I Spent 2 Hours Doing Surveys Online

– So, in this video today,
I’m going to be answering the question that probably hundreds, if not thousands of
teenagers have out there, and that is can you actually make money by doing surveys online? I don’t know if you guys
are anything like me, but I can remember when I was younger, I would go on all these
different websites out there looking for different money making ideas, and one of them that I always came across was that you could make money by simply doing surveys online. Now, I’ve never actually done it myself, but I decided that, in this video, I wanna go ahead and test it out. So, for the next two hours,
I’m going to sit here and I’m going to do online surveys, and I’m gonna see if I can actually make any money doing this. And so, all that I ask in return is that you guys go ahead and drop a thumbs up on this video, drop a like for the fact that I’m gonna spend two hours here doing surveys. Just to show your support, I
would really appreciate that. It helps out with the algorithm, and it helps to get this video shared with other people out there. So, I spent a good part of my morning here doing some research on
different companies, and I decided to try this out with a company called InboxDollars. Now, I have no affiliation
to this company. I have no idea if it’s actually going to earn me any money, but I’ve read a couple
of different articles, and one from The Penny
Hoarder talked about how you can make an extra
40 bucks using InboxDollars, so I’m gonna spend about two hours doing surveys through InboxDollars, and I’m gonna report to you guys what my real earnings are in this process. And again, I just wanna restate this: I have no affiliation to InboxDollars. If you do decide to go use them, that’s totally up to you. They are not affiliated with this video and they did not sponsor
this video in any way, and I’m not receiving any kind of kickback or compensation from them. So, first of all, it looks like, according to the sign-up page, you should be getting a $5
bonus just for signing up, so I’m gonna go ahead and do that. And obviously, guys,
I’m sure my information is going to be sold to hundreds of different companies by doing this, so I’m using a separate email I created just for this video. So, if you do decide
to follow this strategy and do online surveys, I
would definitely recommend, you know, creating a
separate email account than the one that you’re using. Otherwise, you’re probably
going to be getting a lot of marketing emails in the process. So, I’m gonna sign up now
and let’s go ahead and see if I actually get this free $5 credit. And it is currently 2:43pm
Eastern Standard Time, so I plan on doing this
for the next two hours and stopping at around, you know, 4:45, and we’ll see where my earnings are at. All right, so according to InboxDollars, I have just opened up an account and I just have to confirm my email to earn a $5 bonus. If you’re wondering about this email, this is just an old email account I had for a project from many years ago, so I’m just going to be using that one. So, let me go ahead and open up Gmail now, and I’m gonna see if I
actually got that email, and whether or not I get a $5 credit. It is now currently 2:50pm and
there is no email in sight, so I don’t know if it just takes a while, but I’ve checked my spam folder, I’ve checked my promotions folder, and I have not received
any email yet from, what is the name of this site again? I completely forgot. InboxDollars. So, I’m gonna go ahead
and just start trying to do some of these offers, and I’ll check back in
maybe 10 or 15 minutes and see if that email comes through. But as of right now, not seeing any emails from them. Hopefully I get something here shortly. So, I went ahead and skipped to an offer that’s supposed to be earning me 50 cents, and that is by filling
out a quick questionnaire. And so, obviously, I’m looking
to protect my information, so I’m going to be going
under the alias of Jim Lemon for all these different
surveys that I’m filling out. Currently 2:53pm. We just went ahead and finished
that introductory survey, and I have officially earned 50 cents for probably about five minutes of effort. So, next here on the list it is telling me that I simply have to watch TV and I can get a 50 cent bonus. I have no idea what that means, but let’s go ahead and click and find out. All right, and for some reason, it is having me watch a video about an otter that was
being nursed back to health after it was rescued from a canal. I have no idea how this is going to be earning anyone money, but apparently this is going to earn me 50 cents by watching this video. So, the good news is,
I’m happy to announce the otter was in fact
nursed back to health and returned to the river, and after watching that video, this little progress bar at the top moved a little bit blue. I’ll show you guys what
