“I Got This” Safehouse Trophy [Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys, today we are going to look at how to get the Safehouse Trophy “I Got This”. The requirements for this trophy is straightforward. All players present have to be on 75 Detection
risk and no ECMs equipped when the game starts so that means no armour bags. My best advice? Since there’s no difficulty requirement, do it on Normal since we’d have less guards and more time to drive when the alarm goes off. Basically we have 2 ways of doing this. As much stealth as possible, as little stealth as possible or even in between. The only important difference here is the
more you stealth, the more drive time you have. For example, this is how much time I have
at full stealth, this is at partial stealth and this is no stealth. So ultimately if you need more drive time,
just stealth as much as possible and if the alarm goes off, just continue to
finish the heist. So first up, let’s talk stealth. On the Normal difficulty, there is 1 guard
patrolling the rear, 3 guards patrolling inside and 1 stationary
guard standing at the staircase. The stationary guard will move away and patrol
in the front after the keycard drops from the manager. With only 3 guards on the inside, you can spend your pagers as you please and as for the civilians, just tie them up
and hide them. After starting the hack, every objective that you complete from here
in stealth simply gives you more time to drive. So if that’s what you want, it’s safer
to complete the hack and kill the guard coming to check the computer before you go to plant the C4. If you have already killed the 3 guards inside, no one will check the hacked computer. After that, simply plant the C4, grab the
keys and drive your way to a new trophy. As for no stealth, simply run past the stationary guard and you’ll
automatically mask up. Proceed to break the right glass of the manager’s
room, walk through the blinds and you can see the
whiteboard without the keycard. Then hack the computer, leave it be and immediately go straight out
to plant the C4. Once the C4 is in place, simply wait by the
storeroom to grab the keys. With this method the amount of drive time
you have is quite tight. I’m usually left with about 10 seconds on
the clock but if you’re confident of your driving
it should be ok. Alright so I’ll have 3 gameplays attached
at the end of this video; stealth, partial stealth and no stealth. I’ll put some bookmarks in the video and
description so you can choose which gameplay you’d want
to see. I hope this video helps you so enjoy the rest
of it and I’ll see you in the next one. Unknown Knight here, signing off.

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