Infinity Federal Credit Union Company Profile

{Elizabeth} We were established in 1921 as the telephone workers credit union nearly a hundred years we’ve been serving our
community so we’re very proud of that. {Rachna} We love to hire people who are outgoing,
friendly, want to work in a collaborative environment and those who
want to do something meaningful. {Elizabeth} So we work very hard on how do you feel about being an employee and what does this do for you emotionally. Do you feel that
you’re part of a purpose driven organization. {Rachna} Usually we look for
resumes from sales and retail backgrounds because we look for people
who are outgoing and friendly. People who our members can relate to and people
like working in a fun environment. {Elizabeth} When we ask our members what is
your member experience like, they tend to respond in very emotive words. It’s not
just transactional. It’s not just, “well, they have great rates,” things
like that. It’s not a commodity. They talk about the people they interact
with. They can usually state the names of employees and they build relationships
with those employees. {Rachna} We believe skills can be taught. You can train your employees, new hires on skills, but attributes is something that
they come with their natural personality so we prefer attributes over
skills. {Elizabeth} We’re not just looking at the resume, we are looking to see if you have experience, wonderful, but it’s not
completely necessary. So what we want more than anything are attributes of
care. Do you care about the people that you serve? Do you want to
bring your heart to work? We’re looking for people to bring
their best selves to work so that they are motivated to build a relationship
with the people that they’re serving and that takes a really special person {Rachna} One of our favorite questions to ask is how would you describe your personality in
three words. We usually look for outgoing, friendly, someone who loves to
work in a team. {Elizabeth} I’m very proud to say that we can speak 17 different languages and serve members of just about every community in the state so it is unique
for a credit union but it’s a recognition that we’re not here just to
serve one segment of our community but all people. I love working at Infinity
Federal Credit Union because I truly believe in our mission and vision and I
love sharing that with others in the community. {Elizabeth} We encourage our employees to volunteer. We also have put in place a program called R.A.O.K. and that’s Random Acts Of Kindness and we provide money every month to different branches
and they are able to form R.O.A.K teams come up with their own plan, how they
want to spend those dollars. And they go out into the community and they can do
things like pay for people’s groceries, go to the animal refuge shelter and help
some of those individuals and it’s very exciting for the employees to be able to
be at work quote/unquote but be able to give back to their community in a very real way. At Infinity we’re very proud to have been named one of the best places to work in Maine and that is seven years consecutively and that
says a lot to us. That means that we focus very much on making this a work
environment that our employees rate as one of the best in the state. We do banking differently. To keep you a step ahead in life. Our mission here at Infinity Federal Credit Union is to serve more members than any other credit union in the state of Maine. We care about people. We trust people to make the right decisions. We believe most things
are possible few are impossible. We’re free to try new things We are open and honest We care about our community. We are open minded and open hearted. We love our job and it shows.

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