Indecent Proposal (2/8) Movie CLIP – John’s Indecent Proposal (1993) HD

I guess there’s limits
to what money can buy. Not many. Well, some things
aren’t for sale. Such as? Well, you
can’t buy people. That’s naive,
diana. I buy people
every day. In business, maybe,
but not when real
emotions are involved. So what are you saying,
you can’t buy love? That’s a bit of a cliche,
don’t you think? It’s absolutely
true. Is it?
What do you think? I agree with diana. You do? Well, let’s
test the cliche. Suppose… I were to offer you
$1 million… For one night
with your wife? I’d assume
you’re kidding. Let’s pretend I’m not. What would you say? He’d tell you
to go to hell. I didn’t hear him. I’d tell you
to go to hell. That’s a reflex answer Because you view it
as hypothetical. But let’s say there
were real money behind it. I’m not kidding. A million dollars. Now, the night
would come and go, But the money
could last a lifetime.Think of it–A million dollars. A lifetime of security, For one night.Don’t answer right away,But consider it–Seriously.

100 comments on “Indecent Proposal (2/8) Movie CLIP – John’s Indecent Proposal (1993) HD”

  1. Gizmo Erol says:

    What a fukin creep

  2. Captain H says:

    There are a few basic problems with the monetary transaction. How would that million not be subject to federal and state taxes….and then they'd be left with far less than a million. At least ask for 2 million like their lawyer suggested….then you'll get about 1.2 after.

  3. Morticin Davis says:

    I think the million dollars was because who she was even in character she was young, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous. To a man his age he probably figured she’s happily married to this young hunk the only way I can compete is my money. And it worked he had to offer something that not only she would go for but her husband would too. So I can understand his offer. I also understand their initial reticent. And look he got her to leave hubby for a little while.

  4. Flexible Atheist says:

    Had an interesting premise, great acting by the 3 major players, but too much cheese on this burger.

  5. Sa Ba says:

    Even if a man agrees to share his woman so what if she doesn't agree
    Like she's his property
    Give that money to her instead she the one doing job

  6. Kermit Hitler says:

    He could've gotten a far hotter girl for a night for way less than a million

    Moore was stupidly overrated

  7. Perry Robles says:

    I thought movies of today SUCKED.

    Now, I see the pattern of suckiness.



    However, a notable, I always thought of Demi as an out-loud-proud-feminist. This role makes women property to be bartered, sold, rented, disposed of.

    “I guess we all do what we gotta do.”

  8. Collin Martin says:

    How much you wanna bet Robert Redford actually did this in his spare time?

  9. Daniel H says:

    Had it been Robert Redford when he was in "The Way We Were", she would have replied "this one's pro bono."

  10. Rico , suave says:

    I Will give you my Wife , My Sister and my Sister in Law for a 1000,000,000 Right now 🤮

  11. Christos Rizos says:

    Very bad acting. I can see the way they act is not honest. Such a pitty from such a great actors 🙁

  12. Barbara Vert says:

    Omgggggg 1 million $ ? So. 4 wife k !!! But husb 50 cents it deal !!!

  13. AgentQQ8 says:

    The most indecent thing was the actual film.

  14. Amir A says:

    1 million $ for one night with your wife.

  15. Roberto R says:

    Io gli avrei infilato la stecca su per il culo

  16. alexei lindes says:

    Do you remember when 1 million dollars lasted longer then 5 seconds?

  17. Keith Benson says:

    A million dollars is not a lifetime of security , especially in today’s times ! If I was married, I would refuse the offer
    because I know when I love someone
    I could never share her with anyone !
    And if my wife accepted the offer, I would leave her and never look back

  18. Keith Benson says:

    I loved this movie ! Especially the music ! Beautiful

  19. awwwyeaboyeeee says:

    Do the deal, take the money, maybe get some couples therapy. Boom. Done.

  20. edgar vera barrios says:

    Increible Robert Redford haciendo la propuesta en ésta escena, tan frio y al mismo tiempo tan elegante.

  21. Joel Williams says:

    Classic Alpha Male ploy. Take a man's woman. This sometimes ends in 1 man's death…

  22. Darrel C says:

    So you're saying all I need is money, and I can get whatever I want.

