I Bought $376 Worth of Tech eBay Mystery Boxes

– What’s up guys? I just spit a bunch, I’m sorry. Can we edit that out? What’s up guys? It’s your boy Keaton here
and you know what time it is. It’s time to order some mystery boxes. (upbeat electronic music) So, in case you guys don’t
know how this series works, make sure you check out
that iCard right up there to catch the old episodes, but basically, I hop on
this site called eBay, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. And I ordered these things what are known on the
internet as mystery boxes. Basically, you buy a bunch of crap, or you hope it’s not crap. You’re basically giving someone 500 bucks (cash register sound)
to put items in a box that you hope is worth more than 500. I don’t really know, we’re
going to jump into it, you know how this goes. Drop a like in this video. If we get 20,000 likes, the next episode, I’ll
spend some real, real money. Actually all this is real money. – (Gasps) Money. – So in these mystery boxes, you’re going to find a lot on eBay. Trust me, people just want your money. I even got you guys sending
me links to your eBay posts. We’re trying to finesse
some cash out of me but that’s not how we do it around here. So in this episode, I’m upping the count to five mystery boxes, which is huge. You know these videos are
going to get a little long, so kick back, relax, grab
a drink, let’s hit up eBay. – Try eBay? – On the Internet? – So I’m looking for some
tech and gadget mystery boxes, you know, stuff that
actually is practical, or we’re hoping is practical. But let’s do this. So, hoppin’ on eBay,
what do we see right now? Alright, interesting. I’m just gonna search “tech
and gadget mystery boxes.” Hold up. Alright, so, wow, we got a lot of stuff. This just keeps getting
crazier and crazier. I’m telling you guys, this is the best money making opportunity. Hit me up, post up a
mystery box, I might buy it. Charge me whatever you want. That’s really what this
series is all about. Okay, for the first box we’re
seeing goes for 90 bucks. Shipping out of New York City and it’s an “electronics
and more mystery box “great for YouTube videos and giveaways.” Wait, what is in the photo? Is that an iPod Touch? Looks like a bunch of crap. Alright, sure, let’s add
90 bucks to the cart. What else do we got? I cannot believe this. Really? A YOLO Mystery Box. That’s a thing. – YOLO! (pumping synth music) – 150 bucks, guitarisangelx. All right, I’m going
to go to your profile. I think that’s her and her mom
in the picture; that’s cute. It’s not even a box, it’s a bag. It’s a YOLO Mystery Bag. I don’t know why she’s
calling it a mystery box. It’s really a bag. Okay, I guess I’m buying a bag. “Surprises inside,” it says. Interesting, all right. I mean, she’s selling jeans,
those look pretty legit. We’re adding the YOLO bag. 150 bucks, it’s getting expensive. We’re just looking at
all these mystery boxes. You’ve got one here that’s described a women’s box, a women’s, a women’s box? A women’s box? – This is a sleepover buddy.
