I Bought $1,100 Worth of Tech eBay Mystery Boxes

– Hey, what’s up, guys, Keaton here. So you guys know what time it is. It’s time to open up some mystery boxes. (energetic pop music) In case you guys don’t
know what a mystery box is, basically there are these things on eBay where you send money to
people if you buy an item, and they send you a box. The box could be empty, it
could be filled with stuff. Sometimes, they have titles
like bit coin, crypto currency. Okay, that is the same thing,
that is the same thing. Like tech, make up, whatever
it is, they got a box for it. So we’re gonna go on eBay, buy some stuff, hopefully it works out. In the last episode, we spent 400 bucks. So drop a like for the next episode, and I’ll spend a thousand dollars
’cause it’s getting spicy. Alright, I’m excited, I’m gonna
take a sip of Gatorade here. Just let’s, you know what, let’s just pour one out for the homies. Pour one out for the homies. (“Angels” by Sarah McLachlan)
♪ In the arms of the angel ♪ My red Supreme wallet, it’s gone, so I can’t even be spending money, but we’re gonna be spending
some money, here we go. So I’m on eBay right
now, let’s just do it. Let’s see what’s good, we
just searched for mystery box. Ten dollars, I am feeling really good. The wallet gods, they knew. Wow, they have definitely done some stuff on eBay since I’ve been on here last. Feels like every day, I’m on
here, just spending money. What is this, personalized
mystery 200 bucks. “Who doesn’t love a fun mystery box? “One that is personalized for you, “tons of overstocked
items, new with tags.” I was gonna read all this, wait, was it that, no, you’re kidding. “If you are 420 friendly,
please let me know.” What is this box, we can
exclude anything listed that you don’t wanna receive. This is basically the
most personalized box. You saw it for yourself, I
didn’t just make that up. Like that’s what it says,
and there’s a deluxe box that I’m guessing will personalize
even more for 500 bucks. Alright, let’s see how
much feedback they have. McCcan–
(gibberish) 11 feedback, alright, I’m
gonna add that to the cart. A little curious, 200
bucks there, what else? Whoa, okay, so there
is this mysterious box. “No trash, valuables, foreign
electronics, YouTube worthy.” For 50 dollars, probably
gonna be the cheapest box. I really kinda wanna start
steppin’ it up, so drop a like. Brought to you from viewers like you. “Hello, today, we have
a random mystery box. “Items are all great stuff,
rare and unique items “from around the world, no junk, no trash. “Perfect for an unboxing
on a YouTube video. “Any questions, please let me know.” First class, ship free,
and first class ship. Yo, Kyle, what kinda jet we takin’ today? Dude, we’re takin’ the first class ship. Let’s set sail on the first class. Why, dude, there’s a dog they’re
selling as the mystery box. It’s called the Fluffy
Monster Mystery Jewelry Box. Actually a picture of a dog. – [Josh] Ooh, that poor dog! It’s also the saddest dog!
– Look, this is actually– I know, right?