  23. hordetrooper says:

    demi was so hot then, but with that dress on.. DAMNNNNN

  24. Anubisavi says:

    Heck you can have my wife for a month for half a million…….and i'll even get her to cook for you for freee

  25. Anubisavi says:

    So technically he pays the hubby 1 million to sleep with his wife…..why is he asking the hubby????? As if the guy was her pimp. why not go up to her straight and say ….hey baby how about 1 million $ for a one night stand and your hubby doesn't need to know nothing

  26. brent P says:

    " You didn't call the pocket to pot the black ball"
    That's what he should have answered.

  27. David says:

    I'd take that offer in a heartbeat.

  28. Sanjay Bakshi says:

    Demi was quite the hot scorpion

  29. pikenova48 says:

    The guilt, the remorse, the shame would last an eternity far more than the million would. Then again if you don't have these emotions, you're just not human!

  30. • 4 years ago says:

    Make it ten million and you've got yourself a deal.

  31. Play That Again Bruh says:

    Lot of cucks in the comment section

  32. Charlie ZzZ says:

    It's a no go for my wife, how about my mother-in-law?

  33. Tara Gragg says:

    I'd tell ya to ask the public.

  34. Adam Nicholson says:

    I'd have got 2 million out of him.

  35. TMWSITY says:

    $1 million offer was an insult.

  36. Jonathan Cox says:

    Thanks Dan!

  37. AnimeCritic16 says:

    Game Grumps brought me here…

  38. Luana Gouvêa says:

    Beautiful movie 💞

  39. Angela Honan says:

    This movie was truly fantastic.

  40. Sikandar Baig says:

    N this movie shows the moral degradation of western society

  41. Candace Shirley says:

    Too true Demi

  42. Everette M says:

    Take the money! 😂😂😂 They'll have a million reasons to get over it.

  43. misslanfeartelamon says:

    His wife is not his to sell

  44. Barry McCockiner says:

    To think Molly Ringwald and Charlie Sheen were supposed to be the couple in this movie , and both turned this movie down hahahaha . Woody Harrelson wouldn't even have a damn movie career if it weren't for Charlie Sheen turning down parts Woody took , like this one , and Natural Born Killers I believe 🤣🤔🙄😐😶😮😯😛😜😝😏🙃🤑😲😨😬😰😱😳😵🤠🤓💀

  45. yeastori says:

    She could just divorce him and THEN sleep with the guy for the million so she doesn’t have to give him any

  46. Micha 6:8 says:

    Everyone had a price?
    The moral is, never bet on another man’s game!!!
    You’re lose!

  47. mottthehoople684 says:

    It has to be tax-free😏

  48. Mr Diskoteka says:

    Im ok with it, my husband also ok with it..once done go home shower with dettol and i smell brand new again

  49. Lew Stone says:

    Gotta makes that paper!

  50. T. Zappa says:

    What's Mickey Knox doing here

  51. madhuri dilipkumar says:

    She didn't get a say in this

  52. saif Malik says:

    Such a kinky scene

  53. Peter Nolan says:

    When Demi responds instead of Woody, it is like when George Costanza says “God bless you!”

  54. CooManTunes says:

    Did he pick her up in his red Ford?

  55. Chris55433 says:

    Plot twist: She has an STD

  56. FloridaMixshow says:

    Hold up do he give me the mill or her cause i need that tax free in my name and im outtttttt 😂😂😂

  57. Jose Guevarra says:

    $663,000 after taxes

  58. Edax Sachorwzky says:

    Man! Here in California u can’t even get a house close to the beach for that amount!

  59. 99jeep1 says:

    1mill damn!! I would said yes at $734.85

  60. Robert Curtis says:

    15 dollah bookoo money!!!

  61. Priince Brvce says:

    For that money I’d throw in the Mother in law and they can have as much threesomes as he please.

  62. Gregory Ho says:

    Money can't buy love? Women choose men based on their bank balance and job all the time.

  63. Nodak81 says:

    I miss the days when Demi still looked like Demi.

  64. Jj W says:

    Indecent proposal 2: ‘A million dollars for 1 night with your husband, don’t answer right away but….’

    WIFE: ‘Done! How about 2 nights for double the money?’