No boys allowed! – Okay, let’s keep going. Okay, this one’s interesting. So it looks like they’re
going to make me a mystery box It’s a custom box. “If you purchase this box,
you will receive something “that is custom for your YouTube video.” Whatever, I’m telling you. They know I’m buying these boxes. Wow, are you serious? They’re selling $50 custom
boxes, $500 custom boxes, even a $1,000 custom box. I’m not going to spend that kind of cash. If you want me to spend that
kind of cash, drop a like. Next episode, that’s where
it’s going to go down. Maybe I’ll drop that in like a week. I don’t know, I’ll let you
guys know on Instagram. Okay, we’re just going to get the $50 box. I don’t know what they’re going to make. I’s custom, whatever. We’ve got one, two, three, three boxes in the cart right now. Can’t count. Let’s see what else is on eBay. Wow, okay, this is a “the tech electronics “mysterious fun surprise box. “Apple, Google, Samsung.” He sold three in 24 hours. Man’s not hot. I’m telling you, wow. Let’s add it to the cart. Four boxes in, we got one more. Let’s find some good ones. I love it! I absolutely love it. A supreme box. I have to get this. $40? Of course. All right, let’s add that to the cart. Go to check out. Wow, I’ve been saying
“wow” like Owen Wilson. We’ve spent a lot of money. Let’s buy these, hope they show up. You never really know. I know you always send me weird stuff. (meowing) So, it’s been about two weeks and all five mystery
boxes actually showed up. Hopefully, they’re not crap. I’m gonna keep emphasizing that. Quickly vote up in the iCard which box you guys think
is gonna be the best buy. I don’t even know the prices of these. One says $28 for shipping, so you know some heat’s about to go down. Let’s do this. Let’s open up one of these boxes. Let’s start with this box first. There is now way that this small box here is actually the hundred dollar
gadget box that I bought. Actually, they’re all gadget boxes. But the Google, Apple, Samsung one. Lets find out. First box. I even got a knife. This is a poor tape job. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. We got a Chromecast. These Google products
are a trend, I swear. I always get the Home
Minis, Chromecast, whatever. Is this a gift card to the Emoji movie? That’s a Best Buy gift card! I’m excited! Now you got me going to Best Buy. Wow, that’s a Galaxy Note 5 S Pen? Looks like it’s had a tumble in shipping. I’m so impressed. Some washcloths from Bed Bath & Beyond? A remote for the TV? They’ve been watching. They know I needed a remote. Whoa, a bluetooth speaker. What else? A lanyard from, I know this is from Pink. Literally, from Pink. A lightning cable. Wow, and a K Cup? I got a lot of stuff to check out. This bluetooth speaker, it’s
not a bluetooth speaker. That’s just a regular speaker. That is crap. A K Cup, probably worth about a dollar. Bed Bath & Beyond washcloths are the heat. A remote, Best Buy gift card. I’ll let you guys know on Instagram how much this actually is. Note 5 S Pen and a Groogle Chromecast. Wow, I think I might have
paid 40 bucks for this. Worth it. Now, this next box looks
a little more promising. How much did they spend on shipping? That’s always the telltale sign. I have no idea. They really fooled me. Packed really well. Ooh, what do you guys see? I can’t even see; I’m not that tall. I see some Xbox games. Oh, I’m excited; here we go. Three, two, one, what! That’s actually kind of awesome. We got a copy of Game Informer, what looks like a rearview
camera for your car, that’s kind of cool. The amount of accidents I’m getting in. We got a Tile Mate for your keys. I’ll leave as much as I can, link down below in the description. If you guys want to check it out. Battlefield one. Apparently, this got more likes
than the Call of Duty one. And then a play and charge
kit for the Xbox One. Sweet, s-s-s-sweet! That is awesome, yes! Oh, baby triple! Now, what’s in these two
bags is the final remains of whatever box that was. But it looks good. I love it. Dude, this gotta be the supreme box. I don’t know what this is. It looks like a plug of some sorts. – [Kyle] That goes on
the back of your phone. – Thanks, Kyle, it was a joke. A Speck iPhone 4, or 4S, iPhone case. A money wallet, that with a marker. It looked cool without the marker. Fifty dollar, look at Ulysses S. Grant. He’s just chillin’, doing his thing. I’m sorry, Ulysses. A smart watch. This looks like one of those
cheap ones you find on an app. This actually looks cool;
it’s a wireless charger. It’s clear; I like this. And what’s in here? Man, not again. That Xbox controller charger. And it clicks. Clicks with me. Oh my god, no way! I almost missed this. This is a fitbit. We got a fitbit. I want to say, does anyone know? I’m going to go out on a limb
