Huntington Bank – Introducing the Voice™ Credit Card

Ever wish you could build a better credit
card? Like a card that let’s you choose triple rewards,
but doesn’t tell you where and when to shop. Or lets you pick a lower rate. That actually
costs you less, instead of charging you more through hidden fees. Of course, a card like that would come from
a different kind of bank. One that listens to what you need and then gives you the power
to get it. Turns out, there’s a credit card just like
that. Introducing Voice, from Huntington®. The Voice Credit Card™, powered by MasterCard®,
let’s you decide which option fits your life best and puts you in charge of how it works
for you. Say you love to pile up points. Then you’ll
love Voice with rewards. It lets you earn one point for every dollar you spend. And
offers triple points for purchases made in one of 13 categories that you can change before
the start of each quarter. Let’s say you want to give your kitchen a
spring makeover. Pick the home improvements category. You’ll build up big points when
you buy tools, paint, flooring and more from home improvement stores. For summer, switch your category to gas. Then,
take a road trip. You’ll earn triple points when you fill up and single points for all
other purchases. Now, that’s points with a turbo boost. Plus, each point equals a penny when you’re
ready for redemption. Which means your points become real rewards real fast. But what if you want a lower interest rate
more than points? Then, you’ll want Voice with a lower rate. Instead of giving you points,
it gives you a purchase APR that’s 3% lower than our rewards option. You can make big purchases and spend less
than you would with higher rate cards. That way you’re always in control of your Voice. Whether you choose rewards or lower rates,
you’ll also enjoy Late Fee Grace™. That means if you slip up and miss a payment due
date, Voice gives you an extra day—without a late fee—to make it right. Plus, it lets
you keep the same APR. So, great news! You don’t have to build a
better credit card. It’s already here. And it’s ready to change the way you live. Because the Voice is yours. And it’s only
from Huntington. Apply today at any local branch or at Welcome.

8 comments on “Huntington Bank – Introducing the Voice™ Credit Card”

  1. mrjacoby says:

    Voice over by Michael Jacoby.

  2. Sweet "T" says:


  3. Jake Pelter says:


  4. Carlee Sharma says:

    Has anyone gotten this card? I just applied for the rewards card and was wondering if anyone had some sort of "review" on how good or bad it is? Thanks 🙂

  5. Dan Albrecht says:

    Huntington Bank….where the robbers are on the inside. We set up a checking account there for a side business that we're slowly getting off the ground. We kept the minimum balance but no activity on the account. After 6 months, they began to bleed the account with "pc banking fees". The balance quickly went into the red, and thus began a cycle of weekly overdraft fees. Those continued for 4 weeks before we were finally notified by mail. So, it cost us approx $100 to deposit $25 with Huntington. Of course, they will not waive the fees. You just get an "oh, I'm sorry, but that's our bank's policy". Yeah, it's a little over a hundred bucks. Not that big of a deal. But the fact is, this bank (and many others, unfortunately) play a gotcha-game very similar to your friendly cable company…..where they promise you a good deal, then wait a few months and proceed to screwing you. Thus is the story with all too many publicly traded companies in the world today whose primary reason for existence is to increase profits for their shareholders. BEWARE.

  6. Baja Gamer says:

    who dare you shit

  7. Baja Gamer says:

    Huntington bank is my
    faviroite bank

  8. Byron Noneofyourbusiness says:

    Huntington bank steals social security checks and VA checks from someone and their child BECAUSE their debit card was dropped in public and stolen, the person cant even walk and they said they went to 8 different gas stations and such to buy shit with only a $1.50 in the bank just so they can add up horse shit late fee's,they never bothered to look at camera footage nor did they do a damn thing excepet say it wasn't reported soon enough so they did it, I KNOW FOR A FACT THIS PERSON WAS IN BED FOR 10 DAYS THAT WEEK UNABLE TO GET OUT OF BED BECAUSE THEIR BONES ARE INFUSING TOGETHER.
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