Indiabulls pioneers easy access to personal loans for millions in India with ‘Dhani’

The personal loan market in India rose by
Rs 13.44 lakh crore from 2010 to 2018. However, the existing loan disbursal process
was highly time-consuming and involved a lot of paperwork. And, about 99% of consumers used their mobile
to search for personal loans. The Indiabulls Group, a diversified financial
services group, launched Dhani – a personal loan app, with a promise to outlay loans in
just under three minutes. Indiabulls took up the challenge to drive
large scale adoption of personal loans in… the country through three simple steps. In order to maximise loan disbursals, the
brand had to drive app installs at scale, and… subsequently, Aadhaar/ PAN-verified enquiries. Dhani achieved its objective through a mobile-only
strategy that combined data, machine learning… and sequential messaging. The brand targeted the right audience by combining
10+ data signals on mobile such as demographic, device ownership and interest. Dhani acquired users at scale, by leveraging
machine learning to build lookalike cohorts… of its highly valued customers. Moreover, the brand deployed vernacular creative, to connect with regional audiences across India. With focus on loan disbursals, app installers
were prompted further down the customer journey. Through sequential messaging, app installers
were nudged to register, registered users… were encouraged to fill their applications,
and applicants were nudged to share relevant… details for loan disbursal. Indiabulls pioneered easy access to personal
loans for millions in India. With over 4,37,000 loan applications, Dhani
became the largest personal loan lending app… and was among the top 3 finance apps on the
Play Store in 2018 in India.

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