(“Angel” by Sarah McLachlan) ♪ In the arms of the angel ♪ Oh my God, this is hilarious. They literally made a
mystery box around their dog. His contents are, “Always worth the value. “Here is the Fluffy Monster
content mystery box. “My owner likes nicer things in life. “Do you like authentic Versace? “Oh boy, it’s five o’clock, time to eat! “Does a dog really have to watch his diet? “My owner runs me in circles.” I’m a little concerned. Mystery seven pound
box, great for YouTube. Matthew Richard Brook, 43 feedback, “Has about 250 dollars worth items.” Alright, you know what, sure, it’s all what you want in life. 250 dollars worth items,
oh my, this is so funny. “Do not let the low resolution
photo trick you, enjoy it.” Okay, that’s 500 bucks. Mysterious electronics
box, 250 dollar value. I don’t wanna bid, dude, I
swear all these mystery boxes– Look, I’m really struggling at this point. They all say YouTube worthy,
meant for YouTube videos, perfect for YouTube. Alright, 150 dollars,
I think this might have to be the last one, oh,
we’re at five boxes? Geez, I’m just spending
money like it’s nothing, and I’m not even reading the descriptions. I’m just adding it to my cart. Alright, let’s go, “Hello, today, “we have a random mystery box.” Like, “Items are all great stuff. “Rare and unique videos or
items from all around the world. “No junk, no trash,”
that’s like the same one I read from another box,
“Perfect for an unboxing.” It’s literally the same one. Oh my God, free and first class ship. I already made that joke! Five items in the cart,
how much money is this? 1100 dollars, you better
drop a like on this video. I’m setting a goal for 25,000 likes. Like I’m not even joking,
like I can’t afford this. What happens when we get
to 5,000 dollars or 2,000? Your order was placed,
there’s no goin’ back. Alright, so we’re back,
it’s been about three weeks, and this is the most expensive mystery box episode we’ve ever done. So if you guys like it,
you know what to do, and make sure you guys
follow us on the Instagrams so you see these kind of behind
the scenes a little earlier when the videos gettin’ made, when the next episode’s about to drop. So four out of the six boxes showed up. So you know what that means,
it’s time to open ’em. And hopefully, they’re not rocks because this episode is taking a turn. So I spent a lot of money on these boxes. Josh, did I spend like 500
dollars on one of them? That was a year, can you say that a little louder for the people? – [Josh] Yes! – You just gotta really rip it. You just gotta really rip it, right? (howling) Whoa, this is just, what
is this, really, a belt? I gotta do it, I love doing this. I was that guy going
into Marshall, Walmart– (snapping) Josh, if you’re not good– Really, can I hit you in the head? – He beats his employees.
– Can I hit you in the head? – You can hit me on the butt. – Really, alright.
– Yeah. – So it looks like these
guys are in school here. Just like a lot of you, what is this? Oh my, no, it clicks, it
clicks, it makes sense! It’s my fans, they’re in
school, they’re seein’ it. They’re not doing their homework so they’re literally
taking notebook paper, loose leaf notebook paper– Math homework should be done
on this, not mystery boxes! And of course, I have
some serious to ask you. Will you be the one? Oh dude, they knew, dude, Josh. Dude, it has to be a fan,
I love you guys so much. They put a record in there. They put some time into this,
they put some love into it. Ev, I got you some soap, I’m
trying to tell you something. He’s smelly, a book, dude, literally, it’s gotta be a student. It could be someone age
range, I’m thinking, middle school to high school. I remember reading this in one of those. I couldn’t tell you which one though. Merry Christmas, you put
this above your doorway. It’s just getting more and
more fun, really, really? They put some sardines in the box. You seein’ this, Josh? You were complaining about
how you didn’t any money. The fans are here to help you, Josh. They got you food, and they got you soap. I hope that wasn’t the 500
dollar box, alright, next box. (boxes scratching) Next up, okay, so this is heavier. This is, I would say,
around like seven pounds. So I think this is the 500 dollar box. This looks like the heat,
this looks really good! What did he put, “Appreciate
I do, thank you.” He put a meme, he put a meme in the box! Here we go, we got Air
Jaws, a VHS, love that. Some lighters, love that, what is this? Basic computer stopwatch, not likin’ this. Whoa, for the X-Box 360, I’ve
needed one of these forever. Yes, it’s a chat pad, yes sir,
and yes sir, it is a Bioncle! These sometimes go for a lot of money, and we got some Paper
Mate pens, more students. It’s good to see that you’re taking the school supplies you don’t
want, and you’re putting it in the mystery boxes that
I honestly don’t want. Wow, we got some soap,
glister and soap, love that. Don’t drop the soap,
