier to go through the process? – So they were both very
similar in that they both had very intuitive interfaces that kind of keep the process flowing
and also answer questions along the way as you’re going through it. I found H&R Block more streamlined, a little bit more intuitive than Turbo Tax but they’re both pretty
similar in terms of how you use them. – [Interviewer] Which
one had something that really stood out as a pain point? Something that was kind of annoying. – Turbo Tax because
they’re very pushy about trying to get you to upgrade
to their paid services. They keep taking you back to the screen where you’re able to
select different options and just basically asking are you sure you want to do this for
free and it’s kind of like, yes, I am sure, and they basically show you all your information saying, we did your taxes last year. You’re 50% complete if
you upgrade to plus now. And when I declined and went
to the free service instead, it kind of makes a point of showing you losing all your information
and I felt that was a bit passive aggressive. And it’s a stark contrast to H&R Block which was very much
easier to use in the sense it doesn’t make you set
up an account right away. You can kind of go through it. It does ask you if you want to upgrade, but it just feels less insistent, less, you know, making you second guess yourself essentially. – [Interviewer] What was
one of the major differences you noticed between the
two different services? – So, H&R Block’s service
is incredibly linear which I liked personally because it just takes you from beginning to end and it’s a very straight
forward march to the end. In terms of Turbo Tax,
it really allows you to jump around more, I felt,
in terms of its interface. You could start one thing,
leave it, go to something else. That might appeal to
different personalities based on how you like to work. – [Interviewer] Given your experience, which service would you
ultimately recommend? – I’d say, if you’re like me, and you are filing for one income, both are good. H&R Block, for me, was
better just in terms of its interface and the way I was able to kind of breeze through it essentially. So if you don’t have to worry about other free lancing or side gig income, I would say H&R Block is probably best. – Okay cool, so H&R Block is your pick? – Actually, this year
I’ll be using Turbo Tax to file my taxes. – That seems like it goes against
what you just said though. – Well, I already have
an account on there. I’m all set up. They have all my
information even though they made a point of stripping it all away when I didn’t upgrade. I’m used to it and they’re
both so similar that you now, I just feel like
might as well start an ongoing relationship with one of them as opposed to switching back and forth. – That makes sense. I mean it is nice when you
have all of your tax returns in one place, but if you do
want to switch back and forth every year, you can just download the PDF and keep your own digital copy. Thanks so much for doing your taxes early so the rest of us could heed your advice. – Thanks for having me. (laughing)

93 comments on “H&R Block Vs. TurboTax — Which Is Better For Filing Taxes?”

  1. Pedro Molina says:

    1st…. lol. Good info

  2. Le Noctem says:

    TurboTax vs H+R Block…

    WHOA there Business Insider, don't want to do anything too crazy.


    Stop telling me about taxes i,m already stressed lol🤣🤣🤣

  4. Ash Farai says:

    Both are user friendly, Turbo tax is good for for those who want to thoroughly report a ton of itemized deductions and H&R seems to be more user friendly when lowering tax liability and it’s cheaper to self file

  5. transam2002ws6 says:

    The most important question of all wasn't asked. The question that everyone wanted to hear. Which filing system gave you the best return.

  6. Black Orfice says:

    Skip all these and go support a local accountant.

  7. Adam Honesty and decency says:

    TurboTax fkng blows!!

  8. MegatronDon7 says:

    Credit Karma FTW!

  9. Darric P.L. says:

    Turbo tax sucks, someone got paid off…

  10. Darric P.L. says:

    Yeah so h&r is better and easier but use turbo tax bahaha wtf

  11. Navy Prepper says:

    On the fence woman. Likes H&R but using Turbo even though it makes her back and do it all over. Doesn't touch on what service gave her the best return. I'm guessing but maybe Turbo with all its hassles gave the best return. Like Joe Walsh said, "I have accountants pay for it all!"

  12. Bryan Valladares says:

    Both of the companies discussed lobby so that our taxes are not free to do…

  13. Jack Schwartz says:

    I'm not even going to watch this vid. I don't have to. The one and only time I used H&R Block they screwed everything up sooooo bad I ended up going straight to the IRS n the IRS themselves; A- Saw the screw up n knew IMEDIATELY who had done it. B- Straightened out the mess. C-With the IRS doing our taxes we got over $5,000 dollars more than we would have gotten through H&R Block. NEVER USE H&R Block!

  14. Joshua Salazar says:

    Can someone tell me plz how much is the max you can withdraw from a turbotax prepaid card

  15. Thomas Collier says:

    Whatever you do do not use H&R Block, and do not buy their peace of mind they will not make good on it.

