HSBC Trade Academy | Post shipment buyer loan also known as clean import loans

HSBC offers the global trade finance solutions that help you to make the most of your working capital and trade with more confidence internationally. Our Trade Academy learning programme has been designed to demystify trade and help you to navigate the world of trade finance. Post-Shipment buyer loans, sometimes known as Import Trade Loans or Clean Import Loans could help anyone who buys goods or services as part of their day to day business. The loan can provide an easy way to bridge the cash flow gap between paying for goods or services and receiving the cash from selling them. HSBC pays your supplier on your behalf and when you’ve received the payment you repay the loan. HSBC typically provides around 200,000 loans of this kind to businesses each year and our global footprint means we are able to isssue them in many countries around the world. Assuming you already have a facility with HSBC You can apply using a form submitted via our online banking platform HSBCnet, other digital channels, or your local branch. The form asks for some standard information such as your company details, the loan amount, loan period and information about the supplier you want to pay. It’s important to make sure you’ve carefully checked the details of the supplier you’re paying as well as your facility limit and agreed terms and you should ensure your nominated bank account has the funds to repay the loan when it falls due. You’ll also need to attach some supporting documentation which might include invoices or bills of lading, as evidence of the transaction and it’s important to check that these are clear and legible. Once your completed application has been received, HSBC performs the neccessary checks and makes the loan approval decision. Using HSBC net, our instant advice service or our Trade Transaction Tracker app you can follow your application throughout the process, receiving notifications as it passes through each stage. Speak to your relationship manager or trade specialist to find out more about Post-Shipment Buyer Loans or other HSBC trade finance solutions.

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