and say this is a fitbit. Comment down below if you
guys think it’s a fitbit. We don’t know about this box. Another solid box. We’re gonna keep going. Now, this is box three. Last two boxes have been pretty good. Make sure you guys vote up in the iCard which box was your favorite. Crack the third open. This one’s kind of heavy. Looks like we’re getting a bunch of subscription boxes, you know? That’s a three month Xbox live gift card. You see what I’m putting down? You’re in for a treat. We got three months of Xbox Live. Does this even fit? They didn’t get my size. Quick dry, are these Nike pants? No, these are not Nike pants but these are some solid joggers. Another bluetooth speaker. Not testing that out. Ooh, these are kind of funky. Another pair, okay, I’m
not checking those out. There’s too many in here. Some tea! Some Celestial Seasonings tea! I love this tea and it’s a sampler. What, they just threw crap in here. E charge wallet, that’s not crap. It’s got a battery inside the wallet. It holds your cards in the back and then there’s a battery underneath. And then a Spiderman invisible
ink and sticker puzzling kit. – Hey, who are you? – You know who I am. – I do? (“Barbie Girl” by Aqua) – This was crap. Let’s try out the crap and see
how crap the crap really is. So, I got this electric wallet here. You put your cards in there,
a little bit of coins. And then the bottom is
actually a battery bank. A micro USB to charge it
up and then a single USB to charge whatever you need. Kinda cool. Xbox Live, you guys know how this works. It’s just Techsmartt. I’ll kill all of you in Pub G. I’m getting a lot of chicken dinners. Do these take a battery? No, I’m better than that. Box three sucked. Whoa, we got a big girl here. I got a little lost in
the Spiderman stickers. This cost $28 to ship. Must mean something good is in here. Maybe the supreme box? Did you just send me a bunch of crap? We have Batman hat, and
this was a used shirt. Pacman. A drone that I’ve, I’ve owned
this drone so many times. Some sunglasses, ooh. If they break, they’re gonna break. Okay, just accept that. Glad the glasses made it all right. Sexy. A water bottle, oh my
god brass knuckles, yes! – Yah! – American Gets Mad, a book. Some ski goggles, a
jumprope, a blender bottle. These are Skybuds. Amazon Warehouse Deals inspected. They’re like fugazi Airpods. Okay, I gotta check these out. Skybuds, ooh ooh ooh ooh! So, the shape of them is like The Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Wow, these are kinda small. This case is mad. Are you even charged? No, okay, maybe some other time. Brass knuckles, yessir. Look at that, wraps right around. That’s gonna mess your day up right there. I’ll be the first one to say it, dude, no one likes these drones. You won’t be flying anymore. It’s just more stuff. Is that a hard drive? Oh my god, that’s a mic. What is this? Whatever’s in here, could
be something kinda cool. That is sick; that is the
new knife for these videos. Not the worst bag I’ve ever seen. And the Secrets to
Happiness by Sarah Dunn. I’m Sarah Dunn with these mystery boxes. We’re on box five right
now; it’s almost done. This is that custom box. I paid fifty bucks for this. Whoa, you’re joking. A doormat that says, “Dirt, in case of emergency, wipe feet.” Then a lot of stuff. This is custom at the dollar store. Happy hour drinking glass, okay. You get a nice shot on the
bottom and then a tall glass. Oh, that’s cool, I can’t
wait to try that out one day. Oh, infusing water bottles. You put your fruit at the top. We’re gonna go through this. This person liked to drink. Jolly cherry jelly beans. Do we trust it? Would not recommend to a friend. Wake up coffee cup. Maybe a few of those. PMS mints, nice, okay. The best mint, period. Doodle iPhone case, kinda cool. Best teenager award. We got a lot of stuff going on here, okay. Woo, a lot of stuff. (rattling) I’m so sorry,
whoever has to clean this up. I’m not cleaning this up. Okay, a lot of stuff was sent here. Is this a kite? No, this is a bigfoot
sun visor for your car. Power stand? I’m just gonna sum it up here. For fifty bucks, they blew my imagination. This box had to be the craziest box. I was not expecting it. Imagine what a thousand
dollars woulda got us. So guys, that’s it for
Mystery Box Episode Three. Drop a like if you guys
want this to keep going. And check out some of the older episodes just so you guys are all caught up. Subscribe if you’re new just by hitting that
circle icon down there. And subscribe to my second channel World of Blogs Go Down and I’ll see you guys later, peace!

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