  16. Walter Askins says:

    H&R block forgot to file my tax return Feb first. Did not find out about this until I contacted them about my tax refund. NEVER AGAIN!

  17. greengrassofhome says:

    One would think that, in this day and age, there would be an automatic, super-easy way to pay taxes that requires only 2 minutes of effort and no paperwork.

  18. Dan T says:

    Can I import the milage and expenses I've tracked through the Everlance app to TurboTax?

  19. sportster88 says:

    I've been using H&R Block since 2014 but this year the CD I received in the mail gives me an error message and won't install. I've had enough of tax software.

  20. John Doe says:

    Taxation is theft.

  21. Eliazar wrx says:

    just go somewhere and get them done right

  22. Black Brit says:

    They're both shit. Move to a country where the government does your taxes for you. They literally have all the information already!

  23. Derek Jones says:

    Thank you you made my choice easier thumbs up..

  24. Derek Jones says:

    You should get the same return from either site if you put in the right info I saw a comment below asking which service gave a bigger refund lol u get what u get if u enter the proper info the service doesn't determine how much u will get back it's set in stone basically

  25. Shawn Awesome says:

    Obviously H&R Block.

  26. rutipatrizia patrizia says:

    h&r screw you with old debts they pull out your past so no no h&r does not help

  27. Wayne Blake says:


  28. Wayne Blake says:


  29. Miguel Robledo says:

    She was not helpful at all.

  30. Ron Star says:

    I dumped Turbo Tax a few years back when they tried to screw their customers by suddenly charging $50 more for something that was included previously. (Schedule D, I believe… Income property forms). They later apologized, but I believe you still have to pay more for something that is free in HR Block software. Once a company screws loyal customers, I say, "screw THEM". So I will never, ever, use Turbo Tax. HR Block works, and I can drop into a HR Block shop if I have a question. For FREE.

  31. Tawona Anderson says:

    Government is shut down check back at a later date

  32. Giuseppe rimauro says:

    turbo tax is better than others!!!

  33. Giuseppe rimauro says:

    H&R block charges you shit amount of money and they file just like any otheds

  34. Giuseppe rimauro says:

    I remember years ago they used to charge $40 see what they charge you now!!! turbo tax is better!!!

  35. The Rover says:

    H&R Block told me $99 to file single. When I walked out the door it was $400.

  36. Kaydee Jones says:

    So H&R is better, but she's using Turbotax a second year in a row???🤔

  37. madog says:

    I’m having trouble with hr block. I accidentally added “tax pro review” now I can not remove the $89.99 and I can’t move forward without picking a pro to review my taxes. I’m going to go to turbo tax this year.

  38. Ed edd says:

    So if I give you 300$ and you give me 50$ ok

  39. Retro MouseX says:

    H and r block is a ripe off especially for retired folks
    Void at all cost or you will be sorry.

  40. Jamie McBane says:

    This add paid for by h& r block thank you

  41. c ball says:

    I'm not paying taxes to a shut down government.

  42. 5.7L Hemi says:

    Do turbo tax do advances on your return?

  43. Brae Sepulveda says:

    Obviously turbo tax

  44. Brae Sepulveda says:

    Obviously turbo tax

  45. Jason McCrory says:

    No mention of Credit Karma which is truly free and yield similar results. Better yet no mention that the government already has your W2, 1099, 1098, etc and could do your taxes for you all you would need is to submit and charity or Medical as amendment and it could all be free except big Tax Software firms lobby to keep this from happening.

  46. Stan Esco says:

    So wich one got you the best return? Goddamn!!! Anoying😠

  47. Jason Nunn says:

    I did my on 4 different ones i found no difference in each one. They all had same amount.

  48. Josie Thorp says:

    Turbo tax is so easy and free

  49. Kimmia Crossty says:

    She’s confusing

  50. nojokeauto says:

    Is turbo tax fine, if u want to deduct mortgage interest? I don’t trust it.. my refund says its the same before and after I entered all my loan and tax info in.. pretty sure I’m about to get scammed..

  51. Tenzack YOGI says:

    Taxation makes us homeless. its only good for baby boomers. Earned Income tax credit is never going to happen to single people.

  52. keyovc Alpha-One9 says:

    Went to H&R to make an amendment to my tax return. The guy didn't have a clue what to do and didn't ask his peers for any assistance. That was the first and last time I tried H&R – they are BLOCKED!