  65. Keenstone says:

    If I were Woody's character, the film would've ended quite boringly right there. I'd have whooped his ass at pool before leaving, and he'd use his million dollars as kleenex. Roll credits.

  66. Sanjay Bakshi says:

    Demi sure had my motor running

  67. Andy Kang says:

    Is this the movie where Woody Harrelson wipes his tear with cash?

  68. Klare Moon says:

    I’d do it for half that. He’s hot and I’m a sucker for money. Haha

  69. Sun Rain says:

    Wouldn't pay squat for that

  70. Anita Dutzler says:

    Oh so true that's how life works🤔

  71. Jennifer Mondesire says:

    Lady Demi Moore good luck behind Meryl Streep . White dog Demi Moore you don’t tell me how to say your name . Police

  72. Julissa Vargas says:

    I can't believe this movie didn't stand as strong as the idea behind it did. A billionaire offers an average joe 1 MILLION DOLLARS to spend a night with his wife, he accepts, and she ends up falling in love with the billionaire and leaving the man heartbroken.

  73. TTundragrizzly says:

    That Demi Moore might be the most delicious looking woman ever!

  74. Imgonnagogetthepapers getthepapers says:

    20+ years later after laughing about the similar deal in "Kingpin" where Munson laughed thinking about the proposal in that film, I find out Woody played this guy here!!

  75. tonebone says:

    It was never a good idea from jump if ya ask me cause everything they do involving money will always just bring the situation back to light.. It's a hell of a deal but in the end it'll always backfire.. Best thing for them to do was split the money then depart from each other. But i guess that'll meant they never was in sane couple would've indulged.

  76. Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe says:

    People say "I would never do that" – You dont know unless you actually have $1mil cash in front of you. Everyone, EVERYONE has a price, they just dont know it because no-one will ever offer it

  77. Frank Mata says:

    1million for a girl that who knows how many guys she banged in her life,Thats desperate.

  78. Niko Aditya says:

    I’ll take the money and my ex wife is yours buddy

  79. WORLD CHANNEL says:

    mabred damou ken je tounsi rahou atah triha

  80. Candace Shirley says:

    Okay I loved this film but not all of it was a great film, Woody Harrelson's acting was limited

  81. star shine says:

    Tom I have said go to hell I am absolutely not for sale !!

  82. Abcde says:

    If he wants a woman for one night, plenty women in Bangkok will do that for $20 and a pack of Virginia Slim.

  83. Killian Garvan says:

    It seemed like a really great concept for a movie but after the first 20 minutes (of which this scene is a crucial part of) I recall the movie just provided no incentive for the viewer to keep interested in the story or its characters.

  84. mmko says:

    Woody Harrelson was young once

  85. Jack Nguyen says:

    Woody Harrelson still has hair

  86. General Guile says:

    She sure dose look a million dollars in that dress

  87. Joyous T800 says:

    Sorry woody but I would sleep with Robert for less plus stay with him too

  88. Maltelaurids2007 says:

    He is so handsome…I would make love to him for years… and trust me: I don't care about $$$.
    I would love him for free and he would have the best nights of his life.
    What a delicious man, Robertt Redford

  89. Ankur Shah says:

    1993: $1,000,000

    2019: Hotwife – No Charge

  90. Hyun jung Kim says:

    Looks like john f kennedy

  91. Jack Tripper says:

    If the billionaire was ken zuckerberg, this would be thought provoking. But since it's robert redford and her husband is woody harrelson, the decision was never in doubt for demi moore.

  92. array s says:


  93. rabia Urooj says:

    No one can buy the "spiritual souls"….. ! You! shameless people, liars 😷😷 😷😷 😷😷 😷😷 😷👊 👊👊 👊👊 👊

  94. Brian Earner says:

    What is the indisent momment now? Norms have been shattered,

  95. Kartik says:

    Woody anticipates he about to get cucked by someone else' woody LMAO

  96. Yōshanai says:

    Almost thought that was Brad Pitt.

  97. Iron Avenger says:

    Impractical Jokers brought me here.

  98. francisco rodriguez says:


  99. zoobomafoo fat says:

    So where do i meet this type of millionaire? I'd get my wife ready asap!

  100. The Naz says:

    I dont know why i look at Redford like an aged Brad Pitt lol😅

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