that means in a minute. And then, I assume once this progress bar is completely full, we’re going to get some kind of reward for that. Okay, so essentially, what this bar is doing at the top for us is it’s giving us the opportunity to now scratch and win. So, I don’t think you actually have earned anything at this point in time. You just have the ability
to earn up to $10. So, since we’re already a
little bit of the way there, let’s just go ahead and wait until we hit the $25 mark, and then we can go ahead and scratch and see if we win the prize. So, things are actually
getting pretty interesting now. They are putting a VR
device on a very old man and putting him back
into the World War II. So, yeah, this has been
a very compelling video. One of the tricks that
they’re playing here is that, as that bar is moving further along, it’s moving less and less every time. So, I’ve actually watched, like, three more videos now,
and the bar is only, like, maybe 40% of the way there. So, if you actually want to try to get all the way up to that three sign, it’s probably gonna take you a lot longer. So, we’ll go ahead and get
up to the two dollar sign, and then see if we actually win the prize. All right, ladies and gentlemen, the moment, are you serious? There’s really that much
left that we have to do? Okay, just kidding. One more video, then we
can see if we actually won this Scratch and Win bonus. All right, so it’s 3:15 now. We have officially
earned our second reward, and so we’re gonna go
ahead and scratch now and see if we have won our $25 reward. So, first of all, I’m not even sure what exactly I’m trying to win here. I think I have to match three of these. If I win four cents, I’m
gonna be honest with you guys. Okay, so yeah, all right. So, yeah, we’ve just won four cents, so let me go ahead and hit continue. And I assume that’s going
to be added to my balance? All right, so it’s currently 3:15. This is a 30 minute update. I have earned 50 cents so far, which means I’m earning roughly
$1 per hour on this website. But the good news is, the
email just came through, so let’s go ahead and see
if I can get my $5 credit, and whether or not that is actually legit. So, the email came
through for InboxDollars. Let’s go ahead and confirm now and see whether or not I actually end up getting this $5 credit. And it looks like I actually did, so now my account balance is up to $5.50. Okay, so I’ve now navigated myself to a section of this website
called 100% Free Offers, and this one appears to earn you $4. So, let’s go ahead and give it a shot and see what exactly happens. So, I actually just read up
on that one a little bit more, and I actually have to not only register, but I have to install
software on my computer, so that is where I draw the line. I’m not going to be getting paid $4 to knowingly install
malware on my computer, so we’re not gonna do that one. I’m gonna hopefully find
a different offer here. So, I guess this one appears
to be just as illegitimate or legit as the rest. I don’t know, Big Buck
Survey, $2.50 of earnings, and the chance to win a
$1000 Target gift card, so let’s give this one a
shot and see what happens. Okay, so after filling out that survey, it turns out that I haven’t
gotten my gift card yet because I must complete one silver deal before claiming your reward. So, I don’t know what these are. These are probably things that are going to try to charge me money, so I honestly don’t think I’m going to be doing any of these things. I will look through them quick and see if any of them look legit, but I’m guessing they’re not, and I’m guessing I’m also
not going to be getting my $2.50 that was promised to me by my friends over on InboxDollars.com. So, here we have two high quality options, “Customize your experience by completing “a household survey to earn 10 cents.” So, that seems pretty legit. We’ll go ahead and do that now. So, this is a new one. After completing this survey, they told me that I was not qualified. However, I did collect one spin. I don’t know what a
spin is going to get me, but let’s go ahead and find out. And this is Billy’s Spin to Win. So, apparently I don’t even
have enough to do one spin. Let me see if I do. I don’t know, let’s give it a shot. And I’ve won five cents. Okay, I’ll take it. Oh, “Sign up now to
receive your free sample “of Tide laundry detergent.” I’m gonna go ahead and try this one now. Apparently I will sign up
and receive a free sample of Tide laundry detergent. So, yeah, I don’t know. I mean, this seems like a
really bad way to make money, I’m gonna be honest with you guys, and I’m very concerned about the overall health of my computer at this point in time. But it’s 45 minutes in, I’m gonna commit to another hour and 15
minutes of this and see, you know, what kind of
damage we can do here. I’ve got this cat in the
corner that is, like, purring, and it’s honestly one