  53. TouchyBanana says:

    I saw a TurboTax ad right before this video…

  54. plato says:

    This is an advertisement

  55. Fayco Garibay says:

    I started using TurboTax last year and it was so easy, simple and they help you get the biggest return possible. I definitely recommend it to anyone, and it’s free, so that’s a plus for us broke college students

  56. Max-Andrew McMillan says:

    I have never really understood, but if every person on this earth were to pay 10% of your gross income. Simple. but wait, theres an industry around TAXS. fair does.

  57. Colton Boike says:

    Last year I started the process on Turbo Tax, when I saw the amount I was getting back I clicked out of the site and went to H&R Block. They asked the same questions, punched in the same information. Come to find out I got almost the exact amount, but owed around $100.

  58. Ray Richmond says:

    Just go to H&R and file your taxes with them and at the end they will show you your return then they ask you pay. At this moment tell them you changed your mind and file with turbo tax. This way you know how much you should get back on turbo tax and you dont have to pay some one to do your taxes.

  59. Nd S says:

    Going with turbo cheahhh!

  60. Tatiana ^_~ says:

    H&R Block is easier to use for me but Turbo Tax gives me a bigger refund because the options for deductions are easier to find

  61. Rob Varde says:

    H&R block online sucked I ended up paying the Irs money and didn't even get my tax return back.😒

  62. face2much says:

    "I think this service is better, but I'm not going to use it because I'm comfortable with whats worse"

    -everything wrong with women in one sentence.

  63. Miguel Rios says:

    I tried H&R block, Turbo Tax And Credit Karma and before hitting the final confirm button on either I just stuck to Turbo Tax they all offered the same return

  64. Farsad TV says:

    No matter which Software you use if you put the same exact information on each one of them you will get exactly same amount of $$$ .
    Some people saying here they got more money with one than the other and that is a joke 😂😂😂😂😂😂 because what you are using on every software is the IRS calculation .

  65. Alpheus Gibbs says:

    If all you have is a w-2 then just go to the government site and do it for free. But if you have more then find a cpa and be done with it.

  66. Laboratório D' Paula says:

    Is these systems cover J1 students?

  67. acar1994 says:

    USE Free File Fillable Forms. Been a user for 7 years now. Less than 1% ACTUALLY use Free File Fillable Forms, but it is super easy to follow and allows me to pay $0 to these Monopoly Corporations

  68. O.Z. says:

    I’ve compared both apps and it’s not a difference

  69. Michael Horton says:

    Just my 2 cents, tried H&R block for download 2017 couldn't get the software to load correctly called support 20 minutes to get a human on the phone , explained the situation got put on hold for another 5 minutes then was told I needed to call the IRS. Waste of money went back to Turbo Tax never had an issue.

  70. David Nguyen says:

    Please try out our revolutionary free tax app for all Canadian contractors in all sectors.

    It will help any self-employed individual in all Canadian provinces.

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    5. Prorates mileage and applies % to vehicle expenses
    6. Tracks business expenses.
    7. Generates detailed Accounting summaries you can email to your accountant
    8. AI generated GST/HST/QST Quick Method analysis compared to Regular Method
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  71. Bearscapo23 says:

    Turbotax is better a its free

  72. Denys Sejas says:

    turbotax LIE!!…i have the simplest tax and they weren’t able to make it “FREE”, one single extra schedule and it’s not free anymore

  73. Timothy Heang says:

    Turbo tax for life and that’s that !!

  74. Mr Crash says:

    Do H&R Block vs Liberty Tax

  75. MommyZ Time says:

    🤨🤔I used to work for HandR Block… Sad to say i dont recommend it. Once i started using Turbo i stuck to it. IF MY COMMENT GETS 1000 LIKES I WILL PROVE TO YOU GUYS HOW POOR THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS. I HAVE A WHOLE VIDEO RECORDED OF ME TRYING TO REACH THEM AND JUST GOT THE RUN AROUND.

  76. splashmt99 says:

    I am preparing my 19yo daughter's first tax return. She has a 1098T. Turbo tax said she was going to get $1200 back.. tax act said $1700, but they want $80 fr both state and federal (exact same info). TT wants total of $40. I am now going to try hr b.

  77. George Boyer says:

    Lutherangrants com just helped me with a grant of $44,000 to pay my debt .I am indeed thankful to them .

  78. Linda Herrera says:

    TurboTax is the best..

  79. Chuck Johnson says:

    H$R Block Charges a lot….

  80. Raul J. Gomez says:

    Just uploaded a video on me going step by step doing my TAXES online using TURBOTAX.  😢. By documenting my journey on my channel, it’s been helpful keeping me accountable, but when having setbacks like this uhhh it can be disheartening.

