I-Care helps credit unions give employees more healthcare for less

There’s a new way to do healthcare out there. It’s a way better way. It’s the collaborative way. It’s the credit union way, and it’s called I-Care. Developed by credit unions for credit unions, and delivered through InterLutions, I-Care can help your credit union design and deliver better employee healthcare for less. A coalition of health plan consultants, specialists, healthcare management, and design experts, I-Care makes it possible for you to give your employees the benefits they deserve. How does I-Care do that? The same way credit unions do everything else: through collaboration. When you partner with I-Care, you pool resources with other credit unions. You minimize risk over a larger healthcare-user population. You get access to big data and high-tech tools that allow you to pinpoint the cost drivers wreaking havoc on your bottom line. I-Care employee benefits can help you: assess health coverage needs, analyze plan options and costs, develop wellness programs, build and strengthen benefit plans, customize deductibles and co-pays, use big data to determine cost drivers. With I-Care as your plan provider, you can: enhance benefit offerings, increase your buying power, lower stop-loss insurance costs, insulate your credit union from high claim costs, enjoy refunds in low claim years, give your employees more care for less. The new way to do healthcare has arrived. It’s the credit union way. The collaborative way, and a better way. Join the I-Care community today.

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