of the weirdest websites I’ve ever been on in my life. Apparently I have filled out a survey, and now I should be
able to redeem my offer for my free Tide. But lo and behold, no, I am being brought to another page to fill
out yet another survey, and I’ve already been on
National Consumer Center, though, so why am I back on this website, and more importantly, where
is my free sample of Tide? Okay, so apparently the survey
gods have blessed us here with one more spin on Billy’s Spin to Win, so I’m gonna go ahead and spin and see what exactly
this is going to get us. I won a Scratch and Win progress. I don’t know what that is. Oh, you know what that is? And you know what I won? This is what I (censored) won right here. I won that much progress on
this stupid bar on the top that allows me the chance
to potentially win money. Okay, so it is officially 3:45, we are one hour into this challenge of doing online surveys. I have earned a total of $5.75, five of which was given
to me as a free credit, 75 cents of which I earned
from these fingers right here by completing online surveys. I have exhausted all of the
good surveys on the site, and at this point, pretty much
everything I’m trying to do I’m getting disqualified for, which gives me a Spin to
Win chance on Billy’s wheel, and I can’t seem to win anything except for free scratch-off plays that eventually give you
a chance to win money where you’re probably not going to win. So, at this point, I think
I’m going to just try to do the TV thing and rack up as many free scratch-offs as I can and see if I’m able to win
anything in the process. So, as if this couldn’t get any worse, I have to re-watch the
videos I’ve already watched, so I am now watching the
baby otter video again, and I assume that all of these videos are going to be ones
that I’ve already seen. Okay, so it’s now 4:04pm. This challenge is going
to end in 40 minutes, and so I figured this time, let’s go big or go home. We’re gonna go ahead and let this thing go all the way up to
the three dollar sign. Not just the one, not just the two, but the three dollar sign reward. So, all the way up top here, you can see that my Scratch and Win bar is completely full,
giving me the opportunity to scratch now and win up to $100. So, let’s go ahead and give this a shot and see what we win. So far looks like we’re
gonna potentially win about eight cents. Not really sure how I feel about this, to be honest with you guys. And would you look at that? I believe we have won eight cents for roughly 30 minutes of watching videos, and the last time I hit continue, I didn’t actually win this, so let’s see if it’s even
credited to my account. And yeah, it appears that that was never even credited to my account, because when I go up here, yeah, I’m not seeing an eight cent earnings, so. Actually, no, I guess
it’s right down here. Earnings Tracker for Scratch and Win, these are pending, so maybe
it takes a couple days. So, the first time
around I won four cents, and the second time around I
won a total of eight cents. Okay, guys, so that’s gonna go ahead and wrap up this video. This is how much money you
can earn with surveys online. Overall, I would say this is an absolutely horrible way to make money. It is a great way to raise
your blood pressure, though, if you are interested, and I do believe I have given my computer at least three different viruses today, and I’ve signed up for a lot of junk mail. But the good news is, I
didn’t use my real email. So, in total, for roughly two
hours of work, I earned $5.75, $5 of which was a free
credit for signing up, and 75 cents was earned by
completing online surveys. I got roped into the watching the TV to earn free scratch-off credits, and in that entire process, after spending probably about 45 minutes watching clips online, I
earned 12 cents in the process. So, my grand total earnings here is $5.87. Now, the other piece of this is I cannot request a
withdrawal until I have $30, so the truth is, I
haven’t earned any money and I wasted two hours of my life completing surveys online. But anyways guys, that is
the point of this series, for me to do the work and
you just to watch a video and decide, okay, whether or not you wanna do this kinda stuff. And so, that’s exactly what
I wanna do with this series is look for different ways
to make money out there and actually test them out and determine whether or not you can really make
money doing these things. So, I’m gonna do a hard
pass here for online surveys as a method of making money. Go ahead and drop me a comment down below if you have an idea for a follow-up video in this series of different
ways of making money. And if you guys enjoyed
this video, as I said, drop a like button,
subscribe and hit that bell for notifications, and I hope to see you in the next video.

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