  81. Robbin Perers says:

    Can anyone explain why AGI's are not accepted on turbotax. Even on IRS transcript my agi is the same but turbotax cannot send, its always rejections but they pretty damn quick about taking your money especially if you update to their "better" package. Knowing the AGI will be rejected. Whats up with that? I dont detest paying the government when Im already giving the tax organizations monies for preknown rejections and that money dont come back. So, why is the IRS rejecting AGI's from turbotax and from their own transcripts, that were accepted on the person. What a scam! Anybody want to choose a mail order bride! We can "turbo fly" one to the states for you, pay us the upfront costs and you are locked in. We will send you the catalog of the updated market. Cons!

  82. Robbin Perers says:

    On two seperate occassions in the same tax year I got my transcript from the IRS just to make sure my AGI info is the same from different clerks.They are.
    Explain why tt is sending me rejected returns due to AGI, repeatedly. What a friggin' scam. I can mail order ice cream from equador with better results. I also noticed none of my monies came back from the updated package that was used to ensure "optimum tax results.
    What a joke! The future of online scamming in the name of capitalism. Also, try calling contact information at tt with questions about your AGI and listen to what you get? Want the definition of a circle-jerk? If you get a live answer? So let me guess, the same tt computer system that sent me rejected returns, the same one that needed me to update my package for the best return, the same one that says my AGI is wrong (IRS confirms its correct), is the same computer that will say "how can I help you today with your tt account and return?" Really?
    What a capitalistic con-game!
    Never again.

  83. Robbin Perers says:

    I may not like H R Block, Hewitt or some others but at least I can get a live signature of authenticity, a person and a stand by my side guarantee based on the prepared work they did on my information…no friggin' scams. If I want backroom scams and cons I can cheat the taxes myself. At least this way I can get the damn things sent into the IRS. Late fees and penalties are actually less than HR Block, Hewitt and the others…and its done, RIGHT THEN!

  84. Robbin Perers says:

    Screw you idiots. There isnt anyone on here that can vouch for the troubles in not getting taxes filed to the scammed monies paying for those troubles. These tax organizations are enjoying yacht cruises and partying at your expense and you still cant the taxes filed anyway. Not anymore! There has to be a class action lawsuit coming for this sort of thing. Its too widespread and too often.

  85. Robbin Perers says:

    Which filing system gives the best return? The one that gets filed.

    I bet even money that Hewitt can do it and done the same day, same hour, same minute…same information and no rejections. With a guarantee, with a signed signature, with a live person face-to face and equal or better return. DONE!

  86. Robbin Perers says:

    TT can kiss my "arsefrats."

    This is coming back!

  87. Erick M says:

    Why should I care what this random woman has done? You didn't mention any credentials other than the fact that she has used both before and she does her taxes early. That makes her an expert? Also didn't actually finish her taxes the previous year on H&R Block because it got confusing.. so we can't compare which would have given the better return

  88. Perez Andrew says:

    I got like 8 days left I need to file ASAP

  89. Steve Connely says:

    No one will ever read this, but I was a diehard TurboTax fan up to 3 years ago when they started getting greedy and charging for forms. I switched to H&R Block, and the previous year Turbo Tax file converted with no issues. I purchased the Turbo tax program this year because they has a gyrations rebate at a Target with free federal eFile. The program could not convert the 2017 H&R Block file, so ended up spending time reentering info off W-2’s. The biggest scam is they want to charge $24 to eFile your state, but when you say no thanks, I will print it out and mail it myself, you can not locate anywhere in the program to print it out, if you look under turbotax help topics, this is Avery common issue, and you know intuit hopes you will get frustrated and just pay the $24 to e-file … this is such an obvious money grab by turbo-tax 🙄

  90. Emil Jansson says:

    The easiest thing is to not pay taxes.

  91. dnc rbl says:

    Has anyone tried H&R Block/ turbo tax for residing in one state but working 100% in another state? For some reason, both the softwares are doubling the income for the resident tax and reporting a huge amount to be taxed for the residing state.. there was no option to edit.. I double checked the state wages imported automatically in the screens and it was correct.. so not sure why it is adding the social security wage and the state wage to report a doubled number as my income which resulted in showing a huge amount to pay to the residing state , which did not make sense, as I don’t work there at all.

  92. Jay Ryan says:

    You're like to dislike ratio isn't very good… Looking elsewhere for opinions.

  93. David at the Bakery says:

    she speaks with forked tongue

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