Hyena pack attacks lion | FULL CLIP – Dynasties

As they mature young males begin to explore the boundaries of the prides territory Red has ventured out alone And London straight into the middle of the hyena clan He’s trapped by over 20 of them Tries to wear him down this number of hyenas could kill him It’s impossible to fight the middle at once This Ally tattoo has heard the commotion Now the odds have changed Even for 20 hyenas a pair of melons is too much to take on Red is lucky you

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  1. BBC says:

    If you loved this and want more incredible nature videos, have a look at this amazing story of a young stoat who tries to take down a rabbit ten times its size! 👉 https://youtu.be/HNbqvqf3-14 👈

  2. Chris Macias says:

    Is that Ed in 0:20?

  3. K!Mi says:

    This is straight outta the lion king

  4. yrb cien says:

    im the deer in the back

  5. Scott MUrphy says:

    Trump support VS Antifa cucks

  6. Kadin Sangwais says:

    This is the lion king


    A lion na deggara na deggara antha dabbu undali kada ra pichi vedava monday
    Already antha torture cheyalo one chesi champavu monday ninnu alage champutanu

  8. Pulusi .T says:

    Yo if only The Lion King looked this good

  9. christian jaycee dela cruz says:

    This Looks More Like A Movie It Looks Like Lion King

  10. Yoo Ellie says:

    "I'm surrounded by idiots"

  11. Bowingbear CEO says:

    You can just tell by how innocent & grandpa-ish the narrator's voice is that no one's gonna die.

  12. je weet wel says:

    True love

  13. CocoCoins says:

    Did anyone else hear ‘whatever’ at 1:12

  14. Celi Keli says:

    No one is taking about how annoying hayenas are and how stupid they are??smh you lames !

  15. АRMЯН ARM says:


  16. Walter White says:

    Scar getting killed

  17. 토르 says:

    숫사자들의 의리~~!!멋있다!!!

  18. unitac.com. ua says:

    Старый лев

  19. Roberto Moreno says:


  20. Rumpel JA says:

    Do lions eat hyenas?

  21. Surviving Chicago says:

    OK….. this shit made me cry

  22. X X says:

    David’s voice is a gift.

  23. Gustav af Ugglas says:

    Amazing video. What friends are for

  24. XxGacha•AllyxX says:

    This is looks like the new lion king

  25. المؤيد الشريف says:

    يارجل الاسد هيبه والله 😂👏🏻

  26. عمار محمود says:

    اين نحنو العرب وخوفن على بعض مثال هذا السدين ؟ . ؟ ؟

  27. Gaming with the KOLI says:

    So cute when the lions were hugging each other😍😍😍😍

  28. Faraz Ahmed Rizwan says:

    Yeah, he don't back down and fight like a king.. That's great,,,
    The other' one lion is really great friend like a brother.

  29. Vethale says:

    This has more emotion and heart than the lion king 2019

  30. Woah. LaLa says:

    I never realized how ugly hyenas are until now !!

  31. Amira Costa says:

    Awwwwwww they way they 🤗 hugged so cute

  32. محمد احمد says:

    الأسود اقوى بس الضبع جبان

  33. ronald bastidas says:

    Le salvó la vida el hermano…💪

  34. Tiger Babu says:

    The ending was great. Sometimes we need to be like that.

  35. MiammiaM TV says:


  36. jack michael says:

    the power of a lion: 100
    the power of 15 hyenas: 150
    the power of TWO lion: 250

  37. Alvinegro do Parque São Jorge says:

    Pai e filho que lindo 🦁🦁👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  38. Ronnie W says:

    Great video

  39. Hari Chakram says:

    Simham lantidi emi peeka ledu
    Unity is strength


    Deus sempre te dá uma saida é só confiar.

  41. Наталья Миненко says:

    Гиены-это европейские страны падальщики,а львы-это СССР и гиены в очередной раз огребут так …..

  42. electric jay says:

    lion king lol

  43. Robert Sarorn says:

    I’m surrounded by idiots- Scar

  44. Nick Grigorakos says:

    Never leave your brother alone.That's brotherhood

  45. Maria Soares says:

    Aí meu pai coitadinho do leão heynas folgadas ladrões de caça fico com o leão 😠😡covardes heynas gostei ☺aff

  46. trap mix says:

    Lion : I am adventurous killer 😎🔥 Hyena: but I am a laughing killer😈🔥

  47. Kiwii Wolf says:

    Did yall see that deer in the back watching whole dam thing lol 😂 hes wtf is happening here

  48. daily dose of memes me meme says:


  49. MLP NITHIN says:

    Tatoo expressions at 2:26 sec was awesome..👌

  50. Magma says:

    The Hyenas sounds like their laughing like a madman

  51. Roq says:

    First time I ever saw straight fear in the eyes of a lion. That lion was scared!!! But then his friend came

  52. Uzair Arshad says:

    This is a deleted scene from The Lion King. Simba ended up saving Scar from the hyenas

  53. Love Love says:

    One love

  54. Young Obongo says:

    At 1:26 the Hyena almost rips the Lions balls off.

    So so close! Hyenas almost won!

  55. عادل Adil says:

    Realy or film ?

  56. GhANeC says:

    Their companionship and appreciation.

  57. vegitto blue says:

    20 hyenas run away from only 2 male lions they are cowards

  58. kumar goswami says:


  59. Alisha Thompson Steel says:

    Good show

  60. Music Avenger says:

    if its one on one lion would win

  61. Adam A says:

    Reminds me of a big pimp fighting off screaming hoes hahahaha

  62. Adam A says:

    That was amazing watching this Tatu gots his back!

  63. chicken feathers says:

    The loin looked like it was on cat nip

  64. Sandeep Tiwari says:

    Lions were different total 3 lions.

  65. Stephanie Guidry says:

    Run lion run!!

  66. Decoda Skskskksk says:

    I loved how at the end the lion was thanking the other

  67. Jestoni Mark Maceda says:

    Avengers!!! ASSEMBLE

  68. x Zoika says:

    Scar…is dat you?

  69. Retired Early 53 says:

    I like when the odds are more even ! Reminds me of Bullies !!!!! They have plenty of courage when they outnumber you !!!!! But, when the odds change , Bullies will always be the first to RUN AWAY !!!!!!!!!

  70. Antwon Lembrick says:

    He did good by himself he bit one sat down bit one sat down bit one sat down

  71. dragonballz naruto says:

    The hyenas could have killed the lion if they wanted. But what good is that going to do? They chose to harass him (badly) so the lion thinks twice before crossing into his hyena territory.

  72. Kev Wallace says:

    0:57, he said “oh shit”

  73. sunugaal Sénégal says:

    l'union fait la force

  74. Jan Dendani says:

    Even with a sub adult outnumbered by hyenas he still wins..hyenas no good..cowards

  75. kian DREI says:

    The real happend on the end of lion king..

  76. inspiration says:

    Lion king scene

  77. Renegade Musik says:

    I’ve watched this video like thirty times already and I still keep hoping that the lion “Red” would seriously hurt one of those twenty hyenas.

  78. Владимир ххх says:

    Человек самое подлое , бессовестное и лживое животное

  79. Javier Bejarano says:

    Everbody gangsta, until Tartu rolls up

  80. Harkaran singh rana says:

    Behanchaud 20 Pakistani terrorists Vs 1 Indian soldier , finally Russian join ..!!

  81. Leo Dogma says:

    Like Patriots who love Freedom vs. the Evil Rat-Brain party and their pack of media Hyena's !

  82. Prometheus Sokrates says:

    It's great. Amazing

  83. Дмитрий Иванов says:

    Ненавижу этих ебучих гиен

  84. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    برنامج قديم وشفناه مليون مرة فين الجديد ؟؟

  85. Nik Kingman says:

    Hyenas are communists

  86. Crowd city gameplays City gameplay says:

    Bro this looks like the part in lion king when the hyenas start to attack scar

  87. Apex Hhh says:

    @3:02 lion thanking his friend

  88. Apex Hhh says:

    There is no fear in his (🦁) dictionary

  89. Apex Hhh says:

    Lion was trapped by 20hyenas ,still he has no fear

  90. DoNNa DoNNa says:

    Why the dislike!!!

  91. Victor Danial says:

    M i the only one noticing that hyenas traaped the king nd produces sound sounds like they r laughing nd teasing….its funny though just recognised…1:02

  92. Fina W says:

    I HATE HYENA 👎👎👎

  93. whitewolfgamers grren says:

    That lion looks like he has seen some shit…..

  94. comment stealer says:

    When you go to the wrong hood

  95. Claudia Milena Caicedo Cruz says:

    Lo Máximo los leones 😍

  96. Nirupam Nath says:

    Is he Scar ?? 🤔 From the Lion King

  97. aslam aslam says:

    I hate when hyenas laughing

  98. Jonathan Levy says:

    Why cant scar and mufasa be like this two brothers lol

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