Josh, don’t drop the soap. That’s what they’re trying to tell us. What is, this looks rare. It’s a matchbox, nope, it makes sense. They’re going to yard sales. Peep that out, Ev, and the best part, you know it’s limited edition. So we got some DVDs and some
games and an extension cord. We go Tom Cruise, War of the Worlds, nice little sticker pack. Civil War Nation Divided,
actually, I’ve played this game. Pretty fun, feelin’ good,
Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield 4. Alright, what else we got? What is this, Jeff Gordon,
Jeff Gordon, Jeff Gordon! What is that, I gotta
see it, what is this? This is like a, Josh,
we struck gold, my boy! You’re rich, it’s a
Jeff Gordon token, man. Get out of jail, free, and
one of his classic cars. Serving the artist, it’s a ceramic pen and pencil blending stump? We got a Hula lady, some battery, Pez, and a Charizard Pokemon card. So let me know in the comments
if this card is good or not. It’s legit, okay, that’s
good, it’s in a sleeve. I think it is over a
hundred, I heard, was good. Never was a Pokemon guy,
always was the Yu-Gi-Oh guy. (boxes scratching) Alright, so here’s the deal. So after we finished the
last video or thought we did, that one box turned out– Well, not white, that brown box turned out to be a scale for your
feet, which we didn’t order. Might’ve been a Wish video, I don’t know. Sometimes, they throw freebies in there, so it was about a week and the other three boxes did show up. So let’s open ’em, finish this video. We got a Batman helmet, a
sleeping bag, and a candle. Thank you for the bubble wrap on that. I appreciate you, sir. A DVD, a Nerf gun, some silly string, we’re just whippin’ through it. Oh, and there’s something else. What else did he put in here? Whoa, what is this, an iPad
Mini with this kinda case on it. Think it might’ve been
the 500 dollar box here. Oh, that is rad, so every
time you cock it back, just fires from the front,
kinda nice, sorry, Ev. I’m gonna hit the camera,
alright, I’m gonna try to. Bam, got it, capped ’em,
this is the best thing. This was the 500 dollar box. I’m just gonna assume the iPad Mini works. I hope it does, I’ll let
you guys know on Twitter. If it doesn’t, and we got
silly string, this is sick. (spraying) I even hit Josh. (spraying) I’m hittin’ everyone, we’re
stringin’ it, I like it. Alright, let’s really set the mood. Let’s test everything out,
I’m using the lighters from one of the other boxes. Bam, we’re all set there. We’ll watch this later,
let’s find the sleeping bag. See how good it is, I’m
testin’ everything out. Ooh, this is comfy, I’m feelin’ this. Ooh, dude, this is huge,
this is a huge sleeping bag. Maybe I should spend 500 dollars more. I’m only gonna get happier,
that’s such a bad principle. (boxes scratching) Alright, so box number five. You know it’s always interesting when they put question marks
on the outside of the box. Okay, some air duster,
augmented reality game, alright, interesting,
some batteries, thank you, and a camera lens set up. And then, a mirror magnet,
it’s just a magnet. Spin pop, we got the
lens on my Pixel 2 XL. Wouldn’t work on the iPhone
X ’cause it has two cameras. So we’re checkin’ this out,
it’s kinda hard to focus. I bet I outside this would look fantastic. I mean, it works, handstand doesn’t. That looks really good, I’m sold. And now this AR game, so it’s a gun, what? You prop your phone up like
that, and then there’s an app. So it’s augmented reality
gaming, and it senses, oh, that’s so sweet, so
since it’s augmented reality, it uses the camera on your phone. Oh, that’s so dope, so it
sees what I see right now. So I’m probably gonna have to stand up, point this to my background. So it gets a little more
space, and it scans, alright. That’s so sweet, alright,
there’s Ev, say what’s up, Ev. Alright, so it has a QR code on the posters, obviously included. I’m gonna hold the phone
up, that’s so sweet. It’s like a game board,
whoa, check that out. Alright, let’s try this out. I got the gun, batteries in
there, alright, we are in. There’s ships down there,
that’s so sick, dude. It’s like a board game, you
gotta destroy the ships. No, Mister Helicopters, sorry, dog. This is how I talk in video
games, even at age almost 21. This is awesome, augmented
reality’s really cool here. Don’t wanna go off map too much, but just tryin’ to shoot everything. Whoa, nice find, guy who sent me this box. You have the coolest box. I think a little cooler
than the 500 dollar one. Game over, well, that was awesome. So that’s it for this video, guys. If you guys enjoyed it,
make sure to drop a like and subscribe, clicking that circle icon. If you guys wanna see more, subscribe to my second channel too for the vlog. The whole behind the scenes of my life if you guys are interested. Check out the last two videos over here, and I’ll see you guys later, peace.

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