I Am The One Who Knocks [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]

“I Am the One Who Knocks”. “On day 1 of the Rats job, cook 3 bags worth of meth without letting any law enforcer enter the
house.” This achievement used to be harder on release as the bots were’nt as useful without the Henchmen update. But today, all we need are bots with the right setup and positioning. For the requirements, the achievement will unlock as soon as the 3rd set of meth appears on
the tray. Any cop entering the house will void the achievement. Converts, on the other hand, are ok but we’re going to do this on Normal anyway so we don’t need them. In fact, my gameplay at the end of the video used 0 skills, because the bots themselves are enough. Speaking of bots, here is how we are going to set them up. Just equip them all with an Izhma, the shield piercing crew ability and the bots will make short work of everything. And once we place them in the right positions, we don’t have to fight the assault at all and can fully concentrate on cooking. So here’s where we’re going to put them. One bot outside each doorway on the first
floor. That would be the one near the small shed
in front, and also the side where the cops jump down
from. The last bot, will be positioned at the back of the house, near the kitchen window. I’ll usually position the bot at the corner of the L-shape so that it can cover both the side and the
back. And as long as we don’t stray too far from
the house, the bots will not leave their positions so we don’t have to worry about them running
off when we move around to grab ingredients. Of course, as useful as bots are, there are still some things we players have
to do ourselves. The first is the helicopter rappel reinforcement, where 2 cops will attempt to land onto the
balcony. Once we hear the whirring of the helicopter, we move out to the balcony to stop them before they can enter the house. This reinforcement will only happen once per
game. And the other, is also a helicopter reinforcement, but with a green Bulldozer instead. Similarly, once we hear the helicopter arriving, we prepare for the Bulldozer to land and take him out before he can rush into the
house. Depending on RNG, the bulldozer reinforcement may happen multiple
times or not even once at all, during our achievement
run. One other odd happening that took place is when 2 cops rappelled into the house out of nowhere and voided the achievement. It’s ridiculous! The windows aren’t even broken! At first I thought this was a bug until I re-checked the mission scripts and found it to be an RNG event that can happen only once per game. Turns out that at the end of every assault
wave, when all players are in the house, which we
will be, there is a 40% chance of spawning these guys. And to prevent that, all we have to do is plank both windows and the event will be disabled. Other than that, a single run should take about 8 to 12 minutes, depending on how quickly Bain gives us the
instructions to cook so it should be pretty quick to get. So to summarize, equip the bots with the Izhma shotgun and shield piercing in Crew Management. Once the heist starts (Normal difficulty of
course), we place the bots in their positions and we
do the cooking. Listen out for helicopter reinforcements and take care of them before they can enter the house. And plank the two windows in the small room of the second floor to prevent the spawning of the rappelling
cops. Then once the 3rd set of meth crystals appear
on the tray the achievement will unlock. Alright! So hope this was useful to you guys. Enjoy the boring gameplay coming up next, because mostly what I do is cook. I’ll see you all in the next video.

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  1. Grunt04 says:

    congrats on 1k subs

  2. CRACKGEAR says:

    Knock Knock~

  3. Some scrubby Scrub says:

    Congrats on 1k subscribers, only a small progress, but it’s surely something

  4. VeganMusk says:

    Too bad i did this before henchmen.

  5. The Endleader says:

    thank you

  6. Wuj0 - The Man, The Myth, The Legend. says:

    Whats that mask in the background?
    While you were talking about setup.

  7. M Shady says:

    i got this randomly when i played the heist ._. feelsgoodman

  8. TheShocker says:

    Good one mate 🙂 My idea for this achievement was the same but using turrets to cover the entrances

  9. Bzy Lwk says:

    Out of curiosity where is your accent from

  10. spongygames says:

    I heard "equip them with an ASMR".

  11. Urdnot Rave says:

    wtf is that FOV?! WutFace

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