25 comments on “I Feel Like Robin Hood! Explained [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. reorseX says:

    Man you must be having a blast with all those new achievements!

  2. akolai says:

    Last time I was this early I had to sketch this on a cave wall.

  3. Krista Dís Guðmundsdóttir says:

    Impressive work, works well too. 🙂

  4. SenpaiKillerFire says:


  5. SweetJesus says:

    Thank you very much for this guide. Helped me out a lot.

    All the important information in the beginning, no bullshit and a complete walkthrough to watch if necessary. How it should be with every guide.

  6. TIK YI Chan says:

    Thanks for the tip. I use grinder, Joker skills, sentry and crit to beat this achievement easily. By the way, ammo bag from asset is enough to run 4 sentries.

  7. Unknown Knight says:

    Extra info: Explosive barrel kills are ok and will not void the achievement since it is not a grenade or grenade launcher. The new Deca Technologies Compound Bow is a bow and can be used for this achievement. We must however, join a hosted game by someone who owns the heist DLC.

  8. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    i got the roof rng 2 times and died

  9. Colonel Mustard says:

    7:50 i used to be a cop then i took an arrow in the knee

  10. Olek Sosnowski says:

    What the fuck, i met all the requirements and didnt get the achievements. Is there a requirement to play with another guy, or can i do it by myself?

  11. sido says:

    Awesome guide, thanks!

  12. Wuj0 - The Man, The Myth, The Legend. says:

    Love ur videos, such kind of professional approach is sooo appealing to me.

  13. Jabberwork says:

    Im a little bit imaptient, but are you covering the new achievements in the Henrys Rock job as well?
    Im still missing the Boom Headshot one, and I think its bugged at the moment because i did it with 3 other players and it didnt pop.

  14. SG Wixoss says:

    Credits from a Friend
    How to quick farm Lt colonel
    Play a heist on Normal, preferably Night Club
    Use a weak pistol like Crosskill Guard
    Use melee build with Sociopath or infiltrator
    Shoot cops, and then convert
    Then kill them off immediately with melee
    Get the basic joker skills but don't pump their HP, and get double Jokers

  15. Mr. Not a Dolphin says:

    I love your videos man Keep up with achievment guides!

  16. The Endleader says:

    thank you,these vids are just what i need

  17. 心音希月 says:

    small request, could you do joker preformance test video? i think death sentance jokers with CAR-4 are good, but i want to see how diffrent weapon jokers preform, like, i feel cops with compact 5 (FBI HRT or blue swats) outpreform CAR-4 on most difficulties, there is a mod the place HRT guys back without the need of custom cops enabler, and the FBI HRT with mask and light vest have compact 5 SMGs, they really seem almost as good as team AI (with compact 5 using bot weapons and equipment) but i cant tell who is better, shotguns or compact 5.

  18. Half-Filipino Half-Arabic Apostate says:

    Is it okay if the turrets get any kills for the achievement to work?

  19. J.R. Alvarez says:

    Unknown Knight:Tried to find your Henry's Rock video on "Boom, Headshot!"Don't know what I'm doing wrong. Have tried with Akimbo Stryk18c and Secondary Strykr 18c in Burst and Single fire modes.I was using Silencers.Have tried with Combined Module laser on, then the Laser grip on.I can get easy headshots on Merky's, but the mannequins headshots go all over the place with no accuracy or stability.I noticed you don't have any Boost's applied for extra accuracy or stability or weapon skins..do these help or hinder?thanks,Arcangel25

  20. Road says:

    The one time I actually did this solo I freaked the hell out because I thought I'd done it perfectly, I wondered if meleeing the tax man had some how failed but it turns out my stupid 2 extra arrows boost was to blame!

  21. VJ says:

    Damn, looks like it'll have to be done with 4 players. video shows it can be done solo with no bots, sentries, and converted cops Oh

  22. Cyborg077 says:

    I was doing counterfeit job and was wondering what I was doing wrong, I thought it must be sentry because they spent ammo from secondary weapon:)

  23. Doge Meat says:

    thanks for the tip m8

  24. Junhui Xu says:

    how about oil drum explode kill

  25. Viktor Kovács says:

    did everything as it is in the video, still no achievment, i think